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All My Children Update Thursday 7/17/03

By Shahla
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Erica and Kendall are at the penthouse, looking over wedding dress designs. While Erica gets measured up for her dress, Kendall flips through bridesmaid designs. Erica points out the one she’s picked out for Kendall and Kendall excitedly tells her she loves it. Myrtle comes over and asks Erica if she can speak to her alone. Erica seems surprised, but then asks the designer to leave. Myrtle then tells Erica and Kendall that she thinks Bianca is in trouble.

Lena goes over to Myrtle’s and asks Simone and Carlos if they’ve seen Bianca. Carlos tells Lena that Bianca left. Lena shrugs and says she’ll wait around for Bianca to return, but Simone tells her that Bianca may have left for good.

Greenlee continues staring into the stranger’s eyes. He gently asks her if she’s all right and Greenlee manages a nod. When he starts walking away, Greenlee falls down again. The stranger comes back towards her and leads her to a chair. He bends down and starts massaging Greenlee’s foot. He seductively tells Greenlee that he feels responsible for her sprain, so now he’s going to tend to her. While he goes to the bar to get some ice, Greenlee starts to giggle, feeling guilty for having faked a sprain just to get the guy. The stranger comes back and places ice on Greenlee’s foot, and then sits down to face her. The two start flirting. Greenlee tells him that she swore off men before she met him. The stranger peers into Greenlee’s eyes and says he can tell that she’s been heart-broken.

Lena asks Simone and Carlos what happened, and why Bianca would leave. Carlos shrugs and says Bianca just took off. He offers to help her look for Bianca, but Lena shakes her head. She says she knows what happened and rushes out. After Lena leaves, Simone tells Carlos that feels really bad for Bianca and Lena. She starts rambling about love and monogamy, and finding the perfect match. Carlos rolls his eyes and says that he doesn’t believe in that kind of love anymore. Simone realizes that she’s been totally selfish and tells Carlos to go back to Greenlee. Carlos can’t believe what he’s hearing. He tells Simone that he doesn’t want to talk about Greenlee at all. He says their relationship was doomed from the start. Simone keeps pressing, but Carlos tells her he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Simone finally lets up, but tells him that he shouldn’t give up love that easily. Just then, Maggie barges in and comes towards Simone furiously. Simone hides behind Carlos and tells Maggie to stay away. Maggie tells Carlos that Simone locked her up in the bathroom so she could have him all to herself. Carlos looks shocked and asks Simone if Maggie is telling the truth. Before Simone can answer, Maggie asks Carlos why he took of with Simone so easily. Carlos defends himself and tells Maggie that he thought she took off with Henry. Maggie points her finger at Simone and tells Carlos that they’ve both been had. She says she would never take off with Henry during their date. “If I don’t ever see Henry again, it’ll be too soon!” she screams. Right on cue, Henry comes down the stairs with a member of his band.

Myrtle tells Erica that she thinks Bianca may have stopped eating again. Erica can’t believe it and tells Myrtle that she’s probably wrong. Myrtle says Bianca hasn’t touched anything in the kitchen for three days. She says she’s been going with food trays to Bianca’s door, but Bianca refuses to come out. Erica looks very worried. Kendall tries to make sense of the situation and says they shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Erica agrees and tells Myrtle that Bianca may just be stressed out. Kendall nods and says Bianca hasn’t been herself lately. Just then Lena comes in and asks Erica if she’s seen Bianca. Erica looks confused and tells Lena that Bianca should have been with her. Lena says she’s been trying to look for Bianca everywhere, but has had no luck.

The stranger smiles and tells Greenlee that he has a knack for seeing right through people. He says he can see that she is faking the injury. Greenlee smiles coyly and asks him what gave it away. The stranger just shrugs. He says he can also tell that she’s been misunderstood most her life. Greenlee tells him he’s totally right and asks how he does it. The stranger laughs and says not only does he have a good eye for art, he also has a good eye for beautiful women. He asks Greenlee if she enjoys art as well. Greenlee says she does and that she’s been to her share of museums. The stranger shakes his head and tells her she’s been going to all the wrong places. He picks her up and tells her he’s going to take her to his art world. Greenlee doesn’t protest and wraps her arms around the stranger’s neck.

Henry walks his band member to the door and then turns back towards Maggie. Before Maggie can say anything more, Henry tells her that there’s nothing going on between him and the band member. He says they were just working on music. Maggie says she doesn’t care because she’s over him.

Meanwhile, Simone and Carlos go out to the porch. Simone rambles on and on about what happened and apologizes for trapping Maggie in the bathroom. Carlos starts to laugh and tells her that it doesn’t matter. Simone smiles and asks him if he’s really not mad. Carlos takes her hand and tells him he’s getting used to being around crazy women. Simone laughs and asks him if he’s sure he’s not interested in her. Carlos kisses her on the forehead and nods his head. After Carlos leaves, Simone curses her luck for falling for the one guy who treats her like his kid sister!

