AMC Update Tuesday 5/20/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/20/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie is in a classroom, checking equations on the board. Regina comes in and asks Maggie why she’s bothering to study for the exams. She says everyone knows that Professor Stevens busted her for cheating. Maggie tries to dodge the accusation, but Regina says she knows it wasn’t her that cheated. Maggie pretends to not know what Regina is talking about. Regina says she was sitting right behind them, and she saw the whole thing. She asks Maggie if she’s protecting Henry. Maggie says she’s not, and that she’s just waiting for Henry to come out and do the right thing. Regina says the right thing is for Maggie to take the fall.

Henry is at his restaurant. His mom and uncle are serving him a lunch fit for a king. After Henry’s mom leaves, Henry’s uncle notices that Henry isn’t looking so good. He asks what’s wrong. Henry says it has to do with Maggie. Henry’s uncle says it’s a lot harder to be happy than to be a doctor. Henry’s mother watches from the back and then tells Henry’s uncle to let Henry study. Henry gets frustrated and leaves.

Tad comes into the restaurant to have lunch with his mother. Simone comes rushing in. She and Tad quickly discuss Carlos’ hearing and Fusion’s plans. Liza and Mia are sitting on a separate table, waiting for all the Fusion girls to show up. Simone takes a seat and asks Mia why she looks so down. Mia tells Simone about the masked shooter – she says she fears Edmund and Maddie’s lives. Simone sympathizes and offers to hold the meeting another day. Mia says she’s okay and they can begin as soon as he girls are here.

Aidan and Maria watch Maddie color. Aidan walks over and asks how her father sounded on the phone when she talked to him. Maddie says it sounded like he had a sore throat. Aidan asked what else they talked about. Maddie said they talked about the boat. Maria and Aidan look worried. Before they can say anything, they hear a loud noise. Aidan rushes to the window to see what’s going on. It sounds like the engine started. Maddie screams and runs to Maria.

Kendall and Greenlee show up at the restaurant and join the Fusion table. Kendall and Greenlee announce that Michael has been arrested. Greenlee tells them that of all people, Kendall worked with Erica and Bianca on this one. The girls are amazed. Kendall proposes a toast – celebrating Michael’s demise. The girls then get down to business. Simone proposes a new marketing campaign. She says they’re going the get the hottest guy to pose for Fusion. Kendall points out that Carlos has already refused to model for them. Simone says they’re going to end up with something much better. She then motions one of the waiters to come over with her poster – “Are you Fusion Cosmetics’ Sexiest Guy?” Simone explains that they’re going to hold a nationwide contest for the sexiest guy. The Fusion girls get really excited about Simone’s new marketing campaign, and they love the posters. Simone says she has reserved a booth spot on the beach. The girls are glad that for once, Simone is working leagally.

Flanders lurks around the yacht. He whispers to himself, “It won’t be long now.”

Edmund and Derek are at the docks, wondering where their yacht went. Edmund puts two and two together. He worries that the shooter has his cell phone, and talked to Maddie on the phone. Derek tells him not to worry, and says he has full faith in Aidan.

Aidan and Maria talk frantically. They realize they’re miles away from land now. Aidan tells Maria to stay in the room with Maddie, and that he’ll go out to see what’s going on. Maria hesitates – she doesn’t want to split up. Aidan gives her a gun and says he’ll be careful. He tells her to lock the door once he leaves. Maria closes the door behind him and says a prayer.

Maggie calls Regina a real piece of work. Regina says that Henry deserves to be a doctor, and tells Maggie to not stand in the way. Maggie asks why she doesn’t deserve to be a doctor just as much as he does. Regina points out that Henry has worked on it for all his life. Maggie shakes her head and says Henry would never let her take the fall. Regina smirks. She challenges Maggie to turn Henry in and then see what he does. Maggie accuses Regina of just wanting her out of the way so she can have Henry all to herself. Regina snaps back. Maggie says its because she’s not Chinese Regina tells Maggie that she doesn’t deserve to be with Henry. They continue to argue, but just then Henry walks in. He asks to speak to Maggie alone. Regina picks up her stuff and tells Henry to call her if he needs her. After Regina leaves, Maggie smiles at Henry and says she’s glad to see him, and that she knows he’s going to do the right thing.

