AMC Update Monday 6/23/03

All My Children Update Monday 6/23/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Mia is busy working at Fusion when Stuart enters. He is looking for Carlos, and when he finds him he tells him he has an idea. Stuart asks Carlos to work for him at the art gallery. This will allow him to do his art. Carlos is interested, but he wants to talk to Greenlee first.

Tad walks into Fusion, sees Mia and questions her about her telephone message. He says if she's trying to drive him crazy, it's working. Tad asks how Liza even found out about them kissing. Mia says Liza overheard her and Simone talking about it. Tad says that Liza is probably his best friend and is convinced that he is the last thing Mia needs. The truth is, Mia doesn't know what she wants, he says. Liza walks in and watches Tad and Mia talking. Tad asks Mia why he dared her to kiss him. Mia says it was temporary insanity. Tad says he accepts her apology and she shoots back that she's the one who is owed an apology. They continue bickering until Liza interrupts. Tad promptly leaves and Liza asks Mia what's going on. Mia tells her that she's not interested in Tad.

Stuart approaches Mia and tells her he heard about Jake's engagement. Mia realizes it's all over town. She admits she is angry about it. Stuart says when he gets angry he takes a nap. Mia says when she gets angry she gets even. She asks Stuart if there is something wrong with her that causes men to leave her. Stuart tells Mia she's a wonderful person and that she needs to love herself before anyone else can love her.

Liza goes to see Tad at home and tells him to stay away from her sister. Tad says he's not interested in Mia. Liza says he shouldn't have kissed Mia because she is vulnerable, just the way Tad likes his women. Tad says Liza just wants him for herself. As they draw near to each other, Liza asks him if he wants a piece of her too. They look like they're going to kiss, but Liza breaks away. Tad asks her if there is anyone that she wouldn't mind him being with. Liza says there is someone out there for him. Tad tells her that maybe it's her.

At Myrtle's boarding house, Bianca puts down a book long enough for Myrtle to get a word in. Myrtle tells Bianca she can't bear to see her wasting her future. Myrtle tells her that Lena is at SOS. Bianca asks if she's on a date, but Myrtle tells her she should go see for herself. A smiling Bianca thanks Myrtle. Lena is working as a waitress at SOS trying to handle a flirtatious male customer when Bianca arrives and asks if Lena can take a break. Bianca says she thought Lena was working at Greenlee Enterprises. Lena says she is, but the position is less prestigious than the one at Enchantment and the pay is not as good. She says she needs to work a second job to help her mother stay in the United States. Bianca tells Lena she likes this side of her.

Maggie goes to B.J.s to see Janelle, who wants to talk to her about an internship at the clinic this summer. Janelle says she's heard good things about Maggie and asks her when she can start. Maggie tells her she doesn't think she can accept the internship. Henry, undetected, is listening from a nearby table. Maggie confesses to Janelle that she let Henry copy off her test paper. Janelle asks if Professor Stevens knows. Maggie says she doesn't, and she wanted Janelle to know first. So the internship must be off, Maggie surmises. Janelle tells her that she's still in good standing at the university and this won't disqualify her from the internship. An excited Maggie says she can start next week. Janelle leaves and Henry approaches Maggie, who is surprised to see he was even there. Henry tells her that his mother kicked him out. "My mother gave me a choice and I chose you," he tells her. He asks her why she confessed to Janelle that she let him cheat. Maggie says it's going to come out eventually anyway. Maggie wants to take Henry someplace and they leave. They go to Myrtle's house, where Maggie explains that Henry needs a room, although he doesn't have rent money right now. Myrtle asks if Maggie will vouch for him and she says she will. Myrtle decides to let Henry stay there and goes to get linen. Henry tells Maggie she's amazing.

Greenlee asks Erica why she is telling her and her mother to leave town. Erica tells Greenlee that this is no place to talk about this, in an intensive care unit. Mary tells Greenlee that she thinks Erica is threatened by them. Greenlee questions why Erica would be afraid of Mary. Mary says she thinks her concern for Jack makes Erica feel insecure. Erica tells them they are intruding and asks them to leave. Kendall pipes up, apologizing to Erica. She says this is not why they came. Kendall says they're there for a business proposition. Erica says this is no time to talk about business and tells Kendall she should have known better than to come here now. Kendall says that now that the business with Michael Cambias is over, Erica doesn't need her anymore and she's just another intrusion into her life. Erica says her full attention is with Jack now, they can talk business at her office. Mary suggests that Erica go do that now while she goes into Jack's room. Suddenly Jack is at the door, asking what all the noise is about. Erica goes into his room and Greenlee asks her mother what's going on between her and Erica. Mary says it's just that Erica is afraid that she and Jack will rekindle old feelings. Mary suggests that Erica may go along with the business plan if Greenlee talks to Jack. Erica leaves Jack's room and overhears. She is adamant that Greenlee will not be seeing Jack. Greenlee says Erica can't stop her from talking to Jack. She wants to talk about Cambias and the fact that she helped Lena get a job. Erica tells her that can wait. Kendall tells Erica that if she lets Fusion use the Enchantment manufacturing facility, she'll get part of the profit. Erica says that's a ridiculous idea. Kendall gets upset and tells Erica she won't even give her a chance. She storms off, telling Erica she's not worth it. Mary tells Erica that if she can't handle her own daughter how will she handle Greenlee. A frustrated Erica walks away as does Mary. Since the coast is clear, Greenlee sneaks into Jack's room and engages in friendly conversation. Jack thanks her for offering to donate blood and Greenlee says the donor must have been a relative. Jack says it must have been Bianca. Erica later returns to see Jack after Greenlee is gone. She asks him to tell her everything will be OK.

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