AMC Update Friday 5/23/03

All My Children Update Friday 5/23/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Carlos is showing his art at Stuart's gallery and it has attracted a crowd of admirers. A woman who seems attracted to Carlos asks if his art is inspired by anyone in particular. Carlos says it is, but his feelings are one-sided. Suddenly Greenlee walks in. Carlos has not invited her, but she is curious to see this gig. Simone tells Greenlee that this is Carlos' big night and he wants to share it with Greenlee. Simone says Greenlee should admit that she's been wrong about Carlos and go for it. Kenny walks into the gallery and is greeted by Tad, who is there with Lysistrada. Kenny is there to see Simone, and Tad asks him if he remembers what they talked about at the gym – that women always want what they can't have. Kenny says Simone can have him since he's totally available. Then it hits him what Tad is saying. He should be aloof toward Simone, right? He goes to stand in one corner of the room away from Simone. Meanwhile, Tad makes his way over to Simone. Liza approaches Lysistrada, who seems to feel a little like her date has ditched her. Lysistrada says she wants a man who looks at her like she's the only person in the room. Liza asks if such a man exists, and Lysistrada says there is someone like that there, pointing to Carlos. Carlos approaches Greenlee, who says she came here to see more of his work. Kenny asks Tad if his aloof approach is working with Simone and Tad tells him to keep it up for another half hour. Liza approaches Tad and tells him that Lysistrada doesn't deserve to be treated how he is treating her. Tad asks where Lysistrada is, and Lysistrada announces she is right behind him. Tad apologizes and asks her what she wants to see. She says she just wants to see her ceiling. Tad is confused, and Lysistrada tells him she wants to go home now. He can drop her off at home and come back here and finish whoever he started, she announces. Simone notices Kenny standing in the corner and tells him she didn't know he was into art. "The only thing I'm into is you," he tells her. They agree to leave together to get a greasy cheeseburger. As more people start leaving, Stuart asks Carlos what people thought of his art. He says everyone liked it. He couldn't have imagined a night like this. Carlos thanks Stuart for being there for him from the beginning. Stuart says he has someone a lot prettier supporting him now, referring to Greenlee. Stuart gives Carlos the keys to the gallery and tells him he can lock up after spending some special time with Greenlee. After everyone leaves, Greenlee re-enters the room and sees everyone has left. It's just the two of them, she realizes. Carlos asks if she's OK with that. Greenlee asks why wouldn't she be OK with that. Greenlee says she came because she wanted to see another side of him. Carlos says he hasn't changed. He moves closer to her but she suddenly says she has to go and runs out. A short time later she returns and he lets her in. He asks if she's still scared and she says she's terrified. He kisses her then asks her to dance. She tells him something keeps drawing her back. She concludes that it is his soul. He has the soul of an artists, she tells him. "Sorry Greenlee, this is not going to work," he says, walking away from her.

Maria runs into Aidan's arms and thanks God that he is all right. Aidan tells her he's not going anywhere. Aidan tells her that he jumped off the boat just before it crashed into the rocks and caught the current. Derek tells her that he found him and brought him to the hospital. Derek tells Maria and Edmund that the gunman on the boat was Evan Flanders. He needs Maddie's help to know if this is the same man she saw in the park. He asks if it would be OK for Maddie to identify the body. Edmund and Maria don't like that idea, and Aidan proposes showing Maddie a picture of Flanders. Derek asks himself why he didn't think of that idea. Aidan tells Maria he'll be right back and walks away. Edmund thanks Maria for risking her life for Maddie. "She's our child," Maria cries as she flings her arms around Edmund. Joe is checking Maddie when Aidan walks into her room followed by Edmund and Maria. Maddie is excited to see Aidan. Joe tells them that Maddie is fine, and Derek shows Maddie the picture of Flanders. She says that is the man at the park. Maria tells her the man can no longer hurt her. Maddie asks her dad if the man is dead and he tells her that he is dead and can't come back. Maddie says mommy was dead and she came back. Edmund says mommy wasn't really gone, she just forgot who she was. Maria asks Joe if they can take Maddie home. Maddie wants Aidan to go with them. Joe wants to check Aidan out first. Later, Edmund carries a sleeping Maddie into Wildwind followed by Maria and Aidan. Edmund takes her upstairs and Maria looks around Wildwind like she hasn't been there in years. Aidan watches and asks if she's told Edmund yet that she has started to remember him. Maria just stares at the ground, looking sad. Aidan tells her that Edmund has been waiting for her for so long and he's still waiting. He asks if she's remembered anything else. She tells him that she loves him and that when she came back everyone else saw her as a shell but he saw her as a person. Aidan tells her he loves her and she thanks him. He says she doesn't have to thank him for loving her. Edmund returns and invites Aidan to spend the night there. Aidan declines but suggests that Maria stay because Maddie will want to see her in the morning. As Aidan walks out, Edmund thanks him for saving his daughter. Aidan says he would do it again. As he nears the door, Maria runs to him and tells him to wait. She doesn't know what to say. Aidan asks if she has any regrets and she says never. Realizing that he has lost her, he starts to tear up and tells her goodbye. Maria returns to Edmund and tells him he's such an amazing man for being so patient and gentle with their children. She says she understands now why he did what he did to help her try to regain her memory. She says her whole world changed when she thought she had lost Maddie. Staring at him, she says she just wants to look at his face. She says she has something to tell him. She recites memories of their past life together. As he stares and listens in amazement, he happily realizes she is remembering. She tells him she remembers it all. He gets teary eyed and calls her Maria. They kiss.

