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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/25/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Michael talks to someone on the phone, confirming that Lena had been arrested. He seems very happy with the news and pours himself a drink. Just then, someone starts banging on the door. Michael goes to get the door and Adam rushes in furiously. He asks Michael if he’s read the papers. Michael acts like he doesn’t know what’s going on. Adam tells him that a whole bunch of his company stocks were bought out. He says his Chief Financial Officer and Lena were caught in an insider trading scandal. Michael shrugs but Adam says he wants the truth.

Lena is behind bars, pacing nervously. She tells Bianca that they’ve pinned some bogus charges on her - something about the CFO from Chandler Enterprises and an insider trading deal. Bianca tells her not to worry and that they’ll get to the bottom of things. Just then, Anna comes in and takes Bianca to the side. Bianca tells Anna that they’ve got to get Lena out of jail. She says the charges were made up and that Michael is probably scheming against them. Anna asks Bianca if she really believes Lena. Bianca says she does. Anna sighs and takes out a photograph from an envelope. Bianca looks at the photograph and becomes speechless.

Jamie comes over to the Valley Inn to join his mother for breakfast. Elizabeth comes over and asks Jamie if he wants to hook up later. Jamie tells her he would love to. After Elizabeth leaves, Jamie realizes Laurie had been watching him. Jamie just keeps his head down. Brooke asks him if he and Laurie had a falling out, and who the new girl is. Jamie tells her that Elizabeth is just a girl that he’s interested in. Brooke asks if he’s serious about her. Jamie says he’s done being serious with anyone and that he just wants to be have some fun this summer. Brooke makes a face and asks where he got this kind of advice. Jamie smiles and points to his Tad, who had just walked in. As Tad makes his way to Brooke and Jamie, David bumps into him. Tad pulls David back and asks him where he’s going in such a hurry.

Reggie is working hard at the community center project. It’s really hot and he’s sweating a lot. Joni comes in and Reggie asks her how she got away from her father. Joni tells him that she’s grounded, but she can still work at the project. Just then Joni’s father shows up. “I thought I told you to stay away from Reggie,” he says. Joni explains that Reggie works in the community center as well and that they have to work together. Joni’s father tells her to work from a distance. Reggie shrugs and moves to another corner. Joni and her father start looking over the inventory records. Her father says that in Jackson’s absence, he’s been going over the records and that he spotted a discrepancy. Joni looks confused and says she personally signed off on all the deliveries. Joni’s father says there’s something wrong and that they should look into it. After her father leaves, Reggie comes towards Joni. He asks Joni if she really is going to stop working with him. Joni smiles and tells him she doesn’t want him out of his life.

Adam asks Michael to explain the stock purchase. He says it’s clearly the first stage in a company takeover. Michael says he has no idea what’s going on and that he’s certainly not trying to buy out Chandler Enterprises. Adam asks him why his friend Lena would be involved. Michael says he has nothing to do with Lena anymore. Adam shows Michael the newspaper. A photograph of Lena in bed with the CFO is on the front page. Michael looks at the photo blankly and says he’s not surprised that Lena is still running after money. He says he would never try to hurt Chandler Enterprises, especially since Adam was the only one who helped him. Adam doesn’t believe it. Michael tells him to go talk to Bob Barret, the CFO. Adam says he would, but he can’t find him. Michael shrugs again and looks at the newspaper. He says he can’t believe Lena was caught with her panties down. Adam says he can’t believe Lena would be dumb enough to get caught.

Bianca asks Anna who the guy in the photo is. Anna tells her that it’s Bob Barret, the CFO of Chandler Enterprises. She says she got an anonymous tip that Lena and Bob were involved in insider trading. Bianca asks if Bob has been arrested as well. Anna says they can’t find him, but they’re trying. Bianca’s eyes well up. Anna tells her she’s sorry and that she knows how much it hurts when someone you trust lets you down.

Tad tells David to not cause trouble again. David furiously brushes Tad’s arm away and tells him he just came in for breakfast. Tad watches David walk towards the bar and then joins Jamie and Brooke. Brooke playfully asks Tad why he’s been lecturing their son on playing the field. Tad says sometimes boys just have to be boys. Brooke doesn’t seem happy with the response.

Laurie serves David some orange juice. David apologizes to her for the trouble he caused the other day. Laurie says it’s all right, but David tells her there was no excuse for his behavior. Just then, Laurie’s father, Doug, comes in really drunk. The restaurant manager tries to stop him and Laurie runs towards them. Laurie apologizes to the manager, but the manager tells her that she’ll be fired if her father causes any more trouble. Laurie tells him she’ll take care of it and then turns to her father. She tells Doug that he can’t keep ruining things for her. She says she needs the money from the job to pay for her dorm room. Doug laughs and tells her she won’t be staying in a dorm room and that she can just stay home. Laurie tries to explain but gives up when she realizes her father’s too drunk to understand anything. When she turns around, Doug grabs her and tells her to not turn her back on him. Laurie stumbles a bit and drops her tray. Jamie gets up to see if she’s okay. He yells at Doug and tells him to leave Laurie alone. Doug looks disappointed and walks away. The restaurant manager comes over and tells Laurie that this was her last chance. Laurie apologizes and pleads with him to let her keep the job. David comes over and tells the manager to give Laurie a break and that he’ll cover the cost of the broken dishes. The manager sighs and finally leaves. Doug stumbles towards the door and Tad stops him. He tells Doug that he shouldn’t be driving home in his condition. Doug says he can drive himself and starts walking away. Brooke urges Tad to not let Doug go, so Tad runs after him. He stops Doug and insists on driving him.

