AMC Update Thursday 5/29/03

All My Children Update Thursday 5/29/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Maria eagerly awaits her mother’s visit. Edmund calms her nerves, and tells her that she has nothing to worry about. Maria tells Edmund how she will tell her mother that her memories are back. She says she will tell her mother about the happiest day of her life – her wedding day.

David sits next to Leora’s crib. He promises Leora to be by her side through out the surgery. Anna comes in and watches. She takes Leora in her hands and says she needs Leora just as much as he does. Anna seems to be in a panic. She rushes around the room, gathering anything Leora may miss while she’s in the hospital. David hugs her and says everything will be ok.

Erica and Jackson sit in the hospital chapel. Erica says Chris is gone because of her. She says he’s the one who made her love again. Jackson firmly tells Erica that it’s not her fault, and that it was a madman that killed Chris. Erica asks Jackson to promise to find the madman. Derek comes in. He says they checked out Chris’ hotel room. Chris had apparently packed his bags and had intended to leave, but he had to take care of something before he did. Derek says they found something that was to be delivered to Erica in the event of Chris’ death. He hands Erica an envelope. After Derek leaves, Jackson asks Erica if he should leave so she can have some privacy. Erica asks him to stay. She sits down and bravely takes out the letter from the envelope. “Hi sweetheart. If you’re reading this letter, that means I’m already dead.” Erica’s eyes well up.

Kendall comes home and is surprised to find Michael waiting for her in the living room. She yells at him to get out. Michael smugly says that he used to be the man she loved, and he will become that man once again. Kendall threatens to call the police. Michael tells her not to do that since it will get her no where. He pulls out the key she had once given him and informs her that he’s not breaking and entering. Kendall says she’ll still call the police, but Michael says they’ll take a long time to come over. Kendall asks him what he wants. Michael says he wants her forgiveness and he apologizes for pressing charges. He starts feeding her lies again. He says that Erica really did try to come on to him when he was at her office.

Maria’s mother comes in and asks Edmund if everything is all right. Maria stands in the living room, wearing her wedding veil. Isabella sees her and rushes towards her. She tells Maria to not make a mockery of their feelings and take off the veil. Maria tries to explain, but Isabella turns to Edmund and goes off on him too. Edmund finally gets her to calm down and makes her face Maria. Maria gently tells her mother that she remembers her wedding day, the special wedding veil, and her mother’s prayers during the wedding. Isabella is overwhelmed with joy. Edmund assures her that Maria really does have her memories back. Isabella hugs Maria and thanks God that she’s back.

Michael asks Kendall to look at the whole picture. He asks her not to take Erica’s word against his so easily. Kendall asks Michael how he got out of jail in the first place. Michael says that not everyone thinks he’s a liar, and that it was Adam Chandler. Kendall says that only another sad and twisted man would help him. Michael continues to try to convince her that Erica is the one she should blame. Kendall isn’t buying it. When Michael comes closer and tries to seduce her, Kendall leans in as well. Michael thinks he has her, but Kendall whispers, “Just how desperate do you think I am?”

David and Anna are with Leora in the hospital room. David lovingly tells Leora a story, and tries to keep her feeling at home. A nurse comes in and says they need to prepare Leora for surgery. Anna and David tense up. They say their good byes to Leora, and David promises he’ll be waiting for her. Joe comes in and helps the nurse take Leora out of the room. Anna starts crying and David holds her. Joe asks Anna to sign some hospital papers. While she’s gone, Joe assures David that they have the best team of doctors and that they’ll make sure Leora is safe. David threatens Joe that if anything goes wrong, he’ll make sure he pays for it personally.

Erica continues reading Chris’ letter. In the letter, Chris tells her all the reasons why he loved her. He thanks her for all the memories, and tells her to move on with her life. She reads on and finds instructions to look in the top drawer of his desk for evidence against Flanders. Erica shares the information with Jackson. She says it’s her fault – everything is her fault. She tells Jackson that he got shot because of her too. She tells him that if he wants her to leave, no one would blame him. Jackson hugs her and tells her he loves her.

