AMC Update Friday 6/27/03

All My Children Update Friday 6/27/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca is at her office staring at the tabloid picture of Lena in bed with the Chandler Enterprise executive, Bob Barrett. Kendall approaches and Bianca tells her to go away. Kendall first wants to say the one word she says will change everything – revenge. Bianca says she doesn't want to take revenge on Lena. Kendall says Michael is the one they need to take revenge on because Lena is his victim. Kendall says Lena could be telling the truth about being framed. Bianca says if there is any chance at all that Lena is lying she probably is. Kendall tells Bianca that she wasn't thinking about Lena that way when she walked in. Bianca admits that she was thinking about Lena possibly being innocent and being alone in the jail cell alone. Kendall says if there is any chance Lena is innocent Bianca needs to fight for her. Kendall says she wants to prove that Michael is guilty and Lena is innocent. Bianca asks her why. "I want you to be happy," Kendall says. Bianca says she actually believes that. Kendall says that when they were working together with Erica to bring Michael down it felt right. She knows that it won't work out between her and Erica, but she hopes that she and Bianca can at least be sisters. Kendall leaves, telling Bianca she'll take care of everything.

Kendall has Aidan come to Fusion, where she asks for his help in proving Lena is innocent. Aidan at first tells Kendall to stay out of it because this is not the time for revenge with Michael's trial coming up. But she persists, and he agrees to help. Kendall tells him that he needs to talk to Bob Barrett to determine if he's lying. Kendall gets on the phone and, using a foreign accent, asks for Bob. She is told that he is missing. Kendall tells Aidan that they need to find him and they'll have to go through Michael to do it. Mia says Michael will talk to her. Kendall tells her that Michael will be furious if he finds out she tricked him. Mia says she wants to do it. Aidan brings Mia a bug disguised as a hair clip.

Erica is at Enchantment, where the air conditioner has gone out due to a brownout. She is chatting with Val when Diane Lacy calls. Lacy's Department Store also has no air conditioner but Diane tells Erica that she has nothing to worry about because the Enchantment products were moved to an air-conditioned warehouse in time to save them. All the Fusion Cosmetics, on the other hand, were ruined because of the heat in the store. "I wonder if Kendall and Greenlee can absorb that loss?" Erica asks. Mary walks into Erica's office. She says she just had a heart-to-heart talk with Jack and now wants one with Erica. Mary tells Erica that she reminded Jack of the summer they spent together. She says she plans to tell him today that Greenlee is his daughter. Erica says that she will say nothing. Mary asks her how she plans to stop her. She says Jack will not be happy if he finds out that Erica prevented him from hearing the truth and that will not be good for their upcoming marriage. Mary says she thinks that Erica is just afraid that Jack will choose Greenlee over her. Erica says if Jack wants a relationship with Greenlee she will welcome her and be the mother she never had, even if she finds that distasteful. She says she will win Greenlee over because Greenlee wants to be another her. Mary says she still plans to tell Jack today. Erica says she doesn't need to do it today, since Jack is still recovering. Mary agrees to wait a week, and Erica says she can live with that. As soon as Mary leaves the office Erica calls Tad.

Opal is visiting Jack at his hospital room and they are talking about Jack's wedding to Erica when Tad walks in. Jack asks Tad to find his blood donor so he can offer his thanks. Opal shouts "no!" Tad asks Opal the reason for her strong reaction. Opal explains that it's because it's illegal – blood donors are supposed to remain confidential. Jack tells her he just wants to thank the person who saved his life. Opal says that person probably doesn't want to be thanked. She tells him to just let it go and walks out. Tad tells Jack that he'll find out what he can. Tad leaves the room and goes to his mother, asking her what's the big mystery. Opal repeats her reasoning that donors are supposed to be kept confidential. Tad tells her that if it was she that got the donation, she wouldn't feel that way. Tad gets the call from Erica, who says she needs his help right now because she doesn't have a minute to spare. Tad asks Opal if she knows what that's all about, but Opal doesn't know what to say.

Tad goes to see Erica and mentions that Jack wants his help finding the blood donor. Erica tells him adamantly that he can't do that. Tad says her reaction is the same as the reaction of his mother. What's going on? Erica says she has no idea. He'll have to ask Opal, she says. Tad says he did, and Opal sputtered just like her. Erica says she doesn't have time for this. She only has a week. She says she wants a background check on someone. When Tad suggests that she look on the Internet, Erica says that's not the kind of information she wants. She wants stuff that can destroy a person's life. Tad asks for a name, but Erica doesn't want to give him that. When he presses, Erica tells him she's looking for information on Mary Smythe. Tad asks why she wants to blackmail Mary, but Erica doesn't want to tell him anymore other than "it's a fight between justice and injustice." Tad says he'll see what he can find out. As she leaves, she tells him to get started now and to use her office as she walks out. Tad makes a call and gets some surprising information. Hanging up, he says to himself, "OK Erica, you want something that can ruin someone's life, this is it."

Greenlee is on the phone to Lacy's and promises she will personally deliver a new shipment of products today. After hanging up the phone, she expresses her anger to Mia that the Fusion products were allowed to go bad while Enchantment's were placed in cool storage. She repeats her plan to use Carlos to blackmail Diane Lacy into giving Fusion Cosmetics a better spot in her store. Mia asks her how she can even think about betraying Carlos' confidence. Carlos enters Fusion and tells Greenlee that he can't work there anymore. He tells her about the job offer with Stuart at the gallery. He suggests they leave to cool off at Willow Lake. Greenlee tells him she'll have to meet him there because she has a radio interview about the sexiest man contest. After Carlos leaves, Greenlee asks Mia to do the interview. She wants to go see Diane Lacy. At Lacy's, Greenlee is talking to Diane about the ruined products. Diane says she can't guarantee that this won't happen again. Greenlee suggests that Fusion cosmetics should be put in the cool warehouse next time. Diane says Enchantment is her top cosmetics line and she can't risk her relationship with Erica. Greenlee mentions what a good storyteller Carlos is, hinting that she knows a secret about Diane. Diane says she doesn't know Carlos that well. Greenlee says she understands he was a very loyal employee. "What are you suggesting?" a nervous Diane asks, later adding that she thought she could trust Carlos. Diane then says that since Fusion is a popular product, she thinks she'll give it a more prominent display. Greenlee points to Enchantment's spot and suggests that would be a good place. Diane agrees. Greenlee suggests that next time there's a brownout Fusion products can go in the cool storage, and Diane agrees.

Erica goes to Lacy's to talk to Diane. She is aghast to find the Fusion display where Enchantment once was. "What is this?" she asks the employee behind the counter, who says all she knows is that she was told to put the new display up. Erica demands to see Diane right now.

Mary goes to see Jack but Opal is at the door and prevents her from going in. Mary brings up Opal's son Adrian, saying Opal had a rich life before she knew about Adrian but now she couldn't imagine not having his love. Opal admits that is true.

Greenlee meets Carlos at the boathouse. He says he talked to Stuart and is planning on doing both jobs. Greenlee is glad to see he can do both, and tells him she's going to make Fusion into something great. Carlos tells Greenlee that she's sweet and loving. When he sees she is uncomfortable, he asks her what she did now. She tells him the question should be what is she about to do. She takes Carlos' face into her hands and kisses him.

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