AMC Update Tuesday 7/15/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/15/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Erica is busy making wedding plans over the phone. The door bell rings and Erica goes to open the door. It’s Kendall. Erica seems pleasantly surprised to see her and welcomes her in. Kendall, however, doesn’t look very cheerful. She tells Erica that there’s a woman in Pine Valley who won’t rest till she has Jackson.

At SOS, Greenlee sits by herself at the bar. Jackson approaches her and asks why she looks so pensive. Greenlee tells him that she was just thinking about Leo because it’s their wedding anniversary. Jackson sits down beside her and comforts her. Greenlee changes the subject and asks Jackson if he’s come up with a plan to avoid Mary. Jackson laughs and says he hasn’t given it too much thought. Greenlee offers to talk to Mary herself. Before Jackson can respond, Mary comes over and starts flirting with him as usual. Greenlee rolls her eyes. “Well Dad, do you want to set Mom straight or should I?” she asks.

Bianca is in bed, tossing and turning restlessly. She’s having a nightmare about Michael and suddenly wakes up sweating. She’s got bags under her eyes and looks very weak since she has slept in a couple of days. She can’t seem to get Michael out of her mind and keeps imagining that he’s everywhere. Just then, she hears Michael call out her name. She whips around and finds Michael lying next to her. She rushes out of bed, but then realizes that she was just having another hallucination. Tired and frustrated, Bianca takes a deep breath and heads downstairs. However, she sees Michael again, sitting on the couch. She screams at Michael to leave her alone, but Michael just smiles. Bianca closes her eyes and tells herself that he’s not really there. Just then, someone starts knocking and Bianca gets even more scared. She cringes into a corner and starts sobbing. David rushes in and finds Bianca in the corner. He gently tells her that it’s just him, but Bianca keeps on screaming.

Kendall tells Erica that Mary is after Jackson, but she will never win. She says she already warned Mary to stay away from Jackson. Erica smiles and asks Kendall if she really stuck up for her in front of Mary. Kendall says of course she did and that she would never let anyone ruin her mother’s wedding day. Erica thanks Kendall and starts rambling about Mary and Jackson. She slips and says that she’s glad Mary hasn’t opened her big mouth yet. Kendall raises an eyebrow and asks Erica what she’s talking about. Erica laughs nervously and tells Kendall that her mind has been going crazy lately. Kendall shakes her head and looks right into Erica’s eyes. “There is something going on, isn’t there mother?” she asks.

Mary thinks Greenlee and Jackson found out the truth about their relationship. While Greenlee is away from the table, Mary asks Jackson if he wants to go to a quieter place and talk. Jackson laughs and tells Mary to stop embarrassing herself. He tells her that the only woman he’s interested in is Erica and that he will never step in as Greenlee’s step-father. Mary gets confused and then realizes that Jackson has misunderstood the truth. She tells Jackson that Erica has him so wound up that he can’t even see what’s right in front of him.

Erica takes out all her anger on Kendall. She tells Kendall to not always assume that there’s some deep dark secret. Kendall says that if there wasn’t a deep dark secret, there wouldn’t be an issue. She asks her mother why she’s picking a fight with her. Erica throws up her hands and says she’s had enough. Kendall asks her to trust her and to just let her know what’s going on. When Erica doesn’t answer, Kendall asks her if she still doesn’t trust her.

Jackson warns Mary to stay away from him. He tells her that he’s not interested in anything she has to say. When he gets up to leave, Mary grabs his arm. She tells him that he wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss her if he knew what she had to offer.

Meanwhile Greenlee sits back down at the other side of the bar. She sees Carlos walk in and watches him flirt with the bartender. Carlos notices Greenlee after a while and goes over to her. He asks Greenlee if it’s her wedding anniversary. Greenlee smiles and sarcastically tells him that she’s sure he really doesn’t care. Carlos tells her that he genuinely came over to ask her how things are going. Greenlee asks him if he really cares about her, or just the idea of her. Carlos tells her he does care, but he doesn’t like all the crazy stunts she pulls. He says he’s not Leo and that he’s not strong enough to bare all her foolishness.

David urges Bianca to snap out of it, but Bianca continues cringing in the corner trying to get away from him. She finally realizes that it’s David, not Michael. She apologizes to David for her panicked reaction and tells him that she just needs some sleep. David looks very concerned and asks her what’s going. Bianca tells him that it’s none of his business, but David doesn’t let up. He asks Bianca she last ate anything. He reminds her that it’s dangerous for her to skip meals since she used to have an eating disorder. Bianca gets furious and tells David to leave. She goes towards the door, but passes out all of a sudden. David runs over to catch her.

When Bianca wakes up, she realizes she’s lying on the couch. David takes her pulse and tells her that it’s not normal to just pass out. He asks her to go to the clinic with her. Bianca gets up and tells him she’s just fine. She tells him she’s not going anywhere and that she still wants him to leave. David tells her that he’s really concerned about her and that he just wants to help. Bianca tells him to go care for other people. David shrugs and goes towards the telephone. He says he’s going to call Erica to let her know that her daughter hasn’t been eating. Bianca rushes towards the phone and takes the receiver from him. She begs David to not bother her mother, especially since she’s busy planning a wedding. David insists that Erica can’t be too busy to care for her daughter. Bianca realizes that there will be no convincing David. She finally tells him that she’ll go to the clinic, only if he promises to not call her mother. David agrees and tells Bianca to dress up.

