AMC Update Friday 6/13/03

All My Children Update Friday 6/13/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

The senior graduation party at the beach continues. Reggie and Jamie are drinking away, and Lori wonders if she should stop them. Joni says she doesn’t’ want to be a party-pooper. Lori can see that Joni’s changed. Last time, she dumped Jamie for getting drunk. Joni says she doesn’t want to ruin things for anyone. In the distance, Simone starts stripping. She asks Kenny if he’s too chicken to join her. Kenny finally gets over his fear and strips down to his boxer shorts. Simone smiles as she checks him out from top to bottom. She then grabs his hand and leads him towards the water.

Greenlee, Kendall and Mary finish watching Erica’s exclusive interview on TV. Greenlee makes a comment about Erica always trying to get attention at other people’s expense. Mary points out that Jackson is a good friend and that he needs all the help he can get. Kendall says she’s going to go right away to have her blood tested. Greenlee grabs her and says she’s not going anywhere.

Erica holds Jackson’s hand and tells him to hang on. She says they’ll have their donor soon and that it’s just a matter of time.

A senior named Elizabeth approaches Jamie on the beach. She asks him if he’s having a good time. Jamie says he is as he looks over at Lori. Elizabeth looks a bit hesitant. She says she has to confess before it’s too late. Jamie asks her what she wants to say. Elizabeth tells him that she’s liked him forever and would like to go out with him. Jamie smiles at her.

Reggie is up to no good. While Simone and Kenny are in the water, Reggie grabs their clothes and hides them. Joni comes over and asks what he’s doing. Reggie makes up an excuse and leads her back to the party. Simone and Kenny come out shivering. They look around for their clothes, but are shocked to find that they’re not there! Simone starts panicking. Meanwhile, Reggie fills up another glass of beer from the keg. He asks Joni what she’s gong to do all summer. Joni says she’ll probably get involved with social work. Reggie makes a few wise cracks at first, but then he says he admires her for doing work for the community. He says when he was growing up, most of the social workers were just in it for the measly paycheck. Joni smiles and is glad Reggie approves of her.

Greenlee accuses Kendall of trying to score more points with Erica by giving blood to Jackson. Kendall tells her to back off, and Mary agrees. Carlos comes in and asks what’s going on. Greenlee tries to explain, but Mary interrupts and tells Carlos that Jackson is in the hospital. Kendall and Mary start towards the door and Carlos says he’ll join them. Greenlee tries to stop them by saying their blood probably won’t match. Carlos tells her it doesn’t matter and that they should at least try. Greenlee finally grabs her purse and joins them.

The hospital is being flooded by donors. Erica is happy with the turnout, but still worries about Jackson. Opal comforts her and tells her to be strong. Lena comes rushing in and finds Bianca. She tells her that she heard the news in the car, and she drove over right away. She tells Bianca she’s sorry to hear about Jackson and that she would like to give blood as well. Bianca thanks her. Erica hears their conversation and looks very disturbed. She asks Bianca what Lena is doing at the hospital. Bianca tells her that Lena’s going to give blood and she leads Lena towards the donation center.

Simone and Kenny walk towards the party and some of the kids start laughing at them.

They grab a beach towel and try to cover themselves. Kenny tells them to stop laughing and to give back their clothes. When nobody steps forward, Kenny says he’ll give them a reward for the clothes. Reggie asks how much the reward is. Joni looks shocked and asks Reggie if he had anything to do with the missing clothes. Reggie doesn’t respond to Joni. He asks Kenny how much the reward is again. Joni tells Reggie that he’s being selfish. Simone starts getting angry and she furiously asks what he wants in return for the clothes. Reggie tells her that he would like his job at Fusion back. Simone laughs and says he got fired because he sent Trey to jail, and Kendall couldn’t deal with that. Joni pulls Reggie aside and begs him to give the clothes back. Reggie asks what’s in it for him. Joni tells him he’ll get her thanks in return. Reggie finally agrees and gives Simone her clothes back. Simone thanks him and says she will think about the job. She quickly starts dressing up, but realizes her clothes are too wet. Kenny hands her his shirt and puts on his pants. He realizes his keys aren’t in his pocket and starts looking in the sand.

