AMC Update Thursday 7/24/03

All My Children Update Thursday 7/24/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee rushes into the Valley Inn, but to her disappointment, she runs into Kendall instead of her Juan. Kendall excitedly asks her if she’s seen her mystery man around. When she describes her man to Greenlee, Greenlee gets furious and tells her to not make any moves on him.

Meanwhile, Juan walks into the Fusion office and starts looking around. Liza spots him and asks if she can help him. When Juan turns around, Liza becomes breathless and gazes deeply into his eyes.

Jackson and Erica kiss and caress at the Valley Inn ballroom. Reggie watches in disgust and tells them to get a room. Opal laughs and tells them to wait just a few more days so they can officially be man and wife.

Meanwhile, Bianca prepares wedding gifts at Erica’s penthouse. The guard calls for her from outside to let her know she has a visitor. Bianca opens the door and is pleasantly surprised to see David.

Michael continues talking to his father on the phone. He asks who the stranger who approached his car was. Alexander tells him that it was a car mechanic who came over to try to fix the limousine. Michael tells Alexander that he’s glad he’s all right and promises to make his father proud. Alexander tells Michael to stop abusing women in Pine Valley. He says he doesn’t want to hear any more bad news again. Just then, the door bell rings and Michael goes to answer the door. It’s Aidan. Michael doesn’t want to hear anything Aidan has to say and quickly walks out. Aidan then calls Jackson to give him an update. Jackson tells him to get the job done before the wedding.

Bianca tells David that she’s feeling much better and that he shouldn’t worry about her anymore. David says he’s glad to hear it and then asks about the guard outside. Bianca says they have extra security just in case Michael shows up. David observes Bianca closely and says he’s glad that Michael hasn’t come around yet. He asks Bianca why she was acting so disturbed a couple days ago, and why she ended up on the roof. Bianca makes up and excuse and says she’s doing better now that she’s focusing on her mother’s wedding plans. David holds Bianca’s hands and says he can tell she’s holding something back.

Reggie looks really worried and asks Jackson exactly what he has to do as the best man. Jackson tells Reggie to not worry about it so much. He says he has to go and tells Reggie to ask Erica for help. After Jackson leaves, Reggie tells Erica that he’s going to blow it. Erica and Opal tell Reggie that his duties are very simple. Reggie teases Erica for having been married so many times that she knows the ceremony by heart. Mary shows up just then and tells Reggie that he can’t even imagine how loose Erica is. Erica furiously tells Mary to get out. When Mary continues making snide remarks, Reggie gets in her face and warns her to leave before he makes he gets angry.

Greenlee furiously tells Kendall that the man she described sounds exactly like her man. Kendall hesitates a little bit but then tells her that she was actually looking for the wine delivery man. Greenlee looks confused and asks her why she’s hunting down a delivery man. Kendall tells her that she’s running errands for Erica’s wedding and quickly dashes off. Greenlee then goes up to the hotel desk and asks the manager if there are any messages for her. The manager looks around and then hands her a letter. It’s from her handsome stranger, Juan. In the letter, Juan tells Greenlee that he had been called away unexpectedly. He promises to get in touch soon so they can meet again. Greenlee smiles and wonders when she’ll be able to see him again.

At home, Tad comes out of the shower in a towel. Mia waits for him in his bed. “I need you Tad,” she says seductively. Tad gets startled and quickly tightens the towel around his waist. He says he can’t believe he’s being set up again! He picks up Mia and throws her out the room. Mia starts screaming at him, asking him why he’s acting so weird. Tad tells her that he’s not falling for Liza’s tricks again. He shuts the door on her face. Mia bangs on the door and tells him that there’s nothing going on. Tad finally opens the door and asks Mia if she came over to seduce him as a favor for Liza. Mia shakes her head and says she came to ask for help. She tells Tad that she needs him to track down a handsome stranger for her. Tad shrugs and says he’ll need a physical description. Mia tells him that the man is tall, dark, handsome and Latin. She warns Tad that when he finds the man, he shouldn’t call her at work or leave a message. She tells Tad to come see her personally and tell her in private. Tad asks her why she’s being so secretive. Mia tells him that the girls at work have become very competitive lately, and she doesn’t want them to get their hands on her man.

