AMC Update Tuesday 5/27/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/27/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Erica is at the hospital, waiting alone outside of Michael’s room. Kendall walks over and asks Joe what Michael’s condition is. Joe tells her that Michael is still unconscious and asks her what happened. Before she can respond, Jackson rushes in. He asks Erica what happened. All Erica can say is that Kendall saved her life.

Joni approaches Reggie while he’s working on the community center project. Before Joni can say anything, Reggie tells her he doesn’t understand why she told Jackson the truth. Joni tries to explain, but Reggie insists that she shouldn’t have told Jackson about Luis. Luis shows up just in time to hear this and approaches Joni violently.

Mia and Liza are at Fusion. Liza tells her she saw the news and found out that Edmund and his kids are safe. Mia looks disturbed. Liza asks her if Edmund called. Mia angrily grabs some papers and says that he didn’t.

Meanwhile, Edmund and Maria are in bed. Maria laughs and asks what day it is. Edmund says he doesn’t care and goes back to kissing her.

Luis grabs Joni and says “I let you run, and you turn me in?” Reggie tells Luis to back off. Luis comes towards him and Reggie stammers. He asks Luis if he can do anything to make it right. Just then, a delivery guy shows up and asks Reggie to sign off on some boxes. After the delivery guy leaves, Luis asks Reggie how many deliveries come in during the day.

Sam and Maddie rush in and jump into bed with their parents. They ask their mother to tell them a story. Maria starts telling them a story about Goldilocks, and Edmund jumps on them pretending to be a bear. While they’re all laughing, Mia walks in. She’s speechless. Maria asks the kids if they’re hungry and then leads them downstairs. Mia stands still in shock. Edmund gets up and approaches her. Mia says it seems she’s always coming over uninvited. Edmund tries to explain, but Mia rushes down.

Derek questions Erica. Erica tells him that as she was about to leave the office when Michael showed up. She explains that Michael blames her for his current state, and came over to even the score. She says that if Kendall hadn’t come in, she doesn’t know what would have happened. Kendall interrupts and says Michael had her pinned on the couch. Jackson becomes furious. He asks Erica if Michael assaulted her. Erica doesn’t answer very clearly. Jackson rushes towards Michael’s hospital room, and Derek chases him. Kendall looks over to her mother, but Erica keeps her eyes down. Kendall tells her to admit that Michael tried to rape her.

Simone comes into Fusion, and asks Liza what’s going on. She’s eager to get started on her marketing project and asks where Mia is. Liza explains that Mia had to leave. Simone asks if there’s a problem, and Liza says she’s not sure.

Mia waits in the living room. Edmund approaches her and asks to explain. Mia says there’s nothing to explain and that she can see he spent the night with Maria. Edmund says he’s sorry. Mia starts to leave, but Edmund urges her to stop. He tells her he wants to thank her for helping him protect his family. Mia shakes her head. She says she deserves more than a thank you and quick kiss off.

Aidan is packing his bags when there’s a knock on his door. It’s Maria. He asks her if her family is glad to have her back.

Kendall urges Erica to be strong and says that Michael is the one who should pay. She begs her mother to not let Michael get away with rape. Erica is having trouble finding the words. She says she feels really alone. Kendall comforts her and says she’s not alone. She reminds Erica that she’s engaged to the DA, and that she could easily tell him that Michael tried to rape her. Just then, Jackson comes out of Michael’s room and overhears Kendall. He’s fuming and rushes back to Michael’s room. He lunges towards Michael and grabs him by the neck. Joe pulls him off and Derek pleads with him to take it easy. Michael screams and says he has witnesses that Jackson tried to choke him. Erica says she didn’t see anything. She asks Kendall and Kendall too says she didn’t see anything. The girls leave and Derek begins to question Michael. He asks Michael how he cut his lip. Michael says he cut it while he was shaving. Jackson paces angrily around the room. He yells at Michael and says that Kendall saw the whole thing. Michael sneers and says that Kendall isn’t known to be very honest, and that Erica has tried to seduce him in the past. Jackson comes towards him again, but Derek begs him to let him do his job.

Outside, Kendall apologizes to Erica for drawing so much attention. She says she understands now why Erica has such a hard time looking at her. She says she’s going to go, but Erica holds out her hand and pleads her not to go. She tells Kendall she needs her.

