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All My Children Update Tuesday 6/24/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Liza and Tad continue arguing at his place. Tad accuses Liza of not wanting him to move on with his life. He says that it would be okay with her if he saw other women, as long as the other women weren’t hot. Liza asks Tad if he thinks Mia is hot. Tad laughs and asks her if she came over to mark her territory.

Lena cleans up some tables at the Valley Inn and then happily comes running over to Bianca. Bianca asks if she’s finally off the clock. Lena says she is and asks Bianca where they should go. Lena playfully touches Bianca’s knee and they both start giggling. Just then Michael walks over. “How cozy,” he says.

Maria and Edmund are at the beach with the kids. They have a bonfire going and the kids are building sandcastles. Maria hugs Edmund and says she’s so thankful for having her family back. Edmund hugs her back and tells her she has nothing to fear. David walks over just then and watches Maddie and Sammy playing. Maddie sees David watching them and yells for her mother. Maria tells her it’s just David and that he’s not a stranger. Maddie says she’s scared. Maria tells Maddie to say hi to David, and then she won’t be scared of him anymore. Maddie says hi and David lovingly says hello back. The kids run off towards the water. Edmund tells Maria they should be heading back home. David asks what he missed. He says their outing is short of a couple people and asks where Aidan and Mia are.

Liza tells Tad she’s going to leave. Tad tells her not to run away from confrontation, and to stay and finish their conversation. Mia comes in all of a sudden and asks Liza what she’s doing. Liza says she’s not doing anything, but Tad tells Mia that Liza has been carrying a torch for him for years. Mia tells them both to be quiet for a minute and hear what she has to say.

Bianca and Lena get up and start walking off. Michael asks Lena to give him a minute. Lena says she doesn’t want to hear anything from him. Michael insists they talk. Lena pulls Bianca aside and tells her she’ll talk to him for just a second. Bianca urges her to not make any bad moves. Lena says she knows Michael and that he won’t cause a scene in front of so many people. Bianca sighs and says she’ll just be a few steps away. When Lena goes back towards Michael, he asks her what she plans on doing by testifying against him. Lena says she’s doing what she can to make sure he’s finished. “In that case, you’re finished too,” Michael says.

Simone sits in the Fusion office, going over some contest footage. Kenny comes running in and looks like he just ran a few hundred miles. Simone tells him to catch his breath. Kenny finally does and says he has something very important to say. He tells Simone he wants to marry her. Simone laughs. She tells him he really doesn’t want to do that. Kenny insists that he does. Simone says they haven’t been dating and that they haven’t even kissed. Kenny leans in all of a sudden and gives her a passionate kiss. Simone becomes breathless and stares at Kenny. She asks him if he’s in love with her. Kenny hesitates and Simone realizes that he’s not really in love with her. Kenny stammers and says he really does want to be with her. Simone asks him what’s going on. Kenny says he’s being transferred, but he doesn’t want to go without her. Simone asks where he’s being sent and Kenny says to Russia! Simone throws her hands up. She asks what happened to romance.

Mia tells Tad and Liza that she doesn’t want them to fight anymore. Liza seems confused and says she didn’t tell anyone she was coming to Tad’s place. Mia hesitates. Liza asks her what she came to Tad’s place for.

Lena tells Michael he can’t hurt her anymore. She says their relationship, both work and pleasure, is over. Michael asks if that’s really what she wants. Lena says it is and that she needs to look out for herself now. Michael tells her that if she continues to work with the DA, he’s going to come after her. Lena says if anything happens to her, he’ll become the number one suspect. Michael smiles and says there are others in her life that he can hurt. Lena asks if he’s threatening Bianca.

David tells Edmund and Maria that it seems they have the perfect life. Maria can sense that David is merely lashing out at everyone. She tells him she heard about Leora and that she’s really sorry. David says that unlike her, he won’t be able to see his child grow up. Edmund asks how Anna is. David says that unfortunately, this tragedy didn’t bring them any closer. Edmund and Maria don’t know what more to say so they start packing up. David asks where they’re going. Maria says they’re going home. David asks if she’s already spending the night and if the kids get confused. Maria sighs and says she’s their mother and that they’re certainly not confused. David looks angry and says she can’t just turn her mother switch on and off. Maria walks towards David and tells him she got her memory back when she was trying to save Maddie. She says she’s Maria for good now. David realizes he’s missed a lot. He tells Edmund and Maria that they seem to have it all. Maria says she knows she’s really lucky. David makes a sarcastic comment under his breath. Edmund shakes his head and asks if the sarcasm is helping him heal. Maria pulls Edmund aside and tells him she wants to talk to David alone. After Edmund walks away, Maria tells David that he should be grateful for having the love of his daughter for at least a little while. David’s eyes well up. He says he was so happy a couple weeks ago and that things changed so fast. He asks Maria if she thinks he deserves this, especially after all the terrible things he’s done. Maria shakes her head and says she doesn’t think that at all. She says she wants to thank him. David looks confused.

Michael tells Lena that he never mentioned Bianca’s name. Lena says she can tell that’s what he’s thinking. She tells him she’ll tear him apart with her own bare hands if he comes after Bianca. When Michael starts walking away, Lena pulls him back and warns him again. Bianca comes rushing over and asks what happened. Lena says nothing and that it’s all over now.

