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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/16/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Mary sits down for dinner at SOS, alone. Erica approaches her table and asks her why she invited Jackson for lunch. Mary tells Erica to not jump to conclusions. Erica says she isn’t jumping to conclusions and asks Mary why she tried to enlist Kendall in her little plan. Mary shrugs and tells Erica that things aren’t under her control anymore. She points over to where Jackson and Greenlee are sitting. Erica looks over and finds Jackson and Greenlee at the bar, having a grand time. Erica asks Mary if she set up their meeting. Mary shakes her head and says she found them like that when she got in. She tells Erica that Jackson and Greenlee belong together.

Outside the clinic, Bianca keeps edging away from Michael and gets dangerously close to the ledge. She warns him to stay away but Michael isn’t listening to her. Bianca starts crying and David grabs her before she can fall. Bianca realizes that it was David all along, not Michael. David shouts at her for acting so crazy. He tells her that if she had taken one more step back, she would have fallen to her death. Bianca shakes with fear and thanks David for saving her. She says she’s fine and that she’ll be on her way. David shakes his head and says their deal is off. He says he has to call Erica and tell her what’s going on with her daughter.

Erica accuses Mary of trying to push Jackson and Greenlee together so she can rekindle her long lost love. Mary tells her that she’s got it all wrong. She tells Erica that she knows Jackson will never be with her and that he’s already warned her to stay away. She tells Erica that she has nothing to worry about. Erica looks relieved and sits down next to Mary. She asks Mary if she plans to back down now. Mary tells her that she just wants Greenlee to know who her father is. She begs Erica to let her tell Jackson the truth.

Meanwhile, Greenlee and Jackson continue joking around at the bar. Jackson tells Greenlee to stay away from strange men. Greenlee laughs and tells him that she didn’t realize she was a magnet for weird guys. She tells Jackson about the Fusion contest and says she’s determined to win. Just then Mia comes over and apologizes to Greenlee for being late. Jackson takes a bow and wishes Greenlee the best of luck with the contest. After Jackson leaves, Mia asks Greenlee where Simone is. Greenlee tells her that Simone is probably out with Carlos, trying desperately to put the moves on him.

Simone brings Carlos over to her place. She tells Carlos to wait for a few minutes while she changes into her bathing suit. Carlos tells her that he’ll take a rain-check on the skinny dipping offer. Simone looks disappointed. She asks Carlos why his mood changed all of a sudden, and if it has anything to do with Maggie ditching him at SOS. Carlos tells her that he’s not bothered about Maggie. He says he just tends to build his expectations, only to be let down again. He sits down with a deep sigh, looking quite miserable. Simone smiles and walks over, planning to take advantage of a weak Carlos.

Mia asks Greenlee why she’s been so cozy with Jackson lately. Greenlee just smiles. Mia’s jaw drops and she asks Greenlee if she’s trying to nab Erica’s fiancée!!

Mary tells Erica that she of all people should know how it’s like to be away from your father. Erica rolls her eyes and tells Mary to not manipulate the situation in her own favor. Just then Jackson walks over and asks if he can join their table.

Greenlee asks Mia if it would be worth putting the moves on Jackson, just to see the look on Erica’s face. Mia laughs and throws a napkin in Greenlee’s face. Greenlee laughs too and says that Jackson is not on her radar. She says it would be too weird to go after a guy who once dated her own mother.

Erica gets up and kisses Jackson passionately in front of Mary. Jackson asks Erica and Mary if there’s anything he needs to know. Erica tells him that she has some wonderful news. She tells Jackson that Kendall is going to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. Jackson says that he’s really happy too see Kendall become part of the family. Mary looks green with envy, knowing that Greenlee should be part of the family too. She tells Jackson that there’s more news. Erica laughs nervously and tells Jackson that Mary has finally given them her blessings. Jackson’s phone rings and he excuses himself from the table. Erica smiles coyly at Mary and tells her to stop testing her fate. Mary tells her that Jackson is going to find out soon enough that his own fiancée has been lying to him. Erica reminds Mary that she knows all about her little affair with the French diplomat. She threatens to reveal her secrets to the entire world. Mary has had enough. She gets up furiously and dumps her lasagna into Erica’s lap. Erica gasps in shock!

Simone puts her arms around Carlos and tells him to not worry. She says that no one could have predicted how his relationship would turn out. Carlos shakes his head and says it was doomed since the beginning. He says it’s because he doesn’t come from money, and he couldn’t afford all the things Greenlee is used to having. Simone tells Carlos he’s being silly. She says that there are some people in the world who don’t judge people by their wallets. She gets up on the couch so that she’s on the same level as Carlos, and then puts her arms around him. She tells Carlos that she’s one of those people and that she would do anything to be with him.

Maggie is still in the bathroom, banging on the door. She hears someone come inside and she begs for them to let her out. Erica shouts that she doesn’t have time for childish games. She’s too busy wiping lasagna off her skirt and yelling at Mary. Mary yells right back and tells Erica to stop playing God. Erica warns Mary that everyone is happy with the way things are. She tells Mary that if she goes too far, all the skeletons in her closet will come out.

Bianca tells David to not ruin her mother’s happiness. She says that Erica has finally found peace and that she doesn’t deserve any more bad news. David asks Bianca what kind of bad news she’s talking about. Bianca dodges his question and tells him to just leave her alone. David tells Bianca that if he hadn’t come in time, she would have fallen off the roof. He says that he’s already lost his daughter and he can’t bear to lose another little girl. “I won’t let you kill yourself, Bianca,” he says. Bianca looks confused. She tells David that she doesn’t want to kill herself. She says she wants to live.

