AMC Update Thursday 6/26/03

All My Children Update Thursday 6/26/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Tad, Brooke and Jamie are at Laurie’s apartment, holding a group intervention for Doug. Doug asks Laurie why she brought them over, and then yells at them all to leave. Brooke tells him to calm down and to listen to them. Doug asks why he should listen to a bunch of strangers. Laurie tries to reason with her father. She tells him that Brooke is an expert on group interventions and that she’s just trying to help. She tells her father that at first, drinking seemed to make things easier, but lately it’s been hurting him a lot more. Doug doesn’t want to hear it. He starts to leave, but just then David comes barging in.

Maggie reads through the newspapers and tells Bianca that she can’t believe Lena is in jail. Bianca sarcastically says that things just happen to go wrong around Lena. She sighs and wonders how many more times she’s going to leave her heart open for hurting. Maggie says she’s in the same boat. Just then Henry comes rushing in and tells Maggie he’s got some exciting news. He grabs Maggie and twirls her around excitedly.

Joni and Reggie are at the community center. Joni asks Reggie to tell her what’s really going on with the missing supplies. Reggie tells her to back off and stop pointing fingers at him.

Mary goes to see Jackson at the hospital. She asks him if there’s anything she can bring to make his stay more comfortable. Jackson says he’s fine and that he should be out soon enough. Mary tells him she’s really grateful that they finally found a donor for him. Jackson says he’s thankful for Bianca as well. “Bianca wasn’t your donor!” Mary cries. Jackson seems confused. He says he just assumed that since Bianca was the only blood relative, she must have been the donor. Instead of correcting him, Mary asks Jackson if he would be interested in watching movies with her. Jackson gets even more confused. He finally asks her what’s going on and why she and Erica are at each other’s throats. Mary smiles and says that she has a secret that Erica doesn’t like.

Greenlee is busy on the phone, trying to cut deals for Fusion. Carlos comes in and Greenlee begs him to fix the air conditioning. Carlos says he can’t do anything till the new parts come in. Greenlee looks very disappointed, and very hot! Carlos hands her an iced drink and tells her to cool off. While Greenlee is sipping away, Carlos takes an ice cube and starts rubbing it on his body. Greenlee smiles seductively and goes over to him. Carlos smiles and places the ice cube on her back. The rest of the Fusion girls come in just then and Greenlee pulls away from Carlos. Simone teases that the temperature seems to keep on rising. Carlos smiles shyly and then leaves. Simone asks Greenlee how Carlos is in bed. Greenlee laughs and says she won’t be discussing the details of her sex life. Simone complains it’s too hot to work and asks if they can all leave. Greenlee says they have way too much to do. She says she’s on the verge of toppling Enchantment.

Jackson asks Mary what kind of secret she’s keeping. Mary says she never really intended to tell anyone, but circumstances have changed. Mary asks Jackson if he remembers the last night they ever spent together. Jackson says their night couldn’t have been that great since she dropped him like a hot potato the morning after. Mary explains that things were got really complicated for her. She asks Jackson why he lied to her all these years ago about being poor. Jackson says it shouldn’t have mattered how much money he had if she really loved him. Mary says she was really young and made some bad decisions. She asks Jackson if he truly loved her back then. Jackson says he did and that his heart broke when she actually chose Roger. He takes a deep breath and says it’s all in the past now. Mary desperately tells him that he could never be happy with Erica. She tells him she’s still in love with him and that they can still make things work.

Doug tells David to get out of his house. David says he would like to join in on the intervention. He furiously tells Doug he is a disgrace both as a father and as a man. He tells Doug that he doesn’t deserve a daughter like Laurie, and he doesn’t deserve to be a father.

