AMC Update Thursday 6/19/03

All My Children Update Thursday 6/19/03

By Shahla
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Anna comes into the police station and some of the cops welcome her back to the job. She thanks them and goes into her office. Just then, some cops come in with a bouquet of flowers. Anna smiles and tells them the flowers are beautiful. They tell Anna that they all also pitched in and made a donation to the hospital in Leora’s name. Anna thanks them for caring so much.

David is at the Pine Valley Inn, going through some files. Kenny comes over and David thanks him for coming. David tells Kenny that Joe and Tad Martin killed his baby and that they have to do something about it.

Tad comes home and asks Jamie what happened at the party. Jamie asks if they can talk later. Tad gets angry and tells him he’s busted. Jamie admits that there was some beer involved, but nothing happened. He tries to leave, but Tad grabs him and sits him down. Jamie furiously asks if his own father is going to give him a lecture on abstinence.

Erica waits outside Jackson’s room, staring off into space. Opal comes over and asks Erica why she isn’t inside with Jackson. Erica pretends to be all right and says Joe asked her to leave while he ran some tests. Opal can sense something is wrong. She says they should be celebrating and that Jackson’s recovery was a miracle. Erica tells her that this miracle could turn out to be a disaster. She tells Opal that Jackson’s donor was Greenlee and that she’s probably his daughter. Opal is speechless.

David tells Kenny that Joe appointed an inferior team for Leora’s surgery. He says he was opposed to the surgery, but Joe convinced his wife. Kenny listens to David’s story calmly. He asks why David didn’t press charges. David tells him that Jackson is on their side and that he would have never agreed with the charges. Kenny tells him he has some incredible theories. David says it’s the truth. He hands Kenny the postmortem reports and says it’s all a big cover up. Kenny looks over the files and says they look pretty legitimate. David starts getting angry and asks Kenny why he doesn’t have the guts to go after the Martins.

Jamie says his list of mistakes doesn’t even compare to his father’s. Tad tells him that it’s these small mistakes that become enormous later. Jamie says he gets it and that he will be careful. Just then the phone rings and Tad picks it up. He tells Jamie that it’s Elizabeth. Jamie talks to her for a while and then excitedly says that he would love to join her. When he puts the phone down, Tad teases him about Elizabeth coming on to him. Jamie says he’s not sure, but he’s going to go meet up with her to see what she has in mind.

Carlos and Greenlee lay down to make love in the department store. Just then, they hear footsteps and become petrified. Greenlee suggests that they just hide out for a while and that whoever it is will eventually go away. Carlos says that the footsteps are coming closer. He tells Greenlee to dress up. Carlos calls out, “Who’s there?” A lady answers and Carlos tells Greenlee that it’s Mrs. Lacey, the owner of the store. He tells Greenlee to continue dressing up and he rushes out to try to keep Mrs. Lacey from coming to where they are. Just then, Mrs. Lacey comes in and is shocked to see them. She sarcastically says that she’s glad to see they were able to keep themselves comfortable. Greenlee quickly apologizes and says she was going to pay for the dress she’s wearing. Carlos tells her that they got locked inside. Mrs. Lacey teases Carlos and tells him she’ll give him the security codes so it doesn’t happen again. She looks over at Greenlee and tells her to keep the dress as a souvenir. Greenlee looks puzzled. Mrs. Lacey smiles and says it’s the least she can do for her good friend Carlos. He takes Carlos by the arm and leads him to the security room.

Opal suggests that perhaps Greenlee just happened to have the same blood type. Erica says she’s convinced that Greenlee is Jackson’s daughter. She tells Opal all about Mary, and how Mary has been trying to get closer to Jackson lately. Opal makes a face and says her stomach is doing cartwheels. Erica says she feels sick too, especially when she thinks about Mary and Jackson having an affair. Joe comes out just then and tells Erica Jackson is asking for her. Erica’s face lights up and she rushes into Jackson’s room. When she gets in, she just stares at Jackson for a while. Jackson asks her why she doesn’t seem happy to see him. Erica runs towards him and tells him she loves him a lot.

Anna tells the cops that they’ve been too kind. One of the cops says it was the least that they could do. After they leave, Anna sits down and takes out Leora’s autopsy report from her purse. Aidan comes in and Anna goes over to hug him. Aidan asks why she’s back to work so soon. Anna says she needed the distraction. She asks Aidan about Maria. Aidan brings her up to speed and Anna says she’s sorry that he got so hurt. A cop comes in and tells Anna that she should come out. He says there’s someone out there that she needs to see. Anna follows the cop outside. She sees a man complaining to a cop that Aidan took off after destroying the motel room. He says that Aidan didn’t pay for the damages and now the room can’t be rented to anyone else. Anna looks confused and looks back to her office where Aidan is waiting for her.

Greenlee tidies up and Carlos comes back in. She asks where Mrs. Lacey is and Carlos tells her that she’s on her way back to a company picnic. Greenlee asks what they should do. Carlos leans in and says they can leave if they want. Greenlee smiles and asks if they can stay.

Erica apologizes to Jackson for having such a jealous outburst at his apartment. Jackson tells her it’s all right and that everything is fine now. He says he has some questions about the surgery. He says he heard some nurse talking about finding a donor for him. Erica tells him that it took a while, but they finally found a match. Jackson looks confused. Before he can say anything, Erica tells him that she desperately needs to tell him something.

