AMC Update Friday 7/4/03

All My Children Update Friday 7/4/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Simone is going through videotapes at Fusion when Carlos arrives, all dressed up. She compliments his appearance and he says he hopes Greenlee feels the same way. Tonight is for Greenlee, he says. He says it's going to be the perfect evening. Simone mentions that he is being so cool after the Lacy's caper. Carlos doesn't know what she's talking about and demands an explanation. Does she know something about Diane Lacy? Simone tries to change the subject but Carlos persists. She tries to explain that she was talking about the switch of the cosmetic counters at Lacy's, but he suspects there's more to it. He storms out and Simone is mad at herself for opening her mouth.

Michael is being arrested at SOS and says his attorney will have all the charges dropped. Jack tells him not to count on it. As he's hauled away, he tells the crowd of spectators that he owes them all a special debt. Kendall tells Bianca that Lena is now free, but Erica says Lena is not free. Aidan, Greenlee and Mia leave SOS, leaving Kendall alone with Erica and Bianca. Kendall explains that Michael set Lena up. Erica says that's Lena's story. She asks Kendall since when is she Lena's champion. Kendall says she's not, she's Bianca's. She wants Bianca to be happy. Erica says she wants her to be happy too but not with a liar and a fraud. Erica turns to Bianca to berate Lena. Bianca tells her to lay off. Kendall, who is still trying to get close to Erica, finds out that Bianca is going to be Erica's maid of honor. She asks if that's because Bianca is Erica's favorite daughter or her only daughter. Bianca tells Kendall she's tired of seeing Kendall pull the "mommy loves me better" routine. Kendall says it's the truth -- Erica does love Bianca better. Bianca says she and Erica have had much more time together than she has had with Kendall. Bianca says she wishes she had gone to Prague with Lena when she had the chance. Erica tells Bianca her life is here and Lena doesn't deserve her. Bianca walks out. Erica tries to follow but Kendall stops her, saying "we're not done." Kendall says thought they had been getting close. But when she saw Erica at the hospital she treated her like nothing. Erica says that's because she was in her face when she doesn't need her. Erica says she's sorry she can't always say what Kendall wants to hear. Kendall turns and walks out and Erica follows.

At the police station, Lena is let out of jail and is told all the charges are dropped. Michael arrives at the station with Jack and says there is no case against him. Jack says this time there are no loopholes. Bob Barrett walks in and Jack says here's the man who is making all this possible. Michael glares at Barrett and tells Jack he doesn't know what he's talking about. Lena tells Michael that he's a pig. Bianca arrives to see the confrontation with Lena and Michael. She hears as Lena tells Michael that he blackmailed her to keep her from the only love she's ever known. Lena hits Michael where it hurts, telling him he was emasculated by his father. Michael tells her to shut up. Lena sees Bianca, then goes to get her possessions from her cell. Jack tells Michael that if he gives a full confession he could be out of prison in 25 years. If he takes this to trial he'll get 75 to 100 years. What's the best deal? Michel tells him to go to hell and there is no deal. Jack says that's fine because he wants to see him caged. Lena approaches Bianca and Bianca asks if she can ever forgive her. They hug. Erica and Kendall arrive at the station just in time to see Lena and Bianca reunite.

The Martin clan has gathered at the July 4th event and Tad is kidding Liza about getting drenched with water. Edmund, Maria and their kids arrive at the party and join in the fun. With the flask in his pocket, David arrives, distraught, and tells them all that they are enjoying themselves while something pure has been destroyed. Tad tells him this isn't the place for this and urges him to leave now before he calls the police. Joe and Ruth leave to get a candy apple and David mutters to himself that they are all cowards. Maria and Edmund approach and she tells David that they feel for him. Edmund tells him he can't lash out at people. After they leave him alone, David takes the flask from his pocket and walks to the lemonade stand. Anna arrives just him time to see him unscrewing the lid. "Whatever that is you put it away now," she tells him. Anna tells David that he needs to get a grip. David says he doesn't know who he is anymore. Aidan approaches and asks Anna if she needs help. Anna says she's OK, and tells David they need to go somewhere and talk. They go to David's home and Anna sees all the glass jars he had used to concoct his formula. She tells him to stop looking for a scapegoat. David tells her that she claimed he murdered his child and now she wants him to tap into his better self. "Go to hell, Anna," he says. He says she won't be alone because he's been in hell for some time. She asks him what he made and he says it was something to obliterate the memories of anyone who drank it. The Martin clan would be emptied of their whole lives, he says. Anna says he can't go after people for crimes they didn't commit. David says she's saying that because she thinks he killed Leora. She would stand here and watch as he shot himself, he tells her. She says that's not true. He asks for her gun. Anna says she won't let him leave her. David says they're over. Anna says they can work it out. She admits she was wrong when she told him he killed Leora. He was the best father to her, she says. David looks at the glass he poured of the formula and contemplates drinking it himself. He says that would erase all the bad memories. Anna asks if he wants to forget all about Leora. He says he wishes they would have never had her. Then he would not feel responsible for killing her. He tells her she is right. Leora is dead because of him. He appointed himself her God and wouldn't let anyone else near her. He tried to control her surgery and that cost her her life. He looks at the glass he's holding and tells Anna that he can't eat, sleep or breathe. Leora is everywhere. She's haunting him, he says. Anna tells him to stop it -- he needs rest. David says Leora is everywhere, every hour. If he drinks this it will all go away. Anna tearfully tells him she loves him and that drug would rob her of him. David says Leora won't forgive him. Anna says she is just a sweet innocent baby. She's not torturing him, he is. He is using her to ruin his life. Anna angrily smashes the bottles David used in his concoction and urges him to go out and save other people's children. Don't put this on Leora. She tells him she loves him and he is her soul. She's not going to let him use this to destroy us. David says they are already lost. She can't survive without him. She can't lose him too. David tearfully puts the glass closer to his face then lets it slip through his hands, crashing to the floor. He sinks to his knees in despair. Anna goes to him and hugs him. She tells him they are going to be fine. At the doorway, the 5-year-old Anna who is a figment of David's imagination walks out of the house and closes the door.

At the fair, Mia pulls Liza away from Tad and Opal tells Tad they need to have a confab. Aidan runs into Edmund and Maria. They wish Aidan a happy Fourth. Maddie approaches and happily hugs Aidan. Edmund tells Aidan that he doesn't need to be a stranger. He is welcome anytime. Later, Mia encourages Aidan to go to the beach with her. As he sees the Grey clan having fun and shooting each other with water, he tells Mia he needs to go home.

Opal, dressed as a fortune teller, warns Tad to stay away from Liza. Tad says nothing is going on with him and Liza, but even if it was so what. Opal says some people are not meant to be together. She reads his palm and tells him his love life is a wreck. He needs to steer clear of... Before she can finish the sentence Liza approaches and Tad tells Opal tell Liza what she has been telling him. Instead, Opal pulls Tad away to drum up some business.

Greenlee walks into a room and sees candlelight, champagne and roses. She is touched by Carlos's gesture. She gets dressed up and gets a call from Simone, who is trying to tell her what happened with Carlos. Before Simone can explain, Carlos walks in and Greenlee hangs up. Carlos approaches Greenlee, grabs her by the shoulders and tells her that she used him. He just went to see Diane Lacy and knows she used information he gave her. "You lied to me," he says. Greenlee says this was business. He gave her some information she could use to advance her company. She couldn't ignore it. Erica is the only one who took a hit, she says. Carlos says their relationship took a hit and now it's lost. Greenlee says every couple has disagreements. "We're not a couple and we never will be," he says, walking out.

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