AMC Update Thursday 5/22/03

All My Children Update Thursday 5/22/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Anna and David bring Leora into the hospital. As usual, David is being paranoid. Anna tells him to calm down. David says the place is crawling with germs, and Leora just recovered from an infection. Anna loses her patience and tells him to leave.

Lena rummages through some papers at Erica’s apartment. Bianca catches her from behind. “What the hell are you doing?” she asks. Lena, who was just flipping through a newspaper, hesitates. Bianca asks her what she’s trying to steal now. Jackson comes out of his bedroom and informs Bianca that he had invited Lena. Lena tells Bianca that Jackson offered her immunity if she would testify against Michael. Bianca starts to leave but Lena calls out after her. Jackson urges Bianca to stay and talk to Lena. Bianca protests, but Jackson gets his things and leaves.

Michael sits in his jail cell. Kendall comes over for a visit. Michael snaps at her. Kendall says she’s come to get something from him. Michael says he doesn’t want to see her. Kendall makes a smart remark about Michael’s father. Michael says that as far as he’s concerned, his father is dead. Kendall says she knows his only goal was to prove himself to his father, and take the place of his dead brother. Michael realizes Kendall must have read that old letter from his father. Michael says he can tell she came to say something else. He arrogantly says he accepts Kendall’s apology. Kendall looks shocked. Michael says he knows she’ll want him back as soon as he’s out of jail. Kendall laughs!

Aidan’s yacht crashes and is on fire. Maria watches from the docks, horrified. Derek gets on the radio and tells his people to try to get in to save Aidan. He says the fire is blocking them. Maria desperately tries jumping into the water. Edmund stops her. Maddie yells for her mother not to leave. Maria stops and looks over at her daughter.

David and Anna argue about Leora’s heart operation. Anna says she’s not going through with the operation just to win an argument. She says she’ll take a walk, and when she comes back, David should decide whether he’s with her or against her. Joe comes over and David asks to speak to him. Joe explains to David that Leora’s condition isn’t getting any better, and that the operation is needed. Joe tells David that they have the best doctor on her case. David says he doesn’t care, and that he wants to be in the surgery room with Leora the whole time.

The paramedics come over to where Maria and Maddie are. They tend to Maddie while Maria and Edmund talk to Derek. Derek tells them that the rescue could take hours. Edmund turns to Maria and says Aidan is a tough guy. Maria says she knows he’ll be ok. She feels overwhelmed. The paramedics tell Maria and Edmund that to be on the safe side, they need to take Maddie to the hospital for some x-rays. Maria says she’ll go with her since she’s her mother. Edmund stops her and says he’ll go so she can stay and wait for Aidan. Maria insists that it may take hours, and waiting around would make her go out of her mind.

Kendall tells Michael his mind is warped, and that he twists everything to suit himself. She tells him he’s lost it all. Michael says the business world has a short memory, and in no time at all, he’ll be back on top of the world. Kendall says she’s not talking about business. Michael asks what he’s lost. Kendall says, “Me.”

Bianca tells Lena to get out. Lena begs Bianca to give her a chance. She explains to Bianca that if she didn’t care about her, she would have left Pine Valley a long time ago. Bianca quietly listens. Lena says she knows they have a chance. She says that she was used by Michael, and she had to go along because she didn’t know any better. Bianca asks Lena if she’s just a victim in this whole situation. Lena says she is, and unlike Bianca, she never had a stable family. She says that when Michael took her in, she was given the chance to make something of herself. Bianca asks if sleeping with men was part of the deal. Lena says that men are good for business. Bianca asks what women are good for. “For love,” Lena answers.

Joe and Anna tell David that he cannot be in the surgery room with Leora. Joe encourages David to stay with Anna during the surgery. Anna tells David that his being a father will get in the way. Joe tells him not to push, and that he can legally have him removed from the hospital. While David holds Leora and thinks about what’s going on, Anna receives a phone call. She’s told that Aidan’s boat exploded and they’re trying to rescue him. Anna is speechless.

