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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/11/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Jackson comes home and tells Reggie about the funeral. Reggie tells him that Erica and Mary came over to see him. He asks what the status is with Mary. Jackson informs him that Mary is just an old friend, but Reggie asks for the truth. Jackson quips that a gentleman never tells. Reggie tells him that Mary wants him bad and that she was giving piercing looks to Erica. He tells Jackson to watch out for Mary.

Erica is at the Valley Inn, waiting for Bianca to join her for dinner. Bianca finally shows and Erica thanks her for accepting the invitation. Bianca tells her that Myrtle practically got down on her knees begging her. Erica says they have important things to discuss. She tells Bianca that she’s worried about Fusion’s sexiest man contest and that they need to come up with a counter attack. Bianca doesn’t understand why the Fusion contest is so important to Erica, and wonders if there’s something else going on.

Aidan and Maggie bring Anna home. While Anna walks around the house, Aidan asks Maggie what she thinks could have happened with David. Anna suddenly comes back from the balcony and says she doesn’t want to stay home. She starts towards the door and when Maggie offers to drive her, Anna tells her she needs to be alone. Aidan tries to go after her, but Maggie tells him to give Anna some space.

Meanwhile, David kneels beside Leora’s grave. He hears a girl’s voice and turns around. In the corner of the cemetery, he sees a beautiful angel. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you forget me,” she says.

Jackson tells Reggie to just keep his mouth shut. He says his relationship with Mary was a long time ago. Reggie isn’t buying it and he tells Jackson that Mary may want to rekindle the flame. There’s a knock and Reggie turns to open the door. It’s Anna. Reggie offers his condolences and Anna thanks him. Reggie says he’s going to meet up with some friends to celebrate graduation night. After Reggie leaves, Jackson asks Anna how the burial went. Anna tells him it was terrible and that David is now blaming her for Leora’s death.

“Everywhere you look, I’ll be there,” says the angel. David smiles and goes towards the angelic figure. Just then he realizes that it’s just Lori, dressed up in her white graduation gown. Lori sees David and says hello. David tells her she was looking like an angel. Lori smiles and says she probably looks like a lost choir girl. David asks her what she’s doing in the cemetery. Lori tells him she came to say hi to her mother. She tells David that her mother was hit by a drunk driver a few years ago. David offers his condolences and asks her if her dad is proud of her for graduating. Lori says she’s not sure and that she hasn’t seen him since the morning. David gets really bothered by this and tells Lori that if she was his daughter, he wouldn’t miss any of her special events.

Joni is at the community center, waltzing around the room. She has her headphones on and is quite oblivious to the rest of the world. Luis eyes her from the corner of the room. Just then someone grabs Joni from behind. She screams but then realizes that it’s just Reggie.

While Erica and Bianca are talking about marketing campaigns, a very attractive woman walks towards their table. Erica’s face lights up and she greets the woman warmly. She tells Bianca that the woman is Kirstie Walters, a model friend. Kirstie tells Erica that she just happened to be in town, and didn’t realize that Pine Valley is home to Enchantment. She turns to Bianca and asks her if she’s a model too. Bianca seems flattered and politely tells her that she works behind the scenes. Erica apologizes for not properly introducing them and tells Kirstie that Bianca is her daughter. Kirstie complements Bianca’s beauty and tells Erica that her daughter is just as gorgeous as her mother. Bianca looks over at her mother quizzically, wondering what her mother is up to. Erica asks Kirstie about her life, and more importantly about her love life. Kirstie informs Erica and Bianca that she just got over a relationship. She suddenly says that she just bought a horse and she finds herself spending a lot of time riding. Erica exclaims that Bianca loves horses too! Bianca can see through the whole charade and starts playing along. She asks Kirstie where she lives. Kirstie tells her she lives in Greenwich, in a particularly gay area. Bianca declares that it’s very convenient that Kirstie just happens to be gay! She turns to her mother and yells, “how dare you try to set me up?”

Anna tells Jackson that everything happens for a reason and that every choice she has made in her entire life has led up to this moment. She asks Jackson why her daughter is dead and if God is teaching her a lesson. Jackson tells her to stop looking for answers. Anna asks Jackson if he thinks she made all of this happen, and if there was something inside her that didn’t want David to succeed. Jackson says no and gives Anna a big hug.

Maggie picks up a storybook and tells Aidan that David started reading to Leora even before she was born. She tells him that David is a very caring person and he takes care of everyone around him. Aidan shakes his head and says he’s seen a side of David other people haven’t.

Lori tells David that she will never forget her mother and that she still holds her mother in her heart. David thanks her for the encouraging words. Lori looks up at the sky and recites a beautiful poem. David looks at her curiously and says he knows those words. Lori tells him the poem is from a storybook her mother used to read to her. She bids David a good night and leaves.

Erica laughs nervously and asks Bianca what she’s talking about. Bianca says she can put two and two together, and she can see that she’s being set up. Erica denies the whole situation and says Kirstie just happened to walk in. Kirstie says she has to make a phone call and leaves the table. After Kirstie leaves, Bianca asks her mother to stop trying to control her life. Erica finally admits that she wanted her daughter to meet another woman. She tells Bianca that Lena is all wrong for her. Bianca tells Erica that she appreciates what she’s trying to do, but she would like to live her own life. Erica looks hurt and says she can see her daughter has no respect for her at all. She gets up and leaves. Kirstie comes back just then and asks Bianca if she’s going to go after her mother. Bianca says she won’t and asks Kirstie to stay for dinner.

Anna gets up to leave but Jackson tells her he doesn’t want to let her out of his sight. He asks Anna to stay the night, but Anna says she didn’t bring a thing. Jackson tells her that he has extra shirts and even a toothbrush. Anna smiles and tells him he’s one of the good guys. She finally decides to stay.

Reggie apologizes to Joni for scaring her. He says he was just in the neighborhood and he decided to check up on her. They start joking around and Reggie criticizes Joni for always listening to gospel music. Joni looks hurt and Reggie quickly tells her that he was just kidding around. He grabs the CD player out of her hands and puts on the headphones. He then realizes Joni was listening to hip hop – his kind of music.

Aidan and Maggie gather a few of Leora’s things and start towards the door. Just then David comes in and sees them carrying Leora’s things. “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?” he asks. He grabs Leora’s stuff out of their hands and puts it back in his house. He screams at them for trying to take his daughter’s memories away. Aidan and Maggie explain to him that they were just trying to help. David doesn’t want to hear it and asks them to get out of his house. Aidan becomes angry and goes off on David. He tells him to stop shutting people out and to start acting like a good husband. Maggie tells Aidan to back off and Aidan leaves furiously. David tells Maggie to leave as well and she does.

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