AMC Update Tuesday 7/8/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/8/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Michael holds Bianca hostage in her own home. Bianca tries to get away from Michael, but he grabs her and makes her sit down. Bianca warns him that she’ll scream for help and that there are people upstairs. Michael smiles and tells her that there’s no one in the house. He says they’ll be together for a long time now.

Kendall manages to get in Erica’s car, but Erica continues screaming. She keeps visualizing Kendall’s father and looks horrified. She screams at Kendall to leave her alone, thinking that it’s Richard Fields. Kendall’s eyes well up and she begs her mother to look at her. Erica starts murmuring something about her 14th birthday. She says it was supposed to be a wonderful day for her but it turned out to be a nightmare. She starts to shout again.

Michael locks the door and says he doesn’t want any disturbances. Bianca tenses up. Michael tells Bianca that he has met a lot of people along the way, but he feels quite intrigued by her. He tells her that if he could get her to like him, he’d be a very happy man. Bianca asks Michael how he got out of jail. Michael informs her that he’s out on bail, which leads him to believe that the charges against him couldn’t be that serious. He says that everyone has just misunderstood him and that he would never force himself on any woman. He says Kendall is a compulsive liar and that Erica has always had her own agenda. Bianca tells him that her mother wouldn’t lie about rape. Michael throws down the glass he was holding and asks Bianca if she thinks he’s lying.

Erica runs wildly out of the car and starts screaming. She yells at Kendall to leave her alone and starts to scream for help. Kendall grabs her but Erica starts to beat on her. Kendall urges Erica to recognize her own daughter, but Erica isn’t thinking straight. She thinks Kendall is Richard Fields, trying to rape her again.

Bianca realizes that she shouldn’t anger Michael at this point. She tells him that she wasn’t actually there and that perhaps Erica was lying about the rape. She says that she could call Jackson and beg him to hear the other side of the story. She gets up to get her cell phone but Michael pushes her back down. He says he’s not stupid. He asks Bianca why her mother is trying to ruin him. He says all he ever wanted was to make his father proud and help his family business. Bianca nods and says she too works for her family business. Michael brushes her cheek and tells her they have a lot in common. Bianca looks nervous. She tells Michael that there is a diner that’s open all night and that they could go there and talk some more. Michael tells Bianca to stop humoring him and says they’re not going anywhere. Bianca tells him that she wants to help, but she just can’t understand him. She mentions Jackson again but Michael gets furious. He tells her that he can’t allow her to call anyone to rescue her. “I’m the one who needs to be rescued and you’re my last hope,” he says. Bianca says she doesn’t know what he’s expecting. Michael tells her that she’s the only one in Pine Valley who is genuinely kind and generous. He says he wants to spend time with someone who is so selfless and warm. He asks her when she was the happiest in her life. Bianca thinks about it for a while and tells him it was when she was in Seattle with her father. She tells him that she never got to see Erica much, but there was this one time Erica flew down and took her away for a mother-daughter weekend. Michael smiles and says it sounds wonderful. Bianca continues and says it was that day that her mother told her how special she was. Michael’s eyes well up and he says he wishes his own father would say something like that to him. Bianca tells him that it didn’t matter what other people said and that she had a poor opinion of herself. She tells Michael about her eating disorder and says she had to get professional help. Michael asks her if she thinks he needs professional help as well.

Kendall manages to bring Erica back into her penthouse. While Erica crouches in a corner, Kendall rummages around for candles. She then brings some blankets over for Erica and wraps them around her. Erica begins to whimper and runs towards the fireplace. “Mother…” she says. Kendall looks confused. “Say it wasn’t my fault mother,” Erica cries. Kendall hugs Erica and firmly tells her that it wasn’t her fault.

Michael looks furious and tells Bianca that he doesn’t need any professional help. He starts kicking things around. Bianca trembles in fear. She tells Michael that it stopped raining and that he can leave now. Michael comes back towards Bianca and says he’s not leaving till he gets what he wants.