Meanwhile, Juan tells Liza that she looks even more beautiful in person. Liza smiles shyly but tells him that she’s not falling for it. Juan looks confused and says he doesn’t understand. Liza asks him if Tad sent him, but Juan just shakes his head. He says he just wanted to meet the legend herself. He says he’s a venture capitalist looking for investment opportunities, and he’s interested in Fusion. Liza looks skeptical and asks Juan exactly what it is that he wants.

Tad comes out of the bathroom after shaving. This time he finds Kendall sitting on his bed. He asks Kendall if someone has planted a camera in his room and is spying on him. Kendall shrugs and tells him that she came over to ask for his help. Tad rolls his eyes and says he’s become everyone’s to-go guy recently. Kendall rambles on about hiring him to search for a handsome stranger. Tad asks her why she’s running after a man so desperately. He reminds her that the last time she was chasing a guy, he turned out to be a real snake. Kendall smiles and says that her new guy is nothing like Michael.

Meanwhile, Michael sits down with a beautiful woman at the Valley Inn. Aidan walks by and introduces himself to the woman. He warns her to stay away from Michael because he’s a sexual predator. Michael furiously tells Aidan to back off, but Aidan continues talking to the woman. Jackson sits at the bar and watches the whole scene with pleasure.

Bianca asks David if he’ll promise not to tell anyone if she tells him the truth. David says he will and that he’d like to help out any way he can. Bianca tells him that the reason why she’s been so disturbed lately is because her relationship with Lena fell apart. She says she moved out of Myrtle’s because she wanted to get away from everyone. David looks skeptical and continues asking questions about her break-up. He asks Bianca if it was Lena who called it quits. Bianca shakes her head and says that she was the one who broke up with Lena. She tells David that things just weren’t going to work out in the long run. Just then, Kendall comes in and asks Bianca how the preparations are going. David tells Bianca and Kendall that he doesn’t want to intrude on Erica’s special day. He says good-bye to both of them and then leaves. Outside, he calls Maggie and asks her to meet him at the Valley Inn right away.

Back inside, Kendall asks Bianca why she was feeding lies to David. Bianca looks really fed up and tells Kendall that she was telling David the truth. Kendall asks her why she was burning her clothes in the park. When Bianca doesn’t answer, Kendall grabs Bianca to make her turn around. Bianca drops the gift she was wrapping and becomes furious. “You ruined everything Kendall, because of your selfishness and stupidity!” she yells. Kendall seems surprised and wonders why Bianca is overreacting so much.

Tad comes out of the bathroom and starts dressing up. Greenlee walks in and calls out his name. Tad gets startled and falls down. He starts yelling at Greenlee and asks her if she came around looking for a man too. Greenlee looks confused and wonders how Tad knew.

Juan tells Liza that he would like to make a business proposition. Liza asks him what he has in mind. Pablo tells her that in his country, business is done differently. He says before they become business partners, they have to become friends. He asks Liza if she can make time for dinner later on. Liza breathlessly accepts.

Greenlee describes Juan to Tad. She tells him that when he finds Juan, he shouldn’t call or leave a message. Tad says he knows the drill and that he’ll come to tell her personally. Greenlee wonders who else has come to talk to Tad.

Mary tells Reggie that she doesn’t like mingling with the help. Erica yells at Mary and tells her that Reggie is part of the family. Opal steps up too and warns Mary to leave. Mary tells Erica that she’s being such a hypocrite. She tells Erica that she should stop keeping Jackson from his real family. Reggie gets into Mary’s face and tells her to leave before he forgets that he’s the DA’s kid and does something illegal. Mary rolls her eyes and leaves. Opal tells Erica that she’ll follow Mary out to make sure she leaves the building. Erica later tells Reggie to not pay attention to what Mary was saying. Reggie says he’s all right, but asks Erica why Mary just can’t take the hint. He asks why Mary was talking about Jackson’s “real family”. Erica dodges Reggie’s suspicions and asks him if he will do her a favor. Reggie smiles and says he would do anything for Jackson’s family.

