AMC Update Monday 6/9/03

All My Children Update Monday 6/9/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

The Fusion gals are hard at work and Simone is on the phone talking up their sexiest man contest. Her feet become entangled in some phone cords and she falls but is caught by Carlos. Kendall asks Simone to come over to her but Simone is too busy swooning over Carlos. Just then Lena walks in with a bouquet of flowers she says are for Greenlee. Kendall asks what she's doing there. Lena says she wants to thank Greenlee for her generosity in helping her get hired as a financial analyst for Greenlee Investments.

Erica goes to see Palmer at the Valley Inn bar. She asks what the emergency is he called about. Palmer says the emergency is about her. Palmer asks why she hasn't returned any of his calls. He says he knows she's been through quite an ordeal lately with the Michael Cambias matter and with Chris dying. He says she needs help from the people who love her. Erica says she's dealing with everything that's happened, but Palmer urges her to see a professional. Erica says she doesn't need to be "shrunk" and in fact she is the same woman she was a month ago. Kendall walks in, telling Erica "you won't believe what's happened." She proceeds to tell Erica that Lena has a new job. "Oh no," Erica frets. "I won't allow it." Erica explains to Palmer that Lena won't leave Bianca alone. Palmer asks what Bianca wants. Kendall says that Bianca is falling for Lena all over again but really doesn't know what she wants. Palmer suggests it's a little extreme to run Lena out of the country. Erica says she'll do whatever she can to protect her daughter. Erica wants to know how this happened. Kendall fills her in, that Greenlee's grandfather Woodruff hired Lena as a financial analyst as a favor to Greenlee. Erica gets up and leaves, thanking Kendall for letting her know. Palmer tells Kendall that she's playing with fire and she's going to get burned. He says that the incident with Cambias united her with Erica but she's trying to force it to go farther. Kendall says Palmer wanted her to have a relationship with Erica, so why is he so negative now? Palmer says she can't push it. Turning against Greenlee won't make Erica love her more, he says, adding that turning against friends is not the way to score points with Erica. Kendall says she's just trying to look out for family and besides, it's Lena Erica is after, not Greenlee.

Tad arrives at his parents' house and sees his father is not dressed for a funeral. Joe says he's not going because he doesn't want David to blow up and cause a scene. Tad says they need to pay their respects, but Joe says they can do it in private. Tad doesn't agree and says he's going to Leora's funeral despite what Joe says. As Tad leaves, Ruth enters the room and tells Joe he did the right thing. There is a knock on the door. Ruth opens it to find Jake, who throws his arms around his mother.

Mia is on the phone with a Philadelphia television station that wants to promote Fusion's sexiest man contest. An excited Mia pulls Simone away from Carlos to tell her the good news. The phone rings again and Mia picks it up to discover Jake is calling. He tells her he doesn't blame her for wanting to hang up on him but he wants to apologize and explain. He asks her to have dinner that night. In the background, Simone is urging Mia to say no, but Mia agrees. After Mia hangs up, Simone asks if she's out of her mind. Mia says she wants to hear what Jake has to say. But she can't wait for dinner. She decides to go over to the Martins to see Jake now. Mia arrives and Jake is not too happy to see her. He says he planned to talk to her at dinner, but she says she couldn't wait. Ruth walks into the room with a strange woman. Jake introduces the woman to Mia as Carolyn Finn, his fiancee. Left alone with Jake, Mia paces the room, saying "I am such an idiot." Jake says this is no the way he wanted her to find out. Mia asks why he called her. Jake says they need closure. Talking about Carolyn, he says she is someone he has a lot in common with and they want the same thing. "I thought we wanted the same thing," Mia said. Jake admits that what he did was inexcusable, but adds "you wrecked what we had, not me." "You're blaming me because you couldn't keep your pants on?" she asks. She tells him she loved him and wanted to marry him. Jake tells her she didn't want to marry him. She kept putting it off. He says the fact that she nearly died helped her to realize what she really wanted, and it wasn't him. He resented it. Mia says she thought they found happiness. He says they still will, just with other people. Mia bluntly tells him she can't be happy for him and walks out. Mia goes to the gym where she is taking her frustrations out on a punching bag. Someone taps her on the shoulder and she turns to find Michael, who says it looks like she needs a drink.

Anna is preparing for the funeral but David hasn't moved. She urges him to get ready so they're not late. He's silent. "I know you're dreading this. So am I. I can't do it alone. We need to say goodbye to our daughter together," Anna says. At the chapel, friends are gathering for Leora's funeral. Jack sees that Tad has arrived and asks what he's doing there. Tad tells him Anna needs her friends. Jack says this is not a place to stir up grievances. He recalls that David caused a scene at Dixie's memorial service, and he doesn't want that to happen here. Tad admits that part of the reason he's here is because of what happened at Dixie's memorial. He says he not only lost a wife but he lost an unborn child. He says he could not have gotten through that without the love of his friends. Jack tells him that if he cares about Anna, he should leave now. Tad says he cares about Anna and he's staying. Anna continues urging David to come with her to the funeral. "Our daughter needs us and I really need you," she says. He remains silent and she leaves without him, clutching a teddy bear. Anna arrives and grabs Jack's hand. The mourners greet her with a sympathetic hug. Greenlee asks about David but Anna says she doesn't think he's coming. Anna approaches the casket and her knees start to buckle. Jack steadies her, and Anna walks to the casket and shows the teddy bear. Janelle, who has been asked to lead the service, begins at the urging of Anna. "We are here to celebrate the joy of Leora Hayward," Janelle says tearfully. "The love she shined on us will fill our hearts forever." She stops speaking when she sees David standing at the back of the room. Everyone turns and stares at David. David walks in slowly and sits beside Anna. She takes his hand and Janelle continues with the service. She calls Leora a miracle who lit up the darkened corners of our hearts. She asks everyone to share in the celebration of Leora's life. One by one, the mourners lay a rose on Leora's casket. When it's David's turn to lay the rose, he turns to the crowd and stands silent. Anna calls David's name and then he hears a voice saying "daddy." He turns to see Leora as the 5 years old girl he saw at home. The girl asks David why he's being so silly. "Aren't you going to talk?" She blows him a kiss and David begins speaking directly to her. "My angel baby. I love you so much. ... I will always be your daddy." David sees Tad and glares at him. As Anna says goodbye to the mourners, David sits in the front row of the chapel, smiling and looking at the little girl. Suddenly the girl disappears and David shouts "no." Turning to Anna, David asks why Tad was there. He and his father are to blame for Leora's death, he says. David says he thinks it was part of a revenge scheme since Dixie chose him over Tad. Anna says that's crazy. David turns on Anna, accusing her of being responsible for Leora's death. Anna tells him if anyone is responsible for the death, it's him.

Greenlee arrives back at Fusion, emotionally worn out after the funeral. Carlos tries to comfort her. She sees the flowers from Lena and he seems touched that she did something nice for Lena. Greenlee tells him she wasn't trying to help Lena, she's just trying to cause trouble. "For who?" Carlos asks. "For me," says Erica, who has just walked into Fusion. Erica informs Greenlee that she has picked the wrong battle to fight.

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