AMC Update Wednesday 6/4/03


All My Children Update Wednesday 6/4/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is at home, watching videos of men trying out for Fusion’s Sexiest Man contest. She suddenly hears something outside and gets startled. At first she thinks it’s just her nerves playing tricks on her, but then she hears the noise again. She shouts out loud, “Michael! Is that you?” When she hears no response, she walks towards the door. She calls out again, but is surprised to hear Boyd’s voice. She opens the door and asks Boyd what he was doing sneaking around her place.

Michael is on a private yacht with his father. Alexander goes about his business and ignores his son. Michael tries talking to him, but Alexander merely asks who bailed him out.

Simone and Mia and are passing out flyers at the Valley Inn to promote the Fusion contest. Maria bumps into Simone by mistake and picks up one of the flyers. Not knowing who Maria is, Simone asks if she has a sexy man in her life. Maria says she does, but she doesn’t know if a contest is his thing. Simone asks her to bring her man over, and Maria excitedly agrees. Simone goes to Mia and tells her that she just bumped into a woman who is married to a very sexy man. When Mia turns around, she sees Maria and Edmund walking over. Simone gasps and realizes who she had bumped into. She quickly apologizes to Mia and tells her she didn’t know who the lady was.

Aidan brings Anna home. Anna looks around the house numbly and goes straight to the crib. Aidan hugs her to comfort her.

Greenlee and David are still at the falls. Greenlee tells David that Leora will be in safe hands, and that she’ll always know he loves her. She tells him that he still has Anna and that he needs to hold on to her. Greenlee holds out her hand and asks him to come back from the ledge. David laughs. He says he’s not going to jump, and that he’s got too many things to do.

Maria and Edmund come face to face with Mia. Maria feels really awkward and asks for the keys to her car. After she leaves, Simone also makes an excuse and leaves. Edmund approaches Mia and says he’s sorry. He doesn’t really know what else to say. Mia tells him he doesn’t need to explain, and that she understands that Maria is back. Edmund tells her she’s beautiful, but Mia tells him to not say things like that. After Edmund leaves, Simone comes back over to Mia. She asks Mia to not hate her. Mia tells her the only person she hates is Edmund. She starts complaining about men, and declares that they all want the same thing. Simone tries to talk to her, but Mia says she can prove it and walks off towards a bar. She takes a seat next to a man and starts seducing him.

Boyd apologizes to Kendall for scaring her. He says he heard about Michael almost raping her and Erica, and so he came over to check on her. Kendall thanks him for still caring. She tells him Aidan had showed up just in time when Michael came back for seconds. Boyd asks her if they’re back together.

Aidan tells Anna that everything will be okay. Anna tells him she shouldn’t have trusted David, and that she shouldn’t have waiting so long to operate. Aidan hugs her and says that she’ll feel better when David is back.

Greenlee tells David to grieve and to let it out. She says she knows he loved Leora, and that he’s going to miss her. David tells her to stop. Greenlee encourages him to go home and be with Anna. David puts his head down and starts crying.

Michael begs Alexander for a second chance. He says he gave up everything to make his father proud. Alexander shakes his head and tells him he’s a disgrace. Michael says he’s his son, and he’s all that he has left. He says all he’s trying to do is protect Cambias Industries. Alexander laughs and says he doesn’t need protection from Erica. Michael says he’s talking about Adam Chandler. Alexander turns around curiously and asks why he would need protection from Adam. Michael tells him that Adam wants to get his hands on Cambias Industries. Alexander asks Michael what Adam offered him. Michael says that Adam offered him the chance to get even. He says that he doesn’t want to turn against his father, and instead, he would like to turn the tables around on Adam. He tells his father that he will hand Chandler Enterprises to him on a silver platter.

Kendall tells Boyd that she and Aidan are not back together. Boyd asks her how the Fusion contest is going. Kendall tells him she was just watching a video and rating the contestants. She eyes Boyd from top to bottom and tells him he should be in the running. Boyd plays along and tells Kendall how talented he is. He tells her he became a chemist so he could create the perfect woman. Kendall laughs and asks if he came close. Boyd says that although his experiments didn’t work, he does think he’s finally found her. Kendall asks who she is. Boyd tells her she’s standing right in front of him.

