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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/9/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee, Simone and Mia plan a girl’s night out and go to SOS. They get there just in time to see the police cuffing Carlos and interrogating Maggie. Maggie tells the cops that Henry threw the first punch and that she tried to stop him. Boyd and one of the cops tend to Myrtle. Apparently, Carlos and Henry caused a huge commotion and everyone ended up getting involved. Myrtle even punched a guy! Greenlee walks over to Carlos and asks if he’s okay. Carlos sarcastically tells her that he’s fine. Greenlee asks her if he fought because of her.

Jackson goes over to Erica’s penthouse and finds her sitting with Kendall. Jackson seems confused and asks her if she’s all right. Erica smiles and says she’s never been better. Jackson then tells them that he has some really bad news. Erica and Kendall both tense up and ask what’s going on. Jackson sighs and says Michael was released on bail earlier in the night.

At Myrtle’s, the whole place is wrecked. Bianca sits still on a couch and tears quietly fall down her cheek. Her blouse is torn and she has bruises all over her.

Carlos calls Greenlee a self-involved and egotistic witch. Simone comes to Greenlee’s defense and tells Carlos he’s way out of line. Greenlee tells Simone to shut up and asks Carlos again what happened. Carlos smiles and says he’ll tell her what really happened. He says he met the most beautiful woman in the world, but her boyfriend took offense to it and punched him out. Greenlee can’t believe what she’s hearing. She tells Carlos that she doesn’t understand how he broke up with her one minute and then started chasing skirts the next minute. She asks Carlos who the new bar-fly is and just then Maggie walks over. Maggie puts her arms around Carlos and tells Greenlee that she’s no bar fly.

Jackson explains to Erica and Kendall that Michael’s father pulled strings and got his son out. Erica doesn’t understand why Alexander would try to help Michael. Jackson tells her that Alexander didn’t want the family name to be thrown in to scandal again. Kendall says she can’t believe that Michael is back on the streets. Jackson says he’s taken care of it by assigning a cop to any woman that Michael may go after. Kendall asks about Mia and Jackson tells her that she’s fine. He says he also called Lena to warn her. Erica says she wants to call Bianca just to make sure. While Erica is on the phone, Jackson thanks Kendall for trying to put Michael behind bars and taking care of Erica. Kendall says it was the least she could do and that she just wants the Michael nightmare to stop.

The phone keeps ringing but Bianca doesn’t seem to hear it. The answer machine goes off and Erica leaves a message. She tells Bianca that she knows she’s with Lena, but she has a very important message. She promises Bianca that no one will hurt them, but asks her to call back as soon as she gets the message. Bianca seems to snap out of it and she slowly starts to straighten the place up. She turns on the lights and picks up the chairs, and then takes a look at herself in the mirror. She looks down to find a broken vase and flowers scattered around the floor. She picks up a white rose and takes a long look at it.

Greenlee asks Carlos what he’s doing with Maggie. Carlos goes off in Spanish and Greenlee laughs in his face. She asks him if he’s trying to impress Maggie. Maggie steps in between them and tells Greenlee that Carlos is just trying to be himself. Greenlee tells Maggie that Carlos is on the rebound and is just trying to make her jealous. Just then, a cop comes over and tells Carlos that Henry is not pressing charges. Carlos laughs and tells the cop that it was Henry who threw the first punch. Simone tells Carlos to shut up and just let the cop uncuff him. After the cop leaves, Henry walks by and Carlos yells at him. Boyd comes in between and tells them to cool off. Carlos tells Boyd that he was innocently enjoying the company of a young woman when he got punched. Henry violently tells him that the young woman is his girl. Maggie watches the whole thing and yells out that she’s nobody’s girl. When Henry asks to take her home, Maggie tells him she isn’t going anywhere with him. Mia comes over and tells them that the cops are going to leave and that management isn’t pressing charges. She tells Carlos and Henry that they should clear out soon.

Jackson tells Erica and Kendall that he’s going to do everything he can to make sure Michael gets back behind bars. Erica hugs Jackson and thanks him for protecting her family. Jackson asks her what happened after they left the police station. Erica says that the storm hit, but Kendall was there for her. Kendall tells Jackson that Erica had a bit of melt-down, but she’s just fine now. Erica nods and says she and Kendall have reached a new understanding. Erica snuggles into Jackson’s arms and says she can’t wait to marry him. Jackson kisses her gently and tells her can’t wait either. Kendall watches them and smiles. She decides to give them some time alone and says she’s going to leave. Erica gets up with Kendall and tells her she’s looking forward to spending time with her again. Kendall smiles and says she’s glad they were able to talk and can’t wait to do it again. Jackson tells Kendall to call if Michael contacts her. Kendall thanks him for all his help, starts to leave. Erica tells Kendall that she will never forget what she did for her. Kendall tells her that she will never forget what she let her do. Erica closes the door and smiles to herself. Jackson tells her that if he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it. Erica laughs and tells him that she feels like a whole load has been lifted off her shoulders. She tells Jackson that things will be different from now on.

