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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/23/03

By Shahla
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Greenlee sits in her office, staring at the white sculpture the handsome stranger had bought for her. Simone and Mia come in and Greenlee comments on how well they are dressed. Simone shrugs and says they have to look their best in case they run into their dream guy. She says the elevator doors could open anytime and her man could come walking in to sweep her off her feet. The elevator doors open right on cue, but it’s just Mary. Mia and Simone roll their eyes and excuse themselves. Greenlee starts grilling Mary right away, telling her to stay away from Jackson and Erica. Mary pulls out her personal diary and asks Greenlee to take the time to read it. She says it’s weird sharing her personal life like this, but she wants her daughter to understand what happened between her and Jackson.

Jackson is at the Valley Inn. He gets on the phone and tells someone he has a very important job for them.

Kendall is at the Inn too and she begs the manager to tell her if they’ve had a handsome stranger check in lately. The manager tells her that they have had a lot of inquiries all ready, but unfortunately, no one of that description has checked in. Kendall looks disappointed and starts to leave. When she turns around, Michael is standing right behind her. He asks Kendall why she’s wandering around looking for love when he’s standing right next to her. Jackson shows up just in time and tells Michael to stay from Kendall.

Erica is at home, pacing around nervously. Opal makes her sit down and tells her to just relax. She starts giving Erica a manicure and tells Erica to enjoy her last day as a bachelorette. Erica sighs and says she just can’t believe her wedding is a day away. Bianca walks in just then and asks her mom how things are going. Erica tells her that she’s really nervous, but she’s glad to have family around. Bianca hugs her and tells her she’s going to go make herself a sandwich. Erica asks her to fix something up for her and Opal as well. After Bianca goes into the kitchen, Erica turns to Opal and tells her how relieved she is that Bianca is eating again. Just then, the door bell rings. It’s Lena, but Erica doesn’t let her in. She tells Lena that Bianca never wants to see her again. Lena looks confused and quickly becomes angry. She tells Erica to stop trying to keep her away from Bianca. She says that she just wants to talk to Bianca to find out what’s going on. Erica looks furious. She asks Opal to give her and Lena some time to discuss the matter. She tells Opal to go into the kitchen and watch some TV for a while. Opal realizes that Erica wants to make sure that Bianca doesn’t hear anything. She quickly goes to the kitchen and keeps Bianca occupied while Erica and Lena talk. Erica tells Lena that she’s just going to get to the point. She offers Lena three million dollars to stay away from Bianca. Lena looks dumbfounded. Erica tells Lena that she’ll up the offer to five million.

Jackson tells Michael that he’s treading on very thin ice. He urges Michael to take the deal that was offered to him. Michael laughs and says ten years in prison isn’t a great deal. Jackson tells him that it could have been as much as 25 years. Michael shrugs and says he has a better proposal. Jackson asks what that may be. Michael smiles and says that if the charges against him are dropped, he will leave Pine Valley and nobody will have to see him again. Kendall objects and tells Jackson that Michael belongs in jail.

Greenlee starts laughing and says that she would never want to read her mother’s diary. She tells her mother that they’re not in high school and that she should finally let go of her crush on Jackson. Mary becomes really frustrated and tells Greenlee that she’ll understand the depths of her feelings after reading the diary. “What about my feelings?” Greenlee asks. She accuses her mother of never caring about others, not even her daughter. She says that in the past year, both her father and husband have died, but her mother was never there to help through the hard time. Mary apologizes for never being there and says that she just can’t help the way she is. She tells Greenlee that she can make it up to her, and all she needs to do is read the diary.

Jackson and Michael sit down to discuss their options over coffee. Michael tells Jackson to do the smart thing and let him go. He says if he remains in Pine Valley, he’s just going to make life hell for everyone. Jackson asks him if he’s threatening his family. Michael laughs and says he’s not capable of hurting anyone. “Just ask Bianca,” he adds. Kendall sits close by, hanging on to every word.

Lena firmly tells Erica that her love isn’t for sale. Erica gets impatient and tells Lena to either walk out with a check, or be dragged out by security. Lena shrugs and says she’s not going anywhere. Erica tells Lena that she’s had it with her and then furiously calls security. The guards show up and grab Lena. Lena shouts for Bianca, begging her to at least talk to her. Bianca runs out from the kitchen and is shocked to see her mother throwing Lena out. She yells at the guards to let go of Lena. The guards look at Erica, wondering what they should do. Erica sighs and tells the guards that they can go. Lena smiles and tells Bianca that her mother seems to have the wrong idea. She says that she just came over to see her love, but Erica thinks they have broken up. Bianca just looks down. She asks Erica and Opal to give them some privacy. After they leave, Lena asks Bianca what’s going on and why Erica thinks that things are over between them.

Michael tells Jackson that he’s sick of Pine Valley and that all he wants is to go home. He urges Jackson to just let him go. Jackson smiles smugly and says that the answer is no. He warns Michael to stay away from his friends and family, and to not think of leaving town. Michael shrugs and tells Jackson to make sure his sisters, daughters and wives are locked up safely. After Michael leaves, Kendall tells Jackson that she’s scared and that Michael is capable of anything. She tells Jackson to not take Michael’s warning lightly.

