AMC Update Thursday 6/5/03

All My Children Update Thursday 6/5/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Erica has a meeting with an INS officer. He asks her a few important questions, and then says he has all that he needs. Erica asks if Lena has been notified about her being deported. The officer says she has and that she will be escorted on to a plane in just a few hours. Boyd comes in and overhears the officer. He tells Erica she’s making a bad move.

Lena walks into the Valley Inn and spots Greenlee. Lena politely asks Greenlee for a few minutes. Greenlee snaps at her and tells her she doesn’t want anything to do with her. Lena pleads with her to hear her out. She tells her that her visa has been revoked, and that she desperately needs a job.

Jackson and Reggie are working hard at the new community project. It’s very chaotic – work men are everywhere, and deliveries are coming in one after another. Reggie is about to sign for a delivery, but Jackson tells him he’ll take care of it. When Joni comes in, Jackson tells her to sign for all the deliveries from now on. Reggie snaps and says he doesn’t want Joni to take over his job. Jackson tells him that he needs him to do all the heavy-lifting, so Joni will take care of the other details. Reggie furiously says he won’t be taking any orders from Joni.

Joe is in his office, daydreaming. Tad comes in for a visit, and senses that his father is very preoccupied. He tells his father to not blame himself. Joe says Anna and David blame him. Tad shakes his head and says he did all he could for the baby. Joe shrugs and says he wants to go meet Anna and David. Tad says he’ll drive him over.

David spent all night next to Leora’s crib. He picks up pieces of the wooden crib and starts burning them in the fireplace. Anna tries to stop him, but David warns her not to intervene. Anna tells him that the funeral director has asked them to come in to make arrangements. She says they wanted her to bring something for Leora to wear. David looks blankly at the beautiful white dress Anna holds up. David says he bought Leora that dress. Anna says she knows, and that Leora will look best in it. She talks about the time they dressed Leora up for her photo with the Easter Bunny. David’s eyes well up. Anna says she’s going to take a shower because they have to get ready soon. David tells her he’s not going. Anna tells him to not put this off, but David is adamant and repeats that he’s not going. He walks into his room and slams the door behind him. Anna quietly cries and picks up the phone. She calls Aidan first, but gets the answering machine. She then calls Jackson. She tells him that she has to go to a funeral home and that David can’t come. Jackson tells her not to give it a second thought and that he will be there.

Jackson turns to Joni and Reggie and tells them he has to go. He tells Reggie to listen to Joni while he’s gone. Reggie protests, and Joni tells him to stop giving her attitude. After Jackson leaves, Luis shows up. He tells Reggie that he has the pick-up ready and wants Reggie to hand him all the deliveries. Reggie tells him that Joni is now in charge of the deliveries, and that he can’t help out anymore. Luis warns him to make sure his friend Joni helps him out.

Erica thanks the INS officer and walks him to the door. After he leaves, she turns to Boyd and raises her eyebrow. Boyd tells her she’s doing the wrong thing by having Bianca’s girlfriend deported. Erica sternly says that Lena is her EX-girlfriend. Boyd says he can see right through all this. Erica insists that it is her duty as a businesswoman and American citizen to report Lena. She adds that Lena was part of sabotage, and almost hurt Enchantment. Boyd tells her to admit that this isn’t about Enchantment. Erica says that she is looking out for her company, and if she can protect Bianca at the same time, then that’s great. She tells Boyd that if he can’t be just as loyal to Enchantment, maybe he shouldn’t work for her anymore. Boyd laughs. He asks why she’s threatening to fire him just because he’s trying to talk some sense into her. Erica tells him that challenging her is not part of his job description. She sits down with a sigh. Boyd urges her to not take this issue too far. KC, a cosmetics executive walks into Erica’s office and Erica gets up to greet her. Erica thanks her for coming and asks Boyd to leave. KC asks Erica what’s on her mind, and why she called the meeting so suddenly. Erica tells her she wanted to warn her about a corporate shark named Lena. She says that Lena may be going around looking for a job. KC tells her that she need not worry, and that she’ll personally make sure Lena doesn’t get hired in this town again.

Greenlee gives Lena a hard time and says she doesn’t have an opening for a corporate back stabber. Lena tells her she won’t make excuses about what she did, but her hands were tied. She says things are different now and that she’s desperate to stay in the country. Greenlee loses it. She says she could never allow Michael’s mistress to come in and work side by side by her friend Kendall. Lena leaves disappointed and Bianca comes in just in time to see her leaving. Bianca asks Greenlee what she and Lena were talking about. Greenlee tells her that Lena is being deported and that she wanted a job. Bianca urges Greenlee to understand what Lena has been through. She says people change. Greenlee doesn’t sympathize.

