AMC Update Thursday 7/3/03

All My Children Update Thursday 7/3/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall and Aidan are in an abandoned cabin. They’re both sweating from the heat and start peeling their clothes off. They quickly dress up in camouflage and plan out their day. Kendall asks if she can be the bad cop.

Mia is at Fusion and Michael shows up with a bouquet of flowers. Mia gets startled but then pretends to be pleasantly surprised. Michael asks if he can steal her away for the day, but Mia tells him she has to work. Michael asks what happened with Aidan and Mia tells him that it’s over with him. Michael looks very pleased. He pulls her over and kisses her. Greenlee comes in and can’t believe what she’s seeing. She runs over to Michael and starts beating him with a poster container. Michael gets startled and pulls the container away from her. Greenlee tells him to get out and to leave her friends alone. Michael smiles and turns to Mia. He asks her if she really wants him to leave her alone. Mia smiles back and leans in for another kiss.

Anna, Jackson, Reggie and Erica are all at the police station. Anna tells Reggie that he should not have had a gun, but Reggie says there was no shooting. Jackson tries to grill Reggie for details, but Reggie stays quiet. When Jackson starts getting angry, Reggie tells him to leave him alone and forget they were ever friends. Just then Tad comes rushing in and pulls Anna away. He asks Anna what she’s doing to protect his family and whether she found David. Anna stammers and Tad realizes that she really hasn’t done anything to look for David. Tad tells her that her husband has lost his mind and that she needs to do something soon. Anna promises she’ll take care of it.

David is at his cabin and it looks like he’s been working on his little science experiment all night. He sees a vision of Leora and smiles. Leora asks him what he’s doing. David tells her that he’s finally going to get justice, just as he promised. “Today is judgment day,” he says.

Jackson takes Reggie into an empty office. Reggie asks him why he’s so mad. Jackson tells him that parents normally don’t like their kids running around with guns. He starts to calm down and tells Reggie that he’ll to do anything to protect him. Reggie asks Jackson if he really thinks of him as his kid. Jackson smiles and says he does. He asks Reggie if that’s all right. Reggie’s eyes well up and he rushes to hug Jackson.

Michael tells Greenlee that Mia has moved on from Aidan to him. Greenlee looks alarmed and asks Mia when she started seeing Aidan. Michael makes a face and asks Mia why Greenlee doesn’t know about Aidan. Mia quickly covers things up by telling him that her personal life isn’t anyone’s business.

Jamie and Joe are talking at the 4th of July fair. Jamie tells Joe that when he went home last night, he found Tad tied to a chair. Joe looks really concerned and tells Jamie that they’ll get to the bottom of things. Jamie tells Joe that they really need to watch out for David. Joe goes back to his lemonade booth. Tad comes over just then and rushes towards Jamie. He tells Jamie that he’s talked to the police and that they just need to stick together from now on. Jamie sees Liza on the other side of the park and tells Tad that she’s waving to him. Tad clenches his teeth while he waves back to Liza. He tells Jamie that thanks to Liza, he was tied to the chair all night long. Jamie laughs and tells Tad that he has a way with the ladies.

David continues talking to Leora. He tells Leora that he’s going to punish all the people who took her away from him. He says he’s going to finally make things right.

Michael asks Mia if they can take off soon. Mia pretends to be game, but just as they get towards the elevator, Mia says she forgot about the press releases she needs to complete. She asks Greenlee if she could take care of them for her, but Greenlee says she won’t. Mia apologizes to Michael and says she’ll meet him at SOS after she’s done. Michael seems disappointed but finally leaves. Mia goes rushing to Greenlee and tells her what’s going on. Greenlee laughs and says she’s relieved that it was all an act. She takes out a tissue and starts wiping Mia’s lips. Mia cringes and says she can’t believe Michael was kissing her!

Aidan and Kendall come back to the cabin with a prisoner! It’s Bob – the Chief Financial Officer of Chandler Enterprises, who worked with Michael to frame Lena. Kendall and Aidan pretend to be killers, doing a whole good cop, bad cop routine. Bob looks scared to death!

Mia tells Greenlee that they almost have Michael where they want him. She says that Kendall and Aidan have followed Bob to Mexico, and intend to make him confess. Greenlee asks Mia why she has to continue being nice to Michael. Mia says if she doesn’t, he’ll get suspicious and then the whole plan will be ruined. She says she has to go meet him at SOS, but wishes she had back-up. Greenlee grabs her purse and says she’ll be her back-up. Mia tells her that there’s no need for her to get involved. Greenlee insists on coming along and keeping an eye on her friend. Mia thanks her and the two of them rush off.

Kendall and Aidan continue their charade. Kendall tells Aidan to kill Bob, but Aidan says that he’s not supposed to kill him if he cooperates. Kendall starts acting very violent and tells Aidan to just get rid of him. Aidan urges Bob to just tell the truth about Michael. Bob finally confesses that he and Michael framed Lena. He says he was paid to lie. Aidan tells him that he’ll have to come back to Pine Valley with them and tell the truth to the authorities. Bob hesitates and says he’ll be jailed if he tells the truth. Aidan turns to Kendall and tells her she can go ahead and kill him. Bob looks petrified. He finally tells Aidan that he’ll do as he’s told. Aidan reminds Bob that Michael would sell him out in a second and that he’s doing the right thing.

