AMC Update Tuesday 6/3/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/3/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Jackson and Reggie pack up their things at Erica’s apartment. Reggie asks him why he couldn’t just pretend to be sick for a while longer. Jackson shakes his head and says it doesn’t work that way. Erica walks in and sees boxes everywhere. She asks what’s going on. Jackson tells her he thought it was a good time for him to leave. Erica looks stunned. Reggie tells her that she’s gone ahead and lost Jackson too.

Carlos waits by the bar at the Valley Inn, all dressed up in a suit. Greenlee’s mother, Mary, shows up and takes a seat next to him. She leans over and wonders who the handsome man next to her is. She tries to get his attention by asking him to pass some cocktail napkins. Carlos looks over and realizes that Mary hasn’t recognized him. He smiles to himself. Mary asks him why she hasn’t seen him around. Carlos says he’s new in town. Mary says she thought so and starts to introduce herself. Carlos stops her and says he knows who she is. Mary is flattered and laughs seductively. Just then, Greenlee walks in. She asks her mother what she’s doing there, and why she’s being so nice to Carlos. Mary is shocked. She tells Carlos that she didn’t recognize him without his work clothes. She asks Greenlee where she bought him the jacket he’s wearing. Carlos rolls his eyes and tells Greenlee he’ll get them a table. Greenlee tells Mary that she shouldn’t wear her best shoes when she puts her foot in her mouth. Mary laughs and says she can’t understand why she’s wasting her time with a handyman. Carlos comes back and tells Greenlee their table is ready. Mary tells them to enjoy their dinner. Carlos and Greenlee get to their table and Carlos orders a very expensive wine. Greenlee is impressed.

Anna holds onto Leora and sings her a lullaby. She can hear David shouting in the hallway. She realizes it’s time for her to say her final good bye. She lays Leora down and walks outside to find David shouting at Joe while Tad holds him back. In tears, she tells David it’s not their fault. David pushes Tad away and tells Anna that they killed their daughter. He says he could have saved Leora but they didn’t let him. Anna tells him that he doesn’t know that. David says he knows in his heart that he could have saved her. Tad intervenes and says he knows what they’re going through. David snaps at him and says he couldn’t possibly know the pain. Tad tells him that when he lost Dixie, he also lost their unborn baby girl. David tells him it’s not the same, and that he never actually held his unborn baby. He warns him not to compare the two situations.

Jackson asks Reggie to go inside while he talks to Erica. After Reggie leaves, Erica asks why he’s leaving. Jackson tells her that it shouldn’t surprise her, and that he kind of moved in all of a sudden. Erica tells him that he’s still recuperating, and that he still needs someone to take care of him. Jackson tells her she needs to take care of herself right now. He says she needs to deal with Chris’ death and the whole Michael affair. Erica tries to understand. Jackson tells her that he’s not leaving because he’s giving up on them, and that they just need some time.

Carlos samples the wine and tells the waiter that it’s good. Greenlee observes him and smiles. She knows that the wine he ordered was very expensive and she asks why he selected that particular wine. Carlos says that he happens to like it. He looks over the menu and asks if she’s ready to order. Greenlee says she’ll just have the fruit appetizer. Carlos asks why she isn’t hungry. Greenlee says that she lost her appetite after seeing her mother. She complains that her mother is so condescending and disgusting. Carlos tells her she’s doing the same thing as her mother. Greenlee is taken aback and asks Carlos why he would say that. Carlos tells her that they’re on a real date, but she’s acting as if he can’t handle it. He asks why she’s being so cautious, and why she thinks he doesn’t have enough money. Greenlee tells him that she knows what they pay him at Fusion. Carlos takes out a big wad of dollars. He tells her that he made enough from the art gallery, and urges her to order a full meal. Greenlee smiles and realizes she was being presumptuous. She takes a deep breath and tells Carlos she’s in his hands from now on.

Marian shows up and she and Mary sit down for dinner. Marian starts filling her in on all the juicy details of Pine Valley and tells her about Jackson being shot. Mary takes a lot of interest in Jackson and Marian asks her why. Mary says they’re just old friends. Marion informs her that Erica and Jackson are engaged for the billionth time, and that Erica just won’t leave him alone. Mary glances over at Greenlee and Carlos and Marian follows her gaze. She notices Mary’s concern and tells her not to judge a man too quickly.

Jackson tells Erica that while she’s putting her life together, he’s going to try to take Michael’s life apart. Erica is happy with that and thanks him. Jackson tells her he wants to make sure he doesn’t lose her. Erica says he won’t. Jackson asks her to keep the engagement ring and Erica says she will. Reggie comes back and says he’s all done packing up. Jackson kisses Erica and says good night. After Jackson and Reggie leave, Bianca shows up. Erica is glad to see her. Bianca walks in angrily and asks her mother, “How could you?” Erica stammers and asks what she’s done now! Bianca asks Erica why she didn’t tell her about Chris’ death. She says that she just saw the news, and thought it may be a mistake. Erica starts crying and hugs her daughter. Bianca realizes that what she saw on the news was right. She starts crying in her mother’s arms. Erica apologizes to Bianca for not telling her any sooner. Bianca says that she wouldn’t be alive if Chris hadn’t saved her from that fire. Erica nods her head. Bianca tells her mother she’s there for her. Erica says they’re both going through some rough situations. She asks about Lena. Bianca rolls her eyes and says she doesn’t want to talk about this right now. She says that a little heartbreak is nothing compared to Chris’ death. Erica senses something and asks if Lena is staying. Bianca nods and says she’s not every happy about it. Erica throws up her arms in anger. She tells Bianca that Lena’s gotten to her again!