Joni tells Reggie that the problem isn’t going to just go away. Reggie accuses Joni of being a goody two-shoes who is always trying to make other people look bad. Reggie asks if she’s accusing him because he’s black. Joni can’t believe what she’s hearing. She tells him to not turn some missing supplies into a case of racism. She tells him she likes him and it has nothing to do with what he is. Reggie asks Joni if she really likes him. Joni nervously says she does, but then tells him to stop changing the subject. Reggie rushes towards her and kisses her passionately. Joni pulls away from Reggie and asks him what the kiss was for. Reggie says it was just a kiss. Joni tells him that she didn’t think he was interested in her. Reggie says he is and that he would like some more. He leans in for another kiss, but Joni pushes him away. She asks Reggie to stop distracting her and to tell her what’s really going on.

Maggie pulls away from Henry and says she’s leaving. Henry’s smiles disappears and he asks why Maggie why she’s pushing him away. Maggie doesn’t answer and gets her stuff together. Henry tells her that he got a job with the band. Maggie congratulates him politely. Henry asks her if she’ll celebrate with him. Maggie says she doesn’t want to and that she has to go. Henry tells her he thought they were making progress. Maggie says they weren’t and rushes out. Henry turns to Bianca and asks her why Maggie is acting so cold. Bianca sighs and says it’s her fault.

Greenlee says she has a strategy to beat Enchantment, but she still needs the details. The girls ask what she has in mind. Greenlee tells them that when she was locked in Lacey’s department store, Mrs. Lacey showed up and acted very friendly towards Carlos. She says that when she questioned Mrs. Lacey, it was very clear that she was hiding something. Greenlee says that if she finds out what the secret is, Fusion would have some leverage and would be able to get their products shelved. Kendall smiles and says the idea is brilliant. Simone asks if they will be involved in blackmail. Greenlee tells her it’s just a good business tactic. Simone and Kendall seem to be onboard, but Mia shakes her head. Greenlee asks Mia what she’s thinking. Mia tells Greenlee that she would like at least one of them to have some love in their life. She tells Greenlee that her little business plan will make her lose Carlos.

Mary asks Jackson why they can’t be together. Jackson laughs and says he’s engaged. Mary reminds him that Erica has always chosen other men over him and that she’s bound to hurt him again. Jackson says they have a chance this time. Mary shakes her head and says Erica can never change. Jackson starts getting irritated. He asks Mary how she can show up all of sudden without having called for years and expect to rekindle their relationship. He asks Mary what really is going on. Mary says she’s really embarrassed. She says she’s pouring her heart out, but she’s being accused of having an ulterior motive. Jackson says he can’t help it because it’s all a little surprising. Mary tells Jackson that when she heard of his shooting, she almost collapsed. She says she realized she never wants to lose him. Jackson politely tells her that he can’t return her feelings. Mary looks disappointed. She tells Jackson that they have a bond that can never be broken and then leaves.

Greenlee says she’s not going to implicate Carlos in anything. Mia insists that Carlos will feel deceived and she may end up losing the one thing that’s right in her life. Greenlee says that she’s going to find a way to get their space on the shelves, but not hurt Carlos. Just then Carlos comes in and asks the girls if they want anything to drink. Simone and Kendall start shouting out their beverage orders. Carlos jokes that he’s not going to bring them any alcoholic beverages. While the girls try negotiating with him, Mary shows up. She tells Carlos he’s being very considerate. Greenlee look mad and tells Mary that Carlos won’t be her personal waiter. Mary says she knows that and that’s why she’s going to go out for drinks. She picks up a pen and paper and asks the girls what they would like. Greenlee looks confused and asks Mary why she’s being so nice.

David continues yelling at Doug, and Doug comes after him. Tad steps in between them and tells them both to calm down. He tells Doug that what David is really trying to say is that drinking isn’t more important than Laurie. Doug says he really does love his daughter. He asks David what he knows about being a father. David says he had a daughter, but she was taken away from him. He says whenever he sees a horrible father, he gets really angry. He picks up a bottle and holds it in front of Doug. He asks Doug how much he would give to take a sip right now. Doug looks tempted but then turns towards Laurie. He tells Laurie he loves her and that he doesn’t mean to be a jerk. Laurie tells him that he changes when he drinks. Doug explains that he drinks to wind down. Laurie asks him if hitting her also helps him wind down. Doug tells Laurie that he’s never hit her. Laurie tells him he has, but he doesn’t remember because he’s so drunk all the time. Doug’s eyes well up. He grabs the bottle from David and takes a long hard look at it. He finally takes the bottle and throws it away. He hugs Laurie and begs her to not leave him. Laurie happily hugs him back.

