AMC Update Wednesday 5/21/03


All My Children Update Wednesday 5/21/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Mia and Liza are at Fusion. Mia feels really useless on her crutches and wonders if she should go home. Tad comes in for a visit. He starts talking about legal issues and prosecuting Michael, but Liza tells him she’s too preoccupied. She’s wondering how things are going at the beach, and whether Fusion’s new campaign will fly. Tad says he’ll wait around. Liza asks if he’s going to wait for Simone. Tad stammers. Liza asks if he’s back for some more ego-boosting. Tad tries to defend himself.

Simone, Kendall and Greenlee come rushing in, declaring that they were triumphant. They say there were tons of men on the beach - and they would have had the guys come over to Fusion to model, but it would have been chaos. So, they made a video of their beach campaign. Simone turns on the video they made on the beach. There are lots of sexy men on screen, and the girls are going crazy while they’re watching it. Tad can’t believe the girls got paid while they went out and had fun. Mia thinks it’s brilliant. The girls jump up and down excitedly, while Tad and Carlos look on disapprovingly.

Maggie can’t believe Henry has proposed to her. She accuses Henry of clinging on to his dream any way he can, while sacrificing hers. She says there’s no way in hell she would get married to him. Henry says he’s just trying to make things right. He says he can’t tell his mother the truth. Maggie criticizes his mother, but Henry stops her. He says she could never understand his family. Maggie looks hurt and sadly admits that she didn’t have much of a relationship with her own mother. Henry apologizes and says that’s not what he meant. He tells Maggie that she seems to stereotype his family. Maggie shakes her head and begs him to do the right thing.

On the yacht, Maria scrams from Maddie desperately. She tries to jump in after Maddie, but Flanders hangs on to her. Suddenly, Aidan grabs Flanders from behind. While they struggle on the ground, Maria jumps into the water. Flanders tries shooting at Maria, but Aidan grabs him and knocks him out. Hearing the helicopters approaching, Aidan tells Flanders it’s over. He finds some rope to tie Flanders up, but before he can, Flanders kicks him. Meanwhile, Maria desperately searches the water for her daughter. She finds Maddie’s shirt and becomes hysterical.

Tad asks the girls how they are judging the sexy Fusion men. Liza asks him if he’s feeling left out. The girls explain that they need hot men who would look good on TV. Tad asks what happened to intelligence and kindness. The girls say it didn’t quite exist on the beach. They start teasing Tad, who finally takes a bow and leaves. Simone gives Carlos a hug. She says that if Fusion employees could enter the contest, he would win hands down. Carlos thanks her and starts towards the elevator. Greenlee runs over and stops him. She tells him to stop protecting Simone.

Henry advises Maggie to tell the Dean that she just froze during the exam. He tries to convince her that the College Board would be sympathetic. Maggie asks him why he can’t go to the board himself. Henry says if he were to give himself in, he would lose everything. Maggie asks why he didn’t change any of the answers on his exam. He says he just didn’t think of it. Maggie says she mentioned that to the professor – that if she had been the one who cheated, she would have at least changed a few answers. Henry asks what the professor said. Maggie says she didn’t believe her. Maggie wonders if she were to go tell the Dean the truth, would anyone believe her. She asks Henry if he would call her a liar to try to safe guard himself. She says she knows she’s the new kid in town with a sketchy past – she knows no one would believe her. She starts towards the door. Before leaving, she tells Henry that he’ll always have this on his conscience.

Maria swims around trying to find Maddie. While she looks up at the helicopter lights, she starts getting memory flashbacks. She remembers everything! Edmund, her mother, her family – everything. She smiles but then goes back to looking for Maddie.

Carlos tells Greenlee that he’s doing the right thing. He says he knows Simone wouldn’t survive in jail. Greenlee tries to convince him to change his mind, but Carlos is firm. He says he has to go to they gym and starts to leave. Simone comes over behind him and thanks him again. Greenlee looks disgusted. After Carlos leaves, the girls go back to discussing their marketing plans. Simone tries to share her ideas, but Greenlee shoots every single one down. Simone asks Greenlee why she’s being so mean. Liza also notices and asks Greenlee why her mood so suddenly changed. Greenlee looks over at Simone and says she’s sick of working with a total user. Simone is shocked. She says she thought Greenlee liked the marketing idea. Greenlee says it’s not about the contest – it’s about Carlos taking the fall for her. Simone rolls her eyes. She explains that she tried to get Carlos to change his mind, but he didn’t listen. She tells Greenlee to check her jealousy at the door. Greenlee protests, but Simone stops her. She tells Greenlee to admit her feelings for Carlos.

Carlos, Boyd, Kenny and Tad are all at the gym. They discuss Simone’s marketing campaign and agree that it’s disgusting. The boys ask Tad to give them some wise advice about women. Tad tells them women can be confusing and hard to figure out.

Meanwhile, the Fusion girls agree that men are stubborn and arrogant.

Henry stands alone in the classroom. He calls the Dean’s office from his cell phone to find out what the office hours are. As he’s about to leave, Regina comes in. She asks Henry what he’s going to do. Henry says Maggie is right, and that he’s not in this thing alone. He says he has to go tell the professor everything. Regina stops him and says he’s making a mistake. She says that if Maggie really loved him, she wouldn’t have asked him to turn himself in. Henry says she does love him, and that he loves her too. He says he can’t lose Maggie over this. Regina asks Henry if he’s looked around enough. Henry seems confused and asks what she’s talking about. Regina leans in closer. “What about me Henry?” she asks.

Maria finally finds Maddie in the water. Maddie seems ok and hugs her mother. Maria cries with joy and tells Maddie everything will be all right.

Regina tells Henry to not waste his future on a girl who doesn’t understand him and his family. Henry says he’s not wasting anything. He smiles and doesn’t know what to say to her. He finally tells her she’s like his sister. Regina stops him and says she’s never been like his sister. She says they can be a good team.

Greenlee finds an art gallery invitation next to Simone’s things. It’s an invitation to Carlos’ first showing. Greenlee asks why she didn’t get one. Simone tells her it’s because she’s never showed any interest in Carlos’ work.

Maria and Maddie sit at the docks, huddled in a blanket. Edmund comes over and hugs Maddie. While he’s talking to Maddie, he sees Maria is crying. He asks Maddie to go and talk to Derek, and then goes over to comfort Maria. Maria tells him she almost lost Maddie, but she’s thankful that she’s ok. Maria tells him something happened – she wants to tell him about getting her memories back. But just then, Maddie calls out for her father. Edmund says he’ll be right back. Maria sits alone and cries to herself. “I’m home,” she says.

Edmund comes back and Maria hugs him tightly. Meanwhile, Aidan and Flanders are still struggling on the boat. Aidan gets on the radio and tries to call for help. Flanders gets up and turns the wheel. Aidan punches him out and tries to steer, but has a hard time turning the wheel. Derek runs over to where Edmund and Maria are. He’s on the radio, talking to the men on the helicopter. They tell him it’s too late for the boat to try an drop anchor. Maria and Edmund are confused and ask what’s going on. Just then, the boat loses control and crashes. Maria screams for Aidan from the docks.

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