AMC Update Monday 7/28/03

All My Children Update Monday 7/28/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is with Erica in the elaborately-decorated room where Erica is going to be married. Kendall says it's breathtaking. She tells Erica she's happy for her because she knows that Jack is the man she's been waiting for her entire life. Erica thanks Kendall for providing such beautiful votive candles for the wedding. Erica and Kendall leave the room to take care of some matters and Mary sneaks in and looks around. She notices the beautiful wedding cake and takes the bride figurine from the top of the cake. She drops it on the floor and steps on it, breaking the arm off the figurine. She starts to leave but turns around and walks back to the cake. After looking around to see that no one is watching, she tips the entire cake over and it smashes on the floor. Kendall walks in at that moment. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she shouts. Mary says she bumped into the table and the cake slipped off. Kendall says she saw what she did and the cake didn't just slip off the table. Mary gets out some money and offers to pay for the cake, but Kendall says her mother doesn't need money – she could buy this town. Mary tells Kendall that Erica would never consider herself her mother. Kendall says she's wrong. Erica is her mother now and even has her in her wedding. Mary says she won't have Erica dismiss Greenlee the way she has dismissed Kendall. Kendall asks Mary what Greenlee has to do with Erica's wedding. Mary leaves without answering the question. Erica walks back in and is aghast to see her wedding cake lying in pieces on the floor. "What did you do?" she asks Kendall. "No mother, what did you do," Kendall responds. Erica sees Mary's money lying on the chair and Kendall informs her it's from Mary. "Did she do this?" Erica asks, appalled. Kendall says it was Mary, who is just jealous that Erica is marrying Jack. Erica says Mary wants Jack for herself. Erica says there's nothing Mary can do to get Jack. Kendall asks if there's anything she could say, like the fact that Greenlee is Jack's daughter. Erica already knew that, didn't she, Kendall asks. Erica asks where she heard such a ridiculous thing. Kendall says that's the secret Erica and Mary are keeping, isn't it. "Are you going to tell them?" Erica asks. "Oh my God, it's true," Kendall replies. She asks how could Erica love Jack and not tell him the truth. Erica says it's too late to tell him now. Kendall asks if she's afraid Jack will hate her. Erica says Greenlee would encourage that. Kendall says this could be the best thing that's ever happened to them. "Or the worst," Erica says. She says it could hurt Jack if he knew the truth and Mary and Greenlee would take advantage of him. She says Greenlee is no different than her mother. Kendall says if she keeps quiet about this she's no different from her mother either. Erica says she loves Jack so much she doesn't want to risk him being hurt, but she won't stop her from telling Jack. Kendall asks what would happen if she did tell. Erica says she would lose Jack. Kendall says she would blame her for that. Erica says whatever would happen, Kendall would still be her daughter. Kendall tells her that she hated her for denying who she was. She thinks what Erica is doing is wrong. Erica says Mary started it long ago when she didn't tell Jack the truth. But Erica is perpetuating it, Kendall says. Erica asks Kendall if she's going to tell him the truth. Kendall says she won't because it's important to her that she not. Erica is appreciative. "I can't believe you would do this for me," she says, hugging Kendall. "I'll never forget you for this."

Greenlee gives Jack the letter written by her mother but Tad is there to take it out of Jack's hands. He says this is the bachelor party he planned for Jack and he doesn't want him to take time reading his mail. He gives the letter back to Greenlee and says to give it back at a more convenient time.

Greenlee returns to the table she is sharing with Juan Pablo and asks about his background. Why is he in Pine Valley. "I heard there was magic in this town and great beauty," he replies. Greenlee asks him for the real reason he's there. Juan Pablo says they just met. Greenlee asks him to tell her about his first memory. She stops speaking when she sees Simone enter with Carlos. She asks Juan Pablo to go to her place for a nightcap and they leave through the back door. Carlos spots the back of Juan Pablo's head and tells Simone that he thought he saw someone he recognized.

At the bachelor party, Jack complains to Tad about the lack of progress he's making in finding his blood donor. Tad says he's been busy trying to find the same man for four women. As the others at the party, Aidan, Boyd and Reggie, pry for information, Tad asks them if they saw the man Greenlee was with because that is the same man that four women hired him to find. Tad tells them the whole story about Greenlee, Kendall, Mia and Simone wanting to find this man. He says he thinks it's some kind of contest. Aidan tells them that Mia told him all about their contest. As the party breaks up, Jack admits to Tad that marrying Erica is like a dream come true. It was worth the wait, because what they have is solid. Tad tells him that whatever happens, remember how he feels about Erica now.

On the other side of the room, Simone is sitting with Carlos, who says everything he told Greenlee about him was a lie. He asks Simone if she ever hated her life so much you made up false things about it? She asks him for a favor. She's a little reluctant to bring this up, but she tells him about this fabulous man she met and asks if he'll find out more about him. When Carlos learns Simone doesn't know the man's name or where he lives, he tells her something about this isn't right.

At Greenlee's apartment, Greenlee is trying to get to know Juan Pablo. She tells him about the letter to Jack her mother gave her and he says she should open it. He hands it to her but Greenlee says this can wait till they have nothing better to talk about. They talk about secrets and he tells her he thinks she is hiding from secrets of her own. Greenlee wants to talk business and asks him if he would consider investing in Fusion Cosmetics. He says he will consider it and she asks how much he would invest. He tells her she's getting ahead of herself. There is no rush. Does that mean he's staying in Pine Valley, Greenlee asks. He indicates he's not going anywhere, kisses her on the cheek and leaves. She remembers what he said about secrets, and gets her mother's letter, opens it and starts reading.

Bianca is hysterical, crouched on the pool table poking a pool stick at anyone who comes near. The men surrounding her start laughing at her as she warns them to stay back. Maggie distracts the rowdy crowd by yelling that cold beer is on the house. As the crowd turns to the bar, Maggie approaches Bianca, who is hyperventilating. Maggie takes Bianca outside and Bianca asks Maggie if they hurt her. Maggie says she's fine, but she's never seen Bianca so drunk. Bianca says she needs to go to her mother's house, but Maggie takes her to her room. Bianca is sick and Maggie takes her to the bathroom. After a shower, Bianca is lying on the bed looking dazed. She apologizes to Maggie and says she's such a mess. Maggie says she cares about her and is worried about her. She knows there's something wrong. She pleads with Bianca to tell her. "I was scared," Bianca says. "I didn't want it to happen again." Maggie asks her what she means. "Rape," Bianca says softly. "Will you make sure he doesn't come. He always comes," she says. Maggie lies down with Bianca and tells her to sleep. She's safe and she won't let him come.

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