AMC Update Monday 5/19/03

All My Children Update Monday 5/19/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Maria is on the boat deck deep in thought and is startled by someone touching her. It's Edmund, who tells her the shooter is in custody. Maria seems happy to see him then Aidan walks into the mix and asks her if she's told him the good news. She says she hasn't yet. Soon Edmund backs away, telling them he hopes they'll be happy. Maria shouts "no." Suddenly Maria wakes up, disturbed by this dream she was having. Aidan hears her and comes to see what the problem is. She rushes to him and tells her to hold her and not leave her. Aidan says he'll never leave her and asks her what's wrong. She doesn't want to talk about it. She says nothing matters but them being together. Aidan asks if another memory has snuck up on her. She says no, it was a dream, but asks him again to drop it. She says she doesn't know what she would do if she lost him. He hugs her and she has another memory of Edmund. She pulls away from him and walks back to the deck of the boat. Aidan follows her to the deck, where Maria tells him she wishes they could sail away and find a place where they have no memories. Aidan tells her they can't escape the past. He asks her what she remembered. Maria tells him a few sketchy things but resists when Aidan continues to pry. She reluctantly tells him her memory this time had nothing to do with the kids, rather it was Edmund.

Edmund is eating with Derek at a Chinese restaurant and tells him that more needs to be done to find the shooter. Derek shows Edmund a composite sketch of the man, but Edmund says it looks pretty general. Edmund says they need bigger guns – what about Chris Stamp? Derek says Stamp has taken extended leave, but he'll be back better than ever. Meanwhile, Flanders has Chris's wrapped body in a wheel barrow at the edge of some water. He struggles to pick up the body and dumps it in the water. Back at the restaurant, Edmund tells Derek they need to smoke this guy out. Derek doesn't want Edmund's involvement, saying if anyone is going to play Vin Diesel it's going to be him. Edmund says all he wants is Maddie home safe. He says he needs to call her, but when he reaches for his cell phone it's not there. He can't remember what happened to the phone. Flanders is shown with the phone, waiting for Maddie to call. He thinks back to the shooting of Chris and how Maddie witnessed it. The phone rings and he answers. He hears a young voice saying "daddy, are you there." "I'm here," Flanders says. Maddie mentions the boat at the dock, saying it's called Fidelity. Flanders doesn't say much, but barely speaks above a whisper. Maddie tells him he sounds kind of weird, and Flanders says he has a cough. She asks if he wants to talk to mommy, and he says he can't because of his throat. She asks if he has a message for her, and he says tell mommy he loves her. After hanging up, Flanders says to himself he can't believe how hard he's been looking for this little girl and how close she really is to him. Edmund thinks back to the day when Flanders was at his house and how he tossed his cell phone near him. He realizes that the gunman has his phone.

Maria tells Aidan that they need to concentrate on the two of them. He has changed her life so much she won't forget that. She starts to tell him about her memories and describes her wedding to Edmund. Aidan asks if her memories are making her hungry for more. Before Maria can answer, Maddie runs to them and says she has a message from daddy. But maybe she shouldn't say anything in front of Aidan, she says. But she decides to anyway, telling Maria "he loves you." Maria asks when she talked to daddy, saying they need to be real careful. Maddie says she called him on his cell phone, although his voice didn't sound the same. She wants to make him a get well card because he's sick, she says. Aidan looks around the boat and tells Maria that something doesn't seem right. He says it's odd that Edmund didn't ask to talk to Maria like he has done on past occasions. Out of their view, Flanders sneaks onto the boat and begins to lurk around.

