AMC Update Thursday 7/10/03

All My Children Update Thursday 7/10/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita


Simone, Mia and Greenlee are reviewing contest tapes, trying to narrow the field down to 25 contestants. Mia starts looking at some model shots and wonders if she’s going to find her personal sexy guy before the other girls. Greenlee suggests they increase the wagers for motivation. Simone tells Greenlee to not be so sure that she’s going to win. She can tell Greenlee is a bit irritated and asks whether she’s still upset about Carlos. Greenlee snaps at Simone and says she doesn’t want anything to do with Carlos ever again. Just then Carlos walks by and overhears Greenlee’s comment. He makes a face and walks away.

Lena comes to Myrtle’s place and Boyd opens the door. She asks Boyd if he’s seen Bianca, but Boyd says he hasn’t seen her all morning. He asks her why she has a cop following her. Lena tells him that she’s been assigned a cop ever since Michael got out on bail. She asks Boyd if he’s seen Michael around. Boyd says he hasn’t and hopes he never has to.

Bianca spent all night sitting on the park bench. She sit still, wondering what she should do. Just then, Michael shows up and asks if he can join her. Bianca becomes petrified and shouts at him to leave. She then realizes that it wasn’t Michael after all and that her mind was playing tricks on her.

Maria and Edmund are in bed. Maria wakes up and snuggles closer to Edmund. They start kissing and rolling around under the sheets. Edmund tells her that his bed was very empty without her and he never wants to spend another night alone. Maria tells him she can take care of his wish and sneaks under the covers. Edmund laughs and goes under the sheets too, and the two of them start fooling around.

David fell asleep in a sleeping bag on his living room floor. He starts to wake up and notices Anna spent all night on a chair. Anna gets up and starts to clean up, while David wraps up his sleeping bag. David smiles a bit, but then quickly looks away. Anna wonders if things will ever be normal again between the two of them.

Simone tells Greenlee that it doesn’t seem like she’s over Carlos. Greenlee asks her what her point is. Simone accuses Greenlee of being desperate enough to win their personal competition by trying to go after Carlos again. Greenlee says she would rather find a new sexy guy for herself. Simone tells her to swear she really will not go after Carlos again. Greenlee swears and tells Simone she can have Carlos all to herself. Just then Liza comes in. Mia asks her if she heard Simone and Greenlee’s conversation and Liza says she did. Mia asks Liza if she too is over Tad.

David comes back from the bedroom and asks Anna if she’s hungry. Anna says she isn’t but asks David if he would like anything. David says he isn’t hungry either. Anna tells him she’ll fix them some coffee. When she goes to the kitchen, David picks up one of Leora’s socks that had been lying around. His eyes well up but he wipes his tears when Anna comes back. Anna says they’ve run out of coffee and David says he’ll go out and get some. He quickly runs out before Anna can say anything. Anna can tell he’s trying to avoid her.

Edmund and Maria fall back into bed, exhausted. Maria tells Edmund that this is the first time that the kids aren’t around. Edmund smiles and says they can take full advantage of their day. Maria says she would like to celebrate. Edmund says he’s really tempted but he has a few deadlines to meet. Maria gets really disappointed. Edmund starts tickling her. “Gotcha!” he says. Maria starts to laugh. She tells him she’s going to race him to the shower and rushes out of bed. Edmund runs after her.

Tad shows up at David’s place. Anna opens the door and asks him what he’s doing there. Tad looks confused and says he could ask her the same question.

Bianca is still in the park. She keeps having visions of Michael forcing himself on her. Just then someone puts his hand on her shoulder. Bianca gets startled and shouts for him to get his hands off her. She realizes that it’s David. David looks confused and apologizes for scaring her. Bianca says she’s sorry and that she just thought he was someone else. David asks who she thought he was. Bianca says she thought he was some guy that had been bothering her. David looks very concerned and asks if he should call the police. Bianca says it’s not necessary and that’s she’s all right. David sits down beside her and tells her that if something is bothering her, she can talk to him. Bianca smiles and says it doesn’t really matter and that life goes on. David says he feels the same way sometimes. He wonders how the world keeps going on even though his whole world fell apart. Bianca tells him she’s really sorry about Leora. She asks David how he manages to get out of bed every morning. David tells her that sometimes he wakes up and thinks it was just a terrible nightmare and that Leora is still with him. Bianca says it pains when you realize that it wasn’t a nightmare and that something really did happen. David can tell something is bothering Bianca. He urges her to talk to him. Bianca says it’s something she’s going to have to deal with by herself and gets up to leave. After Bianca leaves, David continues walking in the park. He runs into Edmund and Maria, who are having a picnic. Edmund tells David that he doesn’t want any trouble. David says he doesn’t want any either. He tells them to enjoy the rest of the day and leaves. Maria and Edmund comment on how David seems to be changing and then go back to having fun.

