AMC Update Tuesday 8/5/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/5/03

By Shahla
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After Michael leaves, Maggie and Bianca come back to the wedding hall. Anna asks Maggie why she pulled a knife on Michael. Maggie hesitates at first, but then takes the blame on herself. She tells Anna that Michael came after her because he thought she was responsible for getting him thrown in a dumpster. Anna then turns to Bianca and asks her if she’s all right. When Bianca doesn’t answer, David urges her to talk to Anna if she wants to see Michael behind bars. Maggie reaches for Bianca’s hand and tells her that she can confide in Anna and David.

Mia and Simone come over to Greenlee’s apartment to fish around for clues on Juan Pablo. To their surprise, Greenlee’s apartment is a mess and Liza and Tad are inside fixing things up. Simone looks really confused and wonders if Greenlee pulled the fire stunt to get closer to Juan. Liza tells her she’s got it all wrong. She tells the girls about Greenlee finding out that Roger wasn’t her biological father. Simone and Mia look shocked. They wonder what Greenlee is going through and where she may be.

Meanwhile, Greenlee and Juan check into a hotel room. Greenlee passionately kisses Juan and tells him she wants him real bad.

Erica pleads with Jackson to realize that Mary is a liar and a thief. When Jackson looks skeptical, Erica throws up her hands. She asks Jackson why he has no faith in her, and why he thinks she’s capable of anything. Jackson shakes his head and says he knows he’s right this time. He accuses Erica of selfishly trying to keep him away from his daughter.

Anna asks Bianca again what happened with Michael. Bianca’s eyes well up and she starts to stammer. David asks Bianca if she would prefer to talk to Anna alone. Bianca snaps out of it suddenly and insists that that she’s just upset about her mother’s wedding. She says that her mother is the one suffering right now, not her.

Jackson continues accusing Erica and asks her why she was so desperate to get married. Erica tells him that it was because she couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him. Jackson doesn’t buy it. He says he got suspicious when everyone was trying to keep him from finding out who is blood donor was. He then asks Erica if she convinced Opal to lie to him as well. Erica can’t believe what she’s hearing and tells Jackson to stop accusing her of such terrible things. She tells Jackson that she wasn’t going to take Mary’s word for anything. Jackson interrupts Erica furiously and tells her that if she continues lying, he’ll leave and never come back!

Kendall walks in to Greenlee’s apartment and asks the girls what’s going on. She looks around the room with complete disbelief. The girls tell her that they can’t find Greenlee anywhere. They say Greenlee must have been really upset because of what Erica did. Kendall gets furious. She tells them that her mother didn’t do anything wrong and that Mary is the one to really blame.

Greenlee continues trying to flirt with Juan. When Juan says something about the moon, Greenlee asks him where he learned such wonderful facts. Juan tells her that he learned all he knows from his father. Greenlee gets really serious all of a sudden and asks Juan what else his father taught him. Juan starts telling her all about his father, but Greenlee gets overwhelmed. She tells Juan that she wants to spend the evening with the son, not the father. She puts on some music and asks Juan to dance with her.

After Anna and David leave, Maggie comes back to Bianca with some snacks. Bianca asks Maggie if she thinks she’s a coward for not telling Anna and David the truth. Maggie holds Bianca’s hand and tells her she’s been really brave. She tells Bianca that she can’t even imagine what she’s going through right now. Bianca says she couldn’t tell David and Anna the truth because she doesn’t want her mother finding out what happened. Maggie says it’s all right and that everything will happen in due time. She urges Bianca to help her finish the snacks. Bianca laughs and hugs Maggie.

Meanwhile, Anna watches the girls from outside. She asks David what he thinks Michael could have done to Bianca. David looks at Anna very seriously and tells her he’s thinking the worst. Anna looks shocked and asks David what makes him think Michael assaulted Bianca. David says he can’t be sure but he can see it in Bianca’s eyes. He tells Anna how strange Bianca has been acting lately. Anna looks really worried and says she hopes Bianca or Maggie say something soon. David says he does too. He says something about having to go to a doctor’s conference and Anna tells him he should go. David wonders if he should skip out and try to be there for Bianca instead. Anna tells him that Bianca is clearly not ready to talk and that they shouldn’t push her. David agrees and says he’ll try to talk to Bianca after he gets back from the conference. Anna smiles and tells him she’ll be waiting for him. David takes Anna’s hand and says he’s really grateful for her.

Michael is at home, trying to get his father on the phone. Alexander is sitting in a run-down diner, sweating terribly and looking very frustrated. He finally picks up the phone and asks Michael why he keeps bothering him. Michael looks confused and says he just needs some help.

Kendall continues arguing with Simone and Mia about Erica. Tad steps in between them and tells the girls they should be more worried about Greenlee right now. Simone and Mia agree and ask Tad if he has any leads. Tad says he thinks Greenlee may be with Juan Pablo. Kendall makes a face and asks the girls who Juan is. The girls tell her that Juan is the mystery man they’ve all been after. Kendall looks shocked, but doesn’t say anything. Tad, Simone and Mia all decide to go out looking for Greenlee. After they leave, Liza tells Kendall that she’s being really brave by standing by her mother. Kendall shrugs and says that family has become really important to her recently.