Anna and Jackson are at the funeral home. Anna takes a deep breath outside and can’t believe she’s really there. The funeral home administrator comes out and escorts Anna inside. Anna hands him the dress for Leora. The administrator asks what kind of service they would like. Anna says she’s not sure, and that she just wants to lay her daughter down to rest. She starts crying and Jackson comforts her. The administrator hands her an album of caskets and tells her to take her time in choosing. Anna numbly flips through the photographs. She finally picks something and the administrator tells her he will make sure they have a nice service. After the administrator leaves, Jackson asks if there’s anything he can do. Anna tells him he’s doing it. Jackson asks what happened with David. Anna tells him that David has shut down, and that he smashed Leora’s crib to pieces. Jackson says he’s there for her whenever she needs him. Anna says she wishes her daughter’s father was with her too.

Meanwhile, David walks around his place aimlessly. He takes out an album and a video tape from his desk. It’s a home video of him and Anna with Leora. David cries as he watches. There’s a knock on his door and he gets up to answer. It’s Joe and Tad. David asks what they want. Joe says they came to see him and Anna. David asks if they got the autopsy reports. Joe says they haven’t, but he has to realize that Leora’s condition was very serious. David gets up in anger and tells Joe he wasn’t good enough to save his daughter. Tad steps in between and tells him he shouldn’t blame Joe. Joe tells Tad it’s okay and that David has the right to question his daughter’s surgery. David asks them why they came in the first place. He asks if they thought he would suddenly regret all the things he said and apologize. Tad tells him that they just came to comfort him. David accuses Tad of taking revenge because he slept with Dixie. Tad tells him he’s out of his mind. “You have no idea,” says David.

Anna cries in Jackson’s arms. She says she doesn’t blame David for thinking he could have saved Leora’s life. After all, he has saved dozens and hundreds of lives before. Jackson asks Anna if she thinks David could have saved Leora. Anna thinks about it for a while and finally says no. She says David will never forgive himself for that.

Bianca tells Greenlee that she of all people should understand Lena’s position. Bianca reminds her that Leo had also lied to her, but she forgave him. Greenlee says she knows that, but she made him suffer before she forgave him. Bianca asks how she knew she could trust him again. Greenlee says she just looked deep into those big brown eyes, and she just knew it. She tells Bianca that if she’s lucky, she’ll feel it too. Erica comes in just then and asks Bianca what she’s doing with Greenlee. Greenlee looks over at Erica and asks if she wants to know what she was telling her daughter. Before Erica can even respond, Greenlee says she was telling Bianca to go for the girl. Erica tells Greenlee that Bianca is too smart to take advice from her. Greenlee tells her that Bianca did most of the talking. Erica asks Bianca to come over to the dining room, but Bianca says she’s just going to go back to work. After Bianca leaves, Greenlee tells Erica that she’s not going to win. Erica changes the subject and says she heard about the crazy competition Fusion is holding. Greenlee tells Erica that she’s just sorry that she didn’t think of it first. Erica laughs. Greenlee asks why she’s deporting Lena. Erica is caught off guard and pretends to not know what Greenlee is talking about. Greenlee smiles and says this whole deporting case has Erica Kane written all over it.

Joni walks around the community center, making inventory notes. Reggie tries to take the papers away from her and says he’ll take care of the deliveries. Joni insists that Jackson gave her the job, and that she can handle it. Luis comes in and asks Reggie if Joni is going to be a problem. Reggie says it’s not a problem and that he’ll take care of it. Luis looks over at Joni and says she looks very tasty. Reggie gets furious and tells him to stay away from Joni.

Erica tells Greenlee that Lena is a rogue and no one will benefit with her around. Greenlee says that she’s a hopeless romantic, and that she may just intervene to help Lena and Bianca patch things. Erica warns her to stay away but Greenlee rolls her eyes. Erica takes a personal shot and tells Greenlee that she will never be as successful as her. After Erica stomps off, Greenlee takes out her cell phone. She calls a friend and asks him to do her a favor. She tells him to hire one of her friends who happens to be a financial genius, no questions asked.

Jackson continues comforting Anna. Anna admits that everything gets better with time, and that she will try to get through to David. She says it’s ridiculous how much she’s going to miss Leora, even though she didn’t know her for a long time. Jackson tells her it’s not ridiculous, and that Leora was a part of her. Anna starts crying and Jackson hugs her.

Tad tells David that he tried really hard to feel bad for him. He asks David why he’s so determined to turn this thing around into a personal vendetta. David tells him to go to hell. Before leaving, Joe tells him to come by the hospital and pick up some of Leora’s personal things. David slams the door behind them. He walks over to Leora’s bag and takes out some of her things. He picks up her teddy bear and looks at it lovingly.

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