Anna comes back into her office and tells Aidan that the manager of the Pine Valley Motel is filling out a complaint. Aidan sighs and apologizes to Anna. He says he was really upset when he found out that Maria married Edmund again. Anna tells him that he should have come to talk to her. Aidan says it all happened so fast and he just wasn’t thinking straight. He then asks Anna about David and tells her he saw Leora’s autopsy report on her desk. Anna tells him that she’s moved out of David’s house for the time being. Aidan tells her it’s probably for the best.

Kenny tells David that if anything, Joe has been quite accommodating throughout this whole ordeal. David becomes furious and tells Kenny to leave if he can’t help. Kenny gets up and tells David to get some rest. David tells him to get out.

Tad asks Jamie if he’s dating Lori. Jamie says they see each other every now and then, but nothing is going on. Tad tells him to pursue what he really wants instead of making mistakes with another girl. Jamie says he’s not sure if getting together with Elizabeth would be a mistake. Tad urges Jamie to talk to Lori before he moves on to Elizabeth.

Jackson tells Erica that it sounds like she has some big news. Erica says she does and that she is sorry for acting like such a fool. She tells him she’s going to pushing him away. Jackson tells her it’s all right and then he loves her anyways. Erica says it’s not all right. She asks Jackson if he’ll marry her as soon as he gets out of the hospital. Jackson smiles, but before he can respond, Joe comes inside. Joe tells Jackson he needs to take some blood tests. Erica says she’ll be right back and goes out to see Opal. Opal asks her how Jackson reacted to finding out that Greenlee is his daughter. Erica tells her that she didn’t tell him.

Carlos tells Greenlee he wants to spend the night with her, but not in the department store. Greenlee asks Carlos what his relation is with Mrs. Lacey. She tells him Mrs. Lacey looked pretty friendly with him. Carlos tells her that her imagination is running wild. Greenlee says she can sense he’s hiding something. Carlos tells her that she won’t find any dirt on him. Greenlee asks Carlos to trust her with his secret. Carlos laughs and says there is no secret. Greenlee teases him some more but Carlos just shrugs and says there’s nothing to tell. Greenlee starts getting angry. She tells him she’ll share a secret of her own. She takes out the cell phone from her purse and tells Carlos they were never really trapped. She says she could have called for help a long time ago.

David asks the waitress to bring over a drink. He then realizes that it’s Lori. Lori says she’s not allowed to serve alcohol. David tells her to find someone who can. Lori starts walking away, but then turns back. She tells David that after her mom died, alcohol just made it worse for her dad. David realizes that he’s making a mistake and asks Lori for some coffee. Lori smiles and says she’ll be right back. When she goes back towards the bar, Jamie approaches her. Lori thanks him for taking care of her father at the beach. Jamie says it was the least he could have done. He tells Lori that he thinks they have a chance. Lori smiles and says she thinks so too. Jamie tells her that to stop thinking about it and to finally be with him. He tells her if she doesn’t make a decision soon, he’s going to move on to another girl. Lori stares at him, speechless.

Erica tells Opal that she and Jackson are going to get married as soon he gets out. Opal congratulates her, but asks why she didn’t tell Jackson the truth. Erica tells her that Jackson doesn’t need to hear any bad news. Opal tells her that it’s possible that Jackson won’t take it as bad news. Erica says Greenlee is a monster and that she could only stir up more trouble for them. Opal tells her there’s no need to rush to the altar to seal the deal. Erica laughs nervously and says she’s not doing that. Opal shakes her head and says she can see right through her. She urges Erica to tell Jackson the truth, otherwise Mary might do it for her. Erica becomes angry and says she won’t let Mary near Jackson.

Anna tells Aidan that she’s furious with David, but she still worries about him. Aidan tells her that she need not worry for a man like that. He says David may have lost Leora, but he’s throwing his marriage away too. Anna says she wishes David would stop blaming the Martins.

Jamie urges Lori to be with him. Lori says she’s not sure what she wants to do. She says she just graduated and that she also has to take care of her father. Jamie tells her to kick her father to the curb. Lori looks shocked. Jamie tells her that she’s been taking care of her father for way too long, and it’s about time he got back up on his own feet. Lori tells Jamie to stop pressuring her. Jamie gets angry and tells her he should have dumped her a long time ago. Just then David, who had been listening in on the conversation, grabs Jamie and tells him to back off.

Carlos asks Greenlee why she lied to him. Greenlee starts giggling and says she was just having some fun. She asks Carlos if he had fun with her. Carlos says he did but he doesn’t ever want to be lied to again. Greenlee playfully leans closer and Carlos kisses her.

Opal asks Erica how she intends to keep Mary’s mouth shut. Erica tells her she’ll just have to find a way. Joe comes out and tells Erica she can go back in to see Jackson. Erica goes back in and asks Jackson what kind of ceremony he wants. Jackson asks her why she’s rushing so much. Erica tells him and that she just wants to marry the man she loves. Jackson asks her if there’s something more to her sudden rush to get married. Mary comes in and says she can answer that one.

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