Maria takes Maddie into her arms. She tells Maddie to think of happy thoughts. Maddie asks what her happy thought is. Maria says it was when she was born. Maddie asks if she really remembers. Maria smiles and says she does. Just then, they hear foot steps. Maria tells Maddie to be quiet.

Flanders walks around the yacht while Aidan lays unconscious on the ground.

Maria grabs Maddie and tells her to hide in the closet. Just then, Flanders tries opening the door to the room, but Maria has blocked it with a table. Maria screams and tells him to leave. She picks up the gun and points it at the door. She warns again. When the knob starts turning again, she shoots at the wooden door. She hears someone scuffling, and goes towards the door. She opens it and peeks outside. Just then Flanders grabs her and pushes her onto the bed. “Where is she??!!” he yells.

Edmund and Derek walk around anxiously at the dock. Derek tries calling Edmund’s phone, and they hear it ringing behind them. They go over to the dumpster and dig in. They find Edmund’s cell phone. Edmund says the shooter must be on the boat.

Greenlee says that although Simone’s ideas are unusual, they do increase Fusion’s business. Liza asks Simone what kind of “sexy man” she has in mind. Simone goes over to Tad, and Tad gets up willingly. She leads him to Fusion’s table and calls him Exhibit A – the man with the whole package.

Henry holds Maggie’s hand. He says he wants to make things right. Maggie gets excited and turns towards the door. She says they can go and tell the Dean right now. Henry stops and says he can’t disappoint his mother. Maggie screams and says this has nothing to do with his mother. She says he should be a man and own up to his responsibilities. Henry says he’s the man his mother wants him to be. Maggie asks if things would be different if she too were Chinese. She starts to leave, but Henry pulls her back. He says there’s still a way they can get through this together.

The Fusion girls begin packing up. They’re going to go back to the office and then head over to the beach. Liza, Mia and Tad remain at the table. Liza says she’s feels a bit uneasy. Tad smiles and takes out some money from his wallet. Liza asks what he’s doing that for. He says she’ll need it for bail money soon. They laugh and Tad leaves.

Flanders points his gun at Maria and asks where Maddie is. Maria says there’s no girl and that she’s there alone. Flanders starts looking around the room. Maria begs Flanders to leave. She says that Maddie is just a little girl, and that she doesn’t even remember anything. Flanders tells Maddie to come out otherwise he’ll kill her mother. Maddie, who was hiding in the bathroom, comes running around. Flanders grabs her and keeps his gun pointed at Maria. Maria screams and begs for him to let her go. Flanders says he has to do it. He says if it makes her feel better, he’ll kill both of them at the same time. He takes them out of the room.

Henry hugs Maggie from behind. He says if she still loves him, there’s still a way out. He says he will devote the rest of his life making it up to her. Maggie seems confused and says she can’t do it. Henry interrupts her. “Marry me Maggie…” he says.

Tad continues his lunch with his mom. Tad’s father joins them. They ask Tad about Simone, and wonder if there’s something more going on between them. Tad says there isn’t, but he admires Simone’s strength.

Liza comforts Mia. She hands Mia a fortune cookie and tells her to be optimistic. Mia says she really doesn’t want to know her fortune today. She wonders if she’s gotten in over her head. Liza says she isn’t doing anything wrong. Mia says Edmund is a great guy, and that she’s falling for him. She knows there weren’t supposed to be any strings attached, and worries that she’s feeling too much now.

Flanders has Maddie in his arms. Maria is a few steps away, begging him to put her down. While they’re shouting at each other, Flanders throws Maddie mercilessly into the water. Maria screams!

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