AMC Update Monday 6/16/03

All My Children Update Monday 6/16/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Carlos brings Greenlee to Lacy's after hours because he has some work there. He asks her to stay put while he does his work. She looks over and is startled by something she sees. "Is there no way of getting away from you?" she asks herself. She is shown doing some work with cosmetic colors and later it's shown that she has defaced a huge poster of Erica above the Enchantment cosmetics counter. Then she takes the Enchantment cosmetics and dumps them in a drawer. She brings in Fusion cosmetics and builds a display where the Enchantment display was, complete with a large poster of the Fusion women on top of Erica's poster. Carlos returns and asks her what she has done. Greenlee says she has given the Enchantment counter an extreme makeover. Carlos takes down the Fusion poster and sees the defaced Erica poster. He says this is not funny, but Greenlee thinks it's hysterical. Carlos tells her that playtime is over and she has to change the display back. Greenlee refuses and when Carlos tries to do it she warns him not to wreck her masterpiece. Carlos is frustrated and leaves, but soon returns and tells her that the security system has locked them in the store until it reopens tomorrow.

Erica is questioning Mary about finding a blood donor for Jack. Erica wants to know why Mary just said that the donor had been found when she couldn't have known that. Furthermore, why is Mary so interested, Erica wants to know. Mary tells her that she didn't know for sure a donor had been found, she just had faith one would be found. Erica isn't buying Mary's explanation, and continues asking her how she knew a donor had been found. Mary says she didn't know, she just believed and that's all there is to it. Erica approaches an unconscious Jack and pledges her love to him. She notices Mary is still there and tells her she can leave. Later as Erica leaves the room, she sees Mary is still waiting at the hospital. She asks why she's still there, but Mary says she's there for Jack. Erica tells her that Jack doesn't need her since she's there. Mary refers to the blood donor, and says isn't it strange that someone who is outside of Jack's family was a perfect match. A nurse asks Erica to sign consent forms for Edmund's surgery. The nurse comments that finding Jack's blood donor is the talk of the floor. Erica asks who the donor is so she can thank the person. The nurse says that donor information is confidential and she cannot tell her who it is. She says it's probably a family member, but Erica says the only potential donor is her daughter and she wasn't a match. The nurse says, then, that this was a full-blown miracle. After Jack is wheeled out of his room to the operating room, Erica glances at paperwork left at a nurse's station. She is surprised by what she is seeing. Greenlee is the donor.

Edmund tells Maria that they have a date to get married tonight. She is pleasantly surprised. But she says there is no way she could be ready in time. She doesn't even have anything to wear. Edmund unveils a garment bag with a wedding dress, a gift from Hayley and Mateo. Sammy and Maddie walk into the room with Isabella and surprise her with something new, something borrowed and something blue. Maria prepares for the wedding and her mother presents her with something old, a comb she wore in her hair when she got married. The wedding begins and Maddie, Sammy and Isabella are the only guests. Edmund and Maria recite their vows, then the priest gives them an opportunity to speak to each other from their heart. Maria tells Edmund that she thanks God he has given them a second chance and she knows that every step she was making during her lost years was bringing her back to him. Edmund says he thanks God for the gift of her. They place the ring on each other's fingers and are pronounced husband and wife. Afterward, Edmund carries Maria to their bedroom and they find lit candles and a bed covered in rose pedals. They make love.

Tad goes to the beach and finds Mia there doing some punching exercises. Mia is ranting about the evilness of men and is taking her anger out on Tad by punching toward him. Tad tells her that Jake made a mistake but so did she by pushing him away. As she continues punching at him they both fall to the ground and wrestle around. Tad ends up on top of her and Mia asks him to kiss her. Tad tells her that it's a lot of fun looking at her but he'll pass on the kissing. Mia says he's afraid of the thought of making love to a woman. Tad says there are a lot of things that scare him, but that isn't one of them. Mia tells

him to admit it, Jake's leftovers aren't good enough for him. She reminds him that he hasn't made love to a woman since his wife died. Tad suddenly grabs her and kisses her passionately. Stunned, she walks away without saying a word.

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