AMC Update Tuesday 7/1/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/1/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Carlos comes into Fusion, wearing only swimming trunks since it’s so hot. He wipes himself down with a towel. Mary quietly approaches him from the back and runs her fingers on his body. Carlos gets startled and whips around to see who’s behind him.

Erica goes back to her office to meet Tad. She excitedly asks him what he was able to find on Mary. Tad says he found something worthwhile, but he’s not ready to turn over the details yet. Erica asks him what the problem is, and whether he wants more money in exchange for the favor.

Mia tries to distract Michael, but he says he wants nothing more than to continue kissing her. Mia clutches on to the piece of paper she nabbed from Michael’s briefcase behind her back, and wonders how she’s going to hide it. When Michael starts to get a little too hot and heavy, Mia pulls away. Michael asks what’s gotten into her and why she’s all of a sudden not responding to him.

Meanwhile, Kendall and Aidan try to figure out what may be going on inside Michael’s apartment. Aidan tries to fix his headphones, but then realizes that Mia’s microphone is lying on the ground.

Mia apologizes to Michael and tells him she’s just being jumpy. Michael says it’s all right and he hopes that he’s not coming on too strong. Mia tells him she’s got a lot on her mind. Michael says he has a surefire way to melt her jitters. He asks her if she would like some wine. Mia smiles and says she would love some. While Michael is in the kitchen, Mia quickly tucks her piece of paper into her pocket. Michael comes back and hands her some wine. Mia thinks she’s in the clear, but just then Michael angrily asks, “What the hell did you just hide in your pocket?”

Aidan insists on barging into Michael’s apartment, but Kendall tells him they may be acting too soon. The two of them start arguing about what they need to do.

Carlos pushes Mary away and warns her to never touch him again. Mary seems confused and tells Carlos that he’s misunderstanding her. Carlos says he’s not misunderstanding anything and that he knows very well what she’s after. He accuses Mary of trying to ruin her daughter’s life. Mary starts getting angry. She tells Carlos she doesn’t know what her daughter was thinking when she started dating him. She says one of these days, Greenlee is going to find a real man. “You’re not good enough for my daughter, and never will be!” she yells.

Erica urges Tad to give over the information file. Tad says he just wants to know why she’s after Mary. Erica turns on the charm and says there’s nothing serious going on. When Tad insists, Erica gets irritated. She tells him to take the check and to just hand over the file. Tad starts running around the office and Erica goes after him. They eventually end up on the desk and start struggling. Erica stretches to grab the file out of Tad’s hand. Bianca comes in and can’t believe what’s she’s seeing. “TAD??!!” she yells.

Lena miserably paces around in her jail cell. An officer comes around and tells her she has a visitor – Adam Chandler. Adam smiles and asks Lena how she’s being treated. “Like a prisoner,” Lena says glumly. Adam continues to make small talk, but Lena interrupts him and asks what he really wants. Adam says he would like to help her get out of jail. Lena asks why he would want to do that for her. Adam says it’s because she has something that he wants. He says he can easily get the insider trading charges against her dropped. Lena laughs. “One partner puts me in jail, and the other partner wants to get me out?” she asks. Adam shakes his head and says Michael is not his partner. Lena sighs and tells Adam to watch out for Michael. She says Michael can never be anyone’s friend. Adam says he knows that and that’s why he wants nothing more than to prove Michael was behind the whole set-up. Lena tells Adam that he’s not better than Michael. She accuses Adam of manipulating people and always having his own agenda. Adam tells her that it will be his scheming and manipulation that will finally take Michael down. He asks Lean what she has to lose by working with him. He looks around the jail cell and tells Lena she has no one in her corner besides him. Lena thinks about it for a while and takes a deep breath. Adam smiles and tells her he’s on her side.

Bianca steps into Erica’s office and asks her mother what in the world she’s doing. Erica and Tad get off the table and straighten up their clothes. Before Erica can respond, Bianca says she knows exactly what’s going on. She accuses Erica of having a fling with Tad so that she wouldn’t have to commit to Jackson. Erica laughs and tells her she’s way off base. She tells Bianca about hiring Tad to do some investigative work. She says she was just trying to get Tad to hand over the files. Bianca smiles and apologizes for going off on them. As she walks out, she mentions to her mother that Greenlee had called about the Enchantment display. Erica goes off on Greenlee, calling her all kinds of nasty names. Tad watches Erica’s tantrum and smiles to himself. When Erica closes the door and turns towards him, Tad declares that he has figured out why she wants to blackmail Mary.

Michael starts getting angry and asks Mia again what she’s hiding. Mia smiles nervously and reaches into her skirt pocket. She takes out bandages and tells him that she just picked them up in case she ran into another wounded man. Michael laughs. He tells her he’s sorry for jumping to conclusions and leans towards her. Just then someone starts banging on the door. Michael looks stunned and goes towards the door. Before he can open the door, Aidan barges in and starts yelling at Mia. He tells her that he can’t believe she came home with Michael. Michael tells Aidan that it’s none of his business and that Mia can go home with whomever she wants. Aidan looks over at Mia lovingly and says he’s the one who has been waiting for her all along. He quickly rushes to Mia and gives her a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Kendall watches from the window and looks shocked!

