AMC Update Tuesday 7/22/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/22/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee, Kendall and Simone continue gushing over the new men in their lives. They tell each other how they met a handsome stranger and were swept away off their feet. Greenlee comments on how weird it is that they all met a guy at the same time. The three of them sigh and stare off into space.

Meanwhile, the same handsome stranger wipes his shirt off after Mia mistakenly spills a drink on him. While they’re talking, a drunk comes up to Mia and tries to grab her. The handsome stranger pulls Mia towards him and pushes the drunk away. Mia gets irritated and tells the stranger that she isn’t a damsel in distress. The stranger gets confused and asks her why she’s taking out her anger on him. He tells her to punch him if she really wants to release her anger.

Tad lies in bed, dreaming about Liza. In his dream, Liza and he start making love in his bed. When he wakes up, Marion is seductively calling out his name. She’s dressed in a slinky negligee and suddenly jumps onto him. Tad looks horrified!

David stands out on his porch, daydreaming. Anna comes home and calls out his name. David looks confused and tells her that he didn’t expect her to come back after what he said. Anna tells him that she thinks they need to talk. David shakes his head and tells her that there’s no way for them to work things out. He says they can’t go back to the way things were. Anna tells him that she doesn’t know if they can work things out, but she does know that she loves him. David walks closer and tells her that he loves her too, but he still feels very empty. He tells Anna that he can’t be strong like her. Anna shakes her head and says that there are times when she gets overwhelmed too. She says she would like to sometimes end her own life because she doesn’t know how to survive. David walks to where Anna is sitting and puts his arms around her.

The girls bring out tubs if ice cream and continue sharing stories about their dream man. Greenlee comes up with a plan. She says that whoever can get their man to say “I love you” first will win the bet. The girls agree and say that they’ll have to let Mia know about the new rule.

Meanwhile, Mia is really losing it at the bar. She curses her luck with men and starts shouting at the top of her lungs. She says that she’ll win the bet if it’s the last thing she does and then storms out of the bar. A second later she comes stomping back in and walks right up to the handsome stranger. “Looking for these?” he asks, as he holds out her car keys. Mia looks really annoyed and tells him to hand the keys over. The stranger just smiles and shrugs.

Tad can’t believe that Marion is in his bed. He jumps out and puts his clothes on. Marion smiles and says that she’s not a figment of his imagination. Tad shakes his head and tells himself to snap out of it. Marion pounces on him and tells him how she’s always wanted him. Tad tries to reason with her and tells her to think of Stuart. Marion doesn’t want to hear it and tells Tad that she’s all his tonight. Tad looks terrified and tries to run away, but Marion runs to the door and blocks his exit. Tad looks desperate and tells Marion to at least think of Liza’s feelings. Marion looks confused and asks Tad why he’s bringing up Liza. Tad tells her that Liza is his best friend and that he cares about her. Marion starts pushing it and asks Tad if he loves Liza. Tad wonders what’s going and realizes that he might be being set up. He loudly says that he really doesn’t care about Liza and he would rather fall into bed her mother. He tells Marion that he can’t wait to make love to her – giving her a taste of her own medicine. Marion looks horrified. She starts to stammer and tells Tad that she has to go home because Stuart may be waiting for her. Tad realizes that his hunch was right. He grabs Marion and tells her that he’s always had the hots for her. Marion starts to scream. Just then the door opens and Liza comes in. “You make me sick” she says.

Greenlee, Kendall and Simone start reviewing contest footage. Greenlee starts daydreaming and imagines that the handsome stranger is on TV. He tells her that it’s time for to love again and that she should give him a chance. Greenlee snaps out of it and wonders where her man could be.

The stranger tells Mia that she’s not going anywhere. He tells her to stick around with him and at least have one more drink. Mia can’t believe how persistent the guy is being and asks him what he wants from her. The stranger, in his usual charming manner, tells Mia that he would just like to talk to her. Mia finally calms down and takes a seat next to him. The stranger smiles and asks her why she was yelling and screaming about some office bet. Mia tells him all about the Fusion girls and their supposedly friendly contest. She says that lately the whole competition has gotten really personal.

