AMC Update Tuesday 6/17/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/17/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie is in her dorm room, tossing restlessly in her bed. She finally gets up and fans herself with an envelope. Someone knocks and Maggie goes to answer the door. It’s Henry. He tells her she looks hot and kisses her passionately. Maggie pushes Henry away and says she’s not yet ready to be with him again. Henry says he knows and he’s sorry, but they have to move on. Maggie says she doesn’t know how to trust him again. Henry says he regrets what he did and that he’ll try to make it up to her. He tells Maggie that he’s changed so much since he met her. Maggie says she realizes that, but she still needs some time. Henry comes towards her and says he knows what he wants. He says he’s ready to go after what’s important and leans in for a kiss. Maggie tells him to stop.

Greenlee is experimenting on herself with Fusion makeup. She asks Carlos which eye shadow color he likes better. Carlos can’t believe she’s taking the whole situation so lightly. He reminds her that they’re stuck in the department store till nine in the morning. Greenlee asks what they’re going to do and Carlos tells her there are many possibilities. He pretends to seduce her and just when he gets her attention, he tells her to put the Enchantment display back together.

Joni and Reggie are at the hospital, waiting to hear about Jackson. Reggie looks very tense and Joni asks him if he’s okay. Reggie says he doesn’t want to talk about it. When Joni asks again, Reggie storms off saying he doesn’t need a baby sitter. He comes back a minute later and tells Joni she can leave. He says he doesn’t need anyone to hold his hand. Joni tells him she’s not leaving till Jackson is all right. Reggie complains about hospitals and says he hates being in such places. Joni hands him her CD player and tells him to listen to some music. Reggie smiles and puts on the headphones.

Erica holds on to the piece of paper she nabbed from the nurse’s desk. Across the room, the nurse rummages through her files and says she can’t find the paper which had the donor’s name on it. Just then Mary comes back in and Erica goes towards her. She asks Mary what she’s doing back at the hospital. Mary tells her she was concerned about Jackson. Erica grabs Mary and leads her into an empty hospital room. Mary seems confused and says it isn’t a crime to check up on her friend. Erica accuses her of being after Jackson, and using Greenlee to get closer to him.

Carlos tells Greenlee to do the right thing and put the Enchantment display back together. Greenlee tells him to stop caring so much about Erica. Carlos says he doesn’t like playing dirty tricks and tells Greenlee to stop being such a spoiled brat. Greenlee laughs. Carlos firmly tells her to clean up. Greenlee laughs again and says he can’t make her do anything. Carlos grabs her and picks her up. Greenlee tells him to stop being such a jerk and stop treating her like a child. She says she’s not going to take orders from anyone. Carlos reminds her that just awhile ago, she was complaining that she’s tired of fighting all the time. He tells Greenlee to stop lashing out in an attempt to protect her heart.

Henry tells Maggie he loves her. He asks to be able to prove his love. Maggie tells him that he’s always trying to prove something to someone. She tells him to stop doing that and actually figure out what he wants. She says she used to love the man she thought he was. Henry says he’s willing to do whatever it takes to be with her and then leaves.

Mary tells Erica to be grateful and to not turn the whole situation around. Erica tells her that she can see through the whole thing. She tells Mary she’ll never get close to Jackson. Mary finally stops playing nice and tells Erica that she won’t have to wait around much longer for Jackson. She tells Erica that her engagements never seem to last very long. Erica becomes furious and tells Mary that she’ll be married to Jackson very soon. She tells Mary she’s out of her league and to go back to seducing cabana boys. Mary turns back towards Erica and tells her there’s a lot more to her than she thinks. Before Erica can respond, Joe comes back from the surgery. Erica runs towards him and asks if Jackson’s all right. Joe says everything went beautifully and that Jackson will be back on his feet soon enough. Bianca and Reggie come rushing as well and are glad to hear the good news. They all want to go see Jackson, but Joe tells them that only Erica can go up for now. Erica tells Bianca and Reggie to wait for her and then goes up with Joe. Mary cries when she hears Jackson’s surgery was successful. She composes herself and follows Joe and Erica.

Joni’s dad shows up and asks Joni what she’s doing at the hospital. Joni stammers and Reggie tries making up a story. Joni finally tells Reggie to take a walk while she explains herself to her father. After Reggie leaves, Joni confesses that she lied about working late. She tells her dad that they went to a graduation party. Joni’s dad becomes angry and asks if there was alcohol at the party. Joni says there was but she didn’t drink any. Joni’s father furiously asks why she lied to him. Joni tries defending herself but her father doesn’t want to hear it. He sees Reggie standing in the corner. He tells Joni that she’s grounded and that she can no longer hang out with Reggie. Joni protests, but her father quietly leads her out the hospital.

