AMC Update Friday 6/6/03

All My Children Update Friday 6/6/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Michael calls Mia, who is at Fusion, and asks again if she would meet him for a drink. "What part of no don't you understand?" Mia responds. Michael says he'll be at the Valley Inn bar in half an hour if she changes her mind. Simone approaches Mia and asks if that was the guy in the bar who gave her his number. Mia says no, she ripped that number up. Simone asks again who was calling. Kendall approaches and says she knows who it was. It was her ex. Kendall tells Mia that Michael obviously has ulterior motives if he's trying to get together with her. Mia shoots back sarcastically that there can't be any way any man would find her attractive without having an ulterior motive. Simone asks if that was Michael who called and Mia admits that it was. She says he asked her to meet for a drink. Simone and Kendall urge Mia not to go, with Kendall saying she can't get over her hurt with Michael. Mia asks why not and suggests that Kendall is just jealous. They continue to try to talk her out of seeing Michael but Mia says no one could hurt her more than Jake did.

Also at Fusion, Greenlee is talking to her grandfather, who approves of Carlos as her boyfriend. He asks Greenlee why she keeps referring to Carlos as an artist. Is she ashamed he is really a handyman? He praises Carlos for some work he has done at his house and says Carlos is a decent man. He asks why she really asked him there, and Greenlee says she wants him to hire a new finance person. When he asks who it is, she says it's Lena Condera. The grandfather realizes that Lena is the person involved with Michael Cambias and says there is no way he would hire her. Greenlee persists, telling him why he should hire her. She says she is trying to do a favor for Bianca. He asks why Erica just doesn't rehire Lena, but Greenlee says Erica would never do that. The grandfather thinks Greenlee is not doing this to help Bianca but rather to hurt Erica. Greenlee denies the allegation, and says she wants to help Bianca because she was Leo's friend and this is what Leo would want. The grandfather notes that rubbing Erica's nose in it is just a bonus. Greenlee admits he is right, and says he should have heard the way Erica was talking to her. He agrees to hire Lena.

Lena goes into Adam's office to talk to him about a job at Chandler Enterprises. Adam is not there so she waits. Michael walks in instead. Lena asks what he is doing there. Michael tells her he's Adam's new right-hand man and he's there to give her a job. Looking at Adam's office, Michael says someday this will all be his. Lena questions his contention that he will be the head of Chandler Enterprises. Michael says he will be as soon as Adam steps aside. Lena says she's there to see Adam to talk to him about a job. Michael says he is there to interview her. She tries to walk out but he grabs her by the arm, telling her the interview is over when he says it's over. "How badly do you want to stay in this country?" he asks her. He wants to talk about a job, but Lena says there is no way she would have anything more to do with him. She says she'd feel cleaner if she worked in a garbage dump. Michael tells her that dump will be in Poland. She says she'll take her chances.

Bianca is at the Valley Inn bar waiting for someone. She calls the front desk and asks for Lena's room but is told Lena has checked out, although her luggage is still there. Bianca leaves a message for Lena to call her. Boyd arrives and sits down with Bianca. Boyd asks what favor she wants, but Bianca says it's probably too late because Lena has checked out. Bianca tells him that Lena has 24 hours to find a job and get a work visa or she'll have to leave the country. Bianca says she hopes she gets to see Lena because she wants to tell her something. Boyd realizes that there is a person at another cosmetics company who owes him a favor. Maybe she would give Lena a job. He calls her, but she is out of the office until next week. Boyd asks if this means Bianca is giving Lena a second chance. Bianca says she just doesn't want Lena thrown out of the country. It's too bad that the INS has found out about Lena, she says. She then notices a look on Boyd's face that tells her something. "My mother is the one who turned her in?" Bianca says Erica is not only ruining her life, she's ruining Lena's life as well. Boyd says they should just forget that and work to help Lena find a job, but Bianca says she first wants to find her mother and tell her to stay the hell out of her life.

Erica goes to see Myrtle to ask her if she's seen Bianca today. Myrtle says Bianca left to meet someone at the Valley Inn. Erica says Myrtle knows who Bianca is meeting but isn't saying. She asks how she could let Bianca leave to meet that dangerous Lena. Myrtle says the only person who is dangerous is Erica. Myrtle says she will not do anything to spoil Bianca's chance at being happy. Erica reminds Myrtle that Lena is a liar and a thief. Myrtle suggests that if Lena is deported, Bianca may go with her then she would lose Bianca all together. Erica says Lena and Bianca need to be kept apart until Lena leaves the country. Myrtle puts two and two together and realizes Erica reported Lena to the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Erica admits that she did to spare Bianca heartache and protect her. Myrtle asks what she's protecting her from – love? Erica says she'll do anything possible to keep Lena from Bianca. Suddenly Lena walks in and Erica is appalled to see her. She asks why she hasn't yet left the country. Lena tells Erica that she knows she's been calling around telling people not to hire her. Just then Bianca walks in and asks her mother if that's true. Erica admits that she made a few calls to warn her friends in the industry against Lena. Bianca asks her if that's why she called the INS. Bianca tells Erica that she went behind her back to hurt the person she loves. She tells her mother she wants her to be as unhappy and as lonely as her. Erica walks out, speechless. Lena's phone rings. It is Greenlee offering her a job. Lena is overjoyed. "I can stay," she tells Bianca.

Mia goes into the Valley Inn bar and looks for Michael, who is not there. She sits down at the bar but decides to leave. As she's walking out she runs into Michael, who tells her that this is a nice surprise. She says it was a mistake and walks out.

David is holding a teddy bear and dreams that he sees Anna bringing him Leora. He and Anna cuddle and kiss Leora, then David wakes up to the horrible reality that Leora is gone. He throws the teddy bear to the floor and Anna walks in. Anna tells him that some of the funeral arrangements have been made but there is much left to do. She says she's glad that Jack was with her because he gave her the strength to get it done. David is silent. Anna asks him if he wants to talk about the service but he doesn't respond. "Are you ever going to talk to me again?" she asks. She begs him not to shut her out. Falling to her knees in front of him, she says she is in so much pain that she can't breathe. She says if they share this together, maybe the pain won't be so hard. He walks away from her without saying a word. There is a knock on the door. Anna answers it and finds a diaper delivery man there with a shipment. Anna completely loses it, breaking down into sobs. The man asks Anna to sign his form and she does. He leaves, telling her to call when she needs another shipment. Anna sinks to the floor in tears and reaches out for David, who merely turns his back to her. She pulls herself up and goes into another room. David is sitting on the floor looking at Leora's things. Suddenly a pair of small hands cover his eyes. He turns around and sees a little girl with long dark hair. "Did you miss me, daddy," she asks him. David says Leora's name and tells her she's so big. "I'm 5," she says. He tells her she's beautiful. She asks if he likes her new dress. She says she has lots of new dresses, and in fact she gets everything she wants. "Don't be sad, daddy," she says, as David pulls her into a hug and tells her he loves her. "I love you too, daddy. I have to go now." She blows him a kiss and then is gone. David calls out for her, telling her to come back. He picks up the teddy bear and hugs it.

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