AMC Update Friday 5/16/03

All My Children Update Friday 5/16/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Aidan finds Maria on the deck of the boat crying. He calls her "Maria," prompting her to ask why he called her that. Her name is Maureen, she says. He says she didn't respond to Maureen so he called her Maria. She says she just didn't hear him. He tells her it appears she's getting her memory back. Maria says if she were getting her memory back, she would remember other things as well. Like being married to Edmund, Aidan suggests. Maria tells him to not even go there. They kiss. Maria tells him she's afraid she's going to wake up some day and be Maria. She likes being Maureen. She tells Aidan that nothing will change her feelings for him. Aidan says no matter what happens he's here for her. Aidan tells her he wants her to remember every moment she had with her children. He leaves her alone and she glances at the ring on her finger from Aidan. She has another flash of memory. This time it's her in her wedding gown standing next to Edmund at their wedding. Tears roll down her face as she mutters Edmund's name.

On the one-year anniversary of Dixie's death, Tad sits alone in a dark room at his home. He thinks back to the day when Brooke told him about Dixie's car accident. There is a knock on the door and Brooke calls for him to open the door. She's there with Jamie and they brought dinner. It takes awhile for Tad to answer, and Brooke and Jamie keep knocking. When he finally opens, he tells them he didn't hear them because he was upstairs. He thanks them, but says this is a bad time for visitors. Brooke says that's too bad, because they're not leaving. As Brooke heats up the lasagna, she tells Tad that they didn't want him to be alone. Next, Opal, Ruth and Joe arrive with more food. Tad says he doesn't know what he's going to do with all this food. Joe suggests to Tad that he and Jamie go fishing. Ruth suggests doing something the whole family can do, like going to the beach. Tad reminds her that she hates the each. Joe suggests a cruise, and Tad thinks that's a great idea. They can take Jamie and leave him because he's busy. Opal tells him he's acting like a miserable hermit. Ruth tells him that they're worried about him but Tad says they're acting like a herd of vultures. Ruth says they just want him to be happy. Tad says being happy may not come so easy. He says he's functioning and living his life the best he can without her. There is a knock on the door. It is Liza bringing a dish of chili. He tells the crowd that he misses Dixie, and Opal comments that they broke the mold when they made Dixie Martin. Joe tells Tad that they're glad he's dating again, but Tad says his dates with Lysistrata are not serious. Liza gives Tad a letter she found in his mailbox. It is from JR, who says they both will be remembering the brightest star in the sky tonight. Getting emotional, Tad excuses himself, saying he needs some fresh air. Opal wonders if someone should go to him, but Liza says he needs time alone. Tad sits on his front step and looks into the sky. "It's not fair, Dixie," he says. "We should have had a life together." He says he has a room full of people inside who love him, and he knows that Dixie loved him too, asking what he did to deserve Dixie's love. Before he walks back inside, a delivery man arrives with a bag of food. Tad asks who sent the food but the man doesn't know. Looking inside, Tad finds chicken fingers, a food he and Dixie loved to share. "Good night, sweetheart," Tad says toward the sky.

Erica brings Kendall into her home. She says she'll get her a sweater to cover up her ripped dress. Kendall tells her not to go. Erica says she really should call the police. Kendall says that's not necessary because Michael didn't do anything to her. Erica says he might have if she hadn't have stopped by and stopped him. Kendall says she broke into his house and shouldn't have been there. Erica tells her that she can't blame herself for what he did to her. Erica asks Kendall if she told Michael she didn't want to have sex with him. Kendall says she didn't say no in so many words. But she kept pushing him off of her. She says ever since she found out that Michael was using her she's been playing a dangerous game. Erica tells her she should know the moment she lost control so it won't happen again. Kendall asks Erica if that's what she did. Erica admits that she has felt her whole life that if she had reacted differently toward Richard Fields he would not have raped her. Kendall says she finally understand what Erica went through. Erica asks if she's comparing what happened with Michael to her being raped. She says Kendall was lucky that someone came by and she wasn't raped. Kendall tells Erica she's right. She wasn't raped but she's so sorry that Erica was. Erica tells her she's not responsible for what happened to her. Kendall asks if there will ever be a day that she'll look at her and mean that. Erica changes the subject, saying right now they need to focus on Enchantment and Michael's latest scheme. Erica tells Kendall about her visit with Michael and how Michael told her she'll be left with nothing. She says she has all the cards. She calls him and puts him on speaker phone so Kendall can hear. Erica tells Michael he's a two-faced thief who stole her formula. Michael asks her if she has proof he stole the formula. She says she doesn't have direct proof but it would be just like him to steal it. She relents to giving him Enchantment but begs him not to replace her with Kendall at Enchantment. He says he has no intentions to replace her with her "trashy daughter." Michael says he'll call a press conference for tomorrow. After Erica hangs up, Kendall asks why she had to throw in the part about not turning Enchantment over to Kendall. Erica says she had to make sure Kendall knows what kind of man Cambias really is. "You did this because you care about me," Kendall says. Erica says no woman needs to be brutalized. Kendall apologizes for pushing her. She tells her she wants to help her at the press conference. Erica says she needs to be as far away as possible from that press conference. The press conference will run much smoother if she's not there, Erica says. Kendall protests, and tells Erica that she has a surprise. She shows Erica her copy of all the confidential files that Michael stole from Enchantment. This is enough to get him indicted, she says. Erica is pleased and goes to take the files, but Kendall won't let her have them. She says there's no way she's backing down now. She intends on being at the press conference so they can take him down together. "You want proof, you have me," she says.

Michael lets his father in and tells him that being in this condo gets him closer to his goal. The father asks if that goal is taking over Enchantment. He says he got a call from Erica, who asked him to intervene. Michael warns him not to get involved. The father asks if Michael intends to let Kendall take over Enchantment. Michael says he would never let that happen. What he really wants is to have Erica beg him to leave her with a shred of dignity. The father tells Michael that he built Cambias Industries and it's nothing without him. Michael suggests maybe he should take his prize elsewhere.

Lena is looking at Erica's secret monitors and notices there are cameras that videotape actions at Erica's penthouse. She looks through tapes and find one from surveillance at the penthouse. She watches the tape and sees herself stealing from Erica's safe. She remembers that Bianca recently backed away from her when she tried to get close. "She knows, Bianca knows," Lena says.

Bianca tells Boyd what Lena did. Boyd says Cambias has her so manipulated. Bianca says Lena knew exactly what she was doing. Boyd asks her if she's still in love with Lena. Bianca asks how he could even ask such a thing after all Lena has done. Bianca admits, though, that she can't just turn her feelings off. Boyd suggests that if she thinks there's any hope for her and Lena, she should give Lena one more chance to explain. Bianca tells him that he's stronger than she is. Lena walks into the room and Boyd leaves. Lena asks Bianca if she saw her going through her purse and Erica's safe to steal the formula. She wants to explain, but Bianca says she doesn't want to hear any more of her lies. Lena tells Bianca that Michael found out about her mother and was going to turn her in. Bianca says her mother may not be the only person in jail. She has Lena on tape stealing from her mother. Lena says everything changed the moment she met Bianca. She asks her to remember them being together and how real that is. Bianca picks up the phone and calls Jack, asking for his help. Bianca is next shown thanking Jack and hanging up. Lena thanks her for not turning her in. Bianca says she just wants to check out Lena's story before that happens. As Lena prepares to leave, Bianca tells her she doesn't trust her enough to let her out of her site. "So I guess you're staying here tonight."

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