AMC Update Monday 5/26/03

All My Children Update Monday 5/26/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee asks Carlos what he meant when he said this wasn’t going to work. He tells her that she only sees what she wants to see. She’s making him into someone he’s not. He’s not a writer or an artist. Greenlee asks, then, who is he? Carlos says he’s just Carlos and if she can’t see that then they should end it now. Greenlee asks him, then, to tell her who he is. She goes on and on about how he won’t show himself to her. She says she has no idea who the real Carlos is. He says if she really wants to know she has to shut up and come with him. He takes her to the Pit, where all his friends are hanging out after hours. Greenlee says she’s been here before, but he says she’s never been there after hours with this crowd. Carlos’ friends greet her and say this is the woman who he has been talking about. Carlos introduces her to his cousin, who is aghast to see who this woman is that Carlos likes. The cousin complains that Greenlee always ignored her when she worked for her grandfather. The friends continue to party and give Greenlee a shot of tequila. After she drinks it, the friends urge Carlos to serenade Greenlee. They sit down and he sings a love song to her.

Kendall and Aidan are sitting together at the Valley Inn bar. Kendall asks him where Maureen is. He says she’s spending the night with Maddie. And Edmund, she asks? Aidan says he doesn’t know what’s going on between Edmund and Maria. Kendall questions his use of the name Maria. What has she missed, she asks? Aidan tells Kendall about what happened on the boat. Maria risked her life to save Maddie, he said. It triggered her memories. Kendall asks where that leaves him, but Aidan doesn’t want to answer. He says he needs to go home. Kendall makes him sit back down and talk to her. Referring to his comment about Maria risking her life for her daughter, Kendall turns the conversation to Erica. She says she told Erica she’s off the hook. She can leave her in the past. She says that when she went to see Erica, she totally demeaned her. She says she went to thank her for taking her into her confidence. She says she actually treated her like a daughter. Aidan tells her that she should go to Erica and tell her how she feels. Kendall continues her whining about Erica, saying she’s a user who gets what she wants and kicks it to the curb. She says at least she got one thing out of this, the confidence to stand up to Erica and Michael. She says she won’t let anyone hurt her again. Aidan tells her if Erica doesn’t see her as one of life’s blessings, it’s her loss. Kendall tells him if she has to let go of her mother, he has to let go of Maria. She says Edmund will probably always be the love of her life and someone will get left behind. Aidan says it probably will be him. Kendall tells him she’ll be around for him if he needs her. She gives him a friendly kiss and leaves. Later, Aidan is alone at the bar drinking and sees a woman. He calls out for Maria but then notices it’s not her.

Edmund and Maria are kissing. Edmund tells her he missed her. He prayed every day that she would come back and he never gave up hope. She says she’s sorry. He picks her up and carries her upstairs. He brings her to the bedroom and lays her onto the bed. He calls her Maria and she tells him to never stop saying her name. He asks if she’s all right with this and if she’s ready. She looks at her ring from Aidan and tells him that Aidan asked her to marry him. Edmund asks if Aidan knows about her memory. She says he’s the one who encouraged her to try to get her memory back. Edmund tells her he loves her. She asks if he can forgive her. She has hurt so many people. He tells her it’s not her fault. He suggests that before they go any further, maybe she should straighten things out with Aidan. She says she thinks he knows. When he was saying goodbye to her tonight, he was saying it to Maureen, she says. She takes off the ring and puts it in the drawer. He asks if she’s all right and she kisses his hand. She says she doesn’t know how she could have lived without his love for one day, let alone five years. She asks how he managed it. Edmund says he had to survive for the sake of their children. She asks him to close his eyes with her and take her to the place that belongs only to them. They fall onto the bed and make love. Afterward, Edmund promises to fill her in on everything she missed over the last few years.

Erica asks Michael who sprung him from jail. Michael says the point is he got out just in time to see her humiliate him on the evening news. Erica asks what did he expect after everything he’s done to him. She says she can’t think of enough ways to humiliate him. He tells her she’d better find a way to stop or he’ll make her. Erica calls him a sore loser but he says this is far from over. Erica tells him to swallow his loss like a man and beg his father for forgiveness. He says he won’t let her use him as her whipping boy. She tells him to never again come after her or her family and orders him out. She calls security but he informs her that he made a phony phone call and got the security guard to leave for a made-up emergency. He says they’re all alone in this big building. Erica starts to call 911 but he grabs the phone. She throws a glass vase but he manages to dodge it. She warns him not to come near or she’ll scream. He says no one will hear her. She says he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he says he’s just paying him back for everything he’s done to him. He tells her she raped his reputation in front of an audience. She runs into the closet but he manages to keep her from closing the door. He tells her she’s not going to laugh any more at his expense. He grabs her from the closet and tosses her onto the couch. He says he knows she wanted him from the first day. She’s going to take this lying down, he says, as he starts to rape her. Suddenly a glass vase is broken over Michael’s head and he falls to the floor unconscious. Erica is sobbing when Kendall comes into the picture and bends over Michael. Kendall asks Erica if she’s all right, if he hurt her. Erica tries to compose herself and tells Kendall she’s fine. She asks Kendall to clean up the broken glass and she’ll call the police. Kendall tells her he tried to rape her. Erica says he didn’t so it’s best that they forget this. She asks Kendall to call Jack. Kendall tells her that it’s all right, she can let go. “It’s OK, you’re not alone,” she says, adding, “I’m here.” Erica breaks down and hugs Kendall. “It’s going to be all right mother,” Kendall says.

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