Jackson storms into his office where Adam is waiting for him. He asks Adam why he had him paged. Adam looks furious. He asks Jackson why Michael is out free, and what the cops are doing to catch him. Jackson tells Adam that Michael is out on bail and that it was the court’s decision. He tells Adam that he should now how bail works since he was the one who let Michael out the first time.

Bianca can’t believe what she’s hearing. She tells David that she’s not going to kill herself right before her mother’s wedding. She says her life is good right now and that she even has a beautiful woman who is in love with her. David tells Bianca that he’s really glad for her, but he can’t turn a blind eye to what’s been going on. Bianca asks him if he’s trying to save her because he couldn’t save his own daughter.

Erica and Mary continue shouting at each other in the bathroom, while Maggie sits patiently in one of the stalls. Greenlee walks in and asks what’s going on. Erica shows her skirt to Greenlee and tells her that Mary has gone too far. Greenlee can’t believe how childish Erica and Mary are behaving. She asks the two women why they’ve been at each other’s throats lately. Mary smiles and tells Greenlee to ask Erica. Erica rolls her eyes and says she has nothing to say. After Erica storms out, Greenlee turns to her mother. Mary shrugs and says she just can’t explain. Mary leaves too and Greenlee throws her arms up in frustration. Just then, Maggie calls out from her bathroom stall again. “Can someone please let me out now?” she whines. Greenlee looks at the bathroom stall in disbelief.

“You’re not the only one who can play this game!” Mary says to herself as she furiously enters her room. She sits down on her desk and takes out a piece of paper. “My dear Jack,” she writes.

Jackson asks Adam why he’s so concerned about Michael. Adam says that Michael used some private information about his stockholders and is now blackmailing them into selling their shares. Jackson shrugs and tells Adam that he shouldn’t have hired a snake in the first place. Erica storms in just then. Adam turns to her furiously and tells her she’s to blame.

Bianca apologizes to David for acting so crazy. She tells him she’s going to get some rest and that things will be better later on. David finally lets up and tells her that he’ll back off for now, but he’ll check up on her later. Bianca thanks him for caring and then leaves.

Greenlee lets Maggie out of the stall. Maggie comes out furiously and asks Greenlee if she’s seen Simone. Greenlee shrugs and tells her Simone is probably with Carlos. Maggie screams in frustration. She tells Greenlee that Simone trapped her in the bathroom so she could put the moves on her date. She starts towards the door but Greenlee pulls her back. She asks Maggie if she heard Erica and Mary talking. Maggie rambles on about Mary wanting Jackson and Erica trying to keep her away. She says Erica said something about France. Greenlee looks confused and wonders what her mother is up to. Maggie says she doesn’t care and all she wants right now is to find Simone.

Carlos tells Simone that she’s really hard to resist, but he can’t get involved with her. He tells her that she deserves better than a one-night stand. Simone insists that she deserves him. Carlos brushes his fingers on Simone’s cheek and tells her that if he went upstairs with her, he would be no better than all those rich guys. He says he can never be casual with her. Bianca comes in and looks shocked. She thinks Michael is sitting on the couch with Simone. She tells Simone to get away from him. Simone looks confused and tells her that she’s just hanging out with Carlos. Bianca closes her eyes and then looks at them again. She realizes that it was Carlos all along. Simone asks Bianca what’s going on, but Bianca just runs up the stairs. In her bedroom, she furiously tells herself that Michael isn’t real. She just can’t seem to get him out of her mind. She looks over at the mirror and sees him again. “You’re not getting rid of me,” he says. Bianca starts trembling with fear.

Maggie rushes out of the bathroom just as Mia comes in. Mia asks Greenlee what’s gong on. Greenlee tells Mia that the whole world has gone crazy. She tells her about Mary and Erica, and about Maggie being trapped in the stall. Mia shrugs and says that while people are busy scurrying around, she’s going to keep her eyes on the prize. She confidently says that she’ll find love before anyone else and will win the contest. Greenlee says that men are the root of all evil. She says she’s through with finding love and the Fusion contest, and then storms out. Outside the bathroom, Greenlee runs right into a guy and takes a bad fall. The guy apologizes and offers his hand. Greenlee looks into his beautiful eyes and seems lost. She takes his hand and gets up.

Carlos asks Simone if she’s going to go up to check up on Bianca. Simone shakes her head and tells him that Bianca usually just keeps to herself. Carlos hugs Simone and tells her that they should just be friends. Simone looks disappointed and asks Carlos if he’s going to leave. Carlos smiles and says he would still like to hang out with her. Just then, Bianca rushes down with a suitcase in her hand. Simone calls out after her and asks where she’s going. Bianca doesn’t say anything and walks out.

Adam asks Erica why she didn’t bring Michael down when she could have. Erica says that she’s not the only one to blame. She accuses Adam of keeping his eyes on Cambias Industries instead of Michael. Adam admits that he was blind and says that Michael is now taking his company apart from the inside. He warns Erica to hold on to everything she holds dear because Michael is out for blood now. After Adam leaves, Jackson turns to Erica and tells her she has nothing to worry about. Erica tells him that she doesn’t care about anything anymore and that she just wants to be his wife. Jackson hugs Erica and tells her that nothing is going to stand in their way.

Mary reads over the letter she wrote to Jackson. In the letter, she has told Jackson that she was pregnant with their child after they broke up. She makes it seem like she wrote the letter years ago, before Greenlee was born.

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