AMC Update Monday 7/14/03

All My Children Update Monday 7/14/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Kendall, after finding Mia with Aidan, tells her she's a cheater. She's trying to glom onto Aidan as her sexiest man to win the bet, she says. Kendall tells Mia that she's been seeing Aidan, but Mia disputes that. Mia tells Kendall that she's only come here to try to win Aidan for herself. Kendall says that's not true, she's only there to see if Aidan will be her body guard. Aidan returns to the room and tells the women he has work to do. Mia says she's available to help him tomorrow. Aidan leaves the two alone and they continue their bickering, even aiming oil cans at each other.

Erica asks Bianca what is bothering her, but Bianca says she is just tired. Bianca tells her mother that she's had to put up with an awful lot from her her eating disorder, her sexuality. Erica tells her that nothing could ever change her love for her. Erica approaches her daughter and touches her hair, which makes Bianca recoil and cry. Erica embraces Bianca, but she says she doesn't want to worry her. Bianca says she's been thinking a lot lately about life. Erica promises her daughter that whatever happens, they'll remain close. Erica talks about her own life, saying she's about to have the kind of life she's always wanted. She says she's never felt so light. She's finally shed all the baggage that's bringing her down and everything looks so bright. Bianca says she's happy for her. Bianca says if there was anything to tell her she would tell. Erica tells her that she'll want her input on the wedding. This is a turning point, she says, and everything will get easier. Lena arrives. Erica tells Lena she'll look forward to seeing her again and leaves. Lena comments that Erica is in a good mood. Bianca says she's high on the wedding. Lena tells Bianca that she has all the plans completed for their trip to Europe. Bianca says she can't go. She says she needs to stay and help her mother with her wedding planning. Lena comments that Erica shouldn't need help, but Bianca says she owes her. Lena apologizes and says she understands. Bianca says she doesn't know how much time she'll have for their relationship. Lena says as long as it's temporary. Bianca tells her she is so understanding. Lena says it's only because she loves her. Bianca tells her she can't, not now. When Lena questions what she means, Bianca says that came out wrong. She meant she's just going to be busy. Lena notices that Bianca had not opened the letter she left for her. Bianca says she didn't see it and says she'll read it tonight. Lena tells her that she's here for her. Bianca goes to her bedroom and reads the love letter from Lena. She places it on her pillow and lies down, teary eyed.

Jack is confused by Greenlee's visit. She tells him that her mother thinks she has a shot at him through her. She says she's there to announce that she refuses to be involved. Jack asks if he's missing something. Greenlee asks him if he's failed to notice that her mother is trying to throw a net over his head. Mary has cast him as her step-daddy, she says. Jack says he's not looking for another daughter, but he will take another friend, and it looks like she could use one. They sit down for a chat and Jack asks her how things are going on other fronts. Greenlee mentions that she opened herself up to someone but it didn't work out. As they talk, Greenlee comments that her mother is right; Jack would "make a great father." Erica arrives just in time to hear the comment and reacts, saying "Oh, my God!" Greenlee tells Erica that she's the last person she probably expected to see there. She leaves and Erica asks Jack why Greenlee was there. Did Mary send her? What did she say? Jack asks her why she's so concerned. Is there something he's not supposed to know? Erica says there is no secret. She suggests that Greenlee has taken business rivalry to a new low by snooping around Jack's home to find something on Enchantment. She asks what Greenlee told him. He says Greenlee thinks Mary has picked him out as a surrogate father for her. Erica says his playing daddy to Greenlee is crazy. She says she thinks Mary is just trying to cause trouble and she won't let that happen.

Anna is sitting at her desk at the police station. She picks up a photo of Leora and tells her she misses her. David walks in, but she doesn't immediately notice. He brings her some Chinese food, although she says she's already eaten. He asks when does she get off and suggests that they meet at SOS for a drink. Anna tells him it doesn't sound like he really wants to do that. He asks her if she does and she says not really. David asks if this is going to work and tells her he's trying. She says she would talk to him if she didn't have so much work. She suggests they go away for the weekend, and David says that sounds like a good idea. He tells her he'll see her back at the house.

Simone is on the phone at Fusion when Kendall and Mia arrive. "You'll never guess who is on his way over," Simone tells them. "Aidan?" they both ask. The subject of Aidan re-ignites the bickering between them and Kendall doesn't get a chance to tell them who is coming. Kendall tells Mia to give it up because she's not going to get Aidan. Mia tells Kendall to give it up. Greenlee arrives with US Magazine and tells Kendall that Mia and Simone impersonated them during the interview. Mia and Simone defend themselves and the women continue bickering when Montel Williams walks in. He says he almost hopes he's in the wrong office and turns to leave when the women stop him and gush all over him. He says he's interested in doing a show on their sexiest man contest. However, he can only use two of them on the show. Can they decide which two without loss of life, he asks? The women say they should draw straws. Kendall says it should be her and Greenlee since they're the founders. Mia says the company wouldn't run without them. Simone says the sexiest man contest was her idea. As the bickering continues, Montel sneaks out unnoticed. The women soon see he is gone and are left feeling like they blew this opportunity.

Aidan and David are at a bar playing pool. Aidan tells David that Anna really needs his support right now. David gets defensive, telling him not to tell him how to treat Anna. He doesn't have a clue. Aidan brings up his loss of Maria but David says that can't compare with the pain he's going through. At least Maria is alive. Leora is dead and in the ground. Aidan admits that he doesn't know what that's like. And he says he still doesn't trust him around his aunt. David says Aidan doesn't need Anna's trust, he does.

Brooke goes to see Anna and tells her that she told David about a grief counseling group that she attends. David, however, wasn't too interested. Anna asks when the group meets and Brooke says in 15 minutes. "Let's go," Anna says. They return later and Brooke tells Anna that maybe David will go to a meeting with her. Anna says David won't even open up to her, let alone a room full of strangers.

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