Erica is in her office dreading the arrival of tabloid reporter June, to whom Erica promised an exclusive interview. Kendall walks in obviously bothered by something. Erica asks her what's wrong. Kendall says she went to see Michael and he swore that he would pay Erica back for what she has done. Erica can't understand why Kendall went to see Michael. Kendall says she had to. Erica asks if it's because Kendall had to find out if Michael ever cared for her, and Kendall admits that is true. Kendall says he never cared for her. It was always about going after Erica. Erica tells Kendall she knew that he was after Enchantment so why would he be so surprised. Kendall says that when she and Michael were alone, it felt so real. Erica tells Kendall that she's beautiful and she's sure that Michael's attraction to her was genuine. But she says by the way he treated her, there was no way he could have loved her. Kendall, getting upset, asks Erica how she's supposed to know how it feels to be loved. Erica tells Kendall she was a big help in bringing down Michael. Kendall, looking for more, says she saved Erica's company for her. Erica tells her she can't get into this with her right now. June walks in and finds them together, telling them their brazen stunt was priceless. Erica asks Kendall to leave the room and Kendall snaps back that they are finished anyway. June tells Erica it would have been nice to interview them together. Erica says she has her, and if she says anything about what she just saw between her and Kendall she won't even have her.

Adam tells Michael that Erica beat him but he's his last chance. Michael asks Adam why he thinks he needs a second chance. Adam says Michael needs him, and he needs Michael. He asks Michael to join Chandler Enterprises. Michael says he'll join him on one condition. If Adam is going to topple his father's empire, he wants to be there to see the last brick fall. Michael sees Erica on the TV, and asks an employee to turn the sound up. He and Adam watch as Erica is interviewed. Erica says in the interview that Michael used her daughter Kendall after meeting her under false pretenses and following her to Pine Valley. She says he then committed industrial espionage. June suggests that Erica is opening herself up to a slander suit, but Erica says if Michael wants to challenge her he knows where to find her. June asks Erica if she feels sorry for Michael, and Erica says she does. She says he's a lost little boy desperate for his father's love and attention. June suggests that Michael has that in common with Kendall. Erica announces that the interview is over because she has work to do, and the TV is turned off at the bar. "That bitch," Michael says as he gets up and prepares to leave. Adam asks him if they have a deal, and Michael says "damn right."

At Enchantment, Val tells Erica that the interview went great, but Erica can't believe June had the gall to compare Michael and Kendall. Erica asks Val if Kendall called, but he says she has not. Should he call her? Erica tells him no. She just wants to go home and take a nice bubble bath. Meanwhile, Kendall finds Aidan at the Valley Inn bar. She says disgustingly that after all she did for Erica, all she gets is a "big fat thank you." She says at least Michael is behind bars where he can't hurt anyone else. Back at Enchantment, Erica is preparing to leave when Michael sneaks up on her in the dark, startling her. She asks him what he wants. "It's not obvious?" he asks.

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