Michael sits at the bar at SOS. He sees Bianca looking at him and smiles at her. Bianca shudders and looks away. Mia comes over and Michael kisses her. Mia asks him if he thinks she’s making a mistake. Michael smiles seductively and tells her it’s the best mistake she’ll ever make. He tells her that he has some big plans for the 4th of July. He says he has a chopper waiting that can take them to New York in time for the fire works. Mia looks pleased and says she looks forward to it.

Greenlee rushes into SOS and then joins Bianca on her table. Bianca makes a face and tells Greenlee to leave her alone. Greenlee begs her to look friendly for just a few minutes. Bianca wonders what’s going on.

Erica joins Jackson in the office. Jackson tells Erica that he great news. He says he’s officially taking Reggie in as his son. Erica looks alarmed. Jackson tells her he’s really happy and he’s always wanted a son of his own. Reggie hugs Jackson and thanks him for being so loving. He hugs Erica too and then says he’s going to go talk to Anna. After Reggie leaves, Erica starts crying. Jackson hugs her and asks her what’s wrong. Erica says she’s just so overwhelmed to see how much love he has in his heart. She says she has to tell him something. “How can I keep you from your own child?” she says. Jackson smiles and asks her what she means. Erica says she’s talking about Reggie. She says she feels guilty because she always wanted to find Reggie another foster home. Jackson asks her if she still feels that way. Erica says she doesn’t and that she wants Reggie to be part of their family. Jackson hugs her happily and thanks Erica for being so understanding.

Greenlee orders drinks and pretends to be having a great time with Bianca. Bianca tells her she still doesn’t understand what’s going on. Greenlee tells her they have a common enemy. She tells Bianca that she needs to keep an eye on Michael. Bianca looks over to where Michael is sitting and looks confused. Greenlee tells her that Michael framed Lena and that Kendall, Aidan and Mia are trying to get him back. Bianca starts to smile. Just then, Michael walks over with Mia on his side and says hello to the Bianca and Greenlee. Bianca tells him they were just talking about him. Michael looks very pleased and asks what they were talking about. Bianca says they were discussing how incredibly low he has sunk.

Maggie comes rushing in to David’s cabin and tells him she’s been calling for hours. David hugs her and apologizes for being so distant lately. Maggie notices all the chemicals and bottles. She asks him if he’s working again. David smiles and says he is. Maggie says she’s really happy that he’s doing better. She asks him how Anna is doing. David says he doesn’t know. Maggie tells him to not ignore Anna anymore and to try to save his marriage. David interrupts her and says he really needs to get back to work. Maggie tells David that it’s the 4th of July and that he should be out having some fun. David says he’ll celebrate soon enough. Maggie finally leaves and David gets back to his experiment. He fills up a bottle with his concoction and then heads out.

Brooke approaches Tad and whacks him. She tells him that she’s been watching Jamie hit on girls all day. Tad laughs and says he knows. Brooke whacks him again and tells him to have a talk with their son. After Brooke leaves, Tad turns to Liza and tells her it’s all her fault. Liza apologizes for leaving him tied up and promises to make it up to him. Tad tells her she could start right now. Liza asks him what he has in mind. Tad says he wants to blindfold her. Liza hesitates at first but finally agrees. Tad blindfolds her and then leads her to one of the booths in the fair. He asks her to take a seat and then take off her blindfold. Liza realizes she’s sitting in a dunking booth and that people gathering around, waiting to take aim and dunk her into a pool of water. She starts to panic and tells Tad that she didn’t sign up for getting soaked. Everyone around starts cheering her on and Tad tells her she needs to please the masses. Liza laughs and finally decides to play along.

Anna informs Reggie, Jackson and Erica that she has enough testimony against Luis. They thank her and leave her office. Erica tells Jackson she’s glad it’s all over and she would love to take him home now. Just then someone calls Jackson and tells him that they got the confession. Jackson looks very pleased and tells Erica he has to run. He asks a cop to accompany him and then leaves. Erica runs after him.

Bianca tells Michael to confess that he’s guilty. Michael says she’s way off and that she won’t be getting any kind of confession from him. Just then, Kendall and Aidan come in and tell him it’s all over.

Maggie comes over to Anna’s office and Anna greets her warmly. Maggie tells her she just saw David and that she hopes they can work things out. Anna asks how David seemed. Maggie tells her he was looking better and that he was busily working on some experiment. Anna asks her if he said what he was working on. Maggie says no, but it seemed like it was really important. Anna looks very concerned.

David goes to the fair and starts looking around. Meanwhile, Liza and all the Martins are gathered around the lemonade booth. David watches Ruth pour out some lemonade for Tad and Liza. He clutches onto his bottle and waits to get closer to the booth.

Jackson and Erica come in and look very happy to see Michael. Erica tells Michael that he’s finally going to get what he deserves. Michael laughs and tells her he has some other plans with Mia. He asks Mia if they can leave now. Mia smiles coldly and tells him that she would rather stay with her friends. Michael looks confused and makes his way towards the door. Jackson pulls him back and tells him he’s not going anywhere. He motions for the cop to come over and cuff Michael.

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