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All My Children Update Friday 7/25/03

By Shahla
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Greenlee continues looking around her desk for her mother’s letter. She says she can’t find it, but Mary insists that she’s not looking hard enough. Greenlee finally gets frustrated and tells her mother that she has more important things to do around the office. Mary tries to reason with Greenlee, but to her disappointment, Greenlee hangs up. Mary sighs and orders a drink at the Valley Inn bar. She asks the waiter to have the manager come meet her. Meanwhile, back at Fusion, Greenlee ends up accidentally coming across the letter. She notices that the letter is addressed to Jackson, and wonders what Mary would want to say to Jackson. She takes a letter opener and starts ripping the envelope.

At the Valley Inn, Jackson and Aidan continue planning their mission against Michael. Erica comes running over in a panic. She tells Jackson that both Reggie and Opal have disappeared, and there’s still so much to do for the wedding rehearsal dinner. She adds that both maid-of-honors, Bianca and Kendall, haven’t shown up yet either. Jackson tells Erica that she shouldn’t worry and that everyone will turn up soon. Erica becomes serious and says that the last time she was at the Inn, Michael was there too. Jackson comforts her and tells her that he and Aidan will make sure Michael doesn’t come near them again.

In the lobby, Michael approaches Bianca and tells her that he can’t get her off his mind. He tells her that he wants to take her upstairs where no one can disturb them. When he takes hold of Bianca’s hand, Bianca starts shivering. Thankfully, Kendall shows up just in time and warns Michael to leave them alone. After Michael leaves, Kendall asks Bianca what Michael said to her. Bianca looks really frustrated and tells Kendall that Michael didn’t say anything. Jackson and Aidan show up and ask Kendall what’s gong on. Kendall tells them that Michael was there and Bianca looked really frightened. Bianca yells at Kendall to shut up and tells Jackson that Michael didn’t do anything to her. She says she’s going to go help her mother and quickly rushes off. Kendall then tells Jackson that she knows there’s something more going on with Bianca. Jackson tells her to not worry about it and that he’ll figure things out. After Kendall leaves, Jackson asks Aidan why Michael keeps showing up. Aidan looks really annoyed and tells Jackson that he’s going to take care of things once and for all. Jackson asks him what he has in mind. Tad shows up just then and wishes Jackson good luck on his wedding. Jackson tells Tad that he wishes Michael wasn’t sticking around for the big day. Tad looks confused and asks what Michael did this time. Aidan gets an idea and tells Tad that he’ll explain everything in the car. Tad asks where they’re going, but Aidan tells him he’ll know soon enough. Jackson asks Aidan what he’s planning, but Aidan tells him that it’s better if he doesn’t know the details.

Greenlee starts opening the letter. Just then, the elevator door opens and Juan walks in. Greenlee smiles and asks him where he ran off to earlier. Juan apologizes and tells her that something very important had come up. He asks if she can come out dancing with him at the SOS. Greenlee rolls her eyes and asks him why he expects her to drop everything and just follow him like a sick puppy. Juan shrugs and says he’ll just leave then. Greenlee stammers and runs after him. She asks him why he insists on being such a mystery. Juan tells her that he’ll make her a deal. He says he’ll share more about himself only if she comes out dancing with him. Greenlee smiles and says that if that’s the case, she’ll definitely join him.

Jackson finds Bianca in the wedding reception room and asks her how she’s doing. Bianca smiles brightly and tells him that she wishes people would just stop asking her that. Jackson says he’ll back off as long as he knows she’s fine.

Reggie approaches Kendall and asks her if she’s ready to accompany her mother in the wedding. Kendall smiles and says she’s really excited about being part of the family. Reggie says he is too and that he can’t wait to have so many sisters.

Erica runs in and tells everyone that Palmer was due back in time for the wedding, but his flight got cancelled. Jackson and Opal tell her not to worry and that the wedding can still be perfect. Jackson gathers everyone around a table and pours each of them a drink. He recites a wonderful toast, thanking everyone for being part of the family. Erica says a special thanks to Reggie for being so loyal, and Jackson tells Bianca that he’s glad she’ll officially be his daughter now. He then walks up to Kendall, but Kendall tells him that he doesn’t have to say anything to her just to even things out. Jackson gives Kendall a loving kiss on the forehead and tells her that he’s glad she’s part of the family too.

At the bar, the hotel manager brings Mary her locker case. Mary opens up the case and takes out Greenlee’s birth certificate. She smiles as she reads the certificate over.

The priest shows up and tries to take Erica and Jackson through the wedding rehearsal. To everyone’s surprise, the priest doesn’t really know what he’s doing, so Erica steps up and starts ordering people around. The priest asks Erica if she’s been in a wedding before. Reggie laughs out loud and tells the priest that Erica is an old pro at weddings. Everyone laughs and Erica thanks Reggie for the gracious introduction. The couple then practices their vows. Jackson tells Erica that she has changed his life, and he can’t wait till they live happily ever after. Lena walks in suddenly and Jackson looks over at her. Erica wonders why Jackson got distracted, so she looks over towards the door too. Lena asks Bianca if she can talk to her, but Erica interrupts and tells Lena to stop following them around. Bianca stops her mother and tells Lena that she’ll talk to her. The two of them go outside and Lena tells her that she knows what’s been disturbing her. Bianca looks surprised and wonders what Lena knows. Before she can say anything, Lena tells Bianca that she doesn’t blame her for not trusting her anymore. She says she’s got just the thing to make her realize that she is very much committed to the relationship. She pulls out two wedding rings and asks Bianca if she will accept. Bianca stares at the rings in total shock.