Bianca comes back to the park where she was sitting with Lena earlier. She has changed her clothes and is carrying the clothes she was wearing earlier in a plastic bag. She thinks about the moments she spent with Lena and how they planned to leave for the summer. She then has flashbacks of Michael forcing himself on her. She takes the clothes out of the bag and throws them in a garbage can. She pours kerosene over the clothes and lights a match. Just then Kendall walks by and asks Bianca what she’s doing. Bianca sits down on a bench and Kendall asks if she’s all right. Bianca says she’s all right and that she just lost something. Kendall asks her what it was. Bianca hesitates and then says she lost an earring. Kendall tells her that she’ll help her look for it. Bianca shakes her head and says it’s none of her business and that she doesn’t need help. Kendall says she just needs to tell her something about Michael. Bianca gets startled and asks her what it is. Kendall tells her that Michael is out on bail, but they’ve made sure that he won’t hurt anyone.

Boyd brings Myrtle home from SOS. Just then Lena comes in as well. Myrtle asks her what she’s doing up so late. Lena says she just came to see Bianca, but she thinks Bianca may be asleep now. Myrtle tells her to leave a note for Bianca and then goes up to her room. Boyd teases Lena a bit and tells her to keep Bianca safe. Lena smiles and says she will.

Kendall tells Bianca that she was with Erica earlier. Bianca asks if anything happened. Kendall tells her that Erica had a breakdown, but that she was there to take care of their mother. She tells Bianca that she was so glad to have been able to help and that it’s definitely worth getting a cut lip. Bianca looks at Kendall’s lip and asks if her mother did it. Kendall says she did, but she doesn’t blame her at all. She says Erica was really freaked out. Bianca asks her what Erica was so freaked out about. Kendall says it was about rape.

Erica tells Jackson that he should have been there to see Kendall take care of her. Jackson says he just can’t believe that Kendall, of all people, acted so selflessly.

Maggie continues yelling at Henry. She says she thought they were gong to take some time off. Henry tells her that he thought that’s what he wanted, but he realized how much he loves her. He says when he saw Carlos touching her, he just lost it. Maggie tells Henry to just get over it and leave her alone. She stomps off and Henry runs after her.

Meanwhile, Greenlee and Carlos hash things out. Carlos accuses Greenlee of always having an agenda and of using him. Greenlee defends herself and says Mrs. Lacey has nothing to do with their relationship. Carlos walks over to the bar and starts flirting with the bartender. Greenlee can’t believe how Carlos is acting. When he turns around to face her again, Greenlee asks Carlos what he’s doing. Carlos tells her that the bartender was merely concerned about him. Carlos accuses Greenlee of never really caring for him and always watching out for herself. “So is that it? You’re just going to throw it all away now?” Greenlee asks. Just then a cop comes over and tells Carlos that it’s all over. Carlos looks over at Greenlee says it really is all over.

Henry and Maggie stand outside and watch Carlos leave. Maggie tells him that he should be happy since nobody got the girl. Just then one of Henry’s female band members comes out and hands Henry his guitar. She smiles and tells Henry that he was amazing earlier. After she leaves, Maggie waits for an explanation. Henry just shrugs. Maggie asks Henry why it’s okay for him to flirt with his band member, but it’s not okay for her to flirt with another guy. Henry tells her it’s not the same and that there’s nothing going on with him and that band member.

Jackson asks Erica if she’s really ready to pursue a relationship with Kendall. Erica nods and says she owes it both herself and Kendall. She says she has revolved her life around her one daughter Bianca, but it’s now time to give some attention to Kendall. Jackson says it’s just in time and that Kendall can play more of a part at their wedding. Erica makes a face and says she’s not ready for Kendall to be her bridesmaid.

Kendall continues telling Bianca how her relationship with Erica has totally changed. She says they had a real break through and that things will be different from now on. Bianca looks a bit disappointed and feels like she has lost so much so quickly. Kendall asks her again what’s wrong, but Bianca doesn’t answer. Kendall shrugs and tells Bianca to go home and get some sleep. After Kendall leaves, Bianca goes back to the trashcan and lights another match. She throws the match in and watches her clothes burn.

Erica admits that it’ll take sometime to form a relationship with Kendall and that one night can’t change everything. Jackson nods and tells her that it at least opens a door for Kendall. Erica smiles and asks him why he’s so concerned. Jackson tells her that he doesn’t like to see children grow up without the love of their parents. Erica sighs and wonders if she should continue keeping Jackson away from Greenlee.

Simone and Mia tell Greenlee that they’re sorry for how things turned out with Carlos. Greenlee looks like she could care less and the three of them sit down with their drinks. Kendall comes in and tells them they’re going to celebrate. She orders some champagne and then sits down to join her friends. Simone asks what happened to her lip. Kendall tells her that it’s a small price to pay for what she gained. She says she finally got what she’s been dreaming about and that her whole life going to change.

Lena sits down and writes a note to Bianca. In the note, she tells Bianca that she’s thankful for her and that tonight she wants her to have happy dreams. “Good night my angel,” she writes. Meanwhile Bianca sits in the park, watching her innocence burn.

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