Lena asks Myrtle if she knew Bianca was moving out. Erica and Myrtle gasp and both say they had no idea. Erica runs to the phone, but Kendall stops her and tells her to give Bianca some space. Erica turns to Lena and accuses her of driving her daughter away. Lena can’t believe what she’s hearing. She tells Erica that it’s because of her high expectations that Bianca ran away. Erica shouts back, but Myrtle tells the girls to cool down. She says she’s going to go with Kendall and try to look for Bianca. Lena takes a deep breath and tells Myrtle that’s a good idea. After they leave, Erica turns to Lena and tells her that if anything happens to Bianca, she’ll hold her responsible for the rest of her life. Lena tells Erica that she doesn’t have to understand her feelings for Bianca, but she doesn’t have to insult her like this either. Erica isn’t listening to her. She asks Lena why Bianca would take off. Lena says that things were just fine, but lately Bianca had started acting differently. She asks Erica what they talked about the other day. Erica firmly says she doesn’t have to share her private conversation with anyone.

Henry asks Maggie why she keeps pushing him away. He says he wants to go back to the way things were. Maggie shakes her head and tells him things could never be the same again. Henry looks disappointed and asks her if they’re supposed to just let everything go. Maggie tells him that she already has. Henry takes a long look at her and then tells her that he’ll respect her wishes. He gets up and leaves. Simone comes back in to the living room and asks Maggie where her boyfriend went. Maggie rolls her eyes and asks her where Carlos is. Simone tells her that she intends to give Carlos some space because he needs to deal with Greenlee. Maggie laughs and tells Simone she’s not falling for her tricks anymore. Simone tells her to do what she wants, but to realize that Carlos belongs with Greenlee. She says she has to go back to the office to receive a delivery and then leaves.

Greenlee’s handsome stranger carries her to Stuart’s art gallery. Greenlee tells him that she knows the gallery because one of her friends has displayed his work there. When they go inside, the stranger goes to the back and Greenlee starts looking over at Carlos’ display. When the stranger comes back, he asks her if she likes Carlos’ work. Greenlee says it’s all right, but a little simple for her taste. The stranger leads her to a beautiful white statue and asks her what she thinks of it. Greenlee looks at the stranger and says she really likes it. The stranger smiles and says he’ll be right back. Greenlee waits around and looks over the statue again. It’s a white sculpture of a man kissing a woman. Stuart comes in and congratulates Greenlee of being the proud new owner of “The Kiss” sculpture. Greenlee laughs and tells him she didn’t have any intentions of buying the piece. Stuart tells her that a man came to his office, paid for the statue and said it’s for her. Greenlee can’t believe it and asks Stuart where the man went. Stuart shrugs and says he doesn’t know and that he didn’t even catch his name. Just then, Carlos comes in and Greenlee looks over at him.

Erica and Lena calm down a bit and decide to focus their energy on Bianca. Erica tells Lena about Bianca’s eating disorder. She says it was a terrible time and that it took a while for Bianca to overcome her disease. Lena looks sympathetic and tells Erica that she would never want Bianca to go through all that again. She says she would do anything to protect Bianca. Erica says she would too. She asks Lena if she’s really worth Bianca’s trust after everything she has done. Lena looks hurt and walks towards the door. She tells Erica that she will try to look for Bianca and then leaves.

Kendall goes to the park and calls out for Bianca. She sees a man working out and asks him if he’s seen a girl names Bianca. The guy says he hasn’t and leaves. Kendall sits down on the bench and wonders where Bianca could be. She looks over at the garbage can and realizes that Bianca was trying to burn something that night in the park. She rushes to the garbage can and looks into it.

Simone comes into the Fusion office building and finds the delivery guy loading the elevator. The guy complains about having to lift so many boxes and hands Simone the receipt. He then starts to leave. Simone calls after him and asks if he’ll come up to help her unload. The guy smiles and says he’s off-duty now. Simone can’t believe her luck. She gets into the elevator and pushes her floor. Before the door shuts, she sees Maggie smiling and waving at her. Simone rolls her eyes and turns her back. Just then, the elevator shuts down. Simone desperately starts yelling for help. “Maggie!!??” she cries. Maggie closes the elevator operating box and wipes her hands. “Have a good time Simone!” she yells.

Lena calls Bianca and leaves a message for her. She tells Bianca to not shut out all the people who love her, and to let them know what’s bothering her.

Meanwhile Erica calls Jackson and tells him all about what’s going on. Jackson tells her it’s only been a couple of hours, so he can’t send out troops to look for Bianca just yet. He comforts Erica and tells her that Bianca is probably all right. Erica nods quietly and tells her she’ll call him back if she hears from Bianca. She later prays for Bianca’s safety.

Greenlee and Carlos stare at each other nervously. Greenlee tells him that it shouldn’t be awkward every time they run into each other. Carlos smiles and says he doesn’t want that either. Greenlee says she’s really sorry for what happened with Mrs. Lacey and that she didn’t mean to hurt him. Carlos says it’s all right and that it’s all in the past now. He smiles and looks closer at Greenlee. He says he can tell that she’s already moved on. Greenlee stammers, but Carlos tells her that he can see that she’s met someone. Greenlee smiles but doesn’t say anything. Carlos gives her a quick peck and tells her he’ll see her around. After Carlos leaves, Stuart comes back with Greenlee’s statue in a box. Greenlee asks him if he can contact the stranger. Stuart says that all he knows is that the guy is a wandering artist. He tells Greenlee to not question things too much and to just enjoy her gift.

Kendall looks into the garbage can and prepares to dig in. Just then, the same stranger who was with Greenlee walks by. He approaches Kendall and asks her if she needs help. Kendall smiles at him, breathless!

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