AMC Update Tuesday 6/10/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/10/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Tad hears about Jake’s return and goes to his parent’s place to see him. He hugs Jake and asks where he’s been. Jake tells Tad he’s been in Kenya. Tad doesn’t seem too thrilled and Ruth urges Tad to make Jake feel welcome. Tad says he just got back from a funeral and that it really put life into perspective. He tells Jake he saw Mia running out and asks what happened. Before Jake responds, Tad urges him to patch things up with her. Just then Carolyn comes out of the kitchen with Joe. She overhears Tad and says she has a problem with Jake being with Mia again. Tad seems confused. Jake introduces Carolyn and tells Tad they’re engaged. Tad laughs and asks Jake if he’s gone mad.

Michael continues talking to Mia while she works out. He explains that he was the victim in the whole Kendall-Erica affair. Mia isn’t buying it and she furiously hits the punching bag. She asks him what made him think he could come over and make passes at her. Michael looks hurt and says he was just trying to be nice. Mia says she doesn’t want anything from him and that she knows he lies for a living. Michael tells her she only knows one side of the story. Mia says that the whole town knows he was sleeping with Alison while he was seducing Kendall. Michael seems confused and Mia realizes she said Alison instead of Lena. Before she can correct herself, Michael says he now understands that she’s taking out all her anger on him. He asks her who hurt her this bad.

David can’t believe that Anna is blaming him for Leora’s death. He tells Anna that she signed Leora’s death certificate the minute she signed up for the surgery. He says he wishes she had killed him too. Anna becomes furious and says she never should have waited so long for the surgery. David says he’s a certified heart specialist, and that he could have saved their daughter. Anna suddenly comes to a realization. She says it’s her fault that Leora died.

Erica accuses Greenlee of just trying to stir up trouble. Greenlee tells her that she just got back from a funeral and that she’s in no mood to talk. Erica tells her to not change the subject and continues accusing Greenlee of meddling in other people’s business. Greenlee tells her she’s way off base and that she was just trying to do Lena a favor. Carlos tries to intervene, but Greenlee tells him that she can handle Erica. As soon as he leaves, Erica and Greenlee start arguing again. Erica tells Greenlee that she’ll never understand how a normal mother-daughter relationship works. Greenlee laughs and tells Erica to stop trying to control Bianca’s life.

Jake apologizes to Carolyn for Tad’s reaction. Tad explains that he’s just stunned and that he didn’t expect his brother to come home with a fiancé. Ruth intervenes and tells Tad that Jake had been seeing Carolyn for a while. Tad continues shaking his head and says he’s just really surprised. He asks Jake to come outside so he can have a word with him. Jake tells Tad that he was just about to show Carolyn some family albums. Tad insists that they talk outside. Jake follows his brother out and furiously asks him what his problem is. Tad asks if Carolyn was there when Mia came over and Jake says she was. Tad goes off on him. He tells Jake he has no right to rub Mia’s nose in with his new engagement. Jake defends himself and says Mia is over him. Tad tells him that Mia is not over him at all and that she was crushed when he left. Jake says he didn’t mean to hurt Mia. Tad accuses him of constantly trying to get back at Mia – first by sleeping with Alison and then by bringing a new fiancé home. Jake says he can’t believe what he’s hearing, but Tad doesn’t let up. Jake takes a deep breath and finally admits that he might be acting a bit selfish. He says he and Carolyn are really good together and that he just wanted to share the news of their engagement with his family. Tad tells him to stop trying to give life to his fantasies and to realize that not everyone can have the love his parents have. Jake asks Tad if he’s jealous because he lost the love of his life. Tad gets furious and leaves.

Greenlee tells Erica that she’s ruining her relationship with Bianca, just as she’s ruining things with Jackson. Erica warns Greenlee that her personal life is off limits. Greenlee says she’s not playing by her rules anymore. Erica tells Greenlee that she’s just looking for some attention since her own mother was never there for her. She continues to tell Greenlee that her own mother probably doesn’t have a good opinion of her. Greenlee laughs and says she doesn’t care what her mother thinks of her. Erica storms out and Greenlee takes a deep breath.

Mia continues working out. Someone taps her on her shoulder and she assumes that it’s Michael again. She quickly turns and throws a punch. Tad falls back and Mia gasps in shock. She rushes over to Tad and apologizes. She tells him she thought he was Michael. Tad seems surprised. He says he heard about what happened with Jake and that he just came over to check on her. Mia pretends she doesn’t really care and continues her work out. Tad tells her not to blame herself for anything. Mia says there’s no one else to blame.