Jackson urges Erica to tell him the truth. Erica takes a deep breath and finally admits that she lied to him. She says that Mary came out of no where and tried to ruin her happiness. She says she didn’t understand why Mary was so confident, but then finally realized that her secret weapon was Greenlee. Jackson nods and asks her what happened next. Erica explains that she got Opal to stay quiet about the whole thing as well. She tells Jackson that while he was fighting for his life, she had to face such crazy circumstances. Jackson shakes his head and tells Erica that she should have told him. He accuses Erica of not letting him make his own decisions. Erica defends herself and tells Jackson that he should be angry at Mary instead. She says that Mary was the one who lied to him and kept him away from Greenlee for so many years. Jackson looks really frustrated and finally gets up. He tells Erica that he’s going to go find Greenlee. Erica tries to reason with him and begs him to not leave her standing in her wedding dress. Jackson sighs and tells Erica that his daughter needs him right now.

Alexander tells Michael that he doesn’t have time for games. He furiously explains that he hitched a ride on a motorcycle and finally made it to a nearby diner. Michael looks confused and asks his father what he was doing on a motorcycle. Alexander rolls his eyes and says his limo broke down in the middle of the desert. Michael tells his father he’s glad he’s all right now. He begs his father to help him out but Alexander just hangs up. Alexander then pounds his fist on the table and demands for an iced-tea. The waiter shouts back and tells Alexander that he’s not his slave. Alexander angrily shouts back and says he can buy the whole place with his pocket change. He starts coughing uncontrollably and wipes the sweat off his forehead.

Greenlee starts unbuttoning Juan’s shirt and leads him to the couch. Juan stops her and tells her that he doesn’t feel right about making love to her right now. He tells her that he really wants to, but the timing is just not right. Greenlee gets furious and slaps Juan.

Tad, Simone and Mia come back to Greenlee’s apartment and tell Liza they had no luck. Just then Jackson walks in and looks at the apartment in shock. Tad tells Jackson that it’s not as bad as it looks. He says that Greenlee wasn’t in the apartment when the fire spread. Jackson is hardly listening to him. Tad explains that they’re looking for a guy named Juan Pablo because they think Greenlee may be with him. Kendall rushes in and begs Jackson to not take out all his anger on Erica. Jackson puts up his hand and tells Kendall that he doesn’t want to talk about Erica. He picks up one of the burnt cushions and wonders where his daughter could be.

Greenlee accuses Juan of thinking that he knows everything. She suddenly breaks down in tears and says she didn’t have a father to guide her. She says she believed all the liars in her life. Juan kneels down next to her and comforts her. Greenlee holds on to Juan and begs him not to leave her alone.

David goes over to Erica’s and asks her if she knows what’s been going on with Bianca. Erica looks confused and tells David that Bianca has been going through a rough time because of Lena. David shakes his head and says that he knows there’s something more going on. He says he’s pretty sure that it involves Michael Cambias. Erica gasps in shock.

Maggie and Bianca continue talking in the wedding hall. Maggie tells Bianca to stay positive and to take baby steps. Bianca shakes her head and says there’s no reason to make any plans anymore. She says things just never work out the way they’re supposed to. She smiles and asks Maggie if she knew Lena proposed to her. Maggie looks shocked and asks Bianca what she said. Bianca says that Lena deserves much better than her. She says Lena won’t feel the same way about her when she knows the truth. Maggie tells her to not think that way and to realize that Lena loves her. Bianca shakes her head and says that love can’t conquer everything.

Jackson picks up a nearly burnt photograph of Greenlee. He looks at it closely and says Greenlee looks just like his sister. Tad comforts Jackson and tells him that Anna has put out a search for Greenlee. Jackson nods glumly and says he won’t be able to bare it if something happened to his daughter.

Juan holds Greenlee and tells her that they don’t have to make love to feel close. He tells her that they can share love like that when the time is more right. Greenlee continues crying that tells Juan he’s a wonderful man. Juan takes Greenlee into his arms and tells her she’s safe with him.

Michael tries calling his father again but doesn’t get through. He then tries calling some of his contacts in order to arrange for a flight to Mexico. To his disappointment, his contacts refuse to make any business deals with him.

David tells Erica that he doesn’t think Bianca’s current state has anything to do with a broken love affair. Erica looks surprised and asks David what he’s thinking. David looks down and tells Erica that he’s thinking the worst. Erica starts crying and says she can’t believe it. David firmly tells Erica that he and Anna will make sure Bianca is safe. Erica is just too overwhelmed. She thanks David for coming over and asks him to give her some time alone. David tells her he’ll be out of town for a while, but he’ll keep checking in. After David leaves, Erica breaks down in tears.

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