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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/18/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Carlos and Greenlee are still trapped in Lacey’s department store. Carlos comes over to the cosmetics section with some food. He looks around but can’t find Greenlee. He then realizes that Greenlee’s clothes are on the ground and wonders what Greenlee is up to.

Michael is with Adam in a conference room. He hands Adam a file and tells him they’re doing well on some of their acquisitions. Adam asks how he was able to get results so fast and Michael tells him that he slept with one of the employees. Adam tells him to get his libido under control and to stay clear of trouble. A secretary comes in and tells Adam Liza is waiting for him. After Adam leaves, Colby comes in to the conference room looking for her dad. Michael tells her that he’s gone to talk to her mommy. He smiles and tells Colby that they can wait for Adam together.

Simone is at Fusion, desperately trying to track down Greenlee and Kendall. She’s really stressed out because a top news reporter is coming over to interview them. She starts complaining to Mia about how the whole PR piece is going to fall apart. Mia, however, isn’t paying attention. She’s busily wrapping up a present. Simone asks who the present is for. Mia smiles mischievously and tells her it’s a wedding present for Jake and Carolyn. Simone tells her she should stop torturing herself and just stay away from Jake. Mia insists that she should send the new couple a wedding present. Simone asks what’s inside the wrapped box. “Oh, Carolyn will just die when she sees it!” Mia says.

Aidan is at the Pine Valley Inn. He sees Maria enter with Edmund and Maddie. Maria is hugging Edmund and talking lovingly to Maddie. She tells Edmund she loved their wedding ceremony and then kisses him. Aidan realizes that she is long over him. He walks over bravely and congratulates Edmund and Maria on their wedding. Edmund thanks him and then heads over to a table with Maddie. Maria apologizes to Aidan for not inviting him to the ceremony. Aidan says it’s all right and that she shouldn’t feel guilty for having her life back. Maria continues apologizing for all the pain she’s caused him. Just then Kendall comes in and overhears their conversation. She comes over and tells Maria that Aidan has moved on as well. She smiles and grabs on to Aidan’s hand.

Mia tells Simone to stop getting so worried about Carolyn. Her eyes start to well up and she tells Mia that she’s the one who’s hurting. Simone tells her to not waste her tears on a man like Jake. She reminds Mia that Jake cheated on her and then left town. Mia smiles and says she wants to return the favor. Simone begs Mia to tell her what’s in the box. Mia tells her that it’s nothing dead or explosive. She finally tells Simone that she’s sending Carolyn some mementos of her relationship with Jake. Simone tells her to not give Jake the satisfaction of knowing that he got to her. Mia tells her that Jake thinks she never loved him at all. She starts to cry some more and says she loved Jake all along. Simone hugs her.

Carlos continues roaming the department store, shouting for Greenlee. He finally comes back to where he started and realizes that Greenlee cleaned up the Enchantment display. He turns around and notices Greenlee waiting in the corner, dressed up in a lovely black gown. She has prepared a nice dining table for them.

Mia tells Simone that perhaps she should send Carolyn a bottle of whisky instead. She says Carolyn will certainly need it when Jake runs away from her. Simone tells her she’s taking the whole situation way too seriously. Mia starts complaining about men again. Simone tells her to stop hating men and that not all guys are the same. Mia picks up the photographs of the models running in the Fusion contest. She starts throwing them around one by one, declaring that all the contestants don’t have what it takes to be a real man. Just then Bonnie, the top news reporter, shows up. She takes a look at the photographs on the ground and asks if the contest is going well.

Michael talks to Colby lovingly and asks her why her parents don’t live together. Colby tells him that her mommy and daddy used to fight a lot. Just then, Adam comes in and tells Michael to get his hands off his daughter. Michael smiles and tells Colby that they can go fly kites in the park another day. Liza comes in and is shocked to see Michael. Michael politely says good-bye to them and leaves.

Maria asks Aidan and Kendall how long they’ve been together. Before Aidan can explain, Kendall tells Maria that they’ve decided not to tell too many people about their relationship. Aidan doesn’t seem very happy with Kendall’s intrusion. He tells her he needs to speak to Maria alone. When Kendall leaves, he asks Maria if she’s happy. Maria looks very sad, but she says she’s doing well. Aidan wishes her luck on her new life. Maria thanks him and then leaves to join Edmund. Aidan turns back to Kendall and says he’s going to go. Kendall quickly runs towards him and says she’ll go wherever he wants with him. Aidan tells her he doesn’t need her to pretend to be his girlfriend, but Kendall insists on helping out. Aidan starts getting angry and tells Kendall he’s leaving alone. Kendall realizes that Maria is watching her, so she pretends that everything is all right and follows Aidan outside.

Edmund notices that Maria was watching Aidan intently. He asks if she’s all right. Maria says she is fine and that she just feels bad that Aidan got so hurt. Edmund asks her if she misses Aidan. Maria doesn’t answer very directly. She says she wouldn’t change a thing and she’s glad they’re married again.