Erica goes over to Jackson’s. Reggie answers the door and before he can say anything, Erica barges in and says she needs to see Jackson. Just then she spots Mary standing in the living room. Erica looks over at Reggie and asks why he didn’t tell her there was company. Reggie cleverly explains that he wasn’t expecting her to come by since she told Jackson she wasn’t going to marry him. Erica realizes that Mary is observing her, so she quickly makes up an excuse about her visit. Reggie says he has to go, but wonders if he should stick around in case a fight breaks out. Erica tells him not to be silly. After Reggie leaves, Erica asks Mary what she’s doing at Jackson’s. Mary tells her that she and Jackson go way back and that she just came by to say hello. Mary asks Erica if she remembers her. Erica tries to place her but apologizes for not recognizing her. Mary says they met at Fusion and that she’s Greenlee’s mother.

Carlos tries to comfort Greenlee after Erica leaves, but Greenlee shuts him out. She suggests he should leave before he becomes her next target. She tells Carlos that she’s not perfect. Carlos says he knows that, but he also knows that she’s not the monster that Erica is making her out to be. He says he knows there’s more to this whole situation. Greenlee tells him that she honestly was just trying to get Erica back. Carlos doesn’t believe her and asks for the truth. Greenlee gets angry and violently throws the papers she was holding down to the ground.

Jake explains to his mother that he wasn’t on the rebound when he got involved with Carolyn. Ruth says she believes him and that she’s happy about their engagement. Jake says he doesn’t understand why Tad went off on him. Ruth says he needs to understand that running off without saying a word is not the best way to handle problems. Jake says he knows that now and that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Ruth smiles and says it’s all in the past. She says she’s looking forward to making plans with him and Carolyn. Jake gently breaks the bad news. He says he and Carolyn can’t stay long since they have to get back to Kenya soon. Ruth is disappointed, but says she’ll make most of the time they have together. Jake tells her they’re leaving tonight. Just then, Joe comes down the stairs with Carolyn after showing her around the house. He says he’s looking forward to the annual Martin picnic. Jake tells him that he was just telling his mother that they have to leave tonight. Joe is disappointed as well, but Carolyn tells him it just can’t be helped. Ruth says she understands and that she hopes they do well in Kenya. She asks Jake to make sure he sends his parents a wedding invitation. Jake hugs her and says his wedding wouldn’t be complete without them.

Anna tells David that she was too blinded by her love for him. She turns to the casket and apologizes to Leora for not being there for her. She furiously says that she should have taken Leora as far away as possible when she had the chance. David looks numb and he sits down quietly.

Mia tells Tad that she blames herself for Jake running away. She says she pushed him away until he fell into someone else’s bed. Tad tells her that she’s got it all wrong and that Jake had set the bar too high. He explains that Jake has always wanted the kind of marriage his parents have, but he doesn’t realize it needs a lot of work. Mia thanks Tad for trying to comfort her. She says it’s not the first time a man has walked out of her life and tells him about Edmund. Tad tells her that things were different with Edmund and that no one could have guessed Maria would come back in his life. Mia insists that she gives off some kind of bad vibe to men. Tad tells her there’s nothing wrong with her.

Erica complains to Mary about Greenlee. Mary apologizes for Greenlee’s behavior and says that she will attempt to talk some sense into her daughter. Erica thanks her for understanding. Mary sits back down comfortably and says she’ll tell Jackson she stopped by. Erica laughs and says she’s not leaving her alone in Jackson’s apartment. She tells Mary that she talks to Jackson everyday, but he’s never mentioned her. Mary says she and Jackson go way back and that they merely lost touch. She says she heard about Jackson’s shooting and decided it’s time to catch up. Erica coyly tells Mary that she’ll tell Jackson she stopped by. Mary realizes she’s not going to be able to get Jackson to herself with Erica around, so she gets up to leave. Erica coolly says good-bye to her.

Tad tells Mia she’s being nuts and that she’s a real catch. Mia tells him to stop patronizing her and continues blaming herself. Tad tells her it’s not her fault and that it wouldn’t have even mattered if she had smothered Jake with all her love. Mia asks if they were doomed since the beginning and Tad says they may have been. Mia starts beating the punching bag again. She declares that she’s no longer going to date the nice guy. She says she’s going to go after the bad boys, so if things ever go wrong, she can just blame them. Tad tells her she just hasn’t found the right nice guy yet.

The funeral administrator comes and in and says it’s time to take Leora to the cemetery Anna is speechless and looks over to David. The administrator realizes he’s interrupting and says he’ll give them another minute. Anna and David look at each other blankly. David finally turns around and leaves quietly.

Greenlee tells Carlos not to push it. Carlos asks Greenlee to not shut down on him. Greenlee throws up her hands and starts yelling. She finally says she did everything for Leo. She says if Leo were alive, he would have told her to do his best friend Bianca a favor by getting Lena a job. She says she wasn’t trying to give Erica a hard time, and nor was she trying to stir up trouble. She asks Carlos if he’s happy to know the truth now and rushes out.

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