Meanwhile, Lori sees her father approaching the crowd and she runs towards him. He looks very drunk and Lori asks him what he’s doing. He says he wanted to congratulate her for graduating and that he brought over a present. He says he missed the ceremony because he spent all morning looking for her mother’s graduation ring. Lori starts crying when she sees the ring and her father hugs her.

While Erica waits alone outside of Jackson’s room, Kendall walks over with Boyd. She tells Boyd to go ahead to the donation center and that she’ll join him soon. Erica thanks Kendall for coming and tells her to go straight to the donation center. Kendall says she wants to first make sure her mother is all right. Erica looks a bit irritated and tells Kendall that giving blood is more important. When Kendall insists, Erica snaps at her. Kendall looks hurt and leaves right away. Greenlee watches the whole thing and accuses Erica of hurting Kendall yet again. She tells Erica that she warned Kendall about having too many expectations of her mother. Erica yells, “I am not Kendall’s mother!”

Meanwhile, Mary sneaks into Jackson’s hospital room and sits beside his bed. She strokes his head and says she should have chosen him.

At the donation center, Lena lays down to give her blood. She asks Bianca to stay with her since she’s afraid of giving blood. Bianca stays beside her and keeps her company. She tells her about how her mother set her up with another woman.

Boyd asks Kendall why she looks so sad. Kendall tells him that she just wanted to be a good daughter, but Erica shooed her away. Boyd tells her that she should realize that this is a hard time for Erica. He tells her to go ahead and give blood, and then he’ll take her out.

Erica tells Greenlee that she may be Kendall’s biological mother, but her real mother and father are somewhere else. Greenlee tells her that it doesn’t matter and that Kendall takes her as her real mother. Erica says she’s done her part by thanking Kendall over and over again for saving her. She says she doesn’t owe Kendall anything anymore. Greenlee tries to talk some sense in to Erica, but Erica doesn’t want to hear it and walks away. Carlos approaches Greenlee and comforts her.

Kenny still hasn’t found his keys and he finally just sits down. Simone starts complaining and Kenny laughs. He tells her he just remembered a funny story. He tells her how his father once gave him a metal detector. He says he used to go to the beach to try to find buried treasure. Simone smiles and tells him this is the first time he’s ever talked about himself. She asks him to tell her more. Kenny tells her about his family and childhood. He says he has no dark secrets, unlike other people in Pine Valley. Simone tells him she hasn’t met someone who is so nice and normal. They look into each other’s eyes and start giggling.

Reggie gets a phone call from Erica. He gets up right away and tells Joni he has to go to the hospital. Joni tells him she’ll go with him.

Lori brings her dad towards the party. He sees the keg and says he’s going to drink for the occasion. One of the seniors stops him and says it’s a private party. Lori’s father starts getting angry and Jamie comes in the way. He tells him to go home. Lori’s father grabs Jamie and they start struggling. All of a sudden, Lori’s father falls down and becomes unconscious. Jamie gets some the guys to pick Lori’s father up and they head towards a car. Lori looks shocked and Jamie tells her everything will be all right. All of a sudden, the police come over. Most of the seniors get away and Simone starts panicking. Kenny tells her they have to run too or they’ll be blamed for being the only two legal aged people at the party. However, the cops grab Simone and Kenny before they can get away.

Bianca goes over to Greenlee and thanks her for helping Lena out. She then goes back to Lena and asks if she’s ready to go. Before they leave, Lena asks Bianca if she’ll be seeing Kirstie again. Bianca says she might.

Carlos goes over to Greenlee and sits besides her. Greenlee looks faint and Carlos asks if she’s okay. Greenlee says she’s fine and that she’s just tired of always fighting. Carlos hugs her. Greenlee asks him why he came back to Fusion earlier. Carlos says he came to apologize for confronting her on the whole Lena situation. Greenlee tells him she’s sorry for being so defensive all the time. Carlos asks her if she wants to get away now. Greenlee says she does. While they’re walking out, Greenlee wonders where her mother is.

Boyd brings Kendall back to Fusion and gives her a glass of wine. Kendall says wine won’t help and she asks Boyd to just leave. Boyd tells her he’s going to stay as long as she needs him. Kendall looks over at him and smiles.

Joe comes up to Erica and says they found the compatible donor. Erica hugs him excitedly. She runs towards Jackson’s room to share the good news but finds Mary there. Mary tells Jackson that he’ll be ok and that his donor is here. Erica asks Mary how she knows they already have a donor. Mary just smiles at her.

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