Kendall realizes that Erica isn’t going to tell her anything. She finally says that she’ll just forget everything. Erica looks confused and asks Kendall if she’s really just going to walk away. Kendall says she will because she can tell her mother doesn’t want to talk about it. She starts walking towards the door, but Erica calls out after her. She thanks Kendall for caring so much and tells her that she would like to ask her something about the wedding. Kendall tells her it’s all right and that she knows why she hasn’t been invited to the wedding. Erica shakes her head and tells Kendall that she wants her to be a bridesmaid. Kendall’s eyes light up and she can’t believe Erica wants her to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. However, her smile quickly turns into a frown and she tells Erica that she can’t accept the offer.

Jackson tells Mary that he really doesn’t want anything she can offer. His phone rings and he moves away to answer it.

Carlos wonders why everything he tries to say comes out wrong. Greenlee tells him that she’s just moody sometimes and that she doesn’t mean to get so bothered. Carlos smiles and leans in closer. He tells Greenlee that he really does care about her. Greenlee sighs and asks Carlos if he’ll go somewhere else with her. Just then, Maggie comes over and wraps her arms around Carlos. “There you are,” she says excitedly.

David brings Bianca to an examination room in the clinic. He instructs Bianca to put on a gown and to stay relaxed. He informs her of the tests he’ll be running and assures her that they will figure out why she fainted. Bianca, however, doesn’t seem to be listening to him. David holds Bianca’s hand and tells her she’s not alone. Bianca looks comforted and nods at him. After David leaves with the nurse, Bianca starts unbuttoning her blouse. She realizes her body is covered in bruises and that David will be bound to see them during the examination.

Carlos looks at Greenlee and wonders what he should do. Greenlee tells him that she’s waiting for Simone and that he can go ahead with Maggie. Right on cue, Simone walks in so Carlos and Maggie move away to another part of the bar. Simone asks Greenlee why Carlos didn’t stick around. Greenlee tells her that Carlos has found better company. Simone firmly tells Greenlee to not give up on Carlos so easily. Greenlee shakes her head and says she’s through with Carlos because she never really knew him at all. She encourages Simone to continue pursuing Carlos if she wants to win the Fusion competition. Simone smiles and asks her who she’s going to be going after. Greenlee looks around and spots a sexy man sitting at the bar. She smiles at Simone and says she’s definitely going to win the contest. Simone shakes Greenlee’s hand and wishes her good luck. After Greenlee leaves, Simone heads towards Carlos’ table and takes a seat. Maggie gives Simone a weird look, but Simone ignores her. Maggie suddenly grabs Simone and leads her outside.

Meanwhile, Greenlee confidently approaches her prospective sexy man at the bar. She hands him her card and tells him her name. The guy looks normal at first, but turns out to be a total geek. He excitedly tells Greenlee that green is his favorite color and that he would like her to come over to meet his mother. Greenlee just stares at the guy with her mouth wide open! When the guy starts laughing like a hyena, Greenlee rolls her eyes and starts to walk away. The guy grabs her arm and asks her to dance. Greenlee shouts for him to leave her alone, but the guy doesn’t let go of her. Jackson comes over just then and politely tells the geek to let go. The guy asks Jackson who he is. “I’m the law around here,” says Jackson.

Erica asks Kendall why she doesn’t want to be her bridesmaid. Kendall tells her that she doesn’t a bribe to keep her mouth shut. Erica looks confused and asks Kendall what she’s talking about. Kendall tells Erica that she doesn’t need to invite her to the wedding just to make sure she doesn’t say anything about the big secret with Mary. Erica tells Kendall she’s way off and that she just wants both her daughters at her wedding. Kendall calms down and asks her if she’s really serious. Erica says she is and that she wants her wedding to be perfect. She tells Kendall that she used to also feel that everything came with a catch. She asks Kendall if she feels that way also. Kendall nods and says that there always seems to be a price to pay. Erica tells Kendall that there are no catches and that she genuinely wants her daughter at her wedding. Kendall smiles and says she’ll be honored.

David comes into the examination room and realizes Bianca isn’t there. He yells for the nurse and asks her where Bianca went. The nurse tells him that she left the room so Bianca could change with privacy. David tells her they have to find Bianca and then rushes out.

Bianca comes out of the building from a side door. She starts to cry and wonders where she’s going. She sees Michael standing in the corner, smiling at her. She starts edging away and begs Michael to leave her alone. Michael tells her that he needs to make sure that she’s not going to tell anyone about them. Bianca cries and says she promises to not say anything. Michael reminds her that if she does say anything, she’s just going to ruin her own mother’s wedding. Bianca says she knows that and that’s why she hasn’t said anything to anyone. Michael doesn’t look convinced and keeps coming towards Bianca.

Maggie leads Simone out of the bar and asks her why she’s crashing her date. Simone tells Maggie that she didn’t know Carlos was dating her. She explains that Carlos is just a good friend and that she just wanted to hang out with him. Maggie doesn’t buy it and warns Simone to stay away. She then storms into the bathroom. Simone waits outside, with a devious look on her face. She picks up a stick and wedges it into the bathroom handle to make sure Maggie can’t get out. Maggie starts yelling and screaming for Simone to let her out. Simone laughs and goes right back to Carlos’s table. Carlos asks her where Maggie is, but Simone just shrugs and says she took off. She then takes Carlos’s hand and leads him to the dance floor.

“Daddy, are you going to arrest this guy?” Greenlee asks Jackson. The geek looks shocked and tells Jackson he didn’t mean to cause any trouble. “You can’t mess with my little darling,” Jackson says. The geek apologizes and rushes off. Greenlee and Jackson double over with laughter. Mary lovingly watches the father-daughter pair from across the bar. “No matter what Erica thinks, Jackson belongs with Greenlee,” she says to herself.

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