Simone quickly cleans up and tells Bonnie that the contest is going to be a real success.

She thanks Bonnie for taking time out for the interview. Bonne says it’s her job and that she’s glad she got the first exclusive. She asks which one of them is Greenlee. Mia hesitates but Simone tells her that she’s Greenlee. She then says Mia is Kendall. Bonnie starts asking Simone questions about how she started the company. Mia can’t believe what Simone is doing and shakes her head disapprovingly.

Kendall knocks on Aidan’s door but Aidan yells for her to leave. Kendall insists on coming in. Aidan finally opens the door and tells her he doesn’t need her. Kendall comes in and notices he’s been packing up. She asks what he’s doing. Aidan says there’s no reason for him to stay so he’s leaving Pine Valley. Kendall tells him that he needs to stay for her.

Liza asks Adam what he was doing with Michael. Adam tells her he’s giving Michael some direction in life. Liza can’t believe what she’s hearing and asks Adam if he knows what Michael is capable of. Adam says he knows everything, but he’s not going to rely on Erica and Kendall’s testimonies. Liza tells Adam not to trust Michael’s word. Adam confidently says he knows what he’s doing. Liza shakes her head and says she saw how protective he got when Michael was talking to Colby. She tells Adam that although they’re not married anymore, she still knows him better than anyone else. She asks Adam if he’s trying to set Michael up. Adam denies it and says he and Michael are just working together. Liza tells him that he’s going to pay a high price for keeping such a snake around.

Carlos asks Greenlee what she has in mind. Greenlee tells him to just play along. She asks him to strip. Carlos laughs, but gets up and takes off his shirt. Greenlee takes out a nice tuxedo jacket and puts it on him. She tells him they should match for dinner. Carlos asks why she didn’t pick out a shirt for him. Greenlee says she wanted to reward herself for cleaning up so nicely. Carlos goes towards her and kisses her passionately. Greenlee rips the jacket off and continues kissing him. They fall to the ground.

Bonnie thanks Simone and Mia for the interview. She tells her photographer to get ready for the shoot. Mia and Simone hesitate, but Bonnie tells them they look great. The photographer starts clicking away. Just then Reggie comes in. “Hi Simone. Hi Mia. Are Kendall and Greenlee here?” he asks. Bonnie looks confused and looks over at Simone and Mia.

Maria spots Joe walking in. She goes over to hug him and tells him she’s got her memory back. Joe hugs her excitedly and welcomes her back. Maria tells him she’s doing really well and that she’s ready to be a doctor again.

Kendall begs Aidan to stay. She tells him she’s been through a lot and that she needs him around. Aidan tells her she’s got plenty of friends around. Kendall tells him that none of her friends understand her like he does. Aidan shakes his head. Kendall becomes desperate and tells him to at least stick around for Anna. Aidan tells her that Anna will be fine. Kendall tells him not to ruin his life over a woman that moved on so quickly. Aidan says it’s hard after all the promises they made. Kendall gently tells him that Maureen made the promises, not Maria. Aidan says that’s why he’s leaving. He says everywhere he turns, he sees Maria and then he’s reminded of the life they had together. Kendall calls him a coward and Aidan furiously tells her to leave. Kendall says she won’t. Aidan gets up and says he’ll leave if she won’t. Kendall finally gets up and makes her way to the door. She tells him he’s making a bad decision. Aidan slams the door on her face.

Adam tells Liza that he’s no longer obliged to share business details with her. Liza takes Colby and says they’re leaving. Colby hands her daddy a drawing. She asks him to give it to the nice man that was there earlier. Adam takes the drawing from her and thanks her for being so sweet. After Liza and Colby leave, Adam rips up the drawing the shreds. He gets on the phone and tells his assistant to put his best body guards on Colby. He then calls security and tells them to make sure Michael never comes into the building again.

Simone and Mia tell Reggie to leave. They then confess to Bonnie that they are actually Simone and Mia, not Greenlee and Kendall. They apologize for lying. Bonnie tells them that she’s impressed with the crazy stunt they just pulled. She says she’ll still print the article as soon as she can. Simone and Mia thank her excitedly. Bonnie tells them it’s been nice meeting them and then leaves. Simone tells Mia they have to go out and celebrate. In the elevator, they continue their conversation about men. Simone tells Mia she’s hopeless.

Maria comes back to Edmund and kisses him excitedly. She tells him that she may be joining Joe in the hospital again. Edmund congratulates her. He then tells her if she’ll feel better if she goes and talks to Aidan. Maria says no and that Aidan probably doesn’t want to see her anyway.

Meanwhile, Aidan rips up a photo of him and Maria. He becomes furious and violently throws things around the apartment. Outside, Kendall looks very concerned.

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