AMC Update Monday 8/4/03

All My Children Update Monday 8/4/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee retrieves childhood photos and pictures of her with Roger. Looking at one of them, she says tearfully, "lies, nothing but lies." She breaks the frame of a picture with her and Roger and rips it up. She puts all the pictures in a box on her couch and lights it with a match.

Erica is at home with Opal, Kendall and Reggie waiting to hear from Jack. The phone rings and she anxiously picks it up, saying "Jack?" It's not Jack, but rather the Valley Inn asking about what to do with the food for the reception. Erica tells the caller to put the food on ice because the reception will be taking place later tonight. Opal suggests Erica change out of her wedding dress because it could be awhile before the wedding takes place, but Erica insists that the wedding is imminent, and by this time tomorrow she and Jack will be married. She wonders out loud if she should call a car to take her back to the Valley Inn. Opal tells Erica to do a reality check. There's no telling when Jack will return, she says. Erica says Jack loves her and he won't let Mary Smythe destroy their happiness. Reggie says there is no way that Jack would believe Mary's lies. They are lies, aren't they? As Kendall and Opal excuse themselves, Erica admits to Reggie that she did not tell Jack about this because she wouldn't let Mary come between them. Reggie is stunned. She kept the fact about Jack being Greenlee's father from him? Erica says she did what she had to do to keep Mary from taking their family away.

Jack is with Joe and Tad at the hospital. He asks Joe what are the odds of Greenlee not being his daughter. Joe says it is one in 10,000. He says they still have samples of blood from Greenlee and Jack and he can run another test. Jack tells him to do it. Joe leaves and Tad asks Jack if he wants him to find Erica. Jack says he wants him to find Greenlee. Jack tries to call Greenlee but gets no answer. He asks Tad why he didn't tell him about Erica's hiring him. Tad says he couldn't because of client privilege.

Jack goes home to Erica, who is relieved to see him. They hug and she assumes they will be returning to the Valley Inn for the wedding. Jack tells her they're not going anywhere. He asks Reggie to leave them alone. When Opal and Kendall return to the room, he asks them for some private time with Erica. Alone, he tells Erica that Greenlee was his blood donor and is his daughter. "But you already knew that," he says. He asks her why she kept him from his daughter. Erica asks him why he's turning on her. She admits that she didn't think Jack needed to know about Mary's claims. She says she had no way of knowing if what Mary was saying was true. Mary was just trying to take Jack for herself, she says. Jack asks if she then went to Tad to dig up some dirt on Mary, and she admits she did and "would do it again in a heartbeat." Jack says it's amazing that she's not denying it. Erica says she was just trying to protect their happiness. Jack says it's not just about the two of them. Erica insists she could not believe Mary and tells Jack about her being deported from France for having an affair with a 17-year-old boy. Jack tells Erica maybe she knew inside that Mary wasn't lying and thought that "what Jack doesn't know won't hurt me."

Tad goes to find Greenlee at her apartment and finds a smoke-filled hallway. He breaks into her room and finds the place on fire. Greenlee is no where to be found. Tad uses a fire extinguisher to put out the flames as Liza walks in, wondering what is going on. Tad tells Liza how he arrived and found the place on fire. He thinks Greenlee must be with Juan Pablo. Liza says she doesn't think he's interested in her, implying there is something between herself and Juan Pablo. But, she gives Tad Juan Pablo's business card with a cell phone number and Tad tries calling him.

Greenlee is getting into her car as thoughts of what has just happen flood her head. Tearfully, she yells for the thoughts to go away. She is approached by Juan Pablo, who gets into the car and takes her keys. He tells her she's an accident waiting to happen. Greenlee angrily tells him that she knows what he's been doing – rescuing damsels in distress. He asks her why she's so angry. She says she's sick of people lying about who they are. She tells him to get the hell out of her car. He refuses to give her the keys, saying she can't drive like this. She slugs him then grabs his head and kisses him. "Take me away from here," she tells him. He starts the car and drives it away.

At the Valley Inn bar, Anna is startled by David's proposal. She reminds him that just last week he told her they over. David tells her that maybe his thoughts have something to do with Erica and Jack's wedding exploding in their faces. He tells Anna that their whole world is already leveled and the worst is behind them. "We've survived the unimaginable," he says, referring to Leora's death. Anna says she wants to believe that, but wanting it doesn't always make it so. David says he knows he's let Anna down and it won't be easy but they can start over slowly. Anna says a marriage proposal isn't taking it slowly. David agrees, but says he wants that option to be open.

Bianca is trying to straighten up the location for the wedding so that it is exactly the way it was. She knocks over a pedestal with flowers and becomes nearly distraught. She calls herself stupid and clumsy. She says she needs to clean up her mess before her mother finds out what happened. "To the flowers or to you?" Maggie asks. She sits Bianca down to calm her down. Bianca says her mother and Jack are supposed to be dancing and laughing right now. Her mother deserves that and she's going to get it. Maggie says even if that does happen, it won't change what's happened to her. Bianca tells Maggie to let her be. Maggie tells her if she doesn't face what happened to her she'll never be happy. Bianca says she knows Maggie is afraid for her. She's helped her so much and she's appreciative of the love and friendship Maggie is showing her. Maggie says she hopes she's at least doing the right thing toward her. Maggie says she'll go get a couple of drinks and come back and help Bianca to clean up the mess.

Maggie goes to the Valley Inn bar to order drinks and is greeted by David. They chat about the ruined wedding and David comments that Bianca was pretty upset. Maggie tells him that she and Bianca have talked and she thinks she's going to be OK.

Someone walks into the wedding hall where Bianca is waiting for Maggie and locks the door. Bianca, with her back turned, assumes it is Maggie. She is horrified when she turns around and sees Michael, who is sweaty and dirty after apparently escaping from the dumpster. He tells Bianca he was in the dumpster and that he won't be dismissed by anyone. He grabs Bianca and starts to kiss her when Maggie walks in through another entrance. She tells him to get away from Bianca and throws the drinks at him. During a scuffle, Maggie grabs a pair of scissors and threatens him with them. He manages to grab her and overpower her, as Bianca yells to get his hands off her. "There's plenty of me to go around," Michael says. Suddenly David bursts in and slugs Michael, sending him tumbling to the ground. Anna asks what's going on. Michael tells her that Maggie jumped him with a knife. He also tells her how he was stuffed into a dumpster. Anna is not impressed by what he's saying. David looks at Bianca, who seems very distressed by Michael being present. As Anna reminds Michael he is out on bail and is accused of attempted rape, David starts to wonder if Michael has done something to Bianca. He asks Bianca if he hurt her. She insists he did not, saying "leave me the hell alone." She storms out and David asks Maggie about Bianca's secret. Maggie tells him she promised she wouldn't say anything. He tells her she cannot go back on her promise. She leaves, and a suspicious David cries "dear God."

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