Michael and his father, Alexander, are at the press conference and Michael is gloating. He says this is the day he'll take down Erica with the press recording her last gasp. He tells his father he'll succeed where he failed and after today, he will no longer doubt him. Kendall and Greenlee walk into the press conference and Greenlee can't understand why they're there. Kendall says she just wants to see Michael get what's coming to him. Erica and Jack enter the room and Jack tells her everything is in place. Michael greets Kendall and says he missed her last night. She says she worked late and fell asleep at her desk. He introduces his father to Greenlee and Kendall, who says he looks good for someone who's supposed to be dying. Alex says he's only dying in Michael's dreams, and Michael tells Kendall she misunderstood. After Michael walks away, Greenlee tells Kendall that Michael is too savvy to put her in charge of Enchantment. Besides, she works for Fusion. Lena, Boyd and Bianca enter the room and Lena again tells Bianca she was forced into what she did by Michael. Michael tells Erica that he knows this isn't her finest hour but this will be for the best. Alex privately tells his son that he shouldn't make any enemies and he may need Erica in the future. Boyd tells Erica that everything is in place. "Let the games begin," Erica says.

Michael starts the press conference and tells the reporters that Erica has continually resisted efforts to merge Enchantment Cosmetics and Cambias Industries. He says Cambias Industries has no use for Erica Kane now that his company has its own anti-aging formula which is currently being developed. A reporter asks him who's responsible for this formula, and Bianca nudges Lena and urges her to tell everyone that it is Boyd's formula which she stole from Erica. Michael continues with his announcement, saying that since Cambias no longer needs Enchantment it dumped its stock and the price has plummeted. Enchantment is essentially out of business, Michael says. He gleefully announces that Erica's resistence at merging was the worst decision she has ever made. Michael sees that Erica and his father have their heads together, and Jack asks Michael to now let Erica have her say.

Erica walks to the front of the room smiling. She says she knows when she's been out-maneuvered, but "now Michael it's your turn." Michael asks his father what's going on and Alexander tells him this is called an end run. Erica announces that the formula that was stolen from her was missing the ingredient essential to turning it into an anti-aging cream. Without it it's just a generic skin cream. She says this fake won't even prevent laugh lines. She says Enchantment has the option to buy back all the shares Cambias dumped and they're selling at record highs. Cambias stock, meanwhile, is no better than confederate war bonds. She says she can buy Cambias stock at next to nothing and take Michael's place on the board of directors, if Alexander Cambias approves. Alex announces that his son has been an embarrassment his entire life and he'll be happy to put Erica on the board. Michael can't believe his father is doing this to him, calling out "Father!" "Don't call me that," Alex says. "You haven't earned the right." Police officers enter the room and Jack steps up to Michael, telling him he's under arrest because confidential Enchantment files were found on his computer. Jack announces that Lena conspired with him to steal trade secrets. Lena turns to Bianca and says she thought she wasn't going to turn her in. "I lied," Bianca says. Michael turns to Kendall and accuses her of stealing those records from his computer. Kendall plays dumb. Michael asks if his father is going to call the lawyers, but Alex says he's done with him. Jack tells Lena he'll give her a chance to escape prosecution. Lena is stunned to see her mother walk into the room. She rushes to her and embraces her. Bianca asks Jack if Lena's story about her mother was true, and Jack says it checked out.

Kendall walks over to Erica and Greenlee realizes the two of them pulled this off together. "We rock, don't we mom," Kendall says to Erica. Erica, Kendall and Bianca are drinking champagne and Bianca admits that this doesn't feel that satisfying to her. Erica tells Bianca not to waste any more time on Lena, and turning to Kendall, she tells her not to waste time mourning the loss of Michael. Kendall admits she's not an idiot, and Erica playfully tells her to "excuse me for caring." Kendall tells her she almost thinks she means that. Lena walks in and asks to talk to Bianca. She says her mother is all she has left, unless Bianca gives her another chance. "How stupid do you think I am?" Bianca remarks. Bianca says she knows Lena doesn't care about her. Lena urges Bianca to look at her to see that her love for her is not a fake. Bianca tells her this was nothing but a scam. Lena pleads with Bianca to believe in her but Bianca says she cannot. Lena walks out sadly. Erica hugs Bianca, telling her she knows how much Lena hurt her. And she tells Kendall that she knows how much Michael used her. "I don't think we've seen the worst or the last of Michael Cambias," Erica says.

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