Lena tells Boyd about the summer plans Bianca and she made. Boyd tells her he’s really happy for her and that they deserve some time out. Lena gets up excitedly and asks Boyd if Bianca is still asleep in her room. She goes towards the stairs and calls for Bianca. Myrtle comes out and says Bianca isn’t in her room. Lena wonders where Bianca could be.

Greenlee paces around the office and wonders why it’s still so hot in the office. She says Carlos was supposed to fix the air conditioning and that she should probably have a word with the building supervisor. Mia tells Greenlee to not punish Carlos because he dumped her. Greenlee pretends to not hear her and stomps out of the office. Mia goes back to work and Liza walks over her. She asks Mia why she’s giving her the cold shoulder. Mia tells her she’s just really disappointed. She tells Liza that life is passing her by and that she shouldn’t use her divorce with Adam as an excuse to not move on. Liza seems confused and tells Mia that she’s not putting her life on hold. Mia tells her she can see right through her. Liza tells her she’s not going to have this conversation with someone who has always seems to be unsuccessful in love. Mia tells her that she has decided to be a risk-taker from now on. She says she knows exactly how to fix her love life and then walks out.

Tad tells Anna that he came over to warn David to stay away from his family. Anna tells Tad that he has nothing to worry about. Tad accuses Anna of merely slapping David on the wrist, but Anna tells him that David is really going to change. She says that she and David had a breakthrough and that things are going to work out. Tad sighs and says he hopes she’s right. He asks Anna if she actually spent the night with David. Anna says she did and that David is still her husband. When Tad rolls his eyes, Anna tells him that he’s crossing the line. Tad grabs Anna’s hand and tells her she needs to get out before it’s too late. Anna become furious and tells him to let go of her. Just then, David walks in. He asks Tad what he’s doing at his place. Tad tells him he wanted to warn him to stay away from his family. David says he’s heard the warning and accepts the terms. Tad seems really confused and asks David if that’s all he’s going to say. David says he’s willing to walk away from everything. Tad says he’s relieved, but he’s still going to keep his eyes on him. David shrugs and Tad walks towards the door. He turns around and urges Anna to leave with him. Anna firmly tells Tad that she belongs in her home. After Tad leaves, David thanks Anna for staying with him.

At the park, Maria and Edmund chow down on Chinese take-out. Maria kisses Edmund and thanks him for always being there for her. Edmund kisses her back and then pulls out a present for her. Maria opens the gift box and finds a medical book inside. She excitedly tells Edmund that she’s been looking for the book everywhere. She also finds a necklace inside the gift box. Edmund tells her to open the locket pendant. Maria finds photos of her kids inside and her eyes well up. Edmund hugs her and they lay back on the blanket.

David and Anna sip on their coffees out on the porch. Anna asks him if he would like to spend the day with her. David smiles and asks her what she has in mind. Anna suggests they take a walk on the beach and then have a picnic. David says it sounds perfect. Anna gets excited and rushes inside to pack up some things for the day. David realizes that he’s forgetting something. He tells Anna that he promised Janelle that he would help her at the free clinic. Anna looks disappointed and David tells her that he would much rather spend the day with her, but he’s already made a commitment. Anna smiles and says it’s all right. She tells him to have a good day. David thanks her and leaves.

Bianca comes home and quietly looks around. She can picture Michael in every corner. She starts to get really restless but walks towards the living room. She looks over at the couch and remembers that she was sitting there when Michael attacked her. Just then she turns around and finds Michael standing behind her. He smiles and comes towards her to hug her. Bianca looks horrified.

Mia comes into a car garage. She calls out to see if anyone’s around. Just then Aidan rolls out from under the car, shirtless and sweaty. Mia looks over at him and smiles seductively.

Tad comes over to Fusion and asks Liza why she called him over. Liza types away on her laptop and tells Tad that he’s going to be thanking her soon. Tad makes a face and asks her why he would thank her. Liza tells him that she’s going to give him the love of his life.

Simone rushes towards the building maintenance room and finds Carlos. Carlos tells her that he just resigned from the maintenance group and will no longer be coming over to Fusion. Simone tells him not to punish himself for Greenlee’s mistakes. Carlos shakes his head and says it’s not about Greenlee. He starts to walk off. Simone becomes desperate and tries to call after him. She pretends to fall down and sprain her ankle. Carlos rushes back towards her and picks her up. He puts her down on a chair and starts rubbing her ankle. Simone moans in pain and tells Carlos that he has magic hands. Just then Greenlee walks in and finds them together. She looks furious.

Bianca cringes in Michael’s arms. She hears Lena’s voice and pulls away. She realizes that it was Lena hugging her the whole time. Lena laughs and tells her she’s so glad to see her again. She touches Bianca’s collar lovingly and asks her where she’s been. Bianca looks really confused and tells Lena not to touch her.

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