Anna apologizes to Joe for David’s reaction. Joe and Tad both comfort her and say they can’t really blame him. Tad says he meant it when he said he knows what they’re going through, and Joe tells her he’s not taking the threats seriously. Anna thanks them. She turns to Joe and asks if David is right. Joe is a bit taken aback. He tells her that there were a lot of complications during the surgery. Anna shakes her head and asks if she’s to blame for forcing David to go along with the surgery. She asks if she’s responsible for her daughter’s death. Joe tells Anna that he doesn’t know exactly how things could have been different. He says perhaps they waiting too long to implant the pacemaker, but perhaps they should have waited longer. He says he’s a doctor, but he too can’t really say. She asks if there will be an autopsy. Joe says there will and that they can appoint a separate pathologist if they want. Anna shakes her head and says that would just mean more knives. She says she doesn’t want to torment Leora. Joe tells her to think about it and make her decision later. Tad steps closer and tells her to go talk to David. He says David needs her. Anna looks blankly at him and her eyes well up again. She says she wishes she could go back a day, or an hour, and just be able to hold Leora again. Aidan rushes in and sees Anna. He hugs her and Anna quietly cries in his arms.

David is in the woods, beside the waterfall where Leo died. He shouts out for Leo, “Hey can you hear me? Are you there?” He looks up at the stars and tells Leo he needs him more than ever. He says he lost his daughter and that she was the only good thing in his life. He says he could have saved Leora, but that Joe and Tad Martin didn’t let him. David gets angry again and says there’s going to be a price to pay for such a sin.

Anna thanks Aidan for coming. Aidan says Tad called him and asks her where David is. Anna says it’s better if they leave David alone for a while. Aidan asks if he can take her home. Anna says she can’t leave because Leora is still inside. Aidan suggests they go to the chapel. Anna says there’s no reason to pray anymore, and that God isn’t on speaking terms with her. Aidan asks her why she thinks like that. Anna says she didn’t do enough for her daughter and that she feels responsible.

Joe and Tad are at the Valley Inn, waiting for a table. Tad asks Joe to come over to his place after dinner. Joe smiles and says it’s not necessary. Tad says he knows that his mother isn’t around, and he doesn’t want his dad to go home alone. Joe nods and says it may be a good idea. Tad’s glad that that’s settled and asks his dad to make sure they get a table. He spots Greenlee and goes over to her table. He apologizes to Carlos for interrupting and kneels down next to Greenlee. He tells her that there’s no easy way to say it, so he’s just going to tell her. He says that Leora didn’t make it. Greenlee sighs and leans back. Carlos comforts her and says he’ll take her home. Greenlee asks about Anna and David. Tad tells her that Anna is with Aidan, and that David took off. Greenlee says she has to go look for David and apologizes to Carlos.

Jackson shows up at the Valley Inn and Mary rushes to him. She hugs him and says she’s glad he’s okay. Jackson is stunned and wonders why he’s getting so much affection. He thanks Mary for her concern and says he’ll be just fine. After Reggie gets their take-out order, Jackson and Reggie start towards the door. Reggie is impressed with how women fall at Jackson’s feet and tells Jackson that he hopes whatever he has is contagious.

Bianca tells her mother that Lena didn’t do anything again and that they’re not back together. Erica says she won’t stop worrying till Lena is out of her life for good. Bianca looks tired. She tells her mother for the umpteenth time that Lena is no longer working with Michael. She says that Lena is even testifying against Michael. Erica isn’t convinced and says it could all be a set-up. Bianca has had enough. She asks her mother if she hates Lena because she lied or because she’s gay. Erica says that she has no problems with her daughter’s sexual orientation. She reminds Bianca how Lena hurt her, and urges her to not let Lena back into her life. Bianca isn’t buying it, but Erica tells her that she’s past her issues. Bianca stops her and says that she’s the only one who’s going to decide what’s going to happen. Erica looks hurt. Bianca reminds herself what she came to do and composes herself. She says she didn’t come to argue about Lena, but to talk about Chris. She hugs her mother and says she’s really going to miss him. Erica hugs her back and says she’ll miss him too. Bianca says they’ll talk later and leaves. After Bianca leaves, Erica gets on the phone. She calls the Immigration and Naturalization Services hotline. She tells the operator that she wants to talk to someone about reporting an illegal alien.

After Greenlee leaves, Carlos goes back to standing at the bar. Mary comes over and asks if he can pay his own way. Carlos has had enough. He turns around and tells Mary that she had no problem with him the first time. Mary says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Carlos smiles and says that they met before Fusion. Mary shakes her head. Carlos tells her that it was at her father’s pool party. He says she came out in her red bikini, lied down, took off her top and asked him to rub lotion on her. Mary is shocked and Carlos leans in to whisper in her ear. He says if he was good enough for her then, he’s good enough for Greenlee now.

David is still looking up at the stars and talking to Leo. He tells Leo that he would have made a great uncle. Greenlee shows up. She tells him that Leora is safe in her uncle’s hands right now. David looks at her and starts crying.

Aidan comforts Anna and tells her it’s not her fault. He says Leora had a weak heart and there wasn’t anything they could have done. Anna insists that she could have done more. The nurse wheels Leora away and Anna ties running to her. Aidan holds her back and tells her it’s all right. Anna crumbles to the ground and starts crying.

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