AMC Update Friday 7/18/03

All My Children Update Friday 7/18/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Simone, stuck in the elevator, tells herself she needs a hero. Instantly smoke arises in the elevator, a trap door opens from the ceiling and a shirtless Carlos slides down a rope into the elevator. "Hallelujah," Simone says. He asks her how she is and she comments that now she is fantastic. Before she can get him to help her out of the elevator, he runs off the list of women he needs to go help. In a flash he climbs up the rope and is gone. Simone wakes up from her daydream. "I can't even land Carlos in my fantasies," she says to herself.

Kendall, who is with the stranger in the park, finds Bianca's burned up shirt in the trash can. She tells him she should have paid more attention to her when she found her in the park yesterday. She has been acting weird, she says. The stranger asks for a description of Bianca and Kendall gives him one. The stranger says he knows where she is. He asks Kendall to follow him. She is hesitant, wondering why this man wants to help her, but she goes with him.

Erica is at home with Jack telling Anna about Bianca's disappearance. Anna tells her that they'll put out an APB, although the department is working with a reduced roster because several officers have been assigned to be body guards now that Michael Cambias is out of jail. After Anna and Jack leaves Opal arrives and a worried Erica tells her about Bianca running away. She tells Opal that this is her punishment for not telling Jack that Greenlee is his daughter.

Bianca is at the boathouse staring into the water. She sees a reflection of Michael, who tells her that wherever she goes he will follow. She stands up and sees Michael approaching her. Except it is not Michael, it is Kendall followed by the stranger. She tells Kendall to leave her alone because she is fine. Kendall tells Bianca that Erica is so worried she's threatening to call off her wedding. A concerned Bianca agrees to go with Kendall to Erica's. Kendall tells the stranger that he is enough to make her believe in miracles. She would not have looked here, she tells him. She wonders if he is some kind of guardian angel. The stranger tells her that he had seen Bianca there earlier. He kisses Kendall's hand and tells her to take care of her sister. Then he leaves. Before Bianca leaves with Kendall, she sees Michael again. He tells her he'll be right behind her all the time.

Tad tells Liza that the man of her dreams is right under her nose. Assuming he's talking about himself, Liza tells him she didn't think he was interested. Tad tells her he's not talking about him. Liza tells him she can attract her own man, but Tad says he has found someone from her past and has brought him to this very place. "Let's see if you can recognize his voice," he says. In "This is Your Life Style," a man's voice is heard talking about his experiences with Liza in geometry class in high school. "You are so dead," Liza tells Tad. Tad tells Liza that he ran into this man and told him that Liza was unattached. Into the room walks former high school nerd Alfred Vanderpool, who still acts a little nerdy. Alfred tells Liza that she once regarded him as the "ship that had sailed." "Not far enough," Liza mutters quietly.

Simone has another daydream, this time seeing Jamie exit out of a box in the elevator. He kisses her hand and pulls her close to him and kisses her face. Simone tells him he's too young. Jamie asks her if she knows who his father is. Instantly the elevator door opens and through a smoky fog Tad is seen standing there. He walks in and sends Jamie away. He tells Simone that he needs a good woman. He kisses her passionately, then grabs her and kisses her again. Then he tells her he is sorry because he doesn't "feel it." Quickly he is gone and Simone tells herself she's going to have a hot fantasy if it kills her.

David goes to the police station to see Anna and finds Jack there as well. She tells him about Bianca being missing. David is angry with himself for letting her out of his site. He tells Anna and Jack how he found Bianca on the roof of the clinic. He explains how he went to Myrtle's and found Bianca in bad condition and saw her faint. When he took her to the clinic she slipped out. Jack is angry that David didn't call him or Erica to tell him about this. Anna and David walk into her office, and he assumes she thinks that it will be his fault if something happens to Bianca. Anna tells him not to put words in his mouth. David says what she really wants to say to him is stay away from Bianca so she doesn't end up like Leora.

Erica is waiting by the phone with Opal when Kendall walks in with Bianca. A relieved Erica rushes to her daughter but Bianca says there was nothing to worry about. Erica asks Bianca why she left Myrtle's house with a suitcase. Opal, seeing that Bianca needs time alone with her mother, excuses herself. Erica asks Kendall to go in the other room, leaving Bianca alone with her mother. Bianca tells Erica that she was only going to be gone for a day or two. Erica says she knows Bianca hasn't been eating. She asks her what's wrong.

Simone tells herself she's going to give herself the gift of a good fantasy. The smoke appears again, sirens blare and the elevator doors open. It is the stocky police officer, who tells her he's come to claim her as his own. He picks her up and carries her out of the elevator, telling her he's lusted for her. "We're going to share a perfect love," he says. She wakes up, appears to be getting sick and tells herself she's such a loser in love. Knights in shining armor don't exist anymore, she says. Suddenly the elevator door opens and the stranger is standing there.

Alfred, who keeps blinking his eyes because of problems with his contact lenses, loses one of the lenses on the floor. He bends down to look for it and dismisses Liza's suggestion that he go back to wearing glasses. On Tad's suggestion, he asks Liza to dinner and also gives her a checkbook, inviting her to open an account at the bank where he works. An upset Liza jumps on Tad's back and begins slugging him. She tells Alfred that she's embarrassed he saw one of her "episodes." "This is not the first time I've snapped and attacked Tad," she tells him. Looking at Tad, Alfred says, "You never mentioned violence." Liza tells Alfred she's on meds and maybe she should increase the dosage. They can stop at the drug store on the way to dinner. He tells her he'll have to take back his dinner invitation because he just remembered some business matters he needs to take care of. She says she'll see him tomorrow when she comes to the bank to open her new account. He grabs the checkbook, saying the bank isn't taking new accounts. He runs out. As Tad slips out the door next, Liza yells to him that she wishes she could find the women who were victimized by Tad the Cad.

Jack goes to the police station to tell Anna that Bianca has been found. He leaves, and she cancels the APB. She sees David and tells him about Bianca. He is relieved and she tells him she would not have held him responsible if something had happened to her. David tells her he keeps screwing up, with Bianca, with her. He tells her that it's not going to work with them, not without Leora. He wants to end the pain and he wants to end it with Anna while they can still walk away.

Bianca tells her mother she's sorry she scared her. Erica says she is just concerned about Bianca's happiness. She offers Bianca some tea and after she goes to get it Bianca sees Michael again. Bianca tells him to stop this. He's not real. She's going to get rid of him. Michael tells her of course he's real. He holds out his hand to her and asks her to touch it. Bianca walks to him slowly and grabs his hand. "It's you in the flesh," she says.

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