Kenny tells Simone that he’s been in love with her since the moment he saw her. He smiles and says he loves her with all his heart. Simone smiles and says she can tell her really means it. There’s a moment of silence and Kenny realizes that Simone doesn’t love him. Simone says she’s really sorry and that she would give anything to feel the same way. Kenny says it’s okay and that she doesn’t need to explain. Simone pulls him back and says she doesn’t want him to leave without him knowing that she really does care about him. Kenny says he has to go and start packing. Simone says she can’t believe that this is the last time she’s going to see him. She thanks him for loving her. Kenny starts walking away. He turns around and tells Simone to be happy. After Kenny leaves, Simone sits down. She says she’s proud of herself for making the right decision for once in her life.

Mia says she came over to apologize to Tad and that she didn’t know she would be interrupting. She tells Liza she’s sorry for the way she’s been behaving. Liza says it’s okay and that things have been really crazy lately. Mia says she’s going to stop feeling sorry for herself. She tells Liza that she’s so thankful for having such a loving sister. Liza hugs her and says it’s all right. Tad gets up smugly and waits around for his hug. Mia smiles and politely thanks Tad for all his insight. She says she’s going to go. Liza tells Mia that she should know that there’s nothing going on between her and Tad. Mia says she knows better than that. After she leaves, Liza asks Tad what they’re going to do now.

Simone comes home to Myrtle’s. Myrtle says hi and asks what’s been going on. Simone says she’s had quite a day and tells Myrtle about Kenny’s proposal. Myrtle looks shocked and asks what happened. Simone tells her that Kenny is moving to Russia and that came over desperately hoping she would move with him. Myrtle asks what she said. Simone says she had to say no because she didn’t feel a spark. She says she wishes she could have returned his love, especially since he’s a great guy. She asks Myrtle if she made a mistake. Myrtle asks her if she felt any passion. Simone says there was passion, but not the kind that she dreams about. She asks Myrtle if she’s making a mistake waiting around for the perfect guy. Myrtle tells her to hang in there and that she’ll find someone soon. She tells Simone to have a glass of her spiked lemonade. Simone smiles and says that’s just what she needs. Myrtle takes out a tape from Simone’s bag and says what they really need is to stare at some of the world’s sexiest men.

Liza tells Tad that she was trying to control Mia’s life and that she told Mia to stay away from him. Tad says he’s not surprised. Liza asks what he thinks Mia meant when she said there’s something more going on. Tad says he’s not sure. Liza asks if he thinks they have a chance. Tad turns the question around on her.

Mia comes into the Valley Inn and sees Bianca and asks what’s going on. Bianca tells her that she’s just hanging around. Lena comes over and says hi to Mia. Bianca introduces Lena and Mia officially. Mia tells them she’s glad things are working out for them. Bianca smiles and says she is too. Lena asks Mia to excuse them because she wants to introduce Bianca to all the people she works with. After Lena and Bianca leave, Mia asks the bartender for a drink. The bartender hands her one and says it’s been paid for. Mia looks quite irritated and wonders who’s trying to put the moves on her. Michael comes over and says hi. Mia rolls her eyes and says she has to go. Michael asks her to stay and have another drink with him. Mia says one beer is enough for her and then leaves.

Maria tells David that because of him, she’s back home. She says everything happens for a reason. She says if he hadn’t found her on the beach that day, she wouldn’t be alive today. David says there’s no excuse for giving her that drug and making her think she was responsible for someone’s death. Maria shrugs and says it was certainly not his finest hour. She says she still can’t forget how kind he was to her and how he took care of her.

Myrtle and Simone continue getting drunk and watching sexy men footage. Myrtle says she can’t believe the Fusion girls get paid for staring at hot men all day. Simone says it’s not as easy as it looks and that the process is quite time consuming. Simone sighs and says their night is tuning out to be quite pathetic. Myrtle agrees and says they just need more lemonade.

Tad tells Liza that he would be lying if he said he never thought of the possibility. Liza smiles and says she thinks about it too. Tad hesitates and says they’ve been there and done that. Liza looks disappointed and says she should probably go then. Tad stammers and turns towards her. He wants to say something, but all he can say is bye. Liza looks a bit irritated and finally says bye also. Tad closes the door behind her and wonders why he didn’t stop her. Meanwhile, Liza waits outside the door and wonders why she left.

Edmund and the kids come running back towards Maria. Maddie rushes towards David and tells him she found a sea glass. David looks overwhelmed and says he has to go. Edmund hugs Maria and asks why David took off. Maria tells him that he probably can’t handle being around children right now. Edmund asks if she thinks that David resents the fact that she got her memory back without his help. Maria says that’s not it.

Bianca and Lena decide to leave the Inn and walk towards the door. Just then two cops come in and tell Lena she’s under arrest. Lena looks shocked and Bianca comes to her defense. She tells the cops that Lena is a star witness and that she has immunity. The cops don’t want to hear it and cuff Lena. Bianca continues pleading with the cops and tells them that her uncle is the DA. The cops tell her they’re just doing their job and then lead Lena away. Bianca tells Lena not to worry and that she hasn’t done anything wrong. She follows Lena and the cops outside.

Meanwhile, Michael sits at the bar and smiles to himself.

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