AMC Update Wednesday 7/2/03


All My Children Update Wednesday 7/2/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee goes over to Mary’s apartment and gets shocked when she sees Erica. She asks them what’s going on. Mary tells Greenlee that she needs to talk to her about something very important.

Reggie comes back to see Jackson and gives him the jewelry box he took out from the safe. Jackson thanks him and takes out a beautiful diamond necklace, which he intends to give to his new bride. Reggie congratulates him and then turns to leave. Before closing the door, Reggie takes a good look at Jackson and then sighs. Jackson can sense something is bothering Reggie. “It looks like you’re trying to say goodbye,” he says.

There’s a July 4th fair going on at the beach, and Mia is stapling posters up at the Fusion booth. She’s melting away in the heat and Jamie comes over to help her. Mia senses that Jamie is trying to hit on her, so she calls him on it. Before Jamie can respond, Simone tells Jamie to back off.

Tad gains consciousness and realizes he’s tied tightly to a chair in his own home. He looks up and sees David watching him from the corner. “What the hell is this?” he yells. David just smiles and locks the front door.

Reggie tells Jackson that he’s just grateful for everything that’s been given to him. Jackson tells him he’s thankful to him as well. When Reggie gets back into the hallway, he bumps into Joni. Joni excitedly asks him if he told Jackson about Luis. Reggie dodges the question and jokes around with her. Joni tells him that she was just about to go in to Jackson’s room with some flowers. Reggie takes Joni in his arms and asks her to walk him to his car first. Later, Joni returns to Jackson’s room and finds him sleeping.

She tiptoes to his bedside and quietly puts the flowers down. Jackson wakes up and sees Joni with the flowers. He thanks Joni and tells her he had just dozed off. Joni asks him if everything is okay with Reggie. Jackson shrugs and says there’s no reason why things wouldn’t be okay. Joni makes a face and asks Jackson whether Reggie confessed. Jackson looks confused. Joni gets angry and says she has to go talk to Reggie. She starts towards the door but Jackson yells for her to stop. He tells her she’s not going anywhere until she tells him what’s going on.

Mary tells Greenlee that she’s met a man. Greenlee says she knows that already and is wondering who the guy is. Mary continues and says it was a man she met before she married her father. Greenlee raises an eyebrow and waits for more. Mary tells her that the man was Jackson. Greenlee shrugs and asks Mary and Erica if they expected her to be shocked.

Tad furiously tells David to unlock the cuffs on him. David shrugs and says he doesn’t have the keys. Tad continues struggling in his chair. David walks over and asks Tad how it feels to be completely helpless. He says this is exactly how desperate he felt when he was unable to help Leora. Tad tells David that he has to learn to let his pain go and to not punish others. David says he won’t let him go till he gets his revenge. Tad asks him how he’s going to take revenge by keeping him tied to a chair. David smiles and asks Tad what he would do if something happened to Jamie while he was tied up. Tad becomes speechless. David tells Tad that that he’s going to make the Martins feel the pain he did the night Leora died. Tad starts getting angry and warns David to stay away from Jamie. David just smiles.

Simone pulls Mia away and asks her what she’s doing. Mia shrugs and says she’s not doing anything. Simone accuses her of going after every guy who has the last name of Martin. Mia laughs and says she doesn’t intend to rock the cradle. The girls giggle and check Jamie out from a distance. Just then Jamie walks over and the girls compose themselves. Mia goes back to the fixing her posters and Jamie seductively asks Simone if she has anything that needs to be taken care of.

Brooke and Joe watch Jamie making the moves on all the women on the beach. They laugh about Jamie being just like his father and wonder whether tying him up would help.

Tad begs David to let him go. He says he didn’t kill Leora, and neither did Joe. David furiously tells him that he kept a father away from his daughter. Tad tries to reason with David and tells him that things sometimes go wrong. David tells him that it’s his turn to watch things go wrong. He unlocks the door and leaves.

Greenlee asks Mary and Erica if they’re fighting over the same man. Mary tries to tell Greenlee that Jackson is her father, but stops herself when Erica brings her attention to the investigation file she’s holding. Greenlee doesn’t understand what’s going on and tells her mother to go after a guy who is more available. She turns to Erica and tells her that she must be getting really bothered by all the competition lately – first from Fusion, now from Mary. Erica answers Greenlee back smartly and Greenlee leaves.

Joni tells Jackson all about Luis and Jackson looks very concerned. Joni tells him that Luis is capable of doing anything and that Reggie really wants to get him off his back. Jackson starts to panic. He says he gave Reggie his safe combination and that Reggie may have found his gun by now. Joni looks terrified and begs Jackson to do something. Jackson stumbles out of bed and rushes out of the room.

Reggie stands in the community center and points Jackson’s gun on Luis. He yells at Luis to stop stealing the inventory and to back off. Luis has his back towards Reggie, so he can’t see that there’s a gun being pointed on him. He asks Reggie where all the supplies are. Reggie yells at him again. Luis finally turns around and gets really shocked when he sees the gun.

Mary tells Erica that she won’t be able to keep her quiet for long. She says she owes it to both Jackson and Greenlee to tell them the truth. Erica tells her she’s being desperate as usual. She opens the file and starts reading the dirt on Mary. She talks about her affair with 17-year Jean Paul, a diplomat’s son. Apparently, Jean Paul had seduced Mary, cleaned out her account and then had her thrown out of the country. Mary’s face turns white and Erica asks Mary if she came back to Pine Valley to beg for money. Mary looks frustrated and begs Erica to not ruin her. Erica tells her that it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep things quiet.

Greenlee goes back to Fusion and finds Carlos there. She kisses him excitedly and tells him all about her run in with Erica and Mary. Carlos doesn’t want to hear it. He says he went by Lacey’s department store and was surprised to see Enchantment’s display replaced by Fusion’s. He asks Greenlee what she talked to Mrs. Lacey about.