Robin calls for her mother and Aidan picks up. Aidan tells her that Anna may not be up for talking. Anna finally gets up and says she’s being silly. She takes the phone and talks to Robin. She tells her all about the operation, and David, and losing Leora. She tells Robin she doesn’t know where David is. Just then the front door opens and David comes in. Anna gets off the phone. She thanks Aidan for everything, and Aidan tells her to call if she needs anything. After Aidan leaves, Anna walks over to David. David stands numb and speechless. He picks up one of Leora’s toys and quietly looks at it.

Maria and Edmund come home from their night out. Joni had been baby-sitting, and Maddie had fallen asleep on the couch. Maddie starts screaming in her sleep and Maria rushes over to her. Maddie wakes up and says she had a dream about the bad man, and that he came to take her away. Edmund and Maria hug Maddie and comfort her.

Mia comes back from the bar and tells Simone that she was right. She says all men are the same and that they’re all after the same thing. She shows Simone a paper napkin with the man’s phone number on it. Simone tells her that she needs to come to terms with her break up and not become a man-hater. While they’re talking, Greenlee rushes over and asks if they’ve seen Carlos. Simone and Mia can see Greenlee has been crying and ask her what’s wrong. Greenlee tells them about losing Leora. The girls comfort her and ask about David and Anna. Greenlee says she’s worried that David is going to shut down emotionally on Anna.

Alexander asks Michael if thinks he can take on Adam all by himself. Michael says he can, and all he needs is access to Cambias computers and files again. Alexander looks doubtful and tells Michael he doesn’t want to take any risks. Michael pleads with him and says that all he wants is to protect him. He says he wants his father back. Alexander looks at him and wonders if his son is telling the truth. Michael looks hurt and walks out.

Boyd and Kendall are about to kiss. Just then there’s a knock on the door. Kendall jumps in surprise and Boyd tells her to not worry. He cautiously goes towards the door and quickly opens it. It’s Aidan. Seeing Boyd, Aidan says he’ll come back, but Kendall stops him. Boyd says he doesn’t want to interrupt and that he’ll leave. Kendall tells them both to be quiet and leads Aidan inside. She can tell something is wrong and asks Aidan what happened. Aidan tells her about losing Leora and Kendall hugs him. Boyd says he’s not going to intrude and that he’s going to leave. Kendall holds his hand and apologizes. Boyd tells her he’ll see her soon. After Boyd leaves, Aidan apologizes for coming over without calling. Kendall tells him he’s being silly, and that she wants to be there for him. She hugs him. Aidan tells Kendall about his night at the hospital. He tells her that he tried to comfort Anna, but he wasn’t getting through. Kendall tells him that she’s there for him, and that he can come talk to her whenever he wants. Aidan changes the subject and asks about Boyd. Kendall says she’s not sure, but she knows he’s been waiting for her for awhile.

Anna begs David to turn around and hold her. David says he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. Anna tells him she can’t do this on her own. She says she needs to do something, she needs to keep busy. David tells her to do what she thinks is best, and to leave him out of it. Anna tells him that he’s acting as if he’s the only one who lost a daughter today. The phone rings. It’s the hospital asking whether she and David have picked out a funeral home yet. Anna tells them they haven’t talked about it. She asks David if he has any preferences but David doesn’t respond. Anna tells the hospital they’re not ready yet. While Anna is putting the phone down, David picks up a bat and starts bashing Leora’s crib. Anna cries in the back and tells him to stop it. David is outraged and continues beating on the crib violently.

After they put Maddie back to sleep, Edmund and Maria sit in the living room. Maria tells him that she feels awful for leaving Maddie alone. She says they need to be there for her, and that it will take time for things to become normal. Edmund says he has an idea. He says they need to show the kids that they really are one big happy family again. Maria asks where he’s going with this. Edmund asks Maria to marry him, again. He tells her that they have a second chance at perfection. Maria smiles and says she’s so lucky to have two proposals from the man she loves. Edmund says he’s waiting for her answer. Maria smiles and says of course she’ll marry him. Edmund excitedly picks her up in his arms.

Greenlee says she has to look for Carlos and leaves. Simone packs up her things and tells Mia that she has to leave as well. Mia sits alone and wonders what to do. She rips up the number she had gotten earlier and walks over to the bar. Michael walks over and takes the seat next to her. He asks if he can get her anything. Mia looks disgusted and says she doesn’t want anything from him.

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