A while later, Erica snaps out of it. She asks Kendall what she’s doing at home and how she got there. Kendall hands her a cup of tea and Erica quietly takes it. Erica asks again what happened and how she got so wet. Kendall asks her if she remembers the storm and being at the police station. Erica says she does, but she doesn’t know what happened after that. Kendall gently tells her that she start remembering things from her past – from her 14th birthday. Erica shakes her head in disbelief and says she promised herself to never think of the past again. She then notices the cut on Kendall’s lip. She asks Kendall if she struck out on her. Kendall tells her it’s all right and that it’ll heal. Erica starts to cry and apologizes to Kendall. Kendall tells her that she thought she was Mona when she first brought her home. Erica seems to not be listening. She tells Kendall that when Michael brought up how he tried to rape her, it stirred up old memories. She tells Kendall how she had a school-girl crush on Richard Fields and that she agreed to go into a room with him. Kendall keeps telling her that it’s not her fault. Erica shakes her head and continues crying. She says she danced with him and that she wanted to be with him that night.

Meanwhile, Michael puts on a CD and asks Bianca to dance. He tells Bianca that he remembers how he used to dance with Lena. Bianca hesitates but Michael screams at her to get up. Bianca finally does and Michael pulls her close.

Kendall tells Erica that her father should have been shot. Erica says that it wouldn’t have helped and that the rape is burned into her memory. She says that every time there is a storm, she trembles with fear. She looks at Kendall lovingly and tells her she wishes she wasn’t reminded of Richard every time she looks at her own daughter. Kendall says it’s all right and that she understands. Erica shakes her head and says it’s not all right. She takes Kendall’s hand and says she doesn’t want to continue living this way.

The song ends and Bianca thanks Michael for the dance. She tells him she’s tired now and that she would like to call it a night. Michael pulls her back towards him and begs for another dance. While they’re dancing, he tells Bianca that her love transformed Lena. He asks her if she would grow to love him too. Bianca looks horrified!

Erica gets up and notices she’s wearing bunny slippers. She laughs and asks where they came from. Kendall tells her she found them in the closet and wasn’t sure whose they were. Erica laughs again and says they’re hers now. Kendall laughs with her. Erica comes closer and thanks Kendall for taking care of her. Kendall says it was the least she could do. She says she’s just glad things are over now and that Michael is behind bars. She then tells Erica that in jail, Michael told her that she was unlovable. Erica grabs Kendall’s hand and tells her she’s far from unlovable. She tells Kendall that she just tends to sabotage her relationships and test them to the breaking point. Kendall smiles and asks if she’s just like her mother. “You’re just like me,” Erica says warmly. Kendall hugs Erica and tells her she’s loves being like her mother. Erica asks Kendall to forgive her for treating her so poorly all these years. Kendall tells her it’s all in the past now.

Michael moves his hands over Bianca’s back and lifts her blouse. He tells Bianca that they can be really good together. Bianca takes a step back and pretends to play along at first. She tells Michael that he’s more man than she can handle. Michael smiles seductively. Bianca continues taking steps back and then tells Michael that she’s not a lunatic. She says that she has a lot of love inside her and that it makes her strong. She tells Michael that he doesn’t know how to love, which is why he’s such a weak man. Michael realizes he never got through to Bianca at all and tells her to shut up. When Bianca continues to scream, Michael grabs her by the hair and pushes her down. He tries to force himself on her but Bianca kicks him away.

Erica tells Kendall that she doesn’t want to continue hating her daughter. Kendall says she doesn’t want that either and that tonight was a good start. Erica says she’s no longer scared. “I have you with me,” she tells Kendall.

Michael seems to be lying unconscious on the ground. Bianca tiptoes around him and heads for the door. She tries to unlock the door but can’t seem to get it open. Michael gets up all of a sudden and lunges at Bianca. Bianca screams and runs to the other side of the house. Michael follows her and grabs her from behind.

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