The girls continue watching the footage, and this time Simone starts to imagine that the handsome stranger is talking to her. She starts to breathe heavy and tells the girls that it’s gotten really hot all of a sudden. Kendall rolls her eyes and tells Simone to play another video. Now, Kendall starts imagining that the handsome stranger is talking to her. She suddenly snaps out of it and tells the girls that she’s going to go out to look for her man. Simone agrees and runs out with her. After the girls are gone, Greenlee gets on the phone and calls the Valley Inn. She asks the management if they’ve recently had a guest come in who looks like her man.

Mia continues pouring her heart out to the stranger. He shrugs and tells her that he wishes he could help out some way. Mia suddenly gets an idea and tells him he can help after all. She asks him if he would fall in love with her.

Tad laughs and tells Liza that she’s busted. Marion smiles and asks Tad if she had him going. Tad rolls his eyes and tells both of them that they’re crazy. Liza haughtily tells Tad that the look on his face was priceless, but Tad says that he knew something was up right away. Marion says her job is done and then leaves. Liza shuts the door behind her and then turns back to Tad. She tells Tad that she got him back real good for setting her up with that nerdy accountant. Tad looks hurt but smiles. They both sit down at the edge of the bed and continue teasing each other. Tad lies back and tells Liza that they’re hopeless. Liza lies back next to him and says she agrees.

Mia tells the stranger that her luck is incredible and that she’s so glad to have bumped into him. She asks the stranger who he is and what he does. The stranger responds vaguely and then tells her that they don’t need to get caught up in the details. He pulls his chair closer to Mia and tells her to improvise. Mia doesn’t know what the stranger means, but just then he leans in and kisses her.

Anna and David continue hugging. Anna tells him that she needs him. David smiles and leads her towards the bedroom.

Kendall walks into the Valley Inn and asks the manager for his help. She describes the stranger and asks the manager if they have a guest like that staying with them. The manager tells Kendall that he already told her on the phone that he cannot give out guest information. Kendall tells him that she didn’t call him, but the manager doesn’t want to hear it. Kendall rolls her eyes and starts to turn away. She sees Simone walking over so she quickly hides in the corner. Simone asks the manger the same thing, and the manger tells her that he’s not an idiot. He tells her that he knows she’s working for the same woman who just came asking for the stranger too. Simone throws her hands up in frustration and walks to the bar. Kendall catches up to her and tells her she overheard her conversation. She teases Simone for not even knowing her mystery man’s name. Simone teases back and tells her she must have come around looking for her mystery man too. Just then, Greenlee walks in and asks the girls what they’re doing. The girls look confused and ask her why she followed them. Greenlee tells them that she came around looking for her mother. Just then, the hotel manager comes in and hands Greenlee some money. He angrily tells her that management doesn’t accept bribes to give out information about their guests. Greenlee giggles nervously and looks back at the girls. She tries to make an excuse but Kendall stops her. She tells the girls that they’re being silly by lying to each other. The girls laugh and all admit that they really don’t know who their mystery man is. They wonder if Mia is having better luck.

Mia pulls away from the kiss and tells the stranger that she’s not the one who needs convincing. She asks him if he’ll be able to fool her partners into thinking they’re a couple. The stranger says he has faith in his abilities and tells Mia to not worry about it so much.

Tad looks over at Liza lying beside him. He gets serious and tells her that he hopes she can find love soon. Liza gets up and tells him that things seem hopeless lately. Tad tells her that she deserves the best and that she should hold on till the right guy comes around. Liza smiles and tells Tad that he too deserves the perfect woman. Tad says that there is no sign of such a woman yet. Liza tells him that he’ll know when she comes around. She tells him that it’ll be like he’s known her forever, and it will feel like an old friend is coming home. Tad looks deeply into Liza’s eyes and asks her when this old friend will come around. Liza looks back at Tad and wonders if she should go out on a limb and confess her feelings. She suddenly gets up and tells Tad that he’ll find his soul mate soon. Tad looks confused, but doesn’t stop her Liza from leaving.

Anna and David lie in bed after making love. They both look a little disappointed, as if their making love was pointless. Anna turns to her side and says good night. David hesitates but then turns to his side too.

Kendall asks the girls how they should go about looking for their mystery men. Simone suggests that they pull their sources together and help each other out. Greenlee shakes her head and tells her that she could never trust her own competition. She says that she would rather race her friends till the finish line. Kendall agrees and says they’ll know soon enough who the winner is. The three of them toast to tracking down their mystery men and winning the bet.

Meanwhile, Mia and the handsome stranger toast to their new found partnership.

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