Michael asks Adam what it will take to prove that he’s on his side. Adam says they can talk about it later and that he needs to go do a lot of damage control right now. Michael says he’ll get out a press release to apologize to the stock holders. Adam walks towards the door and says he’s going to get to the bottom of things. After Adam leaves, Michael looks at the newspaper and laughs. Just then there’s another knock on his door. Michael opens the door and is shocked to see Bob Barret. He grabs Bob and brings him inside. “I thought I told you to skip town,” he says.

After Anna leaves, Bianca turns back towards Lena’s cell. Lena asks her what Anna said. Bianca says Anna showed her some proof. She hands Lena the photograph and Lena looks shocked. She looks at the photograph closely and says it’s computer generated. Bianca laughs and tells Lena not to deny it. Lena insists that she’s not the one in the photograph and that someone is conspiring against her. Bianca shakes her head and says she’s been such a fool. Lena realizes that after everything she’s done, Bianca still doesn’t have any faith in her. She tells Bianca that she’s been the fool for believing in love. Bianca says she wanted to believe in love more than anything. Lena tells Bianca not to be blinded by the past. She says she would never do anything to hurt her love. Bianca grabs the photo and says the truth is plain and simple. Lena says she could prove it wasn’t her, but she knows it wouldn’t make a difference. She tells Bianca that she’s more like her mother than she would ever care to admit. Bianca asks what that’s supposed to mean. Lena says that Erica always runs away from love, and now she’s doing the same. Bianca tells her she’s wrong.

Michael asks Bob what he’s still doing in Pine Valley. Bob says he can’t just drive into the sunset and never look back. Michael says he paid him to drive away guilt-free. Bob says the money he received didn’t factor in his reputation. He tells Michael he’s going to need more incentive to not blow the whistle on his scam against Lena. Michael grabs Bob and pushes him on the ground. He tells Bob that he knows how he’s been cooking the books at Chandler Enterprises and that he could easily turn him in. He tells Bob he knows how to keep his hands clean.

Reggie asks Joni if she meant it when she said she doesn’t want him out of his life. Joni smiles and says she did. She tells him to get back to work. She starts looking at the inventory reports again and asks Reggie if he cross-checked the deliveries with the inventory. Reggie starts getting angry and tells her he knows how to do the job. Joni says she’s just trying to figure out where the problem is. Reggie tells her that she’s just like her father and that she’s so quick to judge. Joni is confused and asks Reggie why he’s turning something so small into a big deal. Reggie says he thought they had something special going, but he now knows he was wrong. Joni tries to explain but Reggie rushes out.

Doug becomes irritated and throws his keys towards Tad. He tells Tad to not damage the car and then walks out. Brooke walks over to Tad and tells him he did the right thing. Tad tells her he’s afraid it’s just going to happen again. He looks over at the bar where Laurie and Jamie are talking. Jamie tells Laurie to not let her father treat her like this. Laurie says her father isn’t in his senses when he’s drunk, but otherwise he’s fine. Brooke comes over and tells Laurie to not be so forgiving.

Anna kneels besides Leora’s grave and lays a sunflower down. She tells Leora that summer is here and that it’s getting really hot. She tells Leora that her mother and father are doing really well and that they’re still a family. Just then David comes over and Anna looks over at him. Anna says hi. David says he doesn’t want to intrude on her grieving time and will come back later. Anna begs him not to leave and tells him they should grieve together. She asks if they’re ever going to work things out. David says there is a way. He asks Anna to stop blaming him for their daughter’s death.

Brooke asks Laurie to join her on her table. When they sit down, Brooke tells Laurie that she was once married to an alcoholic. Laurie asks what it was like. Brooke tells her that her husband was really nice, but was a monster when he was drunk. She says it was an emotional roller coaster because his moods would keep changing. She urges Laurie to take a stand against her father and to actually force him to seek help. Laurie says she’s afraid of losing her father. She says she knows her father would think she doesn’t love him if she took a stand against him. Brooke tells Laurie that she just has to be strong enough.

Bianca tells Lena that she’s nothing like her mother and that she even took a second chance on love. Lena says she’s right and that’s why she should understand that there’s still something between them that’s worth saving. She asks Bianca to trust her and believe in her, and to not let Michael win again.

Anna tells David she doesn’t want to blame him for Leora’s death, and urges him to not blame others as well. She says it was just Leora’s time. David becomes furious and says he will not believe that Leora was meant to go. Anna pleads with him again but David brushes her off. He says he can’t deal with things right now and leaves. Anna goes back to Leora’s grave and tells her daughter not to worry. She says David is just mourning in his own way.

Reggie quietly works away and Joni approaches him. Reggie tells her he’s busy and to go away. Joni tells him that she just wanted to ask him about the missing supplies. She says she knows that he’s the only other person with a key to the supply shed. She says there’s something more going on and she wants to know the truth. She asks Reggie if he wants to answer to her or to her father.

Doug paces around his house, irritated by the heat. He takes out a bottle and starts uncapping the top. Laurie comes in and firmly tells him to put the bottle down. Doug apologizes for his outburst and tells Laurie he’s going to stop acting like a jerk. Laurie says she’s not going to let him cause trouble again. She goes to the door and lets Jamie, Tad and Brooke in. Doug asks what’s going on. Laurie says things need to change. She tells him if he won’t make the effort, they will.

Michael tells Bob to be on his way. He walks Bob towards the door and tells him never to contact him again.

Bianca tells Lena she’s sorry and that she can’t go through with it again. Lena says she’s sorry too and that she learned a lot in the past hour. She asks Bianca why she’s always complaining about not being able to find love, when it’s right in front of her. Bianca doesn’t answer. Lena sighs and tells her she’s no longer going to stand in the way.

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