Bianca tells Henry that she’s been venting about Lena to Maggie. She says she probably put Maggie in a bad mood. Henry sarcastically says that he has great timing. Bianca tells him that if the timing is wrong, sometimes the relationship is wrong as well. Henry shakes his head and says he loves Maggie. He asks Bianca how he can make it better. Bianca says if she knew the answer, she would have told Lena and they would have found a way to still be together. Henry says he’s going to find a way.

Joni asks Reggie why he kissed her. Reggie tells Joni to stop trying to put everything in to words. Joni tells him that he’s been putting her down for months, and now all of a sudden he has the hots for her. Reggie asks if there’s something wrong with him liking her. Joni says she knows he’s faking and that one little kiss isn’t going to make months of hatred go away. Reggie finally cracks. He says he stole some supplies from the shed. Joni looks shocked.

Laurie and her father go into a bedroom to talk some more. Meanwhile, David cleans out the cabinets and throws away all the alcohol bottles. Brooke approaches him and says she’s surprised he was able to get through to Doug. David says he was just trying to help. Tad thanks him as well, but David doesn’t answer. Laurie comes out just then and tells everyone that her father finally called a rehab center. She asks to speak to Jamie alone and they go outside. Jamie hugs Laurie and tells her he’s glad everything is going to be okay. Laurie smiles and tells Jamie that her father is going to move to Minnesota. Jamie says that’s cool and asks Laurie if she’s going to visit her father on weekends. Laurie says she’s moving as well.

Carlos insists on going out for the drinks. After he leaves, Mary approaches Greenlee and the girls disperse. Greenlee asks Mary why she came over. Mary says she just came over to check on her daughter. Greenlee tells her to stop tap dancing and asks her why she’s being so sweet. Mary says she has no choice.

Jackson continues catching up on some paperwork while lying in his hospital bed. He comes across a piece of paper and becomes confused. “What the hell is this?” he wonders.

Jamie tells Laurie that she can’t stay with her father while he’s in rehab. Laurie says she’s going to stay with her sister who lives a few miles away from the center. Jamie begs her to stay in Pine Valley. Laurie hugs him and says she has to go. She tells Jamie that it’s not like they’ll never see each other again. She says she might even come back to attend the Pine Valley university. Jamie sighs and wishes her the best of luck. After he leaves, Laurie comes back in and approaches David. She thanks David for coming over to help. David says he just wanted to make sure she was safe. Laurie hugs him and tells him that no matter what other people say, she knows he’s a wonderful person. She then says she has to go help her father pack. David turns to leave and Tad thanks him for coming over. David tells Tad that he just wanted to protect Laurie, just like he wanted to protect Leora.

Jackson calls the community center and Joni picks up. He says he just found a note from her father about an inventory discrepancy. Joni pretends to not know what’s going on. Jackson asks her to bring over the purchase order receipts so that they can get to the bottom of things. After she puts down the phone, Joni tells Reggie that he’s been in caught. Reggie tells her that Jackson doesn’t know everything, and he doesn’t need to. He asks Joni not to rat him out again.

Mary tells Greenlee that she’s recently been reminded of how precious life is. Greenlee doesn’t believe her. She asks her mother what she and Erica were arguing about the other day. Mary says Erica is just insecure and doesn’t want her to get close to Jackson. Greenlee gets up and tells Mary she has to get back to work. Mary asks her if they can meet for dinner sometime. Greenlee shrugs and says she’ll see. After Mary leaves, Kendall asks Greenlee if her mother is up to something. Greenlee says she’s not sure, but it has something to do with Erica.

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