AMC Update Monday 6/2/03

All My Children Update Monday 6/2/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Adam and Michael are discussing business at the Valley Inn bar. Michael is wanting to move fast on a new business venture but Adam says he won't be rushed by someone who has the patience of a 4-year-old. They trade insults about their family, with Adam remarking about Michael's poor relationship with his father and Michael doing the same about Adam's relationship with JR. Adam warns Michael not to say anything derogatory about JR. Adam declares that their deal is off and he gets up to leave. Michael stops him, admitting that when it comes to his father he can be temperamental. He tells Adam that he'll let him call the shots. Michael tells Adam he admires how he stuck up for his son with business on the line. Adam says his family is everything to him.

In front of Lena, Bianca asks Erica if the reason she doesn't like Lena is because she doesn't trust her or because she's gay. Erica tells Bianca that Lena is the reason for everything that's happened lately. Bianca says Lena is not the reason. Erica asks her daughter if she's forgotten everything Lena has done. Bianca says Lena is not to blame for Michael trying to force himself on her. Erica asks Bianca how she knows that Lena is not still linked to Michael and that she didn't post his bail. Bianca asks Lena if she bailed Michael out and she says she did not. Bianca is satisfied with the answer and tells her mother so. Erica can't believe Bianca is going to take her word for that. Bianca tells Erica all she wants is to talk to Lena alone. Erica instead tries to kick Lena out of her office. Erica tells Bianca that she wants to protect her from her self-destructive behavior of falling for the wrong woman. Lena stands up for Bianca, telling Erica that she's a grown woman. Lena tells Erica that she will always regret hurting Bianca. They bicker back and forth about Bianca until Bianca interrupts, reminding them that she's still in the room. Bianca tells Erica that all she wants is a moment alone with Lena. Erica leaves, but not before telling her daughter to not forget what Lena has done to her. As Erica leaves she gets a phone call. Some is telling her some news about Michael Cambias. Erica tells the caller she wants to take care of this personally.

Erica finds Adam and Michael together. "Do you have any idea what you're doing?" she says to Adam. "You bailed this parasite out of jail?" Erica tells Adam that he tried to rape her and Kendall. Michael says he didn't lay a hand on Erica, and his time with Kendall was just a private moment with his lover. Adam tells Erica that she's letting her childhood trauma
affect her adult life. Adam tells Erica that she did the same thing with Dimitri and she did the same thing last week in the public fight with Kendall. Erica tells him that fight with Kendall was staged. Michael comments about what a good showman she is. Erica tells him to shut up and throws a drink in his face. Michael leaves and Adam tells Erica that he too wants to make Michael pay for what he has done. "We're on the same side," he says. He tells her this partnership with Michael is just an act, and he's a "willing patsy." Erica says she wants Michael ruined. Adam tells her together they can hurt him more than a prison sentence.

Bianca tells Lena that her mother came to see her to tell her she's moving to Chicago. Lena says she told her mother not to do that. Bianca says her mother helped her understand what Lena's life was like in Poland. Bianca asks Lena why she never told her this. Lena says she could not just open herself up like that. Bianca says she opened herself to Lena. Lena says her feelings for Bianca are the first honest feelings she's ever had. Yet she's going to Chicago, Bianca notes. Lena tells her that she's the only reason she would stay. Lena says she's leaving tonight. Bianca notices Lena has a strip of photos of the two of them. Lena says she wants to keep it so she has something to remember Bianca by. Lena carries a box to the door then turns around and tells Bianca she can't go. She can't lose her. Bianca says it doesn't work this way. Lena says even if Bianca isn't sure, she is, and please don't say no. Lena asks Bianca what she is thinking. Bianca says she's thinking about how little she trusts her. She says she can't be with someone she doesn't trust. Lena says it will be different this time. She'll never hurt her again. Bianca says she won't hurt her because she won't let her.

Henry tells his mother he's not going to medical school, in fact he may not even graduate from college. Alma tells him that is nonsense. Henry admits he's been expelled for cheating. Alma doesn't believe him, asking him who is making up these lies against him. Henry repeats that he cheated after freezing on a test. Alma notices Maggie, who has just walked in, and says she blames her. Alma asks why Maggie is there. Maggie says she's there for Henry. Alma tells Henry that he never cheated before Maggie distracted him from his studies. Henry says Maggie didn't distract him. Alma tells him that she sacrificed everything for him. She turns to her brother and lays into him for encouraging Henry to pursue other interests. Henry shouts that if she wants to blame someone, she should blame herself. Alma asks how is this her fault. Henry tells her she wanted him to be a doctor. All he wanted was a choice. She says he had a choice, cheat or don't cheat. She asks him if he wants to be a doctor and he says he doesn't know. She asks if he'd rather be a guitar player and stand on the corner and have people throw money into a hat. She says she will not support that. She walks away and her brother follows her. "What do I do?" he asks Maggie. Maggie tells Henry his mother loves him. He shouldn't give up on her so easily. She says she wishes she were in his position. Her mother never gave a damn about her. Henry asks Maggie for another chance to make things up to her. Henry tells her he loves her. He says he would take back everything that happened if he could. Maggie asks him where he was when her future was on the line. He tells her he's sorry. "So am I," she says as she gets up and leaves. Alone at the table, a distraught Henry thinks back to when he was a little boy and put some chopsticks in his mother's mouth pretending to be a doctor. "You are the best doctor ever, Dr. Chin," he remembers his mother telling him.

Anna, upon learning of Leora's death, crumbles to the floor, crying "no, no." With David watching in stunned silence, Joe tells Anna that Leora's heart was very weak. She wasn't in any pain and she went quietly, he says. Anna cries that this surgery was supposed to help her live. What went wrong? Joe tells her that she did everything right as a parent. He asks her if she wants to go into the operating room and see Leora, but Anna says she doesn't because she doesn't want Leora to see her this way. As Joe walks away, he tells David that Anna needs him, and he needs her. David tells Anna that Leora is gone and it's time to say goodbye. Anna says she cannot. They proclaim their love for each other. David says they need to go into the room because he doesn't want Leora lying their alone on a table. Anna agrees, and they walk in and see their little daughter lying under a sheet. David lifts the sheet and looks at his little girl. "Daddy's so sorry," he says. "I didn't do what I promised. I didn't protect you." He asks Leora if that is why she stopped fighting, because she saw that he gave up on her. Anna rushes to David and tells him that is not what happened. David tells Leora that he will make sure Joe Martin pays for what he did to her. Anna tells David to shut up. She says he has to have some respect, but David says Joe Martin did this. Anna tells him she can't fight him now because she's so full of pain. David tells Leora he has to go. "You will always be the best part of me," he says. Anna asks him where he's going. She says she wants to stay her and hold Anna and she wants his help. David says he can't. He has nothing left. He walks outside the room, squats down and buries his head in his hands. Anna remains inside the operating room, holding Leora in her arms and calling her her sweet baby. She says she knows she will not open her eyes and has crossed over from this place. She tells her that she had a beautiful future. "What will I do without you." She sings her a lullaby. Joe and Tad approach David and Joe tells him they are very sorry. David asks Joe what he lost, a patient? He lost his daughter. Tad tells him he knows what he's going through. David tells Tad he never held his daughter in his arms. Tad says he never had the chance. David should be glad he had that chance, Tad says. Joe tells David his prayers will be with him. David says this is coming from the two men who murdered his child. He tells Joe he let her die. Tad says Joe didn't perform the surgery, but David says Joe kept him from being there to save his daughter. David wants Joe and Tad to know how it feels to have their family torn apart.

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