Reggie asks Luis how it feels to be backed up in a corner. Luis tells him to put the gun down and to realize what he’s doing. Reggie tells him he knows exactly what he’s doing and that he’s finally going to take revenge. He screams at Luis for leaving both Jackson and his brother to die. Luis tells Reggie that he better shoot him now and then make sure he’s dead, otherwise he’s going to come after him again. Reggie points the gun right at Luis and says he’s going to make sure he never comes back. Just then Jackson comes inside and begs Reggie to put the gun down.

Tad inches over to the desk and manages to dial 911 with his tongue. In a little while, Anna shows up. She runs towards Tad and asks him how he got all tied up. Tad tells her the whole story and Anna looks shocked. She starts untying Tad. Tad tells her they don’t have time and asks her to call Jamie’s cell phone first. Anna gets Jamie on the phone and Tad instructs Jamie to not go anywhere by himself. He tells Jamie to stay with Brooke and Joe. Jamie shrugs and says he’ll do that. Anna tells Tad that she’ll get a cop to make sure Jamie is all right. Tad gets angry and tells Anna to first put her husband behind bars. Just then Anna’s phone rings. She says she has to run, but she’ll send a cop to uncuff him. Tad looks speechless and begs Anna not to leave him in such a condition. Anna says she doesn’t have a choice and then runs out. Tad struggles to get free. Just then Liza walks in and smiles. “Hmmmm…what do we have here?” she asks.

Erica goes to visit Jackson but is alarmed to find Joni sitting in his bed and crying. She asks Joni where Jackson is. Joni tells her that Jackson went to the community center to find Reggie and Luis. She says that Jackson instructed her to not come along because it might get dangerous. Erica rushes out immediately.

Jackson begs Reggie to put the gun down. He tells Reggie that this is no way to settle an argument. Reggie tells him that this isn’t about some silly argument. He tells Jackson that Luis is the one who robbed Trey’s apartment and that he even left him to die in an alley. He says Luis is also responsible for his brother’s death. Jackson assures Reggie that he will make sure Luis spends the rest of his life behind bars. He tells Reggie that Luis is not worth it and begs Reggie to not throw his life away. Reggie keeps shaking his head and says he wants Luis to pay. Jackson begs Reggie to not break his heart after everything they’ve been through. Reggie starts to cry and finally lowers his gun. Jackson grabs the gun out of his hands and just then, Anna and some cops show up. They grab Luis and take him away. Jackson hugs Reggie and tells him he did the right thing.

Brooke approaches Jamie and tells him she’s glad he came over to fair. Just then, David walks over and Jamie makes a face. David smiles and sits down next to them. He tells Jamie to say hi to his father. Jamie tells him that his father won’t be happy to hear from Dr. Evil. After Jamie walks away, Brooke sits down with David. She tells David that there are other ways to deal with the pain he’s feeling. David spots Joe in the distance and looks really angry. He tells Brooke that he knows exactly how to deal with his pain and then walks off.

Tad tells Liza all about David and Anna and then begs her to untie him. Liza sits down next to him and says she came over to tell him that she’s not carrying a torch for him anymore. Tad looks alarmed and tells Liza that this isn’t the time to talk about these things. The door bell rings and Tad asks Liza to at least answer the door. It’s a cop with the keys to the cuffs. Liza takes the keys and tells the cop that she’ll uncuff Tad. The cop hesitates, but Liza tells him that she just got back from a long trip and that she would like to have some fun with her husband. The cop smiles and says he likes cuffing his wife as well. The cop laughs and tells Tad to enjoy. Tad looks confused and asks Liza why the cop is leaving. Liza shuts the door and tells Tad that they’re going to have some fun.

Carlos continues interrogating Greenlee. He asks her if she blackmailed Mrs. Lacey. Greenlee admits that she went to talk to Mrs. Lacey, but she didn’t blackmail her. Carlos sits down and waits to hear more. Greenlee tells him that she went to talk to Mrs. Lacey to pitch Fusion’s ideas and to convince her that Fusion was going to get really big. Carlos asks her if that was all they talked about. Greenlee says it was. Carlos smiles and leans in to kiss her.

Erica runs towards Jackson and Reggie at the community center. She asks Jackson what he was thinking running out of the hospital. Anna comes over and tells Jackson they have to take Reggie in with them as well. A cop cuffs Reggie and Jackson tells him to not worry. He instructs Reggie to not talk to anyone till he gets to the station. Reggie looks really scared but nods. Jackson starts following him out, but Erica stops him. She tells Jackson that he isn’t strong enough yet and begs him to return to the hospital. Jackson desperately tells Erica that he isn’t going to leave Reggie alone. He starts to cry and says Reggie was trying to protect him.

Liza tells Tad that David did him a favor. She tells him that he could use this time to think about all the things he’s been doing lately. Tad looks shocked and begs her not to do this. He tells her it’s not funny and that he really needs to go to the bathroom. Liza laughs and drops the keys on the floor. She tells him that Jamie can unlock him when he gets home. Tad continues screaming but Liza leaves.

Jamie asks Simone if he can enter the sexiest man contest. Simone looks him over and seductively tells him that they could arrange something. Mia pulls Simone away and reminds her that Jamie is just a boy. The two start giggling and run away.

Brooke, Joe and Ruth are at their booth, making lemonade for the fair. Ruth asks Brooke what she and David were talking about. Brooke tells her she was just comforting David. Joe joins the conversation and tells them he hopes David recovers from his pain soon.

Meanwhile, David is concocting his own brew at home. He takes a sip of the mixture and looks pleased with what he’s come up with. It seems like he plans to spike or poison the lemonade at the fair.

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