Luis checks out the delivery log and tells Reggie he’s going to steal the deliveries when they come in. Reggie says that they don’t get TVs and CD players – all they get delivered is tools and lumber. Luis says all the stuff is movable and will bring in a good profit. Reggie tells him he can’t do that, and that it’s a community center. Luis pulls out his knife and threatens to kill him and Joni. Joni quietly watches from behind. Wanting to protect Joni, Reggie asks Luis to put away the blade. Luis asks if they have a deal. Reggie says they have a deal only if he gets his share. Luis laughs and seems to be proud that Reggie is finally coming around. He agrees to give Reggie his share and rushes out.

Maria and Aidan make small talk. Aidan finally asks her to sit down and talk. Maria explains to him that she couldn’t have known that her memories would be so powerful. Aidan asks if Maureen has gone away completely. Maria shakes her head and says that Maureen is just as much part of her as Maria. She tells Aidan she could never forget him. Aidan holds her hand and asks if Maureen and Maria want the same things.

Mia waits for Edmund to explain, but warns him to not feed her regular break-up lines. Edmund tells her he wouldn’t change a thing, and that she he’s happy she came into his life. He tells her she’s been so strong and brave, and that without her, he would have surely been lost. He says part of him will always love her. Mia reminisces about when they first met, and she says she felt so lucky to get close to THE Edmund Grey. She says part of her really wanted to have a chance with him, and that’s the part that’s hurting right now. She says she knows things are different now because Maria is back. Edmund says he knows he’s not being fair. Mia starts to tear and rushes out.

Sam and Maddie come running towards their father. They ask him where their mother is. Edmund tells them she’ll be home soon. Sam and Maddie ask Edmund to come see the surprise they have prepared. They excitedly lead Edmund upstairs.

Aidan tells Maria he could see all this coming. Maria smiles and says that he loved her as if he didn’t see it coming. Aidan says he’ll always love her, and asks her to be happy. Maria starts to cry and Aidan hugs her. He tells her to go back to her family – to Edmund. While Aidan reaches for the door, Maria takes off his engagement ring and leaves it on the table. After Maria leaves, Aidan picks up the ring Maria left behind. He starts thinking of all the moments he shared with her.

Derek asks Michael to give his version of the night. Michael makes up a story about going over to Erica’s office for business. He says when he was about to leave, Erica started seducing him. He says he wasn’t interested, and that’s when Erica started throwing things. Derek seems skeptical. Michael says that he was the victim.

Outside the hospital room, Erica tells Kendall that she’s going to make sure Michael is put away. She says that she didn’t take him seriously until he went after her daughters. Jackson and Derek come out of Michael’s room and Erica asks them what happened. Jackson tells her that Michael denies the whole thing, and that he’s accusing her and Kendall of assault. Kendall furiously defends herself. She says if she hadn’t come in time, there was no telling what Michael would have done. She was about to say rape, but stopped herself. Erica turns around and finally admits to Jackson and Derek that Michael tried to rape her. Jackson’s eyes well up and he hugs her. Erica begs Jackson to put Michael away.

Reggie tells Joni to forget what she saw and to leave. Joni protests, but Reggie tells her to leave it alone. Joni asks what Luis has on him. Reggie says nothing, and warns Joni to stay out of it. Joni puts her hand on Reggie’s shoulder, but when Reggie looks at her, she consciously takes it away. She asks him why he keeps running from her.

Mia comes back to Fusion. She starts going through some papers. Liza and Simone can sense she’s not ok. Liza comes over and is about to say something but Mia doesn’t want any pity. She says it’s over between her and Edmund, but it’s not the end of the world.

Maria comes home and Sam and Maddie pull her into her bedroom. Edmund comes in with a birthday cake. Maria laughs and asks what’s going on. Edmund says they’re celebrating all the birthdays she missed with them. The kids tell her to make a wish, and Maria excitedly blows out the candles.

Jackson tells Erica that he’s going to take care of things. He starts to leave, but just then some other detective walks over. He says he’s looking for Kendall Hart. Kendall steps forwards and asks what he wants. The detective says he got a call about Kendall assaulting with a deadly weapon. Kendall protests and asks who he got the call from. Michael comes out of his room and says it was him.

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