AMC Update Monday 7/7/03

All My Children Update Monday 7/7/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Simone is at Fusion throwing videotapes in a garbage can when Mia walks in. Simone comments that the mercury is rising and there is no man in sight. "I need a man," she says. They talk about Carlos and Greenlee, and how she is a lucky girl. Just then Greenlee walks in alone and with a scowl on her face. They ask her where Carlos is. "To hell with Carlos," she says. What happened to the romantic evening they had planned, they ask Greenlee? Greenlee tells him that Diane Lacy obviously went to Carlos and told him what Greenlee had done. Simone apologizes, saying she thought Carlos knew about Greenlee's blackmail of Diane. "You ratted me out?" Greenlee says. She immediately fires Simone, accusing her of undermining her to have a chance with Carlos. Simone says the only woman Carlos wants is Greenlee. Greenlee says Carlos doesn't want her now because she lied. She says she let him get too close to her. She won't let that happen again. Mia and Simone hug her. Simone and Mia moan about that while they are looking for Fusion's sexiest man, none of them have one of their own. Simone suggests that they have their own contest to find their own sexiest man. She proposes that she and Mia challenge Greenlee and Kendall to see who can find a man of their own first. If Mia and Simone win, they get to buy stock in the company. She says they'll have to come up with something else if Greenlee and Kendall win. Greenlee doesn't want in until she talks to Kendall first. Simone says she's going to start looking for her sexy guy now.

Myrtle and Boyd take a table at SOS to hear Henry's band Frequency play. Carlos walks in and immediately flirts with the female bartender. Maggie walks in and Carlos eyes her, but she walks over to Myrtle's table and takes a seat. A female band member is being a little flirtatious with Henry and Maggie takes notice. Carlos orders tequila and continues flirting with the bartender, Suzanne. As Myrtle and Boyd make conversation Maggie has her attention solely on Henry. He approaches and asks to talk to Maggie alone. He tells her that while he has been trying hard to get them back together, he's going to back off and stop crowding her. He joins the band and they begin playing. Carlos buys Maggie a drink. She approaches him and thanks him. Noticing she's eyeing Henry, he tells her that he's not worth it. She deserves so much better. Maggie continues watching Henry and Carlos asks if she's ignoring him by sneaking peaks at her boyfriend. Maggie tells Carlos that he's not her boyfriend anymore. Maggie says she is moving on. Henry sees the interaction between Carlos and Maggie and approaches her, but is soon pulled away by the female band member. Carlos tells Maggie that he just broke up with someone tonight too. As Carlos and Maggie grow more chummy, Henry intervenes and pulls her away. When Carlos objects Henry punches him.

Michael is at the police station getting his one phone call before being put in jail. Kendall and Erica are there as well, and Kendall taunts Erica by asking if this is the day she thanks her for bringing down Michael Cambias. Erica seems distracted by Bianca and Lena, prompting Kendall to tell her that they are together now and she should just leave them alone. Erica tells Kendall to mind her own business. Adam arrives at the police station and Erica assumes he is there to bail Michael out. Adam tells her he is there to bury Michael. Lena approaches Kendall and thanks her. "I owe you my freedom," she says. Kendall is surprised by Lena's gesture. Bianca says Kendall came through for them. "What are big sisters for," Kendall says. "I'm beginning to figure that out," Bianca replies. Erica approaches and tells Lena she regrets the ordeal she went through in jail. Erica offers to take Bianca to her home to spend the night but Bianca says she has plans tonight. She and Lena leave together. Kendall says goodbye to Erica but Erica is startled by thunder and grabs hold of Kendall's arm. Kendall asks if she's scared of the storm. Erica composes herself and tells Kendall not to be so overdramatic. Kendall offers to walk Erica to her car but Erica says she's waiting for Jack.

Michael is in his cell when Adam visits him. Adam asks if he thought he would get away with messing with his company. Michael denies all wrongdoing and says Bob Barrett is the person guilty of insider trading. Adam says he and Lena have solid proof that Michael is guilty and he was playing right into his hands. An angry Michael calls for the guard to come and get Adam out of there. Adam taunts him, saying he can only imagine how his father is feeling about him. Michael thinks back to the day when his father turned against him. Michael orders Adam to get out and he leaves, but Erica is soon there to see him. Erica says she's there to see an animal properly caged. Michael tells her he never tried to rape her and says she has been teasing him, just like she's doing now. It's the same thing she did in Hollywood when she claims to have been raped, he says. It's not rape if she's asking for it, he says. He tries to grab her but Kendall is right there and threatens to kill him. Michael accuses Kendall of being a rejected daughter that tries to step in and save her mommy. Erica runs out and Kendall tells him that he is pure evil. Michael tells her that she is unlovable and men use her. Kendall says she'll make sure he pays. Michael's attorney Marvin arrives and Michael tells him to "get me the hell out of here."

Erica is in her car alone during the thunder and lightening and is growing more fearful. She is crying as Kendall pounds on her window. Erica sees only Richard Fields coming after her. Kendall opens the door and Erica screams "don't touch me." Kendall tries to reassure her that it's just her.

Lena and Bianca go to the park, where Bianca tells her that she's been so strong and fearless. She's sorry she turned her back on her. As they cozy up to each other, Adam finds them and tells Lena she needs to call a business associate overseas to get some more evidence against Michael. The sooner the better. Lena agrees to leave with Adam to make the call. Adam offers Bianca a ride home but she says she'll walk. Bianca arrives at Myrtle's house and the storm makes the lights go out. She fumbles around looking for some light when someone grabs her arm. A cigarette lighter is ignited and Michael is seen in the room.

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