Meanwhile, Maria is in the hospital with Maddie. Maddie says she doesn’t want to sleep until Aidan comes back. Maria comforts her. The nurse comes in and Maria instructs the nurse on what Maddie needs. Brooke comes in and watches Maria talk to the nurse. She can tell that Maria’s memory is back. After the nurse leaves, Brooke comes over. She asks Maria if everything is ok, and Maria tells her about Flanders, the yacht, and almost losing Maddie. Brooke comforts her. Maria talks about Maddie’s birth. Brooke watches more closely and asks Maria if she remembers giving birth to Maddie. Maria hesitates and says that Edmund had told her what happened. Brooke shakes her head and says she just heard her give medical instructions to the nurse. Brooke asks if she remembers being a doctor. Maria finally nods and starts to cry. Brooke starts asking more questions and Maria motions her to come towards the door. Brooke asks how it happened. Maria tells her that it was when she was in the water. Brooke asks if anyone knows yet. Maria says she hasn’t told anyone. Brooke hugs Maria and they both start crying. Maria asks her to not say anything to Edmund. Brooke says it’s not her place, but tells Maria to tell everyone soon. Brooke asks how she feels about Edmund. Maria says she loves him, with every fiber in her body.

Kendall tells Michael she did love him. Michael asks why she’s telling him. Kendall says she wants him to know that he used her, and almost raped her. Michael says he didn’t try to rape her, and that he was just coming on to her like always. Kendall says if Erica hadn’t come in, she would have never been able to escape. Michael laughs. He tells Kendall that Erica didn’t want her to have the one thing she couldn’t. Kendall asks what that is. Michael says, “You’re looking at it.” Kendall laughs in Michael’s face. She tells him he’s being delusional. Michael says that if anything, she’s the one disillusioned. He says Erica will start treating her just like before in no time. Kendall tells Michael that Erica is not like his father. Michael warns Kendall and tells her to work with him again if she wants to protect herself. Kendall calls Michael a psycho and Michael snaps back. Kendall finally stomps off.

Bianca tells Lena uses the word “love” a lot. Lena tells Bianca that she was in love with her long before Michael instructed her. Bianca begins to soften up. Lena asks if she believes her. Bianca thinks for a moment and finally shakes her head. She says it’s too late. Lena begs for her to reconsider and asks if there is any way they can still be together. Bianca turns around and says there is a way. She tells Lena that if she really wants to make things right, she should stay away. Lena says she can’t do that. Bianca says it would be the one decent thing she’s done. Lena finally agrees and quietly walks out. Bianca sits down and starts crying, while Lena cries behind the closed door

Edmund walks into Maddie’s room and Brooke excuses herself. Maria tells Edmund she’s been waiting to tell him something. Before she can start, the doctor comes in to check on Maddie. Edmund then tells her that he just got off the phone with Derek. Maria asks if they found Aidan. Edmund hesitates a bit and then tells Maria that the cops have found a body. Maria shakes her head and says it’s can’t be Aidan. Edmund says they’re not sure who it is.

Jackson comes back to the apartment and asks Bianca where Lena is. Bianca gets up and starts to leave. Jackson stops her and asks her if she’s been crying. Bianca says it’s because of Lena and all her lies. Jackson asks what Lena said. Bianca tells him that Lena told her she loves her, and that she wants to make things right. Jackson asks Bianca why Lena would go through so much trouble to set things straight if she was just lying. Bianca says she doesn’t know. Jackson says that he knows one thing – that Lena does really love her.

Anna holds on to Leora and worries about Aidan. David comforts her and says he’s not going to fight with her anymore. Anna asks if he’s serious and David nods. He says they both have lost a lot of people in their lives. He says it’s about time he started trusting and having faith again. Anna thanks him and gives him a kiss.

A cop unlocks Michael’s jail cell and tells him he’s out on bail. Michael assumes it was his father who paid for bail. Adam walks over and Michael is surprised to see him. Adam tells him to consider the bail an advance on services yet to be rendered.

Maria and Edmund walk out of Maddie’s room. Edmund tells her he will do everything he can to find Aidan. Maria says she wants to go out there herself and look for him. Edmund starts to go, but Maria stops him. She says she’s been dying to tell him something. Just as she is about to tell Edmund that she’s got her memory back, she sees Aidan stumble into the hospital. Maria runs towards him and gives him a hug. Edmund looks at them and smiles.

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