Isabella is happy to have Maria back. She tells her daughter to forget everything that has happened. Maria tells her mother that if she’s talking about Aidan, she will never be able to forget him. Edmund intervenes and says they don’t expect her to do that. Isabella snaps at Edmund and tells him to speak for himself. She says she’s not made of stone, and that she worries about her children’s happiness. She asks if Aidan knows it’s over between them. Maria says he does, and that she gave him his ring back. Isabella seems pleased with that. Maria says she could never forget everything Aidan has done for her and Maddie. Edmund agrees and says they are indebted to Aidan.

Kendall picks up a vase and warns Michael to get out. Michael continues trying to work on her. He asks her to shut the door and be with him. Kendall says no. Michael grabs her and reaches to close the door himself. Aidan shows up just in time and holds the door open. Kendall looks at him gratefully. Michael tells Aidan he’s intruding, and that he and Kendall were just having a conversation. Kendall yells that it’s over and tells him to get out. Aidan tells Michael to listen to the lady. Kendall asks to have her key back, and Michael gives it to her. He winks at her and then arrogantly walks out. Aidan shuts the door behind him and Kendall hugs him.

Erica continues blaming herself, and Jackson tries to make her realize that Chris was responsible for his own actions. He tells her that she’s not to blame for everything that any man has done to her. Erica is taken aback with this comment. She asks Jackson why he put it that way, and if that’s how he really feels. Jackson doesn’t seem to realize what he said, and looks very confused. Erica asks if he thinks she’s to blame for Michael Cambias, and for getting raped before by Richard Fields.

Anna comes over to David in the hospital room and asks if he got any updates. David says Leora is going into anesthesia, and that the operation will be starting soon. Anna hugs him and says she’s going to explode. David tells her he has to go make a phone call because he promised Maggie he’d call once Leora was in the hospital. David leaves the room, but walks right past the pay phone.

Kendall tells Aidan about the night before. She tells him that Michael had pinned Erica on the couch, and would have raped her. Aidan says someone has to go and teach the guy a lesson. He starts towards the door, but Kendall stops him. She says he’s not worth his time. Aidan asks what will happen if Michael comes back. Kendall says she can defend herself. Aidan says he’s just a phone call away, and that she can turn to him whenever she wants. Kendall thanks him, and begs him not to leave just yet. Aidan asks if she wants to order some pizza. Kendall’s face lightens up and she says yes. After the pizza arrives, Kendall and Aidan sit down for a feast. Kendall looks over at Aidan and smiles. She tells him he could be the one – Fusion’s sexiest man. Aidan laughs and says he could never enter the contest. Kendall proposes a toast, “To life without love, and expectations…and a lot of shagging!” Aidan laughs and says he’ll drink to that.

Erica asks Jackson if he thinks she was responsible for Chris’ demise. Jackson says no, not at all. Erica doesn’t believe him. She feels like she has the power to destroy everything she touches. Erica tells him to change his mind about marrying her, otherwise he’ll lose everything too. Jackson holds Erica’s hand and says he doesn’t want anything more than to marry her. He asks Erica if she loves him. Erica says yes. Jackson tells her that’s the only thing she’s said in the past 15 minutes that has made sense. He says he’s strong enough for the both of them. Erica looks at him lovingly and says that he’s too noble to leave her and so she’s going to have to do it for him. She grabs her purse and rushes out.

Adam sits at the bar, listening to the news on the TV above. He discovers that Michael attacked Erica and Kendall at Enchantment. Adam gets furious and calls Michael stupid under his breath. Just then, Michael shows up. He walks over to Adam and orders a drink at the bar. Adam tells him he came dangerously close to losing his bail money. He asks Michael if it’s true. Michael says it’s all a lie and that Erica twisted the whole situation. Adam says he can see Erica doing that. He says he’ll allow this one to pass, only because he has big plans for the both of them.

Maria and Isabella call everyone in their family and let them know Maria has her memories back. Maddie comes in and excitedly hugs her mother.

Anna comes out of the hospital room, looking for David. She wonders where David has run off to.

In a back room, David puts on scrubs and covers his face with a surgical mask.

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