AMC Update Monday 6/30/03

All My Children Update Monday 6/30/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Aidan puts the hair clip bug in Mia's hair. Kendall tells Mia she needs to get proof that Michael framed Lena. She is hoping he brags about it to her after having a drink. "Let's go get him," Mia says.

Michael goes to the Valley Inn lounge and orders a drink from Aidan. Mia arrives with Kendall and they walk in. Kendall accosts Michael, calling him Pine Valley's biggest jerk. She continues insulting him when Mia approaches, accusing Kendall of being a little harsh. Mia asks to join Michael. "How desperate can you be?" Kendall asks her. Kendall pushes Michael into the bar and he cuts his wrist and bloodies his shirt. Michael calls her a lunatic. Aidan tells Kendall to leave. As she walks out, Aidan joins her and they put on earphones to listen to Mia's conversation with Michael. As Mia tries to clean Michael's cut, they discuss his former relationship with Kendall, and Michael says he would never force himself on a woman. Mia says Kendall's story that he tried to rape her was just her version. Michael says he should go to his apartment to change his shirt. She offers to go along. Kendall is worried about Mia going to Michael's apartment. Michael and Mia arrive at his apartment but the bug falls out of Mia's hair and she doesn't realize it before going inside. Kendall and Greenlee arrive and are outside the apartment trying to listen, but all they hear is static. As Michael goes into another room to get a drink, Mia sifts through his brief case. She finds an important paper and keeps it in her hand as she keeps looking. He returns and she manages to put everything back just in time, but she has the paper waded up in her hand. He draws near and kisses her.

Erica finds Diane at Lacy's and asks her what is the meaning of this Fusion display where the Enchantment display used to be. Diane tells her it was a business decision and she decided to make the change. Erica picks up a defaced picture of her and asks whether this was a business decision as well. Diane says she doesn't know anything about that, it must be a prank. Erica says there is only one person who could be behind this – Greenlee. Erica asks Diane what prompted her to do this. Diane says that there is a lot of buzz about Fusion and the sexiest man contest has the country talking. She is just responding to the country's demands. Diane tells her she was moved by her plea for blood donors and she herself donated. Erica asks if Greenlee mentioned that she too was a donor. Diane says Greenlee didn't say anything about it. So Greenlee was here, Erica realizes, and she got to Diane. She tells her this is not business, this is personal.

Greenlee and Carlos are kissing at the boathouse when Greenlee stops, saying "sorry Carlos, I can't do this." He asks her what's wrong and she says it's not him, it's her. Carlos asks if she's having second thoughts about him. This is where she and Leo got married, she tells him. Carlos says maybe they should leave. Greenlee says Leo accepted all of her, the good and the bad. She's not sure if Carlos can. Carlos says no matter what she does, it's a part of who she is. Greenlee asks how he would feel if she did something awful. Carlos tells her he knows her heart. He kisses her. She tells him she wants to move ahead. "I want to make love to you," she says. Carlos backs away, and Greenlee asks what's wrong. He says he wants to make love to her, but not here. He wants to go somewhere special where they can make their own memories. He suggests a field of wild grass that he knows but says it's so far away. Greenlee says she wants to make love tonight. Carlos tells her it will have to wait. When the time is right, it will be like they are the only two people on earth.

Joni is at the Habitat for Humanity site doctoring the books so it looks like nothing was stolen. Luis approaches her, telling her it's awfully late for her to be out here. He asks where her boyfriend is. When she says she doesn't have a boyfriend, Luis says Reggie is sweet on her. He tells Joni to tell Reggie that he's not satisfied.

Reggie is visiting Jack at his hospital room. Reggie tells him that nothing is missing from the work site. It just looks that way because Joni has bad math skills. Reggie tells Jack to put him back on the job and he'll take care of it. Jack tells him he has enough to do without that. But he tells him he's proud of him and compliments him for always going the extra mile. Jack gives Reggie the combination to his safe, telling him he wants him to get a jewelry box that's in there for Erica.

Erica goes to Jack's room and shows him the defaced picture of herself. "I call that an extreme makeover," he says. Erica says Greenlee sabotaged her company's counter space at Lacy's. Jack tells her she's overreacting, but Erica says Greenlee has to be stopped. Jack says Greenlee can't be faulted for wanting to succeed. "At my expense?" she asks. Jack says she has had prior competitors and has never been bothered this much by it. Erica says she's bothered this time because this is personal. Jack tells her that his is not going to ruin Enchantment. "Why are you taking her side?" Erica asks. He asks her why she cares what he thinks about Greenlee. Erica gets off the subject and kisses him, telling him how much she wants to get married. Jack asks her what's going on. White roses are delivered and Jack assumes they are from Erica. She says they are not and reads the card. They are from "Nibblets." Jack admits that is a silly nickname he gave to Mary. She asks what is going on with this woman. Jack says there is nothing going on, but he admits they had an affair years ago, but he realizes Erica already knew that. He says they were kids and she dumped him for Roger Smythe. He says he only wants Erica now and he has made sure Mary knows that. He asks Erica what she's been keeping from him. Erica says she's not keeping anything from him. She's just worried about him because she almost lost him again. Jack says he thinks she is upset about Mary and that is why she's taking it out on Greenlee. Erica's cell phone rings and she goes into the hallway. It's Tad, who tells her he has some information about Mary.

Mary walks into the Valley Inn lounge and orders a bottle of champagne. Soon, Carlos and Greenlee arrives and Mary invites them to join her. Greenlee says they have other plans, but sits down with her mother while Carlos gets a table. Mary tells Greenlee that she's glad that she found Carlos. She also says that moving to Pine Valley will be the best thing for her and Greenlee. Greenlee asks if she has a new boy toy. Mary admits that she is in love. She says it is with someone she met in Pine Valley and when the time comes, she'll let her know everything. Carlos comes to get Greenlee and asks her what they were talking about. Greenlee tells him what her mother said, and adds that she has a bad vibe about it. Mary, talking to herself, says that someday Greenlee will learn to love her father as much as she does.

Reggie goes back to the Habitat house and finds Joni. She tells him Luis was there and wanted her to deliver a message that he's not satisfied. Joni guesses that Reggie stole the pipes for Luis and now Luis wants more. He's making Reggie steal, she says. Reggie denies Luis is involved. Joni tells him that she fixed the books to look like nothing was stolen, but she can't keep covering for him. Reggie admits that he has been stealing the pipes for Luis. Joni says he needs to tell Luis he won't cooperate anymore. Reggie tells her that she's right and he'll talk to Luis. Reggie goes to Jack's safe and opens it, finding a handgun. After some hesitation, he takes it and loads some bullets.

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