Mia and Simone come back and tell Greenlee that they have a lot of work to do. Greenlee tells her mother that she doesn’t have time for games anymore. Mary objects, but Greenlee firmly tells her that she doesn’t want to hear it. The phone rings just then and Simone picks it up. It’s the Valley Inn manager, calling for Greenlee. Greenlee gets on the phone and the manager hands the receiver to the handsome stranger. “Remember me?” he asks Greenlee. Greenlee smiles excitedly and asks him where he disappeared to the other day. She asks him to at least tell her his name. He says his name is Pablo Renato Luis de Marquez, and Greenlee tells him he sounds like royalty. The stranger smiles and says he has met his share of royalty in his life. Greenlee laughs and asks him where he is. The stranger tells her that he’s at the Valley Inn lobby. Before he can say anything else, Greenlee tells him she’ll be right there. She puts down the phone and rushes towards the door.

Jackson tells Kendall that he’s just waiting for Michael to slip. He warns Kendall to stay clear of Michael’s path, and to not push him in any way. Kendall protests, but Jackson says he’s confident that Michael will get caught if they all work together. He begs Kendall to not let her personal feelings get in the way. Kendall sighs and says she just wants to make sure Michael doesn’t hurt Erica or Bianca. She says she’s been really concerned about Bianca lately. Jackson looks confused and explains that Bianca is just going through a rough time because of Lena. Kendall says she thinks there’s more to it.

Michael comes home and furiously throws his jacket down. He picks up the phone and calls his father. Alexander sounds furious and tells Michael that he doesn’t have time for his foolish son. Michael begs his father to assign him another lawyer. Alexander says that he doesn’t want to get involved, especially since he’s heard that his son has raped two women. Michael starts yelling. He tells his father the Erica and Kendall are a bunch of lying women just out to get him. Alexander doesn’t want to hear it. He asks Michael how many more women he’s going to abuse before he gets caught.

Lena asks Bianca why things changed between them. She asks her if she’s breaking up with her just to be a good daughter. Bianca shakes her head and says she just needs some space. She tells Lena that there are plenty of other women out there that can make her happy. Lena rolls her eyes and tells Bianca that the only thing that will make her happy is her. She asks Bianca if she still loves her. Bianca begs Lena to not make things so hard. Lena says she’s not making things hard at all and that she just wants to know the truth. She tells Bianca that whatever it is that’s bothering her, they can face it together. Bianca wonders if she should confide in Lena.

Jackson tells Kendall that Bianca’s circumstances are totally different. He says that Bianca faces things that other people can’t even imagine. Kendall says she knows that, but there’s more to Bianca’s recent sadness. She says that she’s looked into Bianca’s eyes and she sees much more there. She tells Jackson that a few days ago, she caught Bianca burning her clothes in the park. Jackson looks puzzled and Kendall urges him to do a search of the trash can in the park. Jackson thanks Kendall for her concern and promises to look into it. After Kendall leaves, Jackson gets on the phone and asks someone for a favor. Meanwhile, Kendall walks out of the bar and spots her handsome stranger standing in the lobby. “On my God…It’s him!” she says to herself.

Alexander asks Michael if he’s still there. Michael responds and says he is. Alexander asks his son to call the Geneva Convention Center for him and tell them that he’s stranded in the desert. Michael looks confused and asks his father what happened. Alexander explains that he was one his way to Las Vegas, but his limousine broke down in the middle of the desert. He says he’s trying to call the convention to tell them he’ll be late. Michael looks very concerned and asks his father if he’ll be all right. Alexander starts to answer, but he sees something outside his window. He wonders what’s going on when a man approaches the car.

Bianca starts to cry and tells Lena that she’s just not good enough for her. Lena can’t believe what she’s hearing. She tells Bianca that she doesn’t accept such an explanation. She tells Bianca that she loves her and that her life just isn’t complete without her. Bianca can’t bear to hear such loving words. She pushes Lena away and begs Lena to not make things harder for her. Lena’s eyes well up, but she tells Bianca that she’s not going to let go so easily. She opens the door and starts to leave. Bianca sadly says good-bye. Lena shakes her head. “This is far from good-bye,” she says. After Lena leaves, Bianca sits down on the couch and starts sobbing. Erica and Opal come in and Bianca quickly wipes her tears. She smiles brightly and asks Erica if her manicure is all done. Both Erica and Opal can tell that Bianca is trying to be strong for them. Erica tries to ask her what happened, but Bianca interrupts her. She says that she doesn’t want anything to ruin her mother’s special day.

Mary stops Greenlee at the elevator and hands her a letter. She tells Greenlee that after she’s read the letter, her whole life will change. Greenlee tells her that she’s in a hurry to meet someone and doesn’t have time to read letters. After she leaves, Mary takes the letter she had written for Jackson and hides it under Greenlee’s files. “Now you’ll know the truth darling. Now everyone will know the truth,” she says to herself.

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