AMC Update Friday 6/20/03

All My Children Update Friday 6/20/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Simone is relatively giddy after a phone call. She tells her Fusion cohorts that she has just gotten Fusion Cosmetics into a chain of cosmetic boutiques in Manhattan called Smudge. The chain wants a shipment of inventory next week. Greenlee and Mia say that's impossible because there is no inventory. Kendall says they can fix that with one call to her mother, Erica. Greenlee protests, saying she'd rather call Smudge and tell them they can't deliver the inventory. Greenlee and Kendall struggle for the phone and Kendall is finally able to get it out of her hand. Kendall says they can use Enchantment's manufacturing plant to create the inventory. Greenlee tells Kendall she's desperate to crawl to her mother and beg her for help. Kendall says Greenlee is just using her grudge against Erica to harm Fusion. Greenlee tells Kendall that Erica doesn't want to be her mother. She says she confronted Erica on the way she was treating Kendall and Erica told her that she is not Kendall's mother. Kendall tells Greenlee she doesn't believe her. She's going to call Erica and prove she's wrong. Kendall returns from trying to call Erica and tells Greenlee that Erica is at the hospital with Jack. Despite Greenlee's efforts to dissuade her, Kendall insists she has a shot at a relationship with Erica. Greenlee asks that Kendall let her Fusion co-workers be her family, but Kendall says she wants more. She's going to go to Erica to prove to Greenlee how wrong she is. She asks if Greenlee wants to come along, and Greenlee gets in the elevator with her.

Jack asks Mary what she is doing at the hospital. Mary tells him she's been there since he was admitted. Erica tells Jack she's supposed to be his only visitor and Mary should go. Jack reads between the lines and suspects Mary is part of the reason that Erica is trying to push their wedding up. He asks Mary if she knows why Erica is so eager to marry him. Mary suggests that it's because Erica is afraid of losing him. Erica says she's not afraid of losing Jack. Mary says that given Erica's history, it is natural to think that. Besides, Jack's setback is an indication that life is fleeting, Mary says. Erica asks to talk to Mary outside the room, but Mary says she wants a moment with Jack. Erica tells him Jack is not up to reminiscing the past. Mary agrees to leave, but not before Jack asks about his blood donor. Mary says Jack would have been overwhelmed with the number of people who donated blood for him, even Greenlee. Erica pulls Mary out of the room before she can say any more. Erica tells Mary she suspects Greenlee is Jack's daughter, and Mary confirms her suspicions. Erica asks her how she could have kept that from Jack for all these years. Mary says that following a summer romance with Jack, she was pregnant with Greenlee when she married Roger. Now that Roger is dead, she doesn't care what anyone thinks. So now she wants to unload a secret which is 25 years too late, Erica says. Erica accuses Mary of wanting to be a family with Jack and have her forget their engagement. "Stranger things have happened," Mary says. Erica tells Mary she's deluded to think Jack will fall at her feet after learning about this secret she has kept from him. Erica says if Mary tells Jack now, it will kill him. Plus, Greenlee will never forgive her. Mary says if Greenlee hates her twice as much as she does now it won't matter as long as she knows who her real father is. Erica tells her she should take this "dirty little secret to the grave." Erica tells Mary that she and Greenlee need to get out of town. Just then Greenlee and Kendall approach and Greenlee asks Erica why she wants to stamped them out of town.

Simone brings up Mia's kiss with Tad just as Liza walks into Fusion. Liza questions Mia about kissing Tad. Mia confesses that she and Tad kissed. Liza asks who put the moves on who. Mia accuses her of being jealous. It wasn't that long ago that Liza's kiss with Tad helped tank her marriage, Mia says. Liza says her marriage was in trouble long before she kissed Tad. Liza asks if Tad is a fill-in for Jake. Mia says he's not, and she's not a fill-in for Liza. Liza warns Mia against starting anything with Tad because there hasn't been enough time since Dixie's death. Liza doesn't want Mia going anywhere near Tad. Liza walks away and Mia calls Tad and leaves him a message on his cell phone. She tells him exactly what Liza said to her and asks if what she said was Liza's idea or his idea.

At BJ's, Jamie asks David why he's putting his nose into his private conversation with Laurie. Laurie tells Jamie that David is just looking out for him. David grabs Jamie and urges him to find out what kind of man he really is. Tad appears behind David and tells him to get his hands off his son. Jamie tells Tad he was having a private conversation with Laurie when David butt in. Tad asks Laurie if she's OK, and she says she is. David says that Jamie owes Laurie an apology. The restaurant manager approaches to find out what's going on. David demands the manager throw Jamie out. Instead, the manager asks David to leave. David doesn't, and the manager calls the police. David taunts Tad about his affair with Dixie, then announces to all restaurant customers that he slept with Tad's wife and Tad retaliated by killing his little girl. Tad tries to walk out but David punches him in the stomach. David then punches Jamie and puts Tad in a choke hold. The police arrive with Anna, who yells at David to stop. David seems amused that he's about to be locked up when the Martins are allowed to roam the streets killing babies. Anna goes outside with David, who says he wanted Tad to know how it feels to lose a child. Anna says Tad did lose a child when Dixie died before giving birth, but David says Tad never held his baby. Anna says if Tad was suffering now, how would it help David? She says his lashing out and hate toward the Martins is not honoring the memory of their daughter. She says if he continues attacking the Martins, she'll put him in jail. Anna goes back inside and tells Tad about what she told David. He says he doesn't think a slap on the wrist and a warning will stop him. David goes to Leora's grave and says "there's going to be hell to pay."

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