Aidan tells Michael’s date that she should really watch out. He tells her that Michael has been accused of a few rapes here and there. Michael’s date starts getting scared and asks Michael if it’s true. Michael says it’s a lie, but Aidan points to Jackson sitting at the bar. He tells the woman that Jackson is the DA and he’s keeping his eye on Michael. Michael’s date gets really nervous and starts to leave. Michael grabs her and asks her to wait for just a second.


Bianca continues screaming at Kendall. She accuses Kendall of leading Michael to Pine Valley where he could stir up trouble for everyone. She tells Kendall that because of her, Michael tried to rape her mother. Kendall defends herself and reminds Bianca that she almost got raped too. Bianca doesn’t want to hear it. “If it wasn’t for you, Michael wouldn’t have…” she starts to say. Kendall urges Bianca to finish her sentence, but Bianca starts sobbing uncontrollably.

Maggie catches up with David at the Valley Inn. She asks him why he called her over. David tells her that he’s really worried about Bianca. He tells her the whole story about taking Bianca to the clinic and finding her later on the roof top. Maggie asks David if Bianca tried to jump. David says he’s not sure, but the next thing he knew she was packing her stuff and moving out of Myrtle’s. He says that Bianca claims to be very disturbed because of her break up with Lena. Maggie looks really confused and says she didn’t know any of this was going on, even though she’s Bianca’s best friend. David urges her to talk to Bianca and find out what’s really bothering her.

Kendall yells at Bianca to go on. She asks Bianca what Michael did to her. Bianca snaps out of it and quickly rushes out. Kendall continues yelling out for her.

Michael’s date firmly tells Michael to let go of her hand. Michael urges her to at least hear him out, but she quickly rushes away. Michael leans towards Aidan and furiously tells him that he’s just made an enemy. Jackson walks over and smugly asks Michael what he’s going to do about it.

Tad comes out of the bathroom, and this time he’s not startled to find Simone lying on his bed. Without even looking at Simone, he tells her that he’ll try to look for her man. Simone wonders how Tad knows that’s what she came for. She tries to describe her handsome stranger, but Tad finishes all her sentences. He tells he’s sure that the man she’s looking for tall, dark, handsome and Latin. Simone looks confused and asks him how he knows all of that. Tad tells her that he’s a really experienced detective. He tells Simone to not worry and that he will be discreet about the investigation. He says he won’t call, or leave a message and that he’ll meet her personally once he finds her man. Simone jumps up in excitement and gives Tad a big kiss. After she leaves, Tad wonders why all the girls of Pine Valley have gone crazy over the same guy.

Greenlee goes back to her office and starts looking at footage of the sexy man contest. She swings her chair to face the sculpture Juan had given her. The phone rings and Greenlee quickly picks it up. She’s disappointed when she hears Mary’s voice. Mary tells her that she may have forgotten something on her desk. Greenlee impatiently asks Mary what it is that she forgot. Mary tells her that it’s a letter that shouldn’t get into the wrong hands. Greenlee looks very frustrated, but goes to her desk to look for her mother’s letter. Mary stays on the line, hoping that Greenlee will finally read the letter she wrote for Jackson.

Erica instructs Reggie that whenever he sees Mary, he should make sure she stays away from Jackson. Reggie smiles and tells Erica that he’ll do anything to make sure no one gets in the way of the wedding. Erica excitedly hugs Reggie and tells him he makes the perfect best man.

Michael warns Aidan and Jackson that they’re messing with the wrong man. He starts walking out of the bar and sees Bianca walking in. Bianca drops something and bends down to pick it up. When she gets up, she can feel someone’s eyes on her. She turns around and sees Michael looking at her.

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