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All My Children Update Wednesday 5/28/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie is in her dorm room, ripping posters off her wall. While she’s furiously packing up, Bianca comes in. She asks what’s going on, and whether she’s really being expelled. Maggie asks what version of the truth she had heard. Bianca realizes more to the story and presses on. She asks Maggie to tell her the truth. Maggie finally pours it all out. She tells her that she and Henry had studied so hard for the exam, but when the exam finally came in front of him, Henry froze. She says she allowed Henry to copy off her paper. Bianca comforts her and says she probably would have done the same thing. Bianca asks why Henry hasn’t come clean. Maggie says it’s complicated. Bianca says it’s gutless. She tells Maggie to forget the loser and turn him in.

Regina tells Henry to keep his mouth shut. She says they’re the only ones who know the truth, and they’re not going to say anything.

The Fusion girls work on their marketing project. Greenlee notices that Mia looks very disturbed. She teases her, and Simone tells her to cut it out. Liza changes the subject and warns the girls that she won’t be able to keep pouring money into the company. Simone tells her that the marketing campaign will lift off soon, but Liza says it’s not going to be soon enough. Greenlee looks over to where Carlos is. She gets an idea and says that she and Carlos will get them some money soon.

Erica and Kendall tell the new detective that the charge against Kendall is bogus. They say it was the other way around, and that Michael assaulted them. Michael denies it and says that Kendall should be arrested for attempted murder since she came so close to killing him. Kendall gets angry and says she didn’t come close enough. Erica holds her back and continues pleading with the detective. Joe comes over and signs Michael’s medical papers. After Michael leaves, Erica asks Jackson and Derek whether her word will hold up in court. Jackson says they need get more proof. Erica gets frustrated and says he’s going to get away with rape. Jackson suddenly realizes that they have a surveillance camera at the apartment. Erica stops him and says they can’t use that, knowing that Lena was caught on the tapes.

Henry tells Regina that he feels awful for taking advantage of Maggie. Regina tells him that everyone cheats, but life goes on. She encourages him that he can still make all his dreams come true. Just then, Professor Stevens comes in to the classroom.

Greenlee gets a few things together and tells everyone she’ll be in the park if they need her. She hands Carlos some boxes and begs him to come along. Carlos finally agrees and the two of them excitedly run off. After they leave, Liza walks over to Mia and asks her if she wants to talk. Mia says she isn’t ready.

Bianca tells Maggie that it’s obvious that Henry just wants to save his own skin. She says he’s proven that he’s not worth her time. Maggie laughs and says Henry asked her to marry him. Bianca is shocked and says it’s clear that he was trying to buy her off. Maggie takes her bag and starts to leave. She says there’s nothing they can do – she’s going to get expelled. After Maggie leaves, Bianca gets on the phone. She asks for Erica, but finds out Erica is at the hospital. She rushes out.

Erica makes an excuse about the surveillance camera. Jackson and Derek try to brainstorm other ideas. Kendall tells Jackson this isn’t the first time Michael has used to force. She says he almost raped her as well. Jackson asks if she had any witnesses. Erica steps forward and says she saw the whole thing. Derek and Jackson say they can take Michael in for serial behavior. Jackson hugs Erica and tells her he loves her. He and Derek start towards the exit. Derek gets a phone call and looks shocked. Jackson asks what’s going on. Derek says that the lab just told him that the blood on the boat wasn’t Flanders’ – it was Chris Stamp’s.

Liza asks Mia if she’s sure that Edmund and Maria are back together. Mia says she’s positive. She says she feels really dumb for having fallen for Edmund, especially on the rebound from Jake. Liza tries to comfort her. Simone suggests they all go to the park and see what Greenlee has planned. Mia smiles and agrees – she’s determined not to sit around and mope.

Bianca comes in to the hospital and runs towards her mother. She asks Erica and Kendall what’s going on, and they fill her in. Bianca is shocked. Just then Michael comes back in and Bianca lunges towards him. Jackson and Erica stop her. Kendall shouts at Michael and warns him to stay away. Michael gloats and says he’s going to make sure they all go down. After he leaves, Jackson asks to speak to Erica alone. Before Erica can follow him into a side room, Bianca stops her. She wants to make sure her mother is all right. Erica tells her she’s fine, and asks Kendall to bring Bianca up to speed. She makes her way towards the side room where Jackson and Derek are talking. She walks in just in time to hear Derek say that Chris was probably the one that Flanders shot in the park. Erica shakes her head and says it couldn’t have been Chris.

Greenlee has set up a booth at the park, and she and Carlos are giving out Fusion flyers and samples. Carlos works the crowd, and the girls come running towards him when they realize he’s the guy from the commercial. The girls are all over him and Greenlee watches from the booth shocked. Carlos finally gets the crowd under control and Greenlee smiles at him.

Regina stops Maggie in the hall. Maggie tells her to get a life, and to go on and move in on her ex-boyfriend. Regina says there’s no need for them both to crash and burn. Maggie sees right through her and tells her to stop plotting and scheming – after all, she’s getting exactly what she wanted. Maggie goes into a classroom where she’s supposed to meet Professor Stevens. When she enters, she’s surprised to find Henry there. Professor Stevens approaches Maggie and says that she’s sorry for jumping to conclusions. She says she knows how it feels when people misunderstand you. She apologizes again and then leaves. Maggie is shocked. She asks Henry if he confessed. Henry says he did, and that he couldn’t wreck both their lives. Maggie’s eyes well up and she says that she’s totally surprised. Henry says it’s better late than never and asks to make it up to her. He says he can’t go on with life without her. Maggie seems unsure.

There are some guys walking around the park. Simone approaches them and asks for them to take part in the competition. Greenlee excitedly throws flyers into the crowds. Mia and Liza smile as they watch the crowd go crazy for Fusion products. They call out for Simone and she excitedly skips over. She says they’re doing really well. Greenlee approaches Carlos and says she’s next in line for his autograph.

Bianca asks Kendall if they have any evidence. Kendall says they don’t, and that’s why Michael may run free. Bianca looks worried. Kendall asks what she’s thinking. Bianca says she’s wondering whether Michael forced himself on Lena too. Kendall tells her not to feel any pity for Lena. Bianca wonders what Erica and Jackson are talking about. Kendall says they should let them have their privacy. She suggests they leave. Bianca agrees and gets up. She thanks Kendall for being there for her mother.

Henry asks Maggie if she’s going to forgive him. Maggie says she doesn’t understand why he didn’t come out when he should have. She says she wonders if they even have a future. Henry tries to explain but Maggie says she knows all the excuses. She asks what’s going to happen now. Henry says he may get expelled and then he’ll have to face his mother. Maggie holds his hand.

Erica tells Chris and Jackson that they must be mistaken. Derek tells her that they found the body in the river, and that it’s Chris’. Erica is distraught. Derek gently continues explaining how they found the body. Erica numbly tries to come to terms with Chris’ death. Derek says he’s really sorry and leaves. Erica starts to cry and Jackson holds her. Erica sobs and says it’s all her fault.

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