Back inside, Erica urges Jackson to issue a restraining order against Lena. Jackson tells Erica that there really is no reason for them to do that.

Michael sits in his apartment, typing away on his laptop. When he gets up get a drink, the door suddenly swings open and three masked men rush in. Michael tries to fight them, but they soon grab Michael and pin him on the couch. While they’re tying him up, Michael shouts out that he knows Jackson is behind the whole thing. One of the masked men then tapes up Michael’s mouth. The three men pick Michael up and dump him in a near by garbage bin. They lock up the bin so Michael can’t get out. They then come back to Michael’s apartment and unmask. It’s Aidan, Tad and Boyd! Boyd starts going through Michael’s laptop and tells the boys that they’ve hit the jackpot.

Bianca stares at the rings with tears in her eyes. She doesn’t know what to say. Lena smiles and tells her that if she doesn’t want to wear her ring, she doesn’t have to. She then takes her ring and says she’ll wear one as a symbol of her love and affection. Bianca looks at her ring and starts to shake her head. She gives the ring back to Lena and says she can’t accept her proposal. Lena tries to insist but Bianca firmly tells her that they can never be together. Maggie walks by just then and asks Bianca if she can talk to her. Lena tells Maggie that they’re in the middle of something, but Maggie tells her that she was asking Bianca, not her. Bianca tells Lena that they’re done talking. Lena looks very hurt and when Erica comes over, she quickly runs away. Erica asks Bianca if she’ll come back to help with the wedding preparations now that Lena is gone. Bianca says she has to go talk to Maggie first. Erica says that’s fine, but asks Bianca to promise to eat something. Maggie tells Erica that she’ll make sure Bianca is fine.

Erica goes back inside and asks Jackson if he can help her with some preparations. Jackson tells her that he intends to go out for a bachelor party with Reggie. Erica hugs him lovingly and tells him she can’t wait to walk down the aisle with him. She asks Reggie to make sure that no woman gets close to Jackson during their little bash. Reggie winks at her and says he’ll make sure the groom is safe.

Greenlee and Juan arrive at SOS. Greenlee is carrying her mother’s letter in her purse, but she hasn’t read it yet. The two start talking and Greenlee discovers that Juan is from Argentina. Juan gets up all of a sudden when a tango beat comes on. He asks Greenlee if she’ll dance with him. Greenlee gets up in a daze and takes Juan’s hand.

Bianca runs into SOS with Maggie. She starts checking out everyone around her and goes straight to the bar. She orders a drink and tells Maggie that she just wants to have some fun. Maggie tries to tell Bianca that drinking is not the solution, but Bianca isn’t listening.

Juan and Greenlee dance the tango gracefully and with every move, Juan takes Greenlee’s breath away. When the song is done, Greenlee leans in closer and wonders if she’ll get kissed. Tad walks into the bar just then and Greenlee spots him. She excuses herself from Juan and runs towards Tad. Tad smiles and tells her that he can tell she found the man she was looking for. Greenlee excitedly pecks Tad on the cheek and runs back towards Juan.

Tad finds Jackson, Aidan and Reggie in the corner of the bar. Reggie jokes about getting Jackson good and drunk in preparation for the wedding. Jackson later takes Aidan aside and asks him how things went with Michael. Aidan tells him that he doesn’t have to worry about Michael anymore. He tells him that Boyd and Tad helped out as well. Jackson lets out a sigh of relief and thanks Aidan for all his help.

Mary meets with the hotel manager again. She tells him she wants to arrange for a wedding present. The manager tells her that he’ll be glad to take care of things for her.

Myrtle comes over to see Erica. She congratulates Erica and says she can’t wait till the big day. Erica tells her that since Palmer won’t be around, she would like her to walk her down the aisle. Myrtle hugs Erica lovingly and says she would love to do that. Erica finds Kendall standing by herself in the corner. She goes over to Kendall and asks her how things are going. Kendall smiles and says she’s just really happy to be a part of the celebration. She tells Erica that she wishes things weren’t so awkward still between her and Bianca.

Bianca starts chugging up drinks at the bar. Maggie begs her to slow down but Bianca insists that she’s just having some fun. She runs towards some guys and starts dancing around. The men start hooting at her and surround her. When Bianca playfully gets on top of a pool table, a man follows her up. Bianca suddenly starts shouting at the man to get away from her. The man tells Bianca that he just wanted to dance with her. Another man calls out and asks Bianca why she’s teasing them. Maggie explains to him that Bianca just had too many drinks and didn’t mean to cause trouble. The man on the pool table, however, isn’t taking no for an answer. Bianca suddenly picks up a pool stick and warns the man to stay away.

After Erica speaks to Kendall, she goes back to Opal. Opal asks Erica if the trouble-maker is going to ruin the wedding. Erica laughs and tells her that Kendall is harmless now. Opal shakes her head and says she was talking about Mary.

Mary raises her glass and toasts to her future. She tells herself that Jackson will soon know he is Greenlee’s father.

Juan excuses himself for a while, so Greenlee walks over to Jackson. She takes Jackson away from his friends and tells him she has to talk. She then hands him Mary’s letter. Jackson looks confused and asks Greenlee why her mother is sending him a letter.

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