Greenlee asks Carlos where his romantic side went. She asks why he stopped being nice. Carlos tells her he’s not going to just stand around while she makes terrible decisions. He tells Greenlee that this whole situation could really hurt Fusion’s reputation.

Jackson lays unconscious and Erica holds his hand. She apologizes to him for having such a jealous outburst earlier. She promises to love him forever and to never be suspicious of him again. She kisses Jackson and then leaves the room. After Erica leaves, Mary sneaks inside and rushes towards Jackson. She cries and says she’s so happy that he’s all right. She says destiny has brought them together again, and this time she’s not leaving his side. She says she’s going to finally tell him the secret she’s been keeping from him.

Henry comes into his restaurant and sees Alma sitting on one of the tables. He asks her why she’s up so late. Alma doesn’t answer. Henry begs her to say something. Alma finally says she’s very disappointed. She says things started changing when Maggie came into the picture. Just then Henry’s uncle comes in and asks if he should come by later. Henry tells him to stay because he wants to apologize to both of them. He tells them that he made a few mistakes and that he shouldn’t have blamed anyone else. Alma tells Henry that he has to choose between his mother and his girlfriend. She warns him that if he doesn’t respect her wishes, he can no longer stay in her house.

Meanwhile, Maggie paces around the boat house. Bianca comes in and asks her what she’s doing there so late at night. Maggie says she couldn’t sleep. She says she should be more worried about Anna and David, but she finds herself more worried about a guy. She asks Bianca what’s going on with her. Bianca tells her all about Jackson and the blood drive. Maggie tells her that Henry is really trying to make it up to her and that he even came to the funeral. Bianca tells her that Lena is also trying and she came to the blood drive. Maggie asks how they can trust either one of them again. Bianca tells her she’s not sure, but it may be possible. She says Greenlee somehow found it in herself to forgive Leo.

Carlos continues ranting and raving, but Greenlee starts giggling. She tells him he looks gorgeous when he’s angry. Carlos tells her to clean up again. Greenlee asks what she’ll get in return. Carlos tells her that he’ll give her something she’s been wanting for a long time. Greenlee raises an eyebrow and coyly asks what that is. Carlos smiles and says food. Greenlee starts laughing, but Carlos warns her that if she doesn’t clean up, she won’t get a bite to eat. After Carlos leaves the room, Greenlee’s cell phone starts to ring. She finds her cell phone and gets an idea.

Mary strokes Jackson’s hair and looks at him lovingly. She confesses that she only broke it off with him all those years ago because she thought he came from a poor family. She says she made a big mistake. She puts her head on his chest and snuggles closer to him. Reggie walks by the room and sees Mary inside. He can’t believe that even while unconscious, Jackson still gets women falling all over him. Just then Erica comes back towards the room. Reggie gets in her way and tries to distract her. Erica, however, insists on going inside. She passes Reggie and then sees Mary sitting inside through the window. She can’t believe her eyes. She asks Reggie how long Mary’s been inside.

Bianca and Maggie laugh about their situations. Bianca says that if Lena came walking inside, she would give in to her very easily. Maggie admits that she would do the same with Henry. Bianca says it’s because they are hopeless romantics. Maggie asks what they’re going to do. Bianca says they should just keep their hearts open and wait for the moment when they know it’s all worth it.

Henry packs his bags and heads towards the door. Alma asks if he’s made his choice. Henry says he has and then turns to leave. Henry’s uncle tells him not to leave, but Henry looks determined. He hugs his uncle and then walks out the door.

Carlos comes back inside and asks Greenlee if she heard a phone ring. Greenlee lies and says if there was a phone around, she would have called for help already. Carlos looks confused and then leaves the room again. Greenlee smiles and says she’s going to have him all to herself tonight.

Erica asks Reggie if something happened between Jackson and Mary in the past. Reggie says he’s not sure. He says he doesn’t want to get anyone in trouble and leaves.

Inside, Mary tells Jackson that fate has given them a second chance after all these years. Just then, a nurse comes in and tells Mary she’s not allowed to be there. Mary picks up her purse and apologizes for breaking the rules. She leaves quietly. Erica waits outside Jackson’s room and sees Mary leaving. She wonders what’s going on. She takes out the paper she had stolen from the hospital files and wonders how Greenlee’s blood matched Jackson’s. She finally puts two and two together.

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