Aidan pulls away from the kiss and tells Mia that he knows she still loves him. Mia looks dazed, but Aidan continues his little charade. He asks Mia what happened to them. Mia finally figures out what Aidan is trying to do and tells him that a few nights of passion doesn’t mean she’s his forever. Aidan seems relieved that Mia is finally playing along. He tells Mia to come home with him so they can talk. Michael interrupts and tells Aidan that Mia isn’t going anywhere. Aidan turns to him and starts shouting. Michael clenches his fists and comes closer. Mia gets in between them and pleads with the boys to stop fighting. She politely tells Michael that she’ll take care of it and leads Aidan to the door.

After Mary leaves, Carlos furiously yells at someone on the phone. He threatens that he won’t pay if he doesn’t get what he wants. He slams the phone down violently. Just then Simone comes in and tells Carlos that she’s never seen this side of him. Carlos composes himself and Simone asks why he’s yelling about money. Carlos tells her that it’s not easy to be able to pay for expensive dinners. Simone looks confused. She finally asks Carlos, “Who the hell are you?”

Erica asks Tad just what he thinks he’s discovered. Tad goes over all the recent events verbally and says he just realized why Mary has been hovering around Jackson lately. He continues telling Erica about his hunch, but Erica finally tells him to shut up. She walks him to the door and tells Tad to keep his mouth shut. Tad says he surely doesn’t want to be the one to tell Jackson what’s going on. He then tells Erica that keeping secrets from the one you love is never a good idea. Erica tells him she knows what he’s doing. Tad hands over the file and leaves quietly. Erica shuts the door and flips through the file. She suddenly finds something and gasps in shock. “This is really good,” she says.

Lena decides to work with Adam. They sit down in her cell and start talking about Michael. Adam tells her he needs to know every little detail. He asks what Michael drinks, what time he wakes up, where his favorite spots are, etc. Lena tries to answer the best that she can, but finally puts a stop to the interrogation. She asks Adam why he wants to know these kinds of details. Adam says that the best way to really hurt someone is by knowing everything about them. Lena tells Adam she’s really impressed and that perhaps he is the man who will finally bring Michael down. Adam says hopefully he will, but he needs her help. An officer comes over and tells Adam his time is up. As Adam gets up to leave, Lena tells him what Michael’s favorite drink is. Adam smiles and tells her she’s doing the right thing. Lena nods in agreement. After Adam leaves, Lena asks the officer if she got any calls. The cop says shakes his head and tells Lena that she’s not allowed any phone calls.

Meanwhile, Bianca sits in her office and looks over some photographs of her and Lena. Erica rushes in and apologizes to her for being so abrupt earlier. Bianca says it’s all right and that she was the one who jumped to conclusions. She says she had come over to submit one of the reports she had been working on. Erica smiles at the report and tells Bianca that she’s glad she was able to take her mind off of Lena. Bianca rolls her eyes and tells her mother she doesn’t want to talk about Lena. Erica apologizes and tells Bianca to go home and get some rest. Bianca asks her if she wants to come along and hang out with Myrtle. Erica says she wishes she could, but she has to catch up on a lot of work. She asks Bianca if she’ll be available for breakfast to go over details on the wedding. Bianca smiles and says she would love to plan the wedding with her.

Carlos smiles and asks Simone why she looks so suspicious. “I’m Carlos,” he says. Simone tells him she knows, but he doesn’t seem to be himself lately. Carlos tells her that everyone gets angry now and then. Simone asks him if Mary has anything to do with his anger. Carlos nods and says he’s sick of Greenlee’s mother ruining things for him. Simone asks him what he’s going to do about it. Carlos says it’s none of her business. Simone looks confused and asks again. Carlos, however, isn’t talking.

Mia, Kendall and Aidan sit down for drinks at the Valley Inn. Mia thanks Aidan for coming in and saving her. Aidan says he’s just glad he showed up before it was too late. Kendall doesn’t look very happy and says the kiss was uncalled for. Mia laughs and asks Kendall how she knows about the kiss. Kendall looks irritated and tells Mia that she saw the whole thing from the window. Aidan shakes his head and laughs. Kendall doesn’t look amused and asks Mia if she’s enjoying all the attention. Mia rolls her eyes and changes the subject. She tells Aidan she found something interesting in Michael’s briefcase and hands over the piece of paper. Aidan looks it over and tells her he’ll figure out what it is. Mia tells him to call her when he knows what’s going on. Kendall interrupts them and tells Mia to not wait by the phone. Mia can’t believe Kendall is acting so jealous.

Mary sits in her apartment. Just then there’s a knock and Mary gets up to answer the door. It’s Erica, holding onto Tad’s file. Mary angrily asks her what she’s doing. Erica walks in confidently and hands Mary the file. Mary looks over the file and looks absolutely shocked. Erica warns Mary that if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut, all the skeletons in her closet will come out to play. Mary shakes her head and asks Erica to not do this. Erica smiles and tells Mary to just make sure Jackson doesn’t find out that Greenlee is his daughter. Mary nods slowly but then tells Erica that Jackson could find out in a number of ways. Erica shrugs and tells Mary that she’ll just have to try her best to make sure no one else gets to Jackson. Just then Greenlee comes inside and asks her mother why the door was left open. She then realizes that Erica is there as well. She asks Mary what’s going on. “This isn’t the first time I’ve caught you two together,” she says.

Tad is walking towards his car. He drops his keys and bends down to pick them up. Just as he gets up, someone blasts him